remember me 2013


“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

idk why people try to rewrite the past. Tumblr has always been dramatic it’s never been some sanctuary for polite people to tell jokes, reblog moodboards, and never argue in fact i remember getting death threats in 2012-2013 for not liking dr who and saying dogs make better friends than men


The camera moves to a fixed angle whenever the player is climbing scenery in Remember Me; this is done to A) simplify the act of directing the player, in that it shows them in what general direction they should be heading, B) reduce the mental load of climbing overall by putting only character movement in the player’s hands, and C) convey major tone or narrative moments to the player through the environment by putting them forward front and center.

does anyone remember that q and a website where you could send people questions and if you were unpopular the bot for the website would send you questions that you could publicly answer

man… I remember when the third part of the synchronicity series was uploaded…. those were the days…


Favorite TV Show 2013.

i was tagged by @chogiwrite​, @wriiitcs​, and @undxunted​ on my indie! Thank you guys! :’) Not sure if this has been done already, but let’s tag @honeyedxlemons​ and @justalostindie​​. Anyone else who sees this and wants to do it, feel free!


  • NAME: Sam! (Only my family calls me Samantha, so when someone else addresses me by my full name, it makes me uncomfortable. One guy I dated thought it would be “sexy” and it was … so awkward lmao. Please don’t do that.)
  • PRONOUNS: She/her
  • SEXUALITY: Sometimes I think I lean more towards the asexual (demi?) side of the spectrum, but I just say Straight because it’s easier :^)
  • ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini. (Yeah. I’m surprised I have friends, too.)  
  • RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single (ain’t nobody got time for that)


  • I played the oboe in the fourth grade band, but back then I hadn’t gotten braces yet and I kept breaking the costly reeds, so my mother told me to just stick with chorus after that (LMAO)
  • But after that, I was in a few different choirs for a good 9-10 years, so I guess it wasn’t so bad. (These days I just sing in the shower)
  • I grew up with two older brothers and took on a lot of their hobbies as a kid (video games, computers) so I had a hard time clicking with girls until middle school. Ten years later I started a beauty blog so I guess I evened myself out in terms of Societal Gender Roles 


  • HOW LONG (MONTHS/YEARS?): Usually I start my RP Experience Timeline at March 2016 since that’s when I first really entered the tumblr rpc, but I was also in an rpg for a little while in 2013. 
    • And if this counts, my friend and I use to write stories together over AIM and email in the 10th grade! 
  • PLATFORMS USED: Tumblr, and then one experience over AIM/email. 


  • I thought it was really neat how @uglysunsets​ listed some of her best experiences in d-depth, so I’m gonna do that too!
  • Writing Scott for the very first time in the Arum City rpg in 2013 is an experience I’ll never forget. That was the time of one-liners and gif chats and dialogue-only replies, and my writing was definitely pretty bad back then, but experiencing the rush of adrenaline when things are moving so fast on the dash is probably something I’ll never see again in the tumblr rpc. Nowadays, I’m lucky I can squeeze out one para in a day, but back then you could finish a whole scene in a night if you stayed up late enough. It was a small group of people really passionate about their characters, their plots, and each other, and I miss them. I wonder what they’re doing now.
  • Writing with @wastedsxns​‘ character Cecil in fall 2016 taught me that not only could you write a paragraph about what’s happening in a scene, but you could color it with a certain tone that told people more about your character. That it wasn’t just words, but the way you use them. It was a really eye–opening experience for me as a writer. It’s still something she does very well, and every time I write with her (which sadly, is not often enough) I am blown away again by how well she does it!
  • Shipping with @justalostindie​​ for the first time taught me what it means to have an rp partner be your person. She was always there to talk about our characters and headcanons and share musings back forth. It was just nice to know that someone was always there, who cared just as much as I did, who was letting her mind wander to it during the day, too. I think everyone deserves to find a shipping partner like her, at least once in their tumblr rpc career. 
  • When I first joined Plath, seeing @suspirious and @deusexportum​ Max/Jimmy threads on the dash taught me that you could add an extra element to storytelling with formatting. I’d never seen it done on tumblr before, but I found it fascinating how changing the appearance of certain words could change the whole tone of a scene. (I mean, look at this!!) It’s a tool that isn’t used in traditional publishing enough in my opinion (ex. House of Leaves does an INCREDIBLE job with this). I’m still on a quest to find my own personal “style” (since right now I’m kind of a chameleon), but it’s really cool and I can’t wait to explore it more! 
  • Being a part of the Plath rpg taught me that it’s so much more fun to get invested in other people’s characters, to follow their storylines on the dash and get involved. I learned that if I don’t have the time to commit to that in an rpg, then it would be better for me just not to join in the first place. I loved delving into members’ Pinterest boards, talking to them about their characters, and reacting to their threads ooc. Knowing other people’s characters inside and out made being a part of the rpg more enjoyable as a whole. And I made so many wonderful and talented friends in that rp that I hope to stay in touch with as long as I can! 
    • Jonah and Eve falling asleep on the roof
    • Sarah and Levi trapped in the maze
    • Max kissing Jonah on New Years’ Eve.
    • Sarah and Max … always
    • Jonah and Min Jae sneaking out and becoming “best friends”
    • The James/James debacle of ‘16-’17
    • Sarah and Nick’s graffiti wall
    •  And I’m really excited for this to continue: Sarah following Zach into the forest!! (And anything Zach related, honestly. His whole story just fascinated me. I ate that shit up.)


  • female or male (or otherwise): I tend to find it easier to play males, which is weird, considering as a female myself you would think I’d associate with them more. I’m trying to even out my numbers, though! I haven’t gotten to use them much yet, but Myra and Violet bring my numbers to 3 Females and 4 Males.
  • multi or single: I don’t think I could ever commit to a single blog for indie, just because having a few muses to choose from gives you so many more options when it comes to plotting. 
    • In an rpg, however, I’d much rather play one character. It gives you more time to focus on that single character’s development–and it’s easier to manage time-wise (But usually I wind up bringing in a second character anyway lmao).


  • fluff, angst or smut: I need a mix! 
    • I picture emotion kind of like a wavelength, or a rollercoaster.  I think if you have just fluff or just angst, then you just sort of flatline, kind of like kiddie rollercoaster with no ups and downs.. You need time to catch your breath so you can appreciate the corkscrews and the loops, the upward climb of anticipation so you can scream at the top of your lungs as you speed down the hill. The angst makes the fluff more sweet. The fluffy scenes make the angst that much more cutting and painful. Am I making sense?
    • As for the smut, I don’t think that’s on the same level as fluff/angst. There are a lot of fascinating platonic relationships that never involve sex, that I think kind of get overlooked most of the time. But as for romantic relationships, I think it can be a great plot device if done well. And I don’t think it has to be graphic to get the point across. I’ve read some really beautiful PG or PG-13 smut that barely mentioned the bodies at all. It just colored with emotions and metaphors. I wish people did more of that. 
  • plots or memes: Can I say neither? 
    • I don’t post a lot of memes, but I think they can be a great way to jump into a thread if you’re strapped for ideas. But I think it’s easier to get exactly what you’re looking for if you plot it out and brainstorm. Usually, though, my strategy is “just go for it and see what happens.” It’s all in the chemistry. 
    • But if I had to choose, I’d say plotting.
  • long/short replies: I always say “This is gonna be a short reply!!” and then three paragraphs later I’m like …oops, I did it again. 
    •  I tend to get carried away, and I know it really ostracizes some people and scares off potential partners. Some people just don’t like writing that much, and others get intimated by it. I always feel so bad.
    • I wish I were better at writing more concise replies and still getting everything I want to say across, being better at editing and cutting things out that aren’t necessary. Like in this post jESUS is anyone gonna even read this?? Maybe that will be my own little Tumblr personal challenge from now on!
  • best time to write: When I was in school, it used to be late at night / early in the morning, but these days I get tired after work from commuting and everything. Honestly, whenever I’m awake! Days off!
  • are you like your muse(s): I think every one of my characters has something similar in them that I can relate to–otherwise, I can’t write them.  I think there are some muses that I subconsciously use as a coping mechanism, due to one particular piece of their backstory or a certain characteristic of theirs. But although some muses hit closer to home than others, I don’t think I’ll ever make a muse that’s just like me. That would just be tooooo irresponsible.