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I'm dying to see Levy •3• Like how you have drawn the others with flower crowns

It’s always the right time to draw my smol princess ◕◡◕❀

hey can you tell I actually tried to draw the flowers this time?

So I noticed that I reached 300+ followers and uhm…just wanted to ask…Are you sure? Really? You want to follow this trashblog? 

OMG THANK YOU! Thank you for every like, reblog, comment, ask or chat ♡♡♡ I got actively drawn into tumblr because I could not handle Erwin’s death…Still not over it but I made some lovely friends here in this fandom and I love you all, dear followers! And I believe that there is not one single pornblog among you xD I may be an awkward potatoe but I really appreciate all your support, so feel free to drop by in any form :)

Have some quick Eruris…They want to thank you as well, each in their own way :*

  • Levi: So, what do you want to eat? It's on me this time.
  • Eren: Your dick.
  • Levi: ....
  • Eren: Your pick* stupid autocorrect! Ruins everything.
  • Levi: Eren...?
  • Eren: Yeah?
  • Levi: This is a verbal conversation.
  • Eren:
  • Levi:
  • Eren: *slowly walks away*

There should be more posts honouring and remembering Rita Levi Montalcini. I know she’s atypical for those “women in science” posts, because her work was honoured in her later life, with a Nobel too, and she was nominated as a senator for life, one of the highest honours that Italy can grant. But she studied as a Jewish woman in the 1930s, under fascism, and when antisemitic laws prevented her from retaining her job as an academic assistant, she set up a home laboratory where she studied the growth of nerve cells throughout ww2. There cannot ever be enough appreciation for such a great woman.

Canonverse AU - In which Levi joined the Survey Corps normally with Farlan and Isabel and Eren, Mikasa and Armin were the underground trio and they were the ones sent to capture them. Just think of thug!Eren waving the fact he escapes Levi multiple times right in front of his nose and Levi is furious because Isabel thinks he`s really cool. While Mikasa and Armin try to keep Eren away from Levi because they know he wants him and he has to remember Levi is a soldier who would capture them, but Eren can`t get over the beautiful raven.


Levi & Mikasa Ackerman + Favorite Quotes []