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Connor stood by the side, annoyed and exasperated. Oliver was giving him the cold treatment, and he hated it. A lot. More importantly, he hated himself for making Ollie unhappy. The bright smile from his boyfriend that greeted him every day after work never failed to immediately relieve him of all the stress he faced at the law firm. Right now, he would like more than anything to see the smile on Ollie’s face again.

His Ollie. A sense of pride swelled from within Connor, until he remembered that the smile was not happening anytime soon.

Well, he was to blame for this. Partly, but not entirely. That Asher’s a jackass.

“Asher’s a jackass, ” Michaela was apologizing to Oliver.

“That’s what I said,” Connor chimed in hurriedly, desperate to make up with Oliver again.

“Hey, buddy. You’re not allowed to talk right now. Consider it practice for keeping your mouth shut.” Oliver retorted.

Nope, not working. Still angry.

Oliver paused to shoot Connor a grim look (which missed its intended target as said target was too busy sulking in a corner), then continued purposefully, “Sorry about your fiancé.”

“Oh, did Connor open up his big mouth about that, too?” Michaela said it loud enough for her new best friend to hear.

Gee, thanks a lot for your help Miss Pratt.

“Yep, said he was maybe bi or something.”

“Let’s not talk about it.” Michaela shuddered. The wound was still raw, after all.

Oh no you don’t. Connor couldn’t stand the cold treatment from Oliver, and it was eating at him from the inside. He felt uncomfortable, grumpy, spiteful even. “No, let’s. Let’s talk about how you have terrible taste in men. I mean, like that guy at the courthouse today… how do you say no to that?”

“Uh, he wasn’t my type.”

“What’s your type?” Oliver probed eagerly.

“Gay.” Connor shot back.

And right at that moment, Connor’s heart skipped a beat. Because the laughter that he was so familiar with finally rang out loud and clear. Oliver was chuckling at his joke. Which meant that he probably wasn’t angry with him anymore.

Sure enough, Oliver turned to shoot another look at Connor, which he caught this time. His boyfriend had put on the cute pout which he knew very well -Damn it Connor Walsh, I want to stay angry with you but I can’t.

Connor rubbed his nose and broke into a secret grin.

I know, and it’s not your fault babe.

“Michaela, why don’t you head on home first and leave this to us. You still have torts to study for.”

Time for some make up lovemaking.