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Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 252
warning : smut
summary : Kai and Reader are best friends. After the transition Kai finds himself wanting to bite her , feed on her and … (lets just say the deleted scene got to me in a way and this story is the result.)
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It wasnt the first time Kai had shown up at Y/N’s place at midnight hours. It was their thing , or one of them at least. None of them knew that this night was going to change everything between them. Ever since Kai had turned into a vampire it became clear he had a thing for the real thing - no blood bags but feeding directly from someone. He liked how the warm blood dripped down his throat. Problem was Kai wanted one person’s specific blood - his best friends’ Y/N’s. Only her blood was able to wake up every fiber in his body. The young heretic didn’t know why that was and at first he had been worried to ask her , afraid she might push him away and he’d lose their friendship. After one accident with Damon , when the vampire tried to kill him again , Kai had shown up at Y/N’s place and she had been the one to offer to open up a vein for him. Later on Kai had told her how he cant stop thinking about her , biting her and being around her and she had agreed to help him , hiding a secret of her own.

It was one of those hot summer nights and Y/N laid in bed with a book in her hands. Reading was her escape from reality and every spare moment she had she took as an opportunity to do just that. Her life wasn’t ordinary , not in the traditional sense of the word anyways. Most of her friends were supernaturals and she was one of the few humans left in the group. Her best friend was a vampire witch hybrid. Though he was more than a friend to her - he was the missing piece in her life she never even knew was missing until he showed up.
Y/N flipped another page of her book when a gust of wind blew through her window and with a muffled thud someone’s feet landed on the floorboards. Her heart skipped at bit when she looked up from her book and saw Kai standing there looking hotter than ever. He was wearing jeans , a white shirt and his favorite dark blue / black jacket.
“Hey.” said Kai grinning motioning towards the window. “Why do you keep your window open so widely at night ? Don’t you know it’s dangerous ? Someone might sneak into your room.”
Y/N laughed , putting her book away moving a little on her bed to make space for him.”It might be , but not with you around.”
“Your friends would say the opposite.” replied Kai , kicking his shoes off climbing onto the bed next to her. “I am a dangerous sociopath , remember ? Even more so now that I am a heretic.”
“The only thing I find dangerous about you is how I could never get enough of your constant talking.” she laughed.
“You don’t find it annoying ?” he asked amused. “Most people would literally put a sock in my mouth to keep me from talking you know. Damon tried once.”
“Not at all. I love the sound of your voice.” she laughed. ”Are you hungry?”
Kai smiled at her , his hands behind his head. “Always am , sweetheart. Being a vampire is so weird. I can hear things from miles away and thats awesome except when I have to listen to your friends bicker. They do that a lot by the way.“
“Yeah , things are a little on edge lately.” she sighed tossing herself onto the pillow next to him. Kai turned to his side , his fingertips touching the skin on her neck feeling her blood flowing , pulsating in her veins.
“May I?”
“How many times do I have to tell you Kai ?” she said smiling moving her hair to the side. “You don’t have to ask.”
“Yeah but its nicer when I do.” he said rolling on top of her , his knee between her legs. Y/N smiled as Kai gripped her wrists holding them on either side of her head , purple black veins flickering under his eyes. The sight of Kai’s vampirism always did things to her - send butterflies to her stomach and shock waves *down there*. He smirked devilishly and sank his teeth into her neck.
The feeling of having a vampire feed on someone’s blood is hard to explain. Its a rush , pleasure and the good kind of pain at the same time. Of all three when Kai was feeding on her , Y/N felt the pleasure most of all. That night as every other night Kai had fed on her she felt the waves vibrate through her body , concentrating mostly on her heat. It was impossible to avoid the feeling. Her crush on him had grown into strong feelings and having him this close and personal did things to her nothing and no one else could.
A low moan escaped her lips as Kai drained an artery , slowly pulling away from her feeling Y/N slide down a little and grind her crotch against his knee. He wiped away his mouth looking at her with a surprise and curiousity in his eyes.
“S-Sorry.” she muttered. “I dont know why I did that…”
Kai was starring at her , only then realising the feeling he always got while feeding on her went both ways. He had thought it was one sided , a side effect of his vampirism or something but maybe he had been wrong. Y/N’s eyes met his , noticing a different kind of glow in them. He smiled nervously , brushing his fingers against her cheek for a moment before his lips touched hers , kissing her gently for a second but long enough to make her head spin even more than before.
Y/N’s heart beat faster than ever and she had trouble remembering how to breath, blink or function for that matter. Kai gazed into her eyes , trying to figure out her reaction. He could hear her heart racing after the kiss but had no idea what that reaction meant. Her heart always raced like that when he was around.
“Kiss me again” she whispered and his lips crashed against hers again ,demanding and hungry for more. He leaned towards her pressing his crotch against hers as their lips felt like they were glued together. Y/N moaned into he kiss feeling Kai’s hand slide between their bodies towards her heat. Kai pushed his way into her panties , rubbing her clit slowly with his fingers. He wanted her , not just her blood but her , all of her. He wanted to kiss every square inch of her body and make her his again and again.

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(Lightly expanded from another fic I had read.)

You were just leaving the medical tent as the sun was starting to set when you were approached by Clark, her lap dog Bellamy following close behind. You always had gotten along with Clarke, you worked with her in the medical wing of the arch before you had been arrested for stealing medicine.
“(Y/N),"she started,"hey we need to ask you something,”
“What’s that?"you asked her smiling.
"We need to start saving supplies if we’re gonna move anywhere outside the camp,"she started nervously.
"We need your tent,"Bellamy finished for her.
You didn’t really have a problem with it, just as long as you wouldn’t be left to sleep on the forest floor or in the sick air of the dropship.
"Where should I sleep then?"you asked already mentally planning the most convent way to pack up all your stuff.
Clarke shifted,"well we’re all gonna have to double up. And there’s still a spot left for you…”
“Okay, who’s tent am I in?"you asked just as an arm moved around your shoulder.
You recognized the black, leather sleeve from Murphy’s patched up leather jacket.
You shook your head slapping his hand off you,"no. Absolutely not,”
“Oh come on!"Bellamy scoffed.
"No, I’m not sharing with Murphy. No way,"you protested as his hand moved over your shoulder.
"Ah! You’re gonna break my heart,"murphy smirked.
"I’ll break a lot more if you don’t shut up,"you scowl slapping his hand away again as he backed off.
"Murphy, beat it."Bellamy scoffed
"Ill see you later then (y/n),"murphy winked walking off.
"Really?,"you stared at them wide-eyed,"you want me to sleep in the same tent as him?!”
Bellamy put his hand on your arm,“Come on, please? It’ll be just like back when he was hurt and you took care of him,"he explained.
"But then he needed help. Now he doesn’t need it and I just don’t feel super comfortable sharing a bed with him,"you crossed your arms.
Clarke stepped forward replacing Bellamy’s hand with hers,"please (y/n) we really need the extra supplies,”
You looked at murphy then back at Bellamy and Clarke, You felt your defense breaking down and sighed,“fine! I’ll do it!”
The sun was just starting to set as you finished packing up your things to move to the other side of camp. You hesitated at the front of Murphy’s tent. You could hear him inside,
Humming. Praying maybe? He didn’t really seem like the religious type. Finally you unzipped the opening and set your bag inside.
“I thought I heard someone out there,"murphy turned his far to the side to face you.
"Hey,"you greeted him awkwardly sitting down,"one bed huh?”
“Yep, just the one,"he cracked a little smile,"I don’t bite. A little handsy but I don’t bite,”
You rolled your eyes holding in your laugh as you turned and unzipped you bag looking for a sleep shirt. Out of the corner of your eye you watched as murphy started pulling his shirt off. You found yourself staring at his toned back. Little scars scattered the surface of his back like a painting. His pale skin looked so pained as his hands moved over the bruised and scarred skin of his torso.
“It’s not polite to stare,"you hadn’t even notice you were starring.
"Sorry…"you turned away digging through your bag. You searched desperately for something warm to sleep in, you thin black t shirt wouldn’t cut it,"shit”
“What?"Murphy asked turning to face you.
You looked at his toned, pale chest,"um..I can’t find my sleep shirt,”
He brought out a black long sleeve shirt and tossed it to you,“wear that,”
“T-thank you,"you nodded to him before turning back around and starting to remove your shirt.
When you were left in just your black bra you pulled down your pony tail letting your hair fall to your shoulders. A finger moved down to the side of your spine, over a scar you had back there.
"How did you get that?"Murphy asked you, moving his hand over it again.
Your skin was hyper sensitive as you felt his hand on your skin. His hands were surprisingly warm and rough but gentle.
"I fell off the bed when I was little cut my back on an exposed bed frame. Took four stitches to fix it,"you explained still mesmerized by the feeling of his hand on you.
His hand moved back up your spine to your neck so he could trace his fingers over three scratches on your neck and collarbone,"and these?”
“You’re not the only one here whose had their time with the grounders,"you instructive u cocked your head to the side so your hair felt the other way, letting his see it better.
You weren’t prepare for what you felt next, his lips. Soft, warm, smooth pressing against the disfigured skin. Murphy’s other hand moved around your waist pulling you closer to him. His bare chest rubbed against your back.
"what are you doing?"you mumbled turning to meet his eyes.
"You’re the only person whose kind to me, I’m just Returning the kindness,"he looked into your eyes before leaning in slowly to kiss you.
You hesitate before kissing him back. John murphy. Criminal jackass john Murphy was kissing you, softly, tenderly. Moving his hands over your body in the slightest of ways.
You pulled off slightly,"Murphy…”
“Don’t talk,"he kissed you again.
"No, murphy stop,"you pulled off.
He stopped his hands and his lips,"I-I..I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that,” he ran a hand through his hair.
“No, That’s not what I’m saying,"you put your hand on his shoulder,"I just…where did this come from? You’ve never shown any attraction to me until right now,”
He looked down,“remember back when I was still sick? And I was having those night terrors? Every time I would wake up you were always right there ready to calm me down. You’re the only person I know who can calm me down as easily as you do. Frankly you make me want to be a better person and down here I don’t know how many chances a guy like me is gonna get with a girl like you.”
You were taken back, you could also tell that he had never said anything like this to anyone. He wasn’t a sentimental guy, you knew that. And yet you remembered the week you took care of him and how different he is when he’s alone. Sweeter, softer, less guarded. You had also been physically attracted to him, he was handsome you knew that. But after that you had formed an emotional attraction, a real one that you were unfamiliar with.
“Please say something…"he asked you fiddling with his hands.
"Murphy,"you put your hand on his cheek and kissing his softly.
You felt his hesitation as he kisses you back moving his hands back over your hips. You moved over his so he was laying on his back.
His hands over you back felt amazing as he reached to unclasp your bra your lips migrated to his jaw as your eyes me with his. You hesitated before kissing his neck. Since the hanging incident he didn’t like anything to touch his neck, even when you had to clean the scar tissue forming there.
"Can I?"you asked him just the feeling of your breath was enough for him to tense up. He swallowed and locked his lips before nodding.
You kissed it lightly feeling the thin scar from the wire noose against your lips. Murphy flinches at the gentle feeling against such a mistreated part of him. Eventually he adjusted to the unusually gentle touches and relaxed.
"See…it’s not so bad,"you mumbled against his skin leaving little open mouthed kisses.
He moaned softly in agreement before moving your chin up to kiss you again. His tongue slipped between your lips. He was good, you couldn’t help but wonder what an expert tongue like that could do. You felt him hard against your thigh that had rested between his legs. You teased him a bit moving your thigh against the front of his pants.
"Don’t tease,"you moaned in your ear squeezing at your back.
"But it’s just so fun,"your breath fluttered against his ear.
He grabbed your lower back flipping you into your back leaning in close,"I said. Don’t tease.”
His blue eyes were dark as they looked deep into yours. Your hands gripped at his arms as he leaned in to kiss your neck. Desperate, biting kisses marked all over your skin causing hickies you knew would show tomorrow. He took one of your breasts in his hand making you moan. Your back arches instinctively up to his chest and his kisses your collarbone moving further down your stomach. He loops his thumbs in the waistband of your underwear pulling it off.
“Baby are you ready?"he cleared with you.
It felt strange to here such sweet words coming out of his mouth but you wanted him, all of him. You nodded pawing at his boxers as he took them off, his cock slapping against his lower stomach.
"See what you do to me?"he smirked at you surprised face.
"You’re…really big…"you stared at him seeing him blush a bit before he kissed you again.
His lips were swollen from the rough, needy kisses as he moved you back to your back and thrust into you, hesitating so you could adjust to his size. You weren’t a virgin but he was much bigger than you had expected. You gasp at his thrust into you again gripping his hair.
"F-fuck…"you moaned leaning your head back against his pillow.
He moved his hips faster burying his face in your neck as he moved faster. Murphy let out small guttural moans moving his hands over you bare back.
"So beautiful,"he smiled against your throat.
You leaned his face up licking the skin of his neck, effectively making him shiver. You couldn’t help but shout as he hits that perfect spot inside you. He frantically moved his hand over your mouth.
"We’ll get caught,"he muttered.
You just whimpered as he hit that spot again and again. Finally you couldn’t hold it in anymore and you came hard pulling at his dark hair. The loud moan you let out was enough to make him cum as well.
With a few more weak thrust he let you moved back to your back as he pulled out. Murphy laid next to you panting, the dim orange light from the lantern casting shadows on his pale, toned chest.
He opened his arm to you,"come here,”
You curled up to his side resting your head on his chest. Your fingered moved over his chest lighting and absentmindedly as he played with your hair.
“If we’re gonna keep this up you’re gonna have to learn how to keep it quiet,"he chuckled.
"I don’t mind people knowing I’m the one boning the big bad wolf,” you laughed.
“Big bad wolf huh?"he repeated,"I’ve been called worse,”
Murphy looked down at you before kissing your head,“you’re something else, (y/n) know that?”
“I’ve been called worse,"you shrugged kissing his chest.
"Would you…?” He asked
“Would i what?"you rested your head on your hand to be eye level with him.
"Want to keep doing this? Us? Together?"he blushed.
You rolled your eyes chuckling,"I guess you wouldn’t be the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.”
“Come on..I’m being serious,"he rubbed your back.
You kissed his lips softly,"I’m in if you are,”
“I’m in,"he smiled kissing you again.
"Looks like sharing a tent won’t be so hard after all?"you kissed his cheek laying back on his chest.

Title: Late For the Date
Character: Jake Peralta
A/n: It was a lot harder than I thought to manage school and this because i can no longer procrastinate writing during the day and then just stay up till 2am to finish a story.

Previous Part:

In retrospect, it might have been a bad idea to invite you over to Jake’s place for the date. The whole building was unpredictable and he legitimately had nothing planned.

Jake slumped down in his seat, hands dragging down his face as he tried to formulate an idea in his head.

That or which persona he would take up when he inevitably makes a total and complete fool of himself in front of you therefore causing him to flee the country and herd goats to avoid the shame.

It’s just that he was so attracted to you, that sometimes he didn’t even know what he was saying to you half the time. He hadn’t felt that way about anyone in what felt like forever. Jake wanted to do this date right, and not halfass it like he did with everything else.

“Hey, Cassanova,” Gina said as she gracefully plopped into the seat next to his desk. “Little bird told me you managed to snag a date with (Y/n).”

“Is this little bird Charles?”

Gina laughed while her and Charles exchanged a quick glance at each other. “Maybe, anways tell me all the details of what you have planned.”

Jake huffed. “Funny you mention that, cause I got nothing.”

“That’s surprising coming from you. You’re usually the top guy when it comes to setting up dates.”

“That’s just it though, all my previous dates have been total flops. And I really want this one to work out,” He said, casting her a hopeful glance. “Any ideas?”

“Oh, you want a full on thing? Then no, I cannot be of help to you. But, Amy and her are good friends, so trying asking her,” Gina said, standing up and stretching. “But I mean if things don’t work out, send her my way.”

Jake only nodded, too distracted by his thoughts but when he did his head shot up. “Wait, what’s that supposed to mean?!”

To say it was chaos in the Peralta apartment would be a drastic understatement for the situation at hand. He had been taking better care of the apartment, but now it felt like every little thing was out of place and had to be taken care of asap.

God, is this how Santiago felt all the time?

That poor woman.

Jake pulled up his sleeve to check the time and saw that be still had an hour left before you were gonna arrive.

After his small discussion with Amy, he was fairly certain that the date would be pretty good. He learned that grand or extravagant gestures tend to make you uncomfortable, and if he treated this like a more casual hang out then you would enjoy yourself a lot more.

That was Jake’s main goal for the evening, to make you comfortable around him so you both could enjoy yourselves.

With everything done all he had to do was sit and wait for you to show up.

Jake checked his watch for the fifth time in the span of a three minutes. His knees jolted up and down nervously as he continued to glance at the door of his apartment, barely listening to the silly sitcom he had playing on the television.

You were almost twenty minutes late, something very unusual since Amy and Captain Holt would boast about your punctuality to him, in hopes something might rub off on him.

Another ten minutes passed and Jake tried not to let the hurt settle in, there weren’t any messages from you and if it was something serious he knew you would have called.

Jake let out a deep sigh and went to turn off the television when there were a few frantic knocks at the door.

His whole heart jumped at the sound and he tried to not seem too eager as he went to open the door. Taking a small moment to clear his throat and smoothen out his hair, Jake finally opened it.

“I am so sorry!” You said with a large huff. “So much was happening, I got lost in a bit of my work and then my aunt called me just as I was about to leave and the woman can talk for ages.”

Jake couldn’t keep back the smile, he was just so happy to see you and that he could avoid the potential heartbreak over you standing him up.

“It’s totally cool,” Jake said, trying to seem nonchalant while his heart felt like it was ready to hop out of his chest and take off screaming. “I mean I don’t have any aunts but I can imagine they would be delightful ladies who would talk to me a ton too.”

Jake brought you inside his apartment and gave you a small tour of where everything was. “Bathroom’s on the second door to the left if ya need it and bedroom is the last door of the hall if you need a quiet place to have a mental breakdown like I do twice a day.”

Jake’s ears perked up whenever you laughed and he noticed you open up your bag to pull something out.

“First of all, I wanted to say thank you for being so sweet about me being unbearably late for our date,” You then took out a paper bag and held it out to him, Jake couldn’t help but smile at the brightly colored chalk that stained your hands. “Secondly, I got this for you because I felt really bad about it.”

Jake feigned a suspicious look as he opened the bag and looked inside. “It’s an everything bagel!” He said with a happy laugh as he unwrapped it. “Look! It even has beef jerky! Where did you get this at?”

You gave him a wink and tapped the side of your nose. “I know a guy, makes anything I ask him to really. And I remember you talking about wanting one so I thought it would make up for me.”

Jake’s whole system was being overflooded with pleasant affection for you that he couldn’t help but lean over and give you a big hug.

Though when he realized what he did he almost dropped the bagel. “I’m sorry, that was really awkward and I dunno how comfortable you are with that kind of stuff.”

You smiled at him and shook your head. “No it’s fine, I thought it was pretty cute.”

Jake set the food aside and helped you out of your coat. “Now the date can officially begin!”

You stiffled a laugh as you reached out to move Jake’s head back to it’s former position. “Jake Peralta, if you’re going to be my muse then you have to sit still.”

After watching a couple comedies and spending a good few of hours just talking and exchanging funny stories while the two of enjoyed each other’s company. Then you finally managed to convince Jake to let you draw him.

Trouble was, he kept making silly faces or intentionally moving poses to try and get a reaction out of you. “I’m your muse? I’m not an overly kinky man, but I must say, I do like the sound of that.”

You shot him a look and pushed on his shoulder so he’s stumble out of his weird position on the couch. “Hush up, you’re distracting me from my art.”

Jake placed his chin in his hand and watched your hands float around the sketchbook and how your eyes would quickly switch between his face and the page. “You’re incredibly attractive like this, did you know that?”

You smiled, still keeping your gaze on the paper. “Why Mr. Peralta, you are quite foward.”

Jake chuckled, tilting his head ever slightly. “It’s true, Gina was telling me about the whole attractive artist thing and I gotta say that I’m into it.”

“Guess that’s lucky for me then.” You said, smudging one part of his shirt while you debated what to do next, missing Jake’s content sigh while he watched you.

“Just a bit more,” You said, taking one last glance up at him and then tossing your pencil aside. “Done!”

Jake eagerly waited for you to flip the sketchbook over but when you didn’t he raised an eyebrow. “Well? Aren’t you gonna show me?”

“Should I?” You asked, placing it close to your chest so it was totally concealed. “I don’t think you’ve earned it.”

“Not fair! I am the best muse an artist could have!” He argued, trying to steal the book away from you.

“Lemme see!”

“Nah, I don’t feel like it.”


Jake started tickling your sides. “Show me! Let me gaze upon my beautiful face!” His laughter mixing with yours whenever you tried to swat him away.

“Fine! Fine!” You wheezed, pushing him off of you enough to plop the page onto his lap.

“Aw man,” Jake said as he held the picture close to him. “I look absolutely dreadful, is this what I look like all the time because I should really work on that.”

You nudged him. “Shut up, you’re not that bad.”

Jake wiggled his eyebrows. “(Y/n), are you trying to tell me that I’m pretty.”

“Would you mind if I was?”

Jake blushed, and cleared his throat. “N-Not at all.”

You leaned against him. “Well you’re pretty handsome, Peralta.”

Jake looked down at you and smiled. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

“Thank you, I try my best,” You said with a smile, leaning over to look at the clock on the microwave. “Oh wow, I think I should be heading home.” You announced, rolling off the coach and springing to your feet.

He stood up, handing you your sketchbook and helping you retrieve your things. “You’re leaving me so soon?” He asked once the two of you were at the door. “I didn’t get to turn my charm on.”

You smiled over your shoulder while putting your coat on. “I think you were charming enough, besides if I hang around you too much I’ll lose the allure.”

Jake leaned against the doorframe while you finished getting situated. “Well, you’re welcome at my place any time. I’d be happy to have you over again.”

“I might take you up on that offer, Detective Peralta,” You said, smiling whenever he chuckled. “Anyways, thank you for a very fun evening.”

“It was fun for me too. Definitely ranks pretty high on my best date list.” Jake said, your gazes meeting briefly as he decided weither or not to kiss your goodnight.

“I’ll see you later then.” You said before he could make up his mind.

“Goodnight, let me know when you get home safe.” Jake told you, awkwardly shaking your hand.

You smiled and nodded before turning around for breif second, then quickly facing him again, lightly tugging on the front of his shirt to give him a small kiss on his cheek.

“Will do.” You said, letting him go and walking down the hallway.

Jake leaned over the doorframe to make sure you were gone before fist bumping the air and closing the door.

Definitely the top of his best date list.

Don’t leave me

Word count: 2036

Kai gets hurt in a fight

Another fight went by. Another tough fight for what’s right and for safety for all the people in Mystic Falls and for your and all of your friends’ safety, but nost importantly, for Kai. He was the love of your life, your soulmate and you couldn’t imagine your life without him. You were a witch that helped him with his powers and vice versa. He was always there for you, when you were sad, he would cheer you up in a goofy way, but you loved it. He was the only one who could make you smile again after everything you’ve been through and maybe that’s why you trusted him so much.

Everyone wss celebrating and agreed to go to the Mystic Grill to celebrate with a couple of drinks and you couldn’t hide a huge smile from your face, because that seemed like a wonderful idea. You hugged Bonnie and chuckled, but you kept looking around, wanting to hug Kai and celebrate with him. Every second that passed and you couldn’t find him, a smile was fading away slowly.

‘Where’s Kai?’ You asked and kept looking around, Kai nowhere to be seen. Your breathing became shallow and faster, you heart beating so fast as if it was ready to jump out of your chest

'I’m sure he’s around somewhere. Maybe he’s already at the Grill waiting for us.’ Stefan said and chuckled, putting his arm around Caroline as they all walked towards the Grill. Maybe Stefan was right. Maybe Kai was already there and wanted to surprise you. Damon placed his arm around you, his hand hanging from your shoulder and something inside you told you to look behind. You removed Damon’s arm from your shoulder and turned around, your eyes finding someone laying on the street. Your heart stopped at the sight, as you were standing frozen. The only thing you could see was a black sillhouette but you immediately knew it was Kai.

'Kai!’ You screamed out as loud as you could and started running towards him, making everyone around you turn around and follow you. Once you came closer, he was covered in blood, a stake shoved deeply into his chest, a small pool of blood around him becoming bigger with each second.

'Kai! Kai’ you cried out his name, tears forming in your eyes as you placed your hands around the stake and put a pressure on it, trying to stop him from bleeding out even more. 'You’re going to be fine, ok? You’ll be just fine! You’re not going to die!’ Tears kept falling down your cheeks an onto the cold street, blood around Kai staining your jeans. Your hands were covered in his blood, but you refused to move or let go.

'I’m- I’m sorry.’ He stuttered and looked at you, his hand grabbing onto your hand tightly.

'Shh, don’t talk, ok?’ You muttered and looked at Kai, blood covering your hands, making you cry even more. You couldn’t stop the tears from falling down. You’ve never been that scared in your life and your biggest fear was losing Kai and seeing him like that made has awoken your biggest fear.

'I’m not going to make it. You need to know something.’ He whispered, his hand still placed on your arm, his grip a lot lighter than before. You closed your eyes for a few second and took a deep breath, trying to suppress your cryind and trying to be strong, but on the inside, you were falling spart.

'I can use my magic to heal you, I can do it, just let me-’

'Don’t do it. You have to let me go. We had a great time together, but I have to go.’ He showed you a weak smile and closed his eyes for a brief second, your crying becoming clearer to the sight.

'No, no! I won’t let you go. You can’t leave now, do you understand? You can’t leave me- I- I need you, Kai. You’re everything to me.’ You cried out and leaned down, your forehead pressed on his, your eyes closed as you felt his hot breath on your lips.

'He doesn’t have much time! Let me take him to the hospital with Damon where they can help him!’ Caroline ordered.

'We’ll see eachother again. You’ll be ok, I know that.’ You kissed his lips gently and stood up as Caroline and Damon ran quickly towards the hospital. You stood there frozen in one place, holding your hands out in front of your body. You looked down and saw them completely covered in Kai’ s blood, dripping down on the street.

'Hey, I know that he’ll be fine. He always makes it so you have nothing to worry abou, ok?’ Bonnie told you, standing in front of you, her hands firmly pressing your shoulders, but you didn’t hear a thing. You kept looking into one direction, thinking of Kai’s body laying helplessly on the cold street. 'Do you hear me? Hey!’ You finally snapped out of it and wiped your hands as much as you could on your already blood stained jeans, a single tear streaming down your face.

'We have to- we have to go! I- I have to go!’ You stated and started running towards the hospital, warm breeze gently caressing your cheeks, your hands now stained with a dried up blood. You ran into the hospital swiftly, walking fast and looking for Kai. You walked into a narrow, well lit up hallway and saw Damon pacing around it with his arms crossed and Caroline sitting on one of the chairs, leaned down, her hands covering her face.

'Damon!’ You said and ran towards him, his arms wrapping around you for a quicky hug.

'Where is he? Is he- Is he ok?’ You asked, your voice cracking on the last word.

'He’s in surgery now. We don’t know anything, except that he’s lost a lot of blood.’ Damon trailed off as you ran you fingers through your hair and took a deep breath, your heart still beating faster than usual.

'But, he’s going to make it, right? He has to, I-’ you swallowed hard, Damon’s arms wrapping around you as you sobbed into his chest, his hand caressing the back of your head gently.

'Of course he will. He’s strong and you know it. I just don’t understand why didn’t he want me to help him. I could’ve given him some of my blood and by now he would be healed.’ Damon muttered as you pulled away, wiping your tears with the back of your hand. You sighed deeply and sat down, your fingers running through your hair.

'You know how stubborn he is. He’s always like that and it’s driving me crazy.’ You trailed off and looked down at your feet.

'Good evening. Are you Malachai Parker’s family?’ You heard a male voice and lifted your head up, doctor standing in front of you. You quickly stood up and took a few steps closer.

'I’m his girlfriend. Is he alright?’ You asked, fear in your voice.

'He’s stable. He’s lost a lot of blood and if he was stabbed only a few more inches to the left, he would be dead, but we managed to save him. He needs a lot of rest and nurses will be monitoring him 24/7. He’s in good hands.’ Doctor stated, a touch of relief traveling through your body as you took a deep breath and sighed, a smile appearing on your face, knowing that Kai was ok.

'Can I- can I see him?’ You asked, your voice quiet and weak.

'You can but not for long. He-’

'Please. I need to see him. I need to see that he’s ok. Please.’

Doctor sighed and after a few moments he agreed to it and led you to the room Kai was in. You quietly walked in and closed the door behind you, a single light burning slightly in the room. As soon as you walked in, your eyes were glue to Kai, laying on that bed, with monitor beeping next to him. You placed a hand on your mouth, trying to suppress your crying as you sat down on the chair that was placed next to the bed, your hand placing gently on top of Kai’s. A single tear rolled down your cheek but you quickly wiped it away.

'Hey’ you whispered, your voice cracking. 'Just come back to me, ok? That’s everything I want.’ You leaned down and gave a gentle kiss on the back of his hand, your thumb gently caressing it.

You spent hours sitting next to him, watching his breathing and watching his heartbeat on the monitor.
Three days went by and you were still next to him. Damon, Caroline, Bonnie, all of them tried to persuade you to go home, get some rest, but you refused. You wanted to be next to him when he wakes up. You slept on the couch that was in the room, covering yourself with a small blanket that only covered half of your body, but you didn’t mind. As long as it meant that you were next to Kai, you were fine.

Your fingers were intertwined with his fingers as you ran your fingers through his hair and gently kissed his forehead when you felt a slight grip on your hand. You instantly looked down and then looked at Kai who was slowly opening his eyes. Your eyes went wide and a huge smile flashed across your face. You quickly ran out of the room and called the doctor to check on him. He was stable and he wasn’t in life danger anymore. Doctor informed you about everything and left you alone with him again as you couldn’t let his hand go.

'Hey.’ You said gently and sat on the chair next to his bed.

'Hey.’ He murmured.

'How are you feeling?’

'Like I was hit by a bus. Everything hurts.’ Kai whispered and showed you a weak smile that made your heart skip a beat. You couldn’t contain the happiness that was traveling through your body. Out of nowhere, a few tears rolled down your cheeks and fell down on the bed, Kai’s gaze locked on you.

'Hey, don’t cry. I’ll be alright.’ He said and caressed your hand with his thumb.

'I know, I’m just- happy to see those beautiful eyes of yours and your smile again. I thought I had lost you.’ you stuttered and wiped your tears away.

'You know I’ll always come back to you. Remember that. I wouldn’t leave you just like that.’

'Why didn’t you want Damon’s blood to heal you?’ You asked him, worry obvious on your face.

'Because I love when you take care of me.’ He winked at you, making you chuckle. Even in his state, he was still making jokes.

'You could have died.’

'But I didn’t. I’m still here and if it would make you feel better, I will let Damon feed me his blood so we can be crazy like before.’ He said jokingly as you playfully slapped his hand. He winced and muttered a quiet ’ow’ making your eyes wide.

'Omg I’m so sorry, I-’

'I’m kidding.’ He laughed lightly, but stopped because of the awful pain in his chest.

'You idiot. You scared the hell out of me.’

'I know, but you know I have to tease you a little bit.’

'I know.’

'Come here.’ He muttered as you stood up and leaned down, your faces only inches apart.

'I love you, you crazy idiot.’ You said and laughed.

'I love you too. Forever.’ You pressed your lips on his gently, feeling his lips again that you thought you would never feel again. You pulled away and then pecked his lips one more time before getting on the bed next to him and covering yourself with a blanket, placing your head on Kai’s shoulder carefully, your fingers intertwined with his.

Tension and fear in your body was gone and you felt relieved knowing that Kai wasn’t going anywhere and that he was going to be fine, because you were by his side, ready to help him through everything and anything.

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Coincidence: Chapter 5

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4 

Pairings: V (Taehyung) x reader

Gender: Female

Synopsis: Life for (Y/N) had been, for the most part, normal. She worked, went to college, went to parties, had friends, you know, the basics. However, all of this changed when she started seeing a mysterious, attractive, and most of all dangerous man everywhere after one fatal night that seemed to be just a coincidence.

Genre: Mafia AU

Warnings: Cursing/Swearing

Word Count: 1,820 

Jungkook stared at you with a look of confusion on his face as you recovered from your minor heart attack.

“O-oh, hey, You must be Kookie’s friend!” you managed to cough out.

“Tae, this is my friend (Y/N), she’s being a bit weird today so don’t mind her, she’s on her period,” he whispered the last part while eyeing you, hoping you wouldn’t hear his little joke.

You scowled at Jungkook, slapping his arm. You opened your mouth to make a witty remark about Jungkook’s possible career as a stripper when a laugh, presumably from V, interrupted you.

“You guys are so childish, I can see why you’re friends,” he said with a closed-eye smile.

You narrowed your eyes at him, what was he getting at? When you first encountered him in the ally that night he seemed so dark and serious and now he was happy and light-hearted. You didn’t trust him, not at all.

“Let’s go inside, I’m tired from all that eating,” Jungkook laughed as he pushed past V, leaving you and V alone.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but stay away from Kookie,” you warned him.

His smile fell and he narrowed his eyes.

“I’d be careful if I were you, wouldn’t want such a pretty doll like you to get hurt,” he muttered as he walked into the apartment.

You followed him into the living room taking a seat on the couch next to Jungkook.

“What took you guys so long?” Jungkook questioned as V sat down on the old recliner beside the couch.

“Just getting to know you’re friend, Jungkook, don’t worry,” V said, reaching for the remote. “Wanna watch some TV?”

You and Jungkook both nodded. You leaned back as the blank TV screen lit up and Spongebob took up the screen. Jungkook jumped up with excitement, he loved Spongebob, he was such a child sometimes. 

You all watched the episode in peace, making small talk every now and then. You kept a close eye on V throughout the episode. You didn’t trust him. You didn’t know whether or not he was still salty about you helping Jackson get away that night, so you had to keep your guard up. 

Once the episode ended Jungkook skipped through the channels for a bit before ultimately deciding that you guys would watch one of the horror movies he owned.

“I’ll look for the movie and you guys can gather some snacks in the kitchen, I should have a bunch of stuff in there so it shouldn’t be a problem,” Jungkook said as he walked off, leaving you alone with V.

You both stood on opposite sides of the kitchen, him looking in the cupboards for some extra candy and you by the microwave watching the popcorn bag inflate. You worked quietly with no intention to speak to him, honestly, he scared you. He scared you because, one, he was taller than you and that just made him even more intimidating, two, his voice was so deep it gave you chills, and three, he was kind of part of the mafia so he could kill you at any moment.

“Do you like red or black licorice?” his smooth voice resonated throughout the kitchen.

You turned your head from the microwave over to V, who was waving two different bags of licorice at you.

“Jungkook prefers black licorice,” you say as the microwave beeped, signaling that the buttery popcorn was finally ready.

“But I asked you, not Jungkook,” he pouted.

“Just take the black licorice, it doesn’t matter, I just won’t eat it.”

“Then I’ll take the red licorice,” he said shoving the black licorice back into the cupboard.

He was stubborn, just like a child. It was sort of funny in a way, how a mafia leader, someone who kills, can start pouting over licorice.

“I can take the popcorn if you want so you can get some drinks,” he offered, putting his hand out.

“Alright…” it seemed strange, why would he offer to take the popcorn instead of getting the drinks himself?

You handed over the popcorn and headed towards the refrigerator. One thing Jungkook had an abundance of, other than food, were beverages. You didn’t know how he was able to afford all these different things. At first, your hunch about him being a stripper seemed good enough for you, but now the possibility that Jungkook could be involved in the mafia settled in. You wouldn’t take Jungkook for the bad apple type, sure he was an asshole sometimes but he was overall a good guy. You tried to convince yourself that V had a second job and that Jungkook met him there, but the thought of Jungkook in the mafia still lingered at the back of your mind.

You grabbed three bottles at random and shut the door.

“Hurry up, (Y/N)! I swear you take so long to choose one god damn drink!” Jungkook whined from his place on the couch.

“Well, I’m sorry, after all, I am on my period!” you mocked him from earlier, giggling.

You walked in the living room and froze. Now you knew why V had elected to take the popcorn. If you had taken the popcorn there was a slight chance that you could’ve passed it off to Jungkook to avoid sitting by V, but, since he took the popcorn, you had to sit next to V away from Jungkook. He knew you were trying to avoid him, but why did he even care in the first place?

“Something wrong?” Jungkook’s head was turned in your direction with a slight look of concern etched on his face, you had been acting way out of whack since you two had gotten back to the apartment and now he was actually getting worried.

“N-no, everything’s just fine” you gulped as Jungkook’s eyes widened.

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of dolls, (Y/N)! You’re such a kid!” he laughed, eyes scrunching up.

You moved your attention to the TV, Jungkook had chosen to watch Annabelle. You did have a slight fear of dolls, but, for the most part, you could handle it. Besides, who wasn’t at least creeped out by Annabelle?

You ignored him and decided to take a seat, not wanting to cause too much of a distraction.

You had made sure that you acted terrified at certain parts of the movie so Jungkook wouldn’t suspect anything was out of the ordinary.

When the credits were over you turned towards V, who had left his spot on the couch to start cleaning up a bit. Overall, he hadn’t done much to raise any suspicions during the movie, other than give you some weird looks every now and then. Your suspicions about him taking the popcorn on purpose were lowered, maybe he just wanted to sit by Jungkook. However, you were still uneasy around him.

Then you turned towards Jungkook, who had fallen asleep close to the movie’s end. His mouth was open and some drool was spilling out. You giggled at the fact that he called you a child when he still slept like one.

“Kookie, wake up,” you pushed him softly, hoping he could at least say goodbye before you had to walk home.

“Kookie, I have to go walk home now, ok? I’ll see you tomorrow,” Jungkook quickly stood up at the sound of you walking home, as if he had never been asleep.

He scrambled towards the coffee table in front of the couch where he had left his phone and turned it on. The screen lit up as he checked the time: 9:32 PM.

“No, (Y/N), you can’t walk home alone! It’s too dangerous,” he looked towards you.

“But I can’t stay here, Kookie, I have classes tomorrow. Besides you can’t walk me home, you’re too tired, I’d have to drag you to my apartment. I’ll be fine, man, don’t worry,” you lied, the truth was that you just didn’t want to stay in the same area as V any longer, you didn’t know what he would try to pull.

Jungkook frowned at you for a minute when suddenly his eyes brightened up.

“Tae, come here!” he called over his shoulder to where V was in the kitchen.

“Yea?” V walked back to the living room to see Jungkook with pleading eyes.

“Can you please walk (Y/N) home, man.”

“Of course, anything for a friend,” V smirked, worrying you to death.

After everything was cleaned up and you said your goodbyes to Jungkook, you both headed out the door. Everything was quiet. You kept as much distance as you could from V, but it was difficult considering that the sidewalks were so small. You shoved your hands in your pockets and looked up at the few stars in the sky. The downside to living in the city was all the pollution covering up the pretty night sky every night.

“More stars than usual tonight, huh,” V stopped, his head turned towards the sky.

“Yeah, I guess,” you muttered, continuing on your journey back to your apartment.

You turned the corner onto your street, V following closely behind.

“I wouldn’t trust Jackson if I were you,” he said as he caught up with you.


“He’s an expert liar, he could pull you into his web and leave you broken.”

“What are you going on about?”

“Don’t act so innocent, you know what I’m talking about, Jackson Wang, your little boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” you scowled at him.

“That’s beside the point, he will use you. The little monster doesn’t see you as friends, trust me.”

“Okay, first of all, why are you even trying to help me? Second of all, why should I trust you, you’re probably furious with me for helping Jackson escape your murderous hands!” you poked him in the chest, making him frown.

“I am bothered, but my fight’s not with you, it’s with Jackson. He’s the one that owes me money.”

“Then stop bothering me!”

“I’m just trying to get you out of this, doll. Like I said, it would be such a shame for a pretty little thing like you to get hurt,” he caressed your cheek while looking you up and down, sending shivers down your spine.

“Don’t touch me,” you slapped his hand away from your face.

“Fine, just remember I know where you live now sweetheart, and, if I see Jackson anywhere near here, I will shoot on sight,” he threatened.

Your eyes widened as you tried to stay calm.

“You can leave now, I’m sure Jungkook is waiting for you.”

“Stay safe, sweetheart,” he smirked as he turned around, heading back to Jungkook’s apartment.

As soon as he was out of sight you ran up the staircase onto your floor and into your apartment. You quickly got your phone out and dialed a number.

“I need to see you as soon as possible.”

Well, here it is after a million years :). Thank you guys for your patience and I hope you stay tuned because I will try to update as frequently as I can :)))

Title: Subtle Jealousy
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: I didn’t wanna make it exclusive so the author character in this is totally made up.

“So, what’s happening again?” Danny asked as he watched you run around the main floor of the shop, shoving books into shelves with impressive speed and accuracy. He had offered help, but you refused, wanting to get it done as soon as possible.

You huffed, placing the last few books where they needed to go and turned to him. “One of my favorite authors came in earlier today, him and I started having small talk whenever I ran him up and he invited me out to coffee whenever I was finished here.”

Danny looked up at you. “I thought you always locked up the shop? Unless it was an emergency.”

“I told Layla about what happened and she offered to cover for me,” You explained, smiling at whenever you were finally finished. “Besides, I think I’ve earned a night off to myself don’t you think?”

Danny gave you a small smile, watching you hop about the shelves. “What’s his name?”

“Neil Melville, he wrote these great couple of books a couple years ago when he was still in college,” You explained, your fingers flittered around a couple shelves until you located the first one and tossed it to him. “But he’s really great, you’d like his stuff.”

Danny looked down at the cover, it was brightly colored and showed various mystical creatures all over it, so he knew it was fantasy.

“Where are you two going?”

There a short humming noise from your end while you tried to get the store situated before you left. “I don’t actually remember the name, I’m gonna give him a ring before I go.”

“You have his number?”

You gave Danny a short smile before passing him with a short nudge on his shoulder. “Listen, I’ll make sure to call you if anything happens. But you really shouldn’t worry.”

Danny looked over to you and saw that you were adjusting the collar of your shirt over your cardigan and fixing up your hair. He didn’t even notice he has started to frown whenever he looked up and saw how grumpy he looked in the mirror.

He hopped down from the counter, sliding the book on to it. “I think I’m gonna head out,” Danny said, placing his hands into his pockets and giving you a small smile. “But lemme know how it all goes.”

“Why exactly does this matter to you so much?” Colleen asked as she tried to measure up how much duct tape she would need to fix the one arm of her punching dummy. “And more importantly, why did you think to come to me? I get I’m your friend, but relationships aren’t exactly my specialty.”

Danny, who was sitting crossed legged on the floor, looked down at the mat and shrugged. “I dunno, you’re the only person besides (Y/n) that I talk to.”

Colleen tore a long peice of duct tape from the roll and turned back to him. “From what I’ve heard, this seems like a textbook example of jealousy, my friend.”

Danny’s posture straightened up and he frowned. “Why would I be jealous? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Colleen gave him a coy smile. “Yes it does. You have feelings for your old childhood friend, simple.” She turned back and began taping the wooden arm to it’s proper place.

Danny jumped to his feet. “No I don’t! I’m just concerned about her well being!”

“Mhm,” Colleen looked up at him skeptically. “Alright then, answer me this,” She started, leaning against the center of the training dummy once the arm was secure. “If (Y/n) were to continue to see this guy,” She instantly saw the shift in Danny’s eyes but kept going. “And eventually she starts spending more time with him than you, how would you feel?”

Colleen smriked at the grumpy frown that started to take up his face. She knew all about Danny’s feelings for you when she saw the way he looked at you when he brought her to your shop one day.

You and her got into a lengthy discussion about some novel and while you were going on a tangent, Colleen glanced over at Danny and saw him giving you the most enamored expression she’d seen on a person that wasn’t in a film.

Danny thought about it, and the answer was pretty simple. He hated the thought, it was bad enought that tonight was when the two of you usually went out into the city to do something together, but now the idea that someone would take up all of your time made him upset.

“I wouldn’t like it at all.”

Colleen nodded, pointing the roll of duct tape at him. “Then I hate to break it you, but you’re jealous.”

Still in denial, Danny looked up at her. “I don’t think she’d start going off with someone all the time, she’s not the type.”

“People change when they’re in love.”

“Who said anything about love?” Danny’s tone might have been a tad more sharp than be anticipated because Colleen was smirking again.

“Oh yeah, classic case of jealousy.”

Danny looked across the street at the coffee shop where you were seeing Neil. Not long after you got there, you sent Danny a small message letting him know where you were and that everything had been fine so he shouldn’t worry.

Still, everything about the situation seemed off to him. There was a nagging feeling in his chest that screamed that it didn’t like what was going on.

But it was all new to him, he had never felt this sort of way before.

But he knew he didn’t like it.

Especially since even across the street he could easily you and Neil sitting at a table next to the window. You and him appeared to be chatting up a storm, and Danny had never seen your eyes light up so much around another person.

Deciding to take the initiative, Danny crossed the street and entered into the busy coffee house, hiding himself behind a tall bookshelf so he could see exactly what was happening.

You two must have been discussing one of Neil’s books, because you began bringng up character arcs and other literary terms Danny didn’t fully understand.

But then, there was a brief moment when Neil’s hand brushed against yours and it prompted Danny immediately to walk over to the table without even thinking.

You saw him instantly due to your seating, and you gave him a confused expression when you did. “Danny? What are you doing here?”

Danny blinked, not exactly sure why he came over or how he was going to talk his way out of it.

“Are you a friend of (Y/n)?” Neil asked, prompting Danny to turn his attention to him instead.

“Yes! I am! A very close childhood friend!” Danny said, introducing himself as the two of them shook hands.

“I hate to interrupt, but Colleen had something happen at the dojo and we could really use another hand.”

You turned back to Neil and gave him an apologetic smile. “I’d hate to cut this short, but would you mind if I stepped out?”

Neil shook his head. “Of course not, we can always make time to talk again.”

Danny watched the two of you bid each other goodbye before Neil left the coffee house.

“So, what’s up with Colleen?”

Danny’s eyes widened for a moment when he remembered his small white lie. But his phone went off and when he looked at the screen it was a message from her asking where he ran off to.

“Actually, she just let me know that she called a guy to come over to look at the thing.”

You looked puzzled again. “Really? Maybe I should call Neil again then.”

Danny perked up. “Well on my way here, I saw that the movie theatre down the street is showing your favorite film, thought you might be interested in going with me since we’re already here.”

You smiled at him. “Today’s when we usually go out isn’t it?” You asked, to which Danny eagerly nodded and held his hand out to you, making you chuckled and placine your hand in his. “Lead the way.”

Danny laughed and the two of you left the coffee house, once outside you gave his hand a small press.

“You don’t have to go through all that trouble and lie to hang out with me, just let me know next time.”

Danny flashed you a guilty smile. “It worked though, didn’t it?”

Come Back

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
(Kai is being distant and reader moves away ; When Kai finds out he goes to find her , begging her to come back.)


Kai and Y/N were best friends even tho Y/N’s friends had tried multiple times to get her to stop spending time with him. To them he was a dangerous sociopath uncapable of any emotions but they didn’t know him like she did. When they had first met , a connection had formed between them. Y/N was the only one not judging him and willing to give him a chance , even before Kai had merged with Luke. Even after Kai turned into a vampire - their friendship was the one thing keeping him from

Lately , however , Kai had grown distant. They still hung out , but it was like he wasn’t really there.  
“Kai ? Are you listening ?” Y/N asked him , trying to get his attention for the 5th time that night. He turned towards her , simply nodding. “What did you think of the movie ? Did you like it? You were so quiet on the way here..”
They had been at the movies earlier that evening and as usual the night ended with drinks at the Grill. Kai had acted weird the whole night. He kept glancing at her and looking away the second he noticed she was looking back at him.
“It was fun.” he said simply , finishing his drink. “I gotta go.” Kai suddenly got up and just left , leaving Y/N alone at the Grill wondering what had gone wrong.

Y/N had tried to call him the next day … and the day after that. Kai wasn’t answering any of her phone calls or text messages. She even asked Damon and Bonnie if they knew what was going on with Kai but all they said was that she was better off without him in her life.
Y/N was starting to get really worried. About a week and a half later , Y/N showed up at the Karaoke bar because Caroline had called to tell her Kai was there. She spotted him the moment she entered the bar. He was getting up on stage. Y/N sat in the back where it was dark and listened to Kai singing. He wasn’t very good at it but it was really nice to see him , tho he seemed a little off. The song he had picked was a slow song about broken hearts and impossible relationships.
Y/N waited until Kai got off stage and sat on the bar ordering a drink and before walking towards him.
“Hey stranger.” she said smiling at him , Kai jumped a little in his seat.
“Y/N ? What .. what are you doing here?” he asked looking nervous, not meeting her eyes.
“You weren’t picking up your phone… I got worried.” Y/N said placing a hand on his shoulder. Kai tensed.
“I’m OK.” he said “Nothing to worry about.”
At the same moment some guy bumped into Y/N and she turned around for a sec but when she looked back at Kai he wasnt there. She searched for him in the crowd but he was gone.

3 weeks later

“Do you have to go?” Bonnie asked.
Y/N sighed , there was nothing keeping her here anymore , specially with Kai erasing her from her life. It was time for her to go and find her calling.
“Yeah. I need a change in scenery , a long one.” she said. “I’m almost done packing and already signed a lease on the apartment. Plus .. I there is nothing for me here.”  she sighed.

Y/N said goodbye to her friends promising to call them every day, got in her car and drove out of town.

A few days later Kai ran into Bonnie , Stefan and Caroline at the Grill. He was kind of hoping to see Y/N but she wasn’t there. Using his vampire hearing he eavesdropped on the conversation and what he heard made his heart sank.

“I miss her. It’s been only a few days but it feels like forever.” Caroline said. “I know New York is not that far away but not having Y/N just feels wrong.”

Y/N had moved away ? Kai thought. No, no. I waited too long…
Kai finished his drink and walked towards the table where Y/N’s friends were sitting.

“Hey.” he said , Bonnie glaredat him as if trying to decide betweet melting his face off or ripping his heart out. Kai shifted uncomfortably. “Where is Y/N ? Is she coming here later? ” he asked , pretending he hadn’t eavesdropped.
“Why do you care?” Caroline asked.“It’s not like she is the one who shut you off…”
Bonnie let a small laugh. Kai tried to keep calm , he turned to Stefan.
Stefan sighed and answered his question. “She moved away Kai. To New York.”
Kai’s eyes widened in (fake) surprise. “Do you .. um … do you have her address ? She um … left some things at my place , I think she might want them back.”
Bonnie and Caroline both shot glares are Stefan , shaking their heads in disagreement. Stefan gave Kai a piece of paper with Y/N’s new address.  
“Thank you.” Kai said , a wide smile on his face. He was going to find her , and he was going to get her back. Y/N was the only good thing in his life and he didn’t want to lose her.

“Why did you give him her address ?!” Caroline said angrily in a hushed voice.
“Because …” Stefan took a sip from his drink. “.. Y/N loves him and clearly our little psychotic friend loves her too.” he said smiling.

Kai got in his car and drove to NYC the same night. He could hardly wait for the morning to come. When the first sun rays showed up , he was already in front of Y/N’s new place. He got up to the 5th floor , took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Shortly after Y/N opened it.
“Hi.” he said.
“Kai ? How … What … ” Y/N stuttered. She never thought she’d see him again.
“Can I come in?” Kai asked nervously. Y/N nodded and stepped inside.
He looked around - her new place wasn’t big. It had a small living room with a tiny kitchen corner and a fire escape right outside the window.
“What are you doing here ?” she asked , Kai turned around to face her. A flash of anger in her eyes , saddness too but also happiness. “I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore.”
Kai took a deep breath before speaking. How was he going to tell her what he wanted without sounding selfish ? “Please come back to Mystic Falls.”
“Why would I go back ? There is nothing left for me there.” she said crossing her hands on her chest , looking at the floor.
“I am there.”
“You shut me out , remember? I didn’t even knew you still cared…” she said , her voice barely a whisper.
“But I DO care about you ! Would I be here if I didn’t ? Just … Please come back with me.” Kai took her hand and squeezed it a little. “Please ?”  
Y/N looked up at him , her eyes had started to water. Kai touched her face. He couldn’t stand seeing tears in her eyes.  
“I can’t go back there , Kai. I just can’t. There are just … there are just too many memories everywhere I go.”
Kai cupped her face and touched her forehead with his. “I’m there. We can make new memories , better ones.”
“What are you talking about , Kai?” she said pulling away from him. “Do you even … ” Y/N said , tears starting to roll down her cheeks. He had no idea why she left Mystic Falls. How could he ? There was nothing left for her there because he had abandoned her. It took her moving away for her to realise that she had feelings for him. “Do you even know why I left? You shut me out ! My best friend , the person I care and love most in this world … and you shut me out.”
“Y/N …” he said , wrapping his hands around her pulling her into a hug. “I shut you out because I didn’t know how to tell you … ”
“Tell me what ?” she asked , wiping tears from her face. A flicker of hope sparked inside her.
Kai touched her face , gently wiping another tear rolling down her cheek. “I am in love with you!”  He said smiling. “And I know it is extremely selfish of me to ask you to go back to Mystic Falls with me but - ”
Y/N didn’t let him finish “I love you too Kai.” she said smiling and kissed him before he had time to say anything else.

   Arranged (Alec x Reader) Imagine

  “Are we already?” Izzy asked the three people standing in front of her. They were going out on a unofficial mission for Clary and if they got caught they could be in a lot of trouble.“Yup” the three of them answers in sync. They all headed towards the exit but a unknown girl passed by them as they walked. They all stop and stare at her for moment.
“Who is that?” Clary asked to no one in particular. 
“No idea” Jace answer. The girl had her Y/C/H hair up tie up in ponytail but you could tell it was long. She also had on a blue leather jacket with tight black pants and combat boots.
“Come on guys we should get going before we get caught.“Alec said making the rest of them turn away and start to head out.

"Did you guys see the demon face when he saw we had Clary with us.” Izzy said while laughing.
“Who would of thought that I could scared something just by being there” Clay mention also laughing. The two boys walked behind the girls as they enter back into the institute. They couldn’t help but smile at the girls remembering the mission. 

   "ALEC” a voice yelled from the other side of the room. All of their head shot up. That’s it they thought we were caught . 

“Where were you? I needed you for something and couldn’t find you” The person appear in front of them showing it was Mayse. They were for sure caught now. 
“It doesn’t really matter now, Just come on Alec we need you” Mayse said turning on her heel and started to walk out of the room. Alec looked at the others and shrugged then started to follow behind his mother. 
“I thought for sure we’re caught there for a second” Jace said letting out a breath that he didn’t even realized he was holding in. 
“Don’t say anything yet. She probably bringing him into a room right now trying to get him to spell.” Izzy said looking at the spot where her mother and brother just left to. 

Alec followed his mother until they arrived at her office. “Come on in” she said as she open the door walking in herself. There were already two people in the room when they got their. One was Alec’s father Robert standing in the back behind Mayse desk, looking out the window but turning when he hear them come in. The other person was the girl he and others saw earlier when they were leaving for the mission. She sat in the chair still wearing the same clothes she had on earlier. Blue, Alec thought bright blue in fact what a different colour for a shadowhunter. 
“Sit down Alec” Robert said as he and Mayse stood behind the desk.

“We have some news for the both you, but first Alec meet Y/N Blackthorn and Y/N meet my son Alexander Lightwood” Robert announced. Alec and Y/N both look at each but quickly looked away looking back at the parents.

“There no easy way to say this but you guys have been arranged to be married” Mayse told them as she look between the two sitting down. Alec mouth almost hit the floor from the news but Y/N look like she knew that what was coming. 

“Why?” Was all that Alec said he was still in a bit of shock. Robert took a deep breath then look at him. 
“Alec well you know that your mother and I were in the circle. As for the things that been happening since Clary came here. We need to restored our family name and this is the best way to do so.” Roberts said looking at Alec. 

“Okay I’ll do it” you said looking at your soon to be in laws. Mayse and Roberts smile at you then looked at their son. “ So Alec what do you say?” They asked him
Alec was still in shocked about the news and the fact that you said yes without knowing barley  anything about him. 
“Yes I’ll do it, I’ll marry Y/N” Alec said back to his parents. 
“Its final then you two are getting marry” Mayse announced “Alec you know what to do now” He stood up from his seat and walked over to you. He pulled you up by the arm. Damn you thought he was tall you were probably only up to his face. He took off his family ring from his finger and place it on your ring finger. He smile at you then turn to his parents holding your hand showing them it was done.
“Good” Mayse said “You will make announcement tomorrow in front of the institute to let everyone know but until then you will tell no one. We are done here now you two may leave" 

You and Alec both walked out of the room. You looked at him. Wow you thought you were going to marry this man soon. 
“I said yes because I heard about you before” Alec mentions as you two were walking.
“What types of things did you hear about me that made you say yes?” You questions. 
“People said you were the types to do anything for someone if they were in need, plus after what happen with your family they also said that you wanted to start over” Alec said looking down at you. 
“Your right you know about all of that. I love to help others and I did say yes because you need help with improving your family name. While I’m doing that it’s like I’m starting this whole new life. You told him. Marrying him would mean new people to know and a chance to start over from the life you didn’t want to remember much of. 
"So I guess I will see you tomorrow then Alec?” You asked as you guys arrived at his room. 
“Well yeah unless you want me to make the announced all alone” he said.
“I’ll see you then” you smile then started to walk away. 
“Y/N” Alec said and you turn back around.“ You know that your staying in my room right?" 
You blush ” oh I didn’t know that” you said quietly. Alec laugh 
“Don’t worry I don’t bite” he said pulling you into his room.

“Does anyone even know why we’re here?” Clary asked.
“Some sort of announcement that’s all I know” Jace answered. Everyone was gather in the main space waiting for Robert and Mayse to come out to tell them about the announcement.
Izzy came quickly running up to Jace and Clary.
“Have either of you seen Alec? I can’t find him I’ve been looking all morning” Izzy asked half out of breath. “Nope” both them replied. “Guys look” Clary said. 
There walking out was Robert and Mayse and behind them was Alec and the girl they saw yesterday. 
“Everyone listen up” Robert yelled. Making anyone that was talking in the room go completely silent.“ Me and my wife have called you all here for some news” Robert move his hand signalling for Alec and them to move up. Alec grabbed your hand and walked up by his parent.
“Good morning everyone” Alec greeted “ The news for you all is that me and this lovely girl Y/N are engaged.“ 
The room went quite for a couple of seconds but soon erupted in many cheers and congratulated for you too. You looked at Alec but he was already looking back at you. You both smile at one another happily knowing that people accepted it.
Both you guys didn’t see the three faces in back that looked hurt and upset. Wondering why they didn’t know anything about this or you. 



“What’s going on guys?” Sebastian asked.

“(Y/n) and I was just about to go and get some sushi.” Chris answered oblivious to the awkward vibes coming from you. You had been so close to not running into Sebastian.

Sebastian seemed a little surprised and looked back over at you, “Oh really?”

You nodded not knowing what else to say. You couldn’t even form words.

“Yeah, there’s a nice place down the street we were going to go and try.” Chris said.

Sebastian had this look on his face that you knew quite well. When you guys were young, you often knew what he was feeling since you could read him like a book. He often hated how you could tell when he was upset or annoyed so easily.

Now, you could tell that he was upset.

“Well, have fun you two. Maybe I will see you guys later?” Sebastian questioned.

“Yeah maybe.” Chris spoke before the two of you walked into the elevator. Sebastian had walked off and you felt a little relieved.

“Are you going to tell me why that seemed so awkward?” Chris chuckled as the doors closed.

“It’s a long story.”

“I’ve got plenty of time.”


“So he didn’t tell you that he was seeing someone?”

You shook your head as you looked down at your plate, “Nope. He gave me all of the signs that he was probably interested and then when you told me he had a girlfriend, I was completely shocked.”

“I’m sorry for being the bearer of bad news.” Chris reached over and grabbed another piece of sushi.

It didn’t take long for you to open up to him once the both of you reached the restaurant. He was just such an easy person to talk to. He didn’t interrupt, didn’t give you judging looks. Chris listened until you were done before asking any questions or giving any advice.

“It’s not your fault,” you mumbled, “I shouldn’t have been so stupid to think that after all of this time, he would still be interested. We were young but…. seeing him again, it just..”

“It was like how it was all those years ago.” Chris finished for you.

You nodded and rested your arms on the table, “Yeah. Maybe I should just get over it. It’s probably smart if I move on. He clearly has.”

“I see the way he looks at you, (Y/n). There’s something there.”

“It’s doesn’t matter. I’m not the kind of girl that gets in between someone’s relationship. I hate that I feel this way but there isn’t anything that I can do. I just have to try and avoid any possible conversations with him or something.” You knew that it was easier said than done and so did Chris.

“I don’t think that’s possible. We are going to be seeing each other everyday for the next few months. It’s going to be long hours and close quarters. You can’t avoid him.”

You sighed, “I know. It’s hard being around him and having to hide how I feel.”

Chris looked at something behind you, “Well, you might want to start figuring out how you are going to be around him.”

You sat up a little, “Why?”

“He’s coming.”

It was like every nerve in your body froze. Goosebumps formed on your arms.

Sebastian spotted you and Chris at a table near the back. He made his way over and thought that the two of you seemed pretty cozy.

“Hey guys.” He said once he walked over to the table.

You looked up at him and saw that he seemed to be in a better mood.

“Hey Sebastian.” You said trying to act like you were completely okay.

“After you guys left, I realized I was in the mood to get some sushi. Figured I would join you guys if that’s okay.”

Chris glanced at you, “Yeah, it’s fine.” Sebastian slid into the side of the booth that you were on. You wished that the waitress had given you guys a regular table.

You moved your plate over and yourself to make some space between you and Sebastian. Chris noticed how uneasy that you were.

“So, what were you guys chatting about?” Sebastian asked.

“Just about the next couple of days. Busy schedule and all.”

“Yeah, it’s been so crazy that I’ve hardly had time to catch up with (Y/n).” Sebastian looked over at you. You tried to give a convincing smile.

“Are you scheduled for the promo shoots tomorrow?” Chris asked Sebastian. The majority of the cast were going to be together that following day for the promos. It was the time that they did the photo shoots that would end up on billboards, cereal boxes, and the movie posters.

You had been extremely excited to be able to put on your costume for the first time. Once you were shown the sketches of it, it hit you that you were playing a superhero. You had been more excited than ever.

“Yeah, I am,” Sebastian answered and looked over at you, “Are you?”

You nodded, “Yeah, I’ll be there.”

“Great, maybe we could get some breakfast before. Finally get to catch up like we wanted to.” He smiled a little. Sebastian felt like you were avoiding him. He could feel it after you blew him off earlier.

“Well, actually Chris and I were going to workout tomorrow morning before heading to the studios.” You lied looking over at Chris hoping that he would go along with it.

Sebastian’s eyebrows furrowed a little and looked at Chris, “I thought you told me earlier you had to be on set at six?”

Oh crap.

“Oh yeah, I do. I forgot to tell you that (Y/n), I can’t make our workout tomorrow morning.” You could tell that Chris was sorry that he somewhat got caught in the lie.

“It’s okay. I’ll just go alone.” You grabbed your fork and ate more sushi before any more lies would blurt out.

“I can go with you. I think we have to be at the studio around the same time so it all works out.” Sebastian offered. He wondered if you would turn him down twice in one day.

“Uh,” you looked at Chris and remembered what he said about trying to make it all work, “Yeah that would be great.”

Sebastian was surprised that you agreed. He figured that when you guys were alone, it would be the perfect time to try and talk to you. He wanted to know why you seemed a little off around him.

“Seven o'clock good with you?”

You nodded, “Yeah, that sounds good. Could you scoot out for a second? I need to go to the ladies room.”

Sebastian got out of the booth and so did you. You walked away from the table and to the bathroom to have a minute to yourself. You didn’t want to be around him and now you were making plans with him.


Chris watched as you walked away from the table. An idea struck him as Sebastian sat back down.

“So, how is it working with your old girlfriend?” Chris asked him. He wanted to gage Sebastian’s reaction.

Sebastian thought about it for a second, “I’m really glad that she’s around. I haven’t seen her in so long and when I heard that she would be in the movie…..I got excited.”

“Why haven’t you guys connected in the past?”

“I don’t know. I guess I was upset with how I left when I was younger. I promised her that I would keep in touch with her but I didn’t. I took it up as my responsibly because I was the one leaving.”

“I don’t think she resents you for it. She seems fine.”

“Does she?” Sebastian questioned, “To me it seems like she’s upset with me about something.”

“Can you think of anything that you could’ve done to her?” Chris wanted to say exactly why you were upset with him but it wasn’t his place.

Sebastian shook his head, “No, I can’t.”

Chris decided to turn it up a notch, “She’s not seeing anyone right?”

Sebastian froze. Was Chris interested in you? “Uh, no she’s not. Why? Are you planning on asking her out or something?”

Chris shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know yet. I wouldn’t if you weren’t okay with it.” Chris had no intention of asking you out. He just wanted to see what Sebastian would say.

You started walking back to the table and saw Chris and Sebastian talking. After a moment to catch your breath and collect your thoughts, you felt okay to sit at the table and finish dinner.

“Okay, you guys can stop gossiping. I’m back.” You said as you stood at the table. Chris got up and gestured for you to sit at his side of the table.

Sebastian looked at you and watched as you sat down and then Chris followed. He noticed how Chris sat closer to you than he previously had when you were by him on the other side. He noticed that you seemed to be happier when you were next to Chris.

He didn’t like it one bit.


It took you three times to hit the snooze button on your alarm before you actually got out of bed. You felt nervous to see Sebastian at the gym. You had to think of anything and everything else to try and distract yourself as you got ready.

You dressed in shorts and a tank top with sneakers before grabbing your gym bag and leaving your hotel room.

Sebastian was there waiting for you in the gym.

“Good morning.” He smiled when he saw you walk in. There was a few other people there in the gym but it was huge so it felt like you and Sebastian were alone.

“Hey, good morning.” You said back.

You set your bag near Sebastian’s and started to stretch.

“Did you have fun last night?” He asked as he stretched too.

“Yeah I did. Did you?”

He nodded, “I always have had fun when I’ve been around you.”

You looked away from him to hide the blush that crept up on your cheeks. You used to love when he said cute stuff like that, now it just made you feel more upset.

The two of you lapsed into a comfortable silence as you both did your respective workouts. You used the elliptical while he did some weights.

The both of you would sneak glances to the other while the other wasn’t looking.

Sebastian working out was very distracting. His muscles bulging out. The sounds he would make. It was giving you inappropriate thoughts.

You looked away and focused on what you were doing.

Once you were done with the elliptical, you wanted to get a few minutes in at the punching bag.

Sebastian noticed you walking over to it and followed you, “Need some help?”

“Yeah thanks.”

Sebastian wrapped the tape around your hands. You tried to ignore the stirring feelings you got by him touching you. Sebastian felt it too.

He helped you out your gloves on and held the bag while you started punching.

“Got quite the punch there. I would hate to be on the opposite side of it.” Sebastian smiled.

“I’m sure you would.”

It was silent for a few moments as you jabbed left and right. You could feel your arms burning from the impact but you continued through.

“So, want to tell me why you’ve been avoiding me?” Sebastian asked out of the blue.

You stopped what you were doing, “I’m not avoiding you.”

He chuckled, “Not right now but you have been. Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you haven’t. I’m not avoiding you, Sebastian.” It seemed like you were getting better and better at lying.

“(Y/n), I can tell that you’re lying. You can’t even look me in my eyes.”

You ignored him and started punching the bag again.

“Is it because something is sort of happening between you and Chris?” Sebastian hated the words that were coming out of his mouth.

“No, I’m not avoiding you.” You repeated.

“So something is happening between you and Chris.”

You were getting more aggravated so your punching became more frequent. You put all of your energy into it.

“Nothing is going on with me and Chris.” You answered curtly.

“Seems like it is.” Sebastian mumbled.

You stopped, “And if it is?”

Sebastian let go of the bag, “What?”

“If something was going on between me and Chris, why would it bother you? We haven’t dated in years.”

“It does bother me, (Y/n)!”

The other people in the gym were leaving, probably annoyed with the conversation going on between you and Sebastian just like you were.

“Why?! You’ve got a girlfriend!” You shouted. Sebastian froze, “How did you–”

“Does it matter how I found out?” You cut him off, “Just know that I do and I hate the fact that I allowed myself to start having these feelings for you all over again! I know it’s been years since we’ve laid eyes on each other but looking at you…. it takes me back.”

You took off the gloves and threw them to the ground. Hurrying and grabbing your bag, you walked out of the gym, Sebastian calling after you the whole time.


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Prompt: “He watched her, never realising that she was watching him.”
 (X) Part II
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader x Scott McCall
Word Count: 887

Part I available here: (X)

“Okay Y/N, smile.” Sydney exclaimed, holding a camera in her hands as she prepared to take a picture of Y/N. Y/N let a small smile appear onto her face before dropping it slightly before a shuttering sound indicated that the picture was made. Sydney let out a small sigh as she looked at the picture she had taken of Y/N. She noticed the sadness in her eyes, wishing that she could find a way to make Y/N smile.

Y/N sat on the stool quietly before letting out a small sigh. From the corner of her eye she saw Scott sitting near her with his clique into which she desperately wanted to belong. She was sure it wouldn’t happen though; high school was slowly ending, and before they all knew it they would all be in different colleges, scattered around the country or even around the world.

“Okay, let’s try again Y/N. And this time, smile.” Sydney said as she positioned the camera to take another picture of Y/N. She sat up in her stool before a smile appeared onto her face. At the same moment that Sydney took the picture Stiles Stilinski appeared onto the photo, completely blocking Y/N. His foot got stuck behind something as he stumbled over to the stool Y/N was sitting on. Eventhough desperately trying he didn’t manage to gain his balance and ended up falling onto the floor, dragging Y/N along with her stool.

Y/N let out a small squel when Stiles landed on top of her. Realizing his mistake he quickly got up as he cleaned his clothing. Just as he was about to help Y/N up another hand was stretched towards her, offering to help her up. Y/N looked up, seeing those brown eyes she knew too well. With a smile she accepted the hand as Scott helped her up. Stiles stared at the two of you awkwardly, scratching his neck before turning his attention to Y/N.

“I’m terribly sorry about that.” He exclaimed. Y/N let out a small chuckle, confusing him while a smile appeared onto Scott’s face.

“It’s fine, I’m still alive.” She joked, not gaining a reaction from neither of the boys. She quickly cleared her throat, unsure what to say to the two boys. Luckily, Stiles was the first person to say something after her awkward attempt to joke.

“I’m just gonna- yeah- sorry again.” He mumbled as he walked away from her, patting on Scott’s shoulder as a sign for him to follow. He on the other hand stood still, surprising Y/N who was feeling rather awkward and anxious. She was sure that Scott would leave with Stiles, but when he didn’t, Y/N was quite surprised. What could he possibly wanted to say to her?

He looked at Stiles leaving before turning, looking back at Y/N, his cute smile appearing onto his face. Y/N couldn’t help but to smile back at the boy. She was extremely annoyed by the silence between the two of them as she thought of something to say to the boy. Fortunately he seemed to have read her mind and spoke up first.

“Sorry about Stiles, he can be quite clumsy sometimes.” He exclaimed chuckling. Y/N nodded, knowing exactly what he meant by ‘clumsy’. If there was one person who would fall onto the ground without anything blocking him, it would have been Stiles. That boy was simply a walking disaster.

“Yeah, I know.” She quietly said under her breath. When she noticed the confused look on Scott’s face she realized that he had heard her, making her curse at her inability to stay quiet during inappropriate times. She was sure that Scott thought of her as a stalker now.

“I mean, we have a couple of classes together. Let’s just say this isn’t his first time falling onto the ground.” Y/N explained quickly. Her eyes widened when Scott let out a laugh. Her immediate response was to smile at the adorable laugh of his.

When Stiles yelled at Scott he let out a small sigh before looking into her eyes. Y/N was sure she hadn’t seen more beautiful eyes than his were. She felt like she could stare into those eyes for hours. But reality kicked in as she realized that it was something that would never happen.

“Well, I have to go. It was nice talking to you, Y/N.” Scott said before turning around, catching Y/N off guard. She didn’t remember telling him her name, yet he was aware of it, leaving her confused. She watched him slowly make his way towards his friends before sitting back onto the seat he was sitting before. A nudge on her side brought Y/N back to reality as she saw Sydney staring at her with an extremely wide smile on her face. She brought up her camera as she showed Y/N a picture of herself and Scott, staring into each others eyes. She felt a smile appear onto her face which didn’t go unnoticed by Sydney who let out a small chuckle.

“You are so in love with him.” She exclaimed. Y/N shook her head, staring at her friend in disbelief before grabbing the camera as she started to click through the pictures Sydney had silently taken.

“Shut up.” She responded with a laugh. If only she knew the truth.

Home - Chapter 3: I’ll Watch Over You  (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)


Summary: You have been dating Daryl for months before settling in Alexandria together. Daryl goes out on a run and you await his return impatiently and think about him as you await his return. Pre-Negan Era. Reader continues to reminisce about the first night she spent with Daryl after her father’s death.

Warnings: Walker Killing, Grief, Family Death, Fluff

Word Count: 2,228


“Alright, move your feet. That’s it. You always have to be one step ahead of them.” I can hear Michonne guiding me from behind as I encircle the walker we have encountered in the woods. This is the reason we were out here. After meeting up with Rick’s group, you were told that guns were not the best solution to these dead walkers and that the best defense was learning how to kill them as quietly as possible, a knife being one of the best silent weapons to use.  I was a little taken aback by this, as shooting guns was the only way I ever knew or saw to kill a walker. But once you were told that noise could draw them in, you knew you had to learn how to be more proficient at killing these assholes.

You tried to listen intently to Michonne as you shuffled your feet fasted on the dried leaves and twigs beneath your feet.

The walkers moan and limped closer to me, but didn’t have a chance to catch you as you quickly darted in a circular motion around it, not giving it a second to catch up to you.

“That’s right.” Michonne praised. “Now try to get behind it and stab it from behind before it has a chance to turn.” She instructed.

You gripped my knife harder in your hand and began to again circle the walker two more times, before feeling ready. You stopped quickly behind it, locked your feet in a forward stand, and thrust your knife upward into the back of its skull as hard as could. You felt the knife penetrate the skull bone and into the brain. The dead thing suddenly stopped moving slammed to the ground, face first.

Your breath was catching as the adrenaline pumped through your veins. You had to admit, You loved this feeling, and you loved killing as many of these things as you could. Ever since that night when the last of your family was taken, all you wanted to do was kill as many of the as you could. Now I know how dad felt after mom and my sister died. You thought sadly, but matter-of-factly. Your chest heaved up and down as you felt your heart pumping the blood through your veins, you could feel it in yours ears.

You look up at Michonne for approval, only to see her with a big grin on her face, she was obviously proud.

“Good. Now that we have mastered one…” She looks over to our right where two more have now appeared.

We grinned at each other and both began to run towards our new targets…

Keep reading

Hellooooooo! How aree you guys!? :D Hope you all enjoy this part and I love you <3 And soon, some suprises are coming that I decided to do for you guys :)) <3

Read previous parts here:
Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

“I thought it was hopeless love” Taehyung story - Part 5 

Luke couldn’t wait to see you,even thought you guys saw each other yesterday.
He walked inside of your house and went to see if you’re in the kitchen.
“She’s not here?” he asked himself and walked into the living room and you weren’t there either..Thing that he spots is Taehyung’s black jacket on the couch.

Right away he clench his jaw and think the worse.To see you with him.
Since he met Taehyung,he felt like everything changed.
he walked upstairs to your room.He open the door and sees Taehyung and you laying together in the bed sleeping.

“I can’t believe this” he said to himself as he watched you together

Luke does truly love you.Seeing you do this to him makes him really sad.
He closed the door and went  home in anger and sadness.

“Wake up” you throw pillow at Taehyung smiling
“Nooo” he said trying to sleep more
“Wake up Tae!” you throw another pillow 

He smiled fixing his hair
“I wanna sleep more” he said
“But you need to wake up..Your phone was ringing like crazy” you said standing up
“Oh” he said putting his hand on his face
“Come on” you bit your lip smiling taking his hand sin your and made him stand up

Taehyung followed you downstairs to the kitchen.
“What do you want to eat?” you said looking at him
“Right now I am in a mood for pancakes with cream” Taehyung smiled
“Okay…So pancakes!” you waved your hands in the air 

You were making pancakes and Taehyung was checking his phone.
“Yeah..Okay..I know” he spoke over the phone
You watched him go back and forth around the kitchen..
“Don’t be stupid!” he shouted laughing

You finished with pancakes and put them on the table.
“I gotta go now…See you later” Taehyung hangs up and goes to the fridge
“You didn’t get the cream out?” he asked
“No,just the orange juice” you said pouring juice in the glasses

Taehyung got the creme out and looked at you.He looks at the creme then at you again.
He smiled and puts some cream on his hand,without you noticing.
“Pancakes smell soo good!” he said coming next to you
“I knooow” you looked at him with a smile
“LOOK Y/N!” he points trought the window
“Wha-” you started and you feel Taehyung putting cream all over your cheek
You laughed licking your lips
“No..You just didn’t do this” you said taking off the cream
“Oh yes I did” Taehyung was laughing

You laugh and take some cream off your cheek and look at Taehyung
“Y/N…Heeeey…We can talk,you know what I am saying” he was laughing stepping back slowly
“Oh we can talk?” you laughed coming closer to him
“Yeeah..You know…Forget about what happened and talk about something else” he laughed
“Naah” you said and start running after him

You two chased each other around your house.
“You’ll never get me aliveee!” Taehyung shouted running into your room and locking the door
You laughed and went to another room to hide and wait for him to come out.
Taehyung didn’t hear you so he slowly opens the door peeking
“Y/N?” he said still slowly looking around if you’re anywhere near

He smiled biting his lip and stepped out of your room.
“I WILL GET YOU!” you shouted adn Taehyung started to run downstairs
“Y/N PLEASEEE” he said and jumps on the couch covering his head
“Fine” you said
“I won’t do anything” you added looking at him
“You won’t?” he looks at you
“No…Let’s go eat those pancakes” you laugh and go to the kitchen and hide next to the door quickly
“Finally pancake-” he said and you put cream on his face and laugh
“PAYBACK!” you smiled and put your hands in the air
“Okay,okay” he said wiping off the cream and eating it

Both of you smiled at each other and ate your pancakes.

“I’ll see you” Taehyung said taking his jacket
“Byee Tae” you smiled and you two hugged each other and Taehyung went home.

You closed the fron door and smiled thinking how everything is perfect now with Taehyung.
“Oh God I am in loveee” you laugh and go to the living room

You take your phone and you got one message from Luke a while ago..
“Having fun with your other boy?” he said

Your heart started to beat faster,you felt nervous and not okay.Right away you wrote back saying
“What are you talking about?” hoping that he’s only joking with you
“I want to talk” he said
“Tonight,at the park” 

You put your phone down,putting your hands on your head.
“Oh my God..He was here” you said
“He saw Tae and me” you added
“Shit,shit,shit” you said standing up

You bit your lip thinking about the situation.
But Taehyung and you didn’t do anything,just layed in bed next to each other.You won’t tell him that you kissed Taehyung few times already.
You need to but you can’t.
In a way you do love Luke,but also you feel like you are using him to just keep the pain away and try to feel some love again after when Taehyung and you broke the friendship.

“Oh God” you close your eyes 

“Y/N!” Taehyung said over the phone
“You will be in front row at the concert..I will give you the ticket when I see you again” he laughed a little
“Okay,cool…” you said
“Is something wrong?” he asked feeling like you’re not okay
“I…I’m going to meet Luke tonight” you sigh
“I think he saw us in the bed laying next to each other and now he thinks I cheated on him”
“You did Y/N…” Taehyung said
“I know Taehyung,but” you sigh
“You love him?” he said taking a breath
“I..Gotta go Y/N..We need to go on a rehearsal” Taehyung closed his eyes
“Oh,okay…Bye Tae have fun at the rehearsal” you said
“Byee Y/N” he hangs up

Taehyung throws his phone and shouts in anger.
“How can you love him still!” he thought about you
“Why do you keep kissing me then?!” he was even more angry now

J-Hope camed in
“What is wrong did something happened?” he asked
“She happened!” Taehyung looks at him 
“Did you guys have a fight or-”
“NO we didn’t..But I feel like she’s using me” Taehyung cuts him off,pointing at himself
“Why would she use you Taehyung? I don’t think that is true” J-Hope looks at him
“But she..” Taehyung sits down 
“She still loves that guy” he added 
“Taehyung…Of course she’s gonna love her boyfriend” J-Hope laughed a little
“What should I do then? Stop doing what I am doing?”
“No don’t..I think you should just wait for a little bit till she understands what she really feels” 

Taehyung slowly nodded his head and looked down.J-Hope tapped his back.
“Don’t worry too much” he said and walked out of the room
Taehyung sighs and goes to the living room where the boys were..
He wanted to do something fun with them..Play video games or talk funny stories so he can get you off his mind for a little.

On other side you walked trough the park towards the place where you will meet Luke.You didn’t know what to feel at this moment..YOu didn’t know what will happen.

“Y/N” Luke called you and you walked over to him
“Hi Luke” you smiled but he still had a serious face..Your smile fades away and you both sit down.
“What do you want to talk about?” you asked
“You and your cheating on me” Luke looked at you
“Luke…No I didn’t cheat on you” you lied
“I saw Taehyung and you in a bed together!″ he shouted
“We were just laying next to each other! It didn’t mean a thing!” you said 
“You’re lying to me Y/N!” he shouted
“I am not..Luke pleasee don’t thinkk that! I would never do that to you” you looked at his eyes
“You don’t love me Y/N,you love him” Luke points
“I don’t Luke,I love you!” you lied again
“Please” you said

Luke looks around..Then looks at you
“Why was he there?” he asked

You couldn’t think of anything to say.You got really nervous.
“I..He was practicing whole night yesterday and he camed to my place because it was closest to his studio” you look at him
“You’re lying Y/N…He’s a star! He has drivers that can drive him to his place and to the studio” Luke said
“He was walking Luke..” you looked at him with a serious face
“Just trust me” you added
“STOP lying to me! I CAN’T trust you!” Luke shouted
“I am your girlf-”
“I DON’T CARE!” Luke shouted and looked at you 
You tear up and slap him across the face.
“I hate you” you said and ran away from him

Only place that you could go is Taehyung.You needed him to calm you down.
After 30 minutes of walking,you camed to his house and knock on the door..Jin opens it and sees tears in your eyes.
“Are you okay?” he asked letting you in
“I need Taehyung” you said looking down
“Okay…I’ll call him,stay here” Jin looked at you and ran to the room and told Taehyung you’re here.

Even tho Taehyung was mad at you a little..When he heard you’re crying,he needed to know what happened.
“Y/N” he said and rushed towards you and wrapped his arms around you
“I had a fight with Luke” you sobbed a little
“It’s gonna be okay…Just calm down” he said kissing your head
“Come with me” he said and took your hand in his and you two went to his room.

You sat down on the bed and Taehyung next to you.
“Luke and you will be fine Y/N” he held your hand
“He…Oh my God I hate him so much” 
“He’s an asshole who doesn’t deserve your love” Taehyung looked at you and you at him
“He is an asshole tho” you said and laughed a little
“See I can make you feel better in a second” Taehyung smiled kissing your head
“Because you know how to make me smile” you said putting your head on his shoulder
“Exactly”  Taehyung puts his arm around you and pulls you closer to him
“Thank you” you said 
“I am here for you Y/N” Taehyung hugged you
“I love you” you said

Taehyung sighs and right away he remembers what he has been thinking about the situation hours ago.
He moves away from you,you look at him with confused look.
“What’s wrong?” you asked
“Are you..Using me?” 
“Why would I use you Taehyung?” you were confused
“I mean..You say you love me…But you also love Luke” 
“Taehyung…” you said looking at him
“It’s just I am feeling like everything we do is lie,like that I am your side friend who you use” Taehyung got little angry
“No..I am not using you Taehyung please” you said standing up same as Taehyung
“Can you…Please leave me alone for tonight,I am not feeling well” he said looking down
“Please” Taehyung looked at your eyes

You nodded your head and walked out of his bedroom.
“Y/N..Here is the ticket to the show! Can’t wait to see you there plus you will come backstage after the show” Jimin explains everything
“Oh thanks and okay..Can’t wait to see you guys!” you smiled 

You thought hard about everything.Taehyung is not telling the truth,you’re not using him.He’s your best friend,you can’t do that to him.
But one thing is true you love both of them.

Two days passed and you were getting ready for the BTS concert.
“Why can’t I gooo?” your sister was almost crying
“Because you don’t have a ticket to the show! I only have one and now get out of my room” you look at her
“Ughhh I hate youuuu!” she shouts and walks out

Only thing that was worrying you is that Taehyung and you haven’t spoke for those two days at all.
You don’t know what will happen behind the stage.

When you arrived there,again a lot fans were waiting in line..They were singing their songs,screaming…
When the show started you felt happy and excited to see them performing live.

To every song you were singing along and having fun.
At some time Jimin or one of the boys point at you with a smile and girls scream as they see that.
“You’re sooo lucky” a girl next to you smiled 
You just smiled at her and continued to be focused on the show.
Taehyung and you made contact few times..

“You guys are amazing!” Rap Monster shouts and all of you scream
“Thank you! See you soon!” Suga smiled and they go off stage

The place started to get empty and you stayed,one guy walks up to you and takes you to the back stage.
“Y/N!!!!” they all shouts in happiness
“YOU guys…DID AN AMAZING JOB!” you smiled and they all hug you except Taehyung.
“Was I amazing?” Jimin smiled
“Yeah you were” you tapped his back and smiled
“I know…” Jimin winks and takes a sip of his water

You look at Taehyung and he looks at you and licks his lips
“Come with me” he said and you nodded your head and followed Taehyung

You guys got away from the boys and sat down on some boxes.
“I’ve been thinking” Taehyung said taking a breath
“And I made a decision Y/N” he looked at you
“What decision?” you asked
“I’m sick of this I love him,I love you…Choose…Luke or me?” Taehyung looked at you and your heart stopped
“W-what?” you said being in shock

Resquest by anonymous

You woke up on the couch of the Salvatore mansion, your vision was blurry and you looked around a bit confusing, you did not remember how he had gotten there. You suddenly stopped when you saw Kai sitting on a chair in front of you. It had been two months that you met Kai, you got stuck with him Damon and Bonnie for a while and in the meantime you had learned to identify when Kai was angry and this was certainly one of those times. You had it all figured out when Bonnie asked for help not to leave Kai go along and you helped but eventually falling prey back together with him.
“ What happened? ” You asked sitting on the couch, your head ached like hell.
“ Do not you remember? ” He said, getting up from his chair quietly making you shrink the couch. He looked so peaceful. But it was always like that, you know that any false move would make him explode. “ Great, you don’t remember you deceived me and would leave me here. Ironic that you just stuck here with me and now we’ll never get out. ” He said pulling you by the wrist off the couch. “ Kai, please don’t … ” you asked trying to loosen your wrist grip. “ Please what? Not hurt you? Not kill you? ” He pulled you making you fall hard on his chest. “ You know I can’t die because I’m on my personal hell, but you .. ” he whispered in your ear. “ Kai please let me go, you’re hurting me. ” You said trying to push him away from you but he was twice as strong as you. “ You know that now you have no utility for me ” he said taking his chin in his hand and making you look at it. “ In fact you only have one thing I want. ” He said smiling at you slyly. You know what he was talking,your magic. You felt the pain radiating from you, it was as if they were tearing her skin piece by piece. The sensation was very familiar, he had done it before but never for so long. “K-Kai stop. ” You stammered. The pain was too much to bear, it was as if his life was being sucked. Everything began to spin and suddenly everything turned black.
You woke up in your room, looked like day and you did not remember how you had gotten there. The only explanation was that Kai had put you in your room. You would never understand why he would do these things, it was a game of bites and blows all the time. You move in bed and felt your whole body hurt, your mouth was dry and your head ached.
“Will you stay in bed all day princess? ” You turned to find Kai stopped and leaned against the door of his room.
“ Go away, I don’t want to talk to you. ” You tried to look threatening but your voice was hoarse and failing somewhat.
“ Wow, you look horrible! Looks like you got hit by a truck. ” He said walking to his bed’’ Thank you, that’s how I feel. “ You said trying to get up but your body was too heavy and making you fall back to the mattress.
” What’s wrong with you? “ He asked looking at you. ” You can’t sick, no one gets sick here. “ He whispered to himself trying to understand what was happening to you.
” I do not know Ka-“ you tried to speak but your voice cracked, you felt your throat burn. You began to feel sick, you were trying to get up but could not.
” What’s going on? “ Kai looked desperate with their situation, but you ignored him and crawled to the edge of the bed. Your sickness only increased when you leaned on the edge of the bed and you vomiting up over and over, you felt like you were spewing for years until you felt someone holding you hair behind. You tried to get up and clean up some mouth you could see that Kai was looking at you he looked a little worried. ” Are you okay? “ He asked helping you to sit leaning against the bed. ” I just vomit blood Kai. Of course I’m not okay! “ That would have sounded like a scream your throat was not hurting so much. ” Hey need not be rude I’m just trying to help. “ He said getting up from bed and left the room. You almost asked him to stay, you were feeling so miserable and being alone would not help at all. After what seemed like hours he came back with a glass of water in one hand and a rag in the other. ” Drink, you’ll feel better “ he told you delivered water. You wanted to say something like ” what this water has that will make me feel better? “ but then you gave up, you were too tired to start a fight. After you have finished he took the glass and put on the floor on the side of bed. He delivered up the cloth so you could clean the mouth that was still a little dirty of blood. He came up to you and put his hand on his forehead. ” You’re cold.“ He said, turning your face and making you look at it but your eyes felt heavy it was like you were falling asleep at any time. ” Hey y / n, open your eyes! Look at me “ you could hear him say away but your vision went black. ” Damn, damn. “
Kai sat on the bed and pulled you to his lap. He knew what was happening, you were dying and was his fault. ” Come on’’ he said twining your hands in his, he closed his eyes to concentrate. All he had to do was return your magic. He finished but you didn’t woke up. “ Come y / n wake up. ” He rocked you desperately. “ Please don’t leave me alone, I don’t want to be alone again. ” You slowly opened your eyes and saw Kai embraced you he was with eyes closed and had tears all over his face. You had never seen Kai crying before, he looked like a child who had just lost his sweet. “ Kai? ” You asked softly and he opened his eyes and smiled. “ Thank God you’re alive ” he said pulling you into a hug. You were so surprised it took a few seconds to hug back. He was holding you as it was almost hard to breathe, but it was so good. Then after a while you are away and he said seriously “ Do not ever do this to me. ” Apparently he cares.

Connor stood by the side, annoyed and exasperated. Oliver was giving him the cold treatment, and he hated it. A lot. More importantly, he hated himself for making Ollie unhappy. The bright smile from his boyfriend that greeted him every day after work never failed to immediately relieve him of all the stress he faced at the law firm. Right now, he would like more than anything to see the smile on Ollie’s face again.

His Ollie. A sense of pride swelled from within Connor, until he remembered that the smile was not happening anytime soon.

Well, he was to blame for this. Partly, but not entirely. That Asher’s a jackass.

“Asher’s a jackass, ” Michaela was apologizing to Oliver.

“That’s what I said,” Connor chimed in hurriedly, desperate to make up with Oliver again.

“Hey, buddy. You’re not allowed to talk right now. Consider it practice for keeping your mouth shut.” Oliver retorted.

Nope, not working. Still angry.

Oliver paused to shoot Connor a grim look (which missed its intended target as said target was too busy sulking in a corner), then continued purposefully, “Sorry about your fiancé.”

“Oh, did Connor open up his big mouth about that, too?” Michaela said it loud enough for her new best friend to hear.

Gee, thanks a lot for your help Miss Pratt.

“Yep, said he was maybe bi or something.”

“Let’s not talk about it.” Michaela shuddered. The wound was still raw, after all.

Oh no you don’t. Connor couldn’t stand the cold treatment from Oliver, and it was eating at him from the inside. He felt uncomfortable, grumpy, spiteful even. “No, let’s. Let’s talk about how you have terrible taste in men. I mean, like that guy at the courthouse today… how do you say no to that?”

“Uh, he wasn’t my type.”

“What’s your type?” Oliver probed eagerly.

“Gay.” Connor shot back.

And right at that moment, Connor’s heart skipped a beat. Because the laughter that he was so familiar with finally rang out loud and clear. Oliver was chuckling at his joke. Which meant that he probably wasn’t angry with him anymore.

Sure enough, Oliver turned to shoot another look at Connor, which he caught this time. His boyfriend had put on the cute pout which he knew very well -Damn it Connor Walsh, I want to stay angry with you but I can’t.

Connor rubbed his nose and broke into a secret grin.

I know, and it’s not your fault babe.

“Michaela, why don’t you head on home first and leave this to us. You still have torts to study for.”

Time for some make up lovemaking.

Mischief Night

You, Stiles, and Scott have always been best friends and loved to prank Coach on Mischief Night. It was basically the only thing holding your friendship together right now. Between the Dread doctors and Roscoe in the shop probably never getting fixed, it’s been tough for you guys to hang out and have fun. So tonight for old times sake went to Coach’s house to prank him. You couldn’t do the prank anymore in his classroom or office because he doesn’t work at Beacon Hills now. So your boyfriend, Stiles picked you are your brother, Scott up with his jeep. Stiles honked his jeep’s horn from outside, and you texted him,
“Be right out :) ”
He replied,
“Ok ;)”
Scott soon after came in your room and said,
“Ready to go?”
“Yup!!” You exclaimed.
You both took the bags full of toilet paper rolls, eggs, and string out to the jeep. You hopped in shotgun before Scott could,
“Hey!!! Y/N!!! I always sit in shotgun!”
“Sorry, you were too slow.” You turned back around to see Scott glaring at you when he went through your seat to get to the back of the Jeep. He climbed past you and you evilly smiled the whole time. Once Scott was in the back you put your seat back up and climbed in. You realized you never even said hi to Stiles,
“Hey” you said leaning over the console to quickly kiss him, you knew you guys had a long night ahead of you. Stiles pulled out of the driveway and you all started to talk about what you had to get done to Coach’s house.
“So y/n you have to get all the toilet paper all over his house and any trees around his house. Scott you have to egg the whole house after Y/N is done with toilet paper so it’s harder to clean up for him. I have the key so-”
“ WHY DO YOU HAVE A KEY TO HIS HOUSE?!?!” You and Scott screamed at the same time.
“God you guys need to calm down, I just got a copy of it don’t worry it’s not his key.”
“And that makes it any bett- you know what just forget it” you said.
“Anyways before I got rudely interrupted.” Stiles said looking at you.
“I will go inside and do the dirty work because I know his house from when he tutored me for a while last year.”
“Are you sure the klutz and spaz of us three should be doing the inside work?” Scott said.
“Have you been to Coach’s house lately Scott?“stiles said sarcastically.
"No…” Scott sneered and gave in to Stiles going inside instead of him.
When you got to his neighborhood, Stiles parked down the street so Coach couldn’t see the infamous Jeep that everyone at school knew. So you all got the bags of supplies that you needed and walked the 2 blocks to his house. While you were walking Stiles started talking to you,
“Have you thought of your mischief night wish yet?”
“No. What’s that?”
“It’s kind of like an 11:11 thing, at 11:59 you make a wish on mischief night, and it usually comes true.”
“Usually.” You said sarcastically back to him.
“Well I know it worked for me last year.”
“Because I wished that you would be my girlfriend by next mischief night, and look where we are now.”
You blushed, and held his hand while walking. You remember last year on Halloween Stiles told you how he felt about you at Lydia’s party. He was dressed up as Batman, and you were a 80’s girl. Scott finally convinced him to ask you out because even though you wouldn’t admit it, you liked Stiles, Scott could tell by your heartbeat racing every time you talked to him.
“Y/N you alive?” Stiles said knocking out of your daydream.
“Oh,yeah, sorry.”
“So everyone get to work.” Stiles clapped his hands lightly. Scott and Stiles began to walk off and you suddenly realized something,
“Wait! What if he wakes up?” You said to them whispering.
“Everyman for himself.” Stiles said turning his head, smirking and winking at you. That made you nervous, the two most protective people of you were just going to leave you there?! You knew they wouldn’t, or would they! You started to take the toilet paper rolls out of the bag you carried with you. Stiles had show you how to tipi anything, from trees, houses, playgrounds, or cars you name it. You started with his car. It was a small soccer mom minivan. You laughed to yourself what a silly car for coach, you expected at least a truck. Once you finished the pathetic van, you moved on to the 3 trees in his front yard. These took more arm power because they were really tall trees, and Stiles wouldn’t be satisfied until the WHOLE tree was tipied no matter how tall the tree was. You were almost finished with the 2nd tree when you saw one of the lights in the house go on.
“Shit.” You whispered to yourself, before you saw Stiles bursting through the front door of the house.
“GO! GO! GO!!” Stiles screamed. You dropped all the toilet paper and started the run. You looked behind you to see Scott running from behind the house with egg cartons still in his hands.
“Drop them Scott!!!” You yelled behind you, still running not far behind Stiles. He dropped the cartons and was rounding the sidewalk and now all of you were out of Coach’s sight. You all peeked behind a bush to see Coach running out his house screaming into the night,
You all fell to the ground laughing so hard. But you quickly had to start running to the Jeep because Coach started to walk towards the laughter. You all jumped into the car and Scott stopped in front of the car,
“Y/N let me sit in the front!”
“Scott seriously?!”
“We have to go, NOW! Stiles yelled.
Scott just got in the back and you in the front. As soon at the door locked when you slammed it shut, Stiles took off.
In the mirror you could see Coach in his pajamas running down the sidewalk screaming things you could even make out. Once you were a good distance away Scott said,
"Dude what happened in there?!?”
“ Coach got a freaking pitbull since he left Beacon Hills! It almost bit my face off.” Stiles said dramatically.
“Well I got his car and 2 trees done.”
“I got the whole back of the house covered in eggs.”
“Thanks guys, I appreciate it."Stiles said to you and Scott. You could tell Stiles was upset about his favorite night of the night of the year going wrong. So after some more sad silence in the car you whispered,
"Sorry it went wrong babe.” You said giving him a kiss on the cheek and he held your hand and kept one on the wheel.
“Thanks.” He said sending you a grin.
“I did get one thing though inside."Stiles said mischievously.
"What?” You and Scott in unison.
“I put bleach in his shampoo.” He said cracking up. You all laughed about what Stiles did all the way home. When Stiles stopped at your house to drop Scott and you off, he walked you guys and said,
“It’s going to be 11:59 in a minute!”
Scott thought the whole wish thing was stupid so he went upstairs,
“Goodnight weirdos” he hollered down the stairs.
“Goodnight!!” You both said watching the clock. You and Stiles sat on the couch counting down the seconds.
“Three, two, one!” You said. Both of you sat in silence on the couch for a minute wishing your wish over again in your heads until 12:00 hit.
“What did you wish for?” Stiles said.
“I can’t tell you, it won’t come true!”
“You can tell me, that rule doesn’t happen on the mischief night wish.”
“Really?” You said.
“I don’t know, I just want to know what you wished for!” He said laughing.
“Fine, I wished that next mischief night we will still be together.” You said quietly looking down.
“ I know that’s going to happen already.”
“How?” You questioned him.
“Because that’s the same thing I wished for” he said, and then kissed you.
“Now how about some Coraline?”
“Yes please!” You said turning on the TV.

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