remember how they practiced kissing together

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Can we just not forget how much touching G initiates with D?! Lint picking? Thumb kissing during the Kimmel interview? Recall the magazine photographer that said that she knows how to "handle" him? Remember how G took a million pics of them together on a bed and had it on her camera roll on national TV? Remember what Mark Mann said about them? And every other person who has witnessed them together? These are two people who are comfortable with EACH OTHER.

You said it all, and you said it well.

And because examples are fun: Variety the interview and photos, and Jason Madara, the photographer, and his comments, including “Duchovny practically melted into her arms”.

And, if anyone is interested, originally when Jason’s quote started circulating, someone omitted a portion of it and so all you had was that Gillian was great with David.  No more.  Thankfully, someone dug up the same quote and a few minutes later, the full quote, with a source and link, was circulating.  In those few minutes, however, the amount of insults and angry chastisement that were thrown at the Gillovny side of the fandom was ridiculous and almost borderline hysterical.  It still exists on the reblogs but it was a while ago and it doesn’t really matter who or what anymore.  It was just worth noting that even then, there were plenty of people offended by the idea that someone would say Gillian “knew how to handle (David)”.  Because that suggests familiarity, and something more than just colleagues, since even colleagues often don’t have that comfort or personal knowledge.

I think the reason why it’s so fricken hard to get over someone you were with for a long time, that left you for someone else, is because you never stop feeling cheated on.

You see a picture of her kissing his cheek, and you think no, that’s what I do. Did. You hear they’re getting married and you flashback to the conversations when you talked about getting married. You practiced your kiss for at the alter. You rehearsed how you’d tell your parents. It makes you feel like you’re choking whenever you remember, he’s doing that with someone else.

You hear people talking about them together, and it stops you in your tracks every time. “Her?” It never stops startling you. Because you got so used to hearing your name next to his. It’s like finding out the definition to your favorite word, changed to a whole new meaning. You keep forgetting. You keep having to re-learn. Every time it hurts just as bad as the first.

—  i don’t know if this will end.

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💋 — kissing, 🍳 — cooking, 💰 — finance, ➗ — mathematics

💋 — kissing 

Elithrar has little to no experience in this domain, so isn’t a very good kisser. Probably average, though. He lacks mostly practice and passion and will be rather stiff (if someone tries to kiss him).

🍳 — cooking

That’s something he loves to do. He loves how differents vegetables, spices, herbs and meat can be associated to create harmonious tastes. Plus food is something which brings people together and can provide nice moments between friends and family. Elithrar is a good cook but has little time to do so on the road, which is frustrating for him sometimes.

💰 — finance

Already answered. =)

➗ — mathematics

He can do the basics, again due to his education but is probably average.

I find a sense of comical relief every time I hear you tell your friends that I was unimportant to you, or that we were never serious or close.
I know your secrets,
Like how much you hate being judged off of your looks yet accept it as a compliment anyways.
I remember your eyes glazing over when you told me about your parents on the verge of separating.
Or how every morning in the summer when we woke up together, you never wanted to leave me. You’d always say “one more minute” and hug me tighter under the sheets. Then you’d kiss me goodbye to go to football practice and say how much you hated it and would much rather stay there with me.
Or all the times you’d call me upset to tell me how terrible your dad treats you…
I could keep adding to this list, but the point is that I know you remember these moments and the time we shared together. So everytime you pass me in the hallway and look the other way, or roll your eyes walking past me at a party, I find it amusing. Because as much as you want to hate me and try to blame all of this on me,
You know it’s your fault.
—  I cared more than anyone else ever did, you hurt me. And there’s nobody else to blame except you
When I think of regrets, I think first of my best friend. Or maybe we’re not anymore. I remember how we met, how I kicked him in the shin because I thought he stole my eraser in first grade. How he always brought two packs of fruit snacks as his snack because he knew they were my favorite. How I would wait for him after his tennis practice. Hot summer afternoons with popsicles dripping and turning our hands sticky. Us sharing our first kiss because who better to share it with than your best friend? Us promising to marry each other if at 40, we were still single. Us pinky promising to go to prom together, but I didn’t keep my end of the promise. Us separating for college, him drunkenly confessing one night at 3AM and me unable to reciprocate because I didn’t know what I wanted at the time. Him moving on, starting to date other people and when he’s no longer just there do I realize that what I want is him always. Him celebrating his two year anniversary and me regretting the chance I missed. The chance I’m still waiting for.
—  fragment #37 // c.h.