remember how beth was going to be bbq


I cannot express how happy I am that Norman stated that Daryl will be going through a lot to find Beth. 

I remember when the haters said Beth was on the bbq…and when it was proven she wasn’t they got pissed.

When they said Beth willingly went into that car and that was proven wrong by several writers, actors, and producers…they got pissed.

When they said Beth was weak and she was not important to Daryl or anyone else and then Norman and almost everyone involved said she was strong and was not a child but a woman…..ohh the butt hurt could be heard around the world.

And the icing on the cake…they said that Daryl was not going to go out and look for Beth, that he had no reason to go after her, and now we have Norman saying that Daryl is going to go look for her and that he would go through a lot just to do it, and he has is friend beside him and supporting him….oh I know the haters are fuming right now.

Let them cry. 

They know as well as anyone Beth was never weak. They know that Beth does have a place in Daryl’s heart otherwise he would not be going out in the middle of a death trap to look for her. And the fact their “Queen” is going to help him is just the best part. What are they going to say when that does happen? I would think they would not call MMB a troll since they already claim she’s the queen of everything.

I would love to see those reactions. I dare them to start their shit again when the time comes that Daryl wants to go look for Beth. I would think the cast would feel pretty insulted if people got all pissy over something like that happening. 

Also, I see that none of the Bethylers have been posting in the other tag after this news, but of course the other side went insane and posted several times in the Bethyl tag after they got their hug.

Very very interesting.

Stay classy Beth fans.