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  1. Jidenna - Bambi
  2. Joey Purp ft. Chance the Rapper - Girls @ 
  3. Lorde - Homemade Dynamite
  4. George Ezra - Budapest
  5. Kyle - Doubt It
  7. Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE
  8. The Oral Cigarettes - Kyouran Hey Kids!!
  9. 매드 클라운 - Coffee Copy Girl
  10. Cage the Elephant - Cigarette Daydreams

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How to properly and correctly listen to Verdi’s Don Carlo

I’m writing this down because there are probably 4 people in the world who would possibly care about this, and also when everyone finally recognizes all of my opinions as correct I want it documented that I figured all this out FIRST. 

You need four (4) recordings (all are on itunes). They are (in order of importance/quality): (I bolded the singers that we are targeting in each recording) 

  1. The 1970 Weiner Staatsoper Recording (dir. Horst Stein. Phillip: Nicolai Ghiaurov, Don Carlo: Franco Corelli, Elisabetta: Gundula Janowitz, Eboli: Shirley Verret, Rodrigo: Eberhard Wächter, The Grand Inquisitor: Martti Talvela). Abbreviated WIEN.
  2. The Royal Opera House Recording (dir. Georg Solti, Phillip: Nicolai Ghiaurov, Don Carlo: Carlo Bergonzi, Rodrigo: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Elisabetta: Renata Tebaldi, Eboli: Grace Bumbry, The Grand Inquisitor: Martti Talvela) Abbreviated ROH.
  3. The Met Opera Recording (dir. Kurt Herbert Adler, Don Carlo: Franco Corelli, Rodrigo: Nicolae Herlea, idc about the rest of the cast tbh). Abbreviated MET.
  4. The Royal Swedish Opera Recording (dir. Alberto Hold-Garrido, also cast doesn’t really matter as you will later see) Abbreviated RSO.

This is the ideal cast that I want to achieve: 

  • Don Carlo: Franco Corelli
  • Phillip: Nicolai Ghiaurov
  • Rodrigo: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
  • Elisabetta: Gundula Janowitz
  • The Grand Inquisitor: Martti Talvela
  • Eboli: Grace Bumbry

This is how you listen to the four recordings: (see below the cut)

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Jona Spoils Chicago Typewriter

[The following review liberally spoils the ending a plot details of Chicago Typewriter. I recommend watching the drama before reading.]

Yet another drama that I took my sweet time finishing after it had officially stopped airing, and yet unlike with MoonClouds or Goblin,  I really felt like CT was worth my time. At the very least, an interesting break from the norm, and one that deserves a bit of a closer look.

Chicago Typewriter is a supernatural reincarnation romance that spans over two timelines. The majority of the drama focuses on Han Se Ju, a novelist in modern-day Seoul, his devoted literary fangirl, Jeon Seol, and a quite literal ghost-writer, Yoo Jin Oh, who has been haunting the titular typewriter for the past 80 years. In their former lives the three were passionate freedom fighters in occupation-era Korea. The hypersensitive, hopelessly self-involved Se Ju as gotten himself a wicked case of writer’s block right at the beginning of a hugely lucrative project. Yoo Jin Oh offers to assist him in finishing his book through supernatural means, but that will mean compromising his principles and passing off someone else’s work as his own. It will also mean drawing closer to Jeon Seol, as the three are pulled further into the web of memories from their past lives, toward a shared fate.

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my foolish heart has been hopelessly waiting for the manga to cut back to a scene like this, but that’s very unlikely to happen. so i just decided to draw it for my selfish self, lol. 



Midoriya Izuku ⟺ Bakugou Katsuki color scheme swap (insp.)

— dedicated to & suggested by Aaron (@yaboymidoriya)

Shame on me for having this in the drafts for like 5 months and never posting it

A doodle of a Dab for all your fast dabs needs

Oh God, give me a heart and a mind that knows You are in control. You have the future resting in Your hands. You are the author of time. You are the breather and creator of life. Fear has no place in Your truth. Help me to remember this when I can’t sleep because the future is daunting. Help me to remember this when my lungs are strapped down by the anchor of this world, and I can’t seem to see two feet ahead of me. You are in control.
—  a.k.