remember him guys

hunk: i consider myself to be a pretty laid-back, easy-going, nice guy! i prefer making friends, not enemies, y’know? i don’t like stepping on people’s toes. i feel like everything would be better if everyone learned to chill out.

rolo: (does anything)


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Chat Noir #143 please

Decided to make one more before going to bed. That was actually not as easy as it might look? Idk.

He’s trapped, and he’s alone


precious jongdae ft. eye contact ♡

Tabi being tickled 😂
🔗 dynotabi

fun fact before i forget: in russia there’s a superstition that if you sit between two people with the same name. you’re supposed to make a wish, and it will come true. it’s a good luck superstition.

so basically viktor probably hangs out with yuri p. and yuri k. in order to get all that good luck. but wait! there’s more! yuri and georgi are both forms of george so you could probably also say that sitting between a yuri and georgi will bring good luck too. just in case you ever wondered why viktor knows so many people with similar names


I had too much banana milk and I saw this amazing picture of this 80s guy wearing a shirt with this text and holding a cockatoo and all I could think of was maglor… in whatever universe, to me, maglor would be this… the luxury chemise guy

I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how

one time during summer my friends and i rode this really fast swing ride in an amusement park and one of my friends forgot to take off her flip flops so it slipped off her foot and smack landed right on another girl’s face and basically what i wanted to say here is klance amusement park au


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    Haikyu!! Volume 9 - I had pre-ordered volumes 6 - 9 together, but received the other three a couple weeks before and got volume 9 today since it was on back-order. I was super excited for this particular volume because Bokuto’s first appearance is in chapter 78!!!

Inctober from the Mystery Best Friends series

My favorite quotes from the old men sitting next to me at Panera

“I saw old Wally today! Remember him? Nice guy. He said he fucked my wife. Then he called me a son of a bitch.”

“This whole capitalism thing is just glorified slavery. You get a job or you DIE. Ridiculous.”

“He doesn’t understand where you’re coming from!” “Where am I coming from, Manchester?” “You’re coming from a BRILLIANT MIND!”

[5 minutes of comparing Chinese proverbs]

“Did you hear that the lady hockey players are on strike? They want more money. They better get it! They deserve it. Those lady sports player get no money and no credit.”

[Comparing their various pocket knives and pen knives in the middle of Panera]

“There should be more women on the police force, the poor prostitutes don’t get any sympathy from those men”

“I’ll be right back. Why don’t you talk to the young lady next to you?” ((This meant me)) “I don’t WANNA talk to her!”

“I can’t believe they used to put the kids with the mental illnesses in the hospitals and never mention them again. They should’ve been ASHAMED. Like the Kennedys.”