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i'm so tired of you dumbasses uses his fucking mental illness as a fucking excuse for fucking everything. he's a fucking manipulator and liar just accept jt

his mental illness is not an “excuse”. it is a reason. his mental illness is not our scapegoat. it is our connection to him. we all know what it feels like to be in his shoes. we don’t go into a relationship to hide something from the people we love or to intentionally manipulate or hurt them. to imply otherwise is pretty “fucking” ableist.

maybe i can grant you being angry at even. maybe, and it really is a hard maybe. but if you think this makes him a terrible person, if you think this means his and isak’s relationship isn’t built on love and trust, then maybe i should refer you to the passe på meg clip again, where isak refused to clue even in on what he did in /his/ past, and even not once pushed him into it.

neither of them are saints, most likely. but neither of them are liars or manipulative people and neither of them would do anything to intentionally hurt the other. even feels ashamed of what he did and who he is, and i can guarantee you you have never felt even an ounce of what he probably feels. and i cannot begin to explain to you the guilt that comes with the knowledge you have to hide something about your life from the ones you love out of shame. but you sometimes feel like you do.

he’s not manipulating isak, the same way isak isn’t manipulating him for not telling him he broke his best friend and his girlfriend up (and then told her not to tell his best friend, which comes back to the subject of shame), the same way neither of them are innocent of being flawed. to think they won’t stand by each other after everything they’ve been through, to think they won’t protect each other – even if it’s by omitting a part of their lives they’re most ashamed of – is very ignorant of you, my love. 

and that’s all i’ll be saying about that. please leave your anger and prejudice at the door, and help yourself to the unfollow button, because this is, and always will be, a safe place for both even bech næsheim and isak valtersen.

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*Kakyoin, after seeing a swirled icecream cone melting off the side of a concrete step* Man I want my hair to look like that



- Michelle Hodkin.

  • the missing 5 chances
  • he usually doesn’t scream offscreen since he’s the one who’s mcing
  • he remains screaming but on screen
  • fluff, fluff and mORE FLUFF
  • cutest nose in kpop industry
  • the Iconic Bubble Tea Song™
  • closes his left eye when tries to act sexy
  • sometimes sassy af
  • but most of the time he’s a soft little mochi bouncing around happily
  • Traitor 1.1
  • always fighting Daehyun
  • a flirt
  • turns into a grandpa when it comes to SNS
  • remember when Daehyun taught him how to use Twitter. On Twitter
  • oh my god those kids are dumb
  • carrot hair
  • is v v cute

Ignis is always calm, but I like the slight panic he gets when he lost his glasses during the black chocobo event.

Then I realized, what if he had a panic attack when he first gotten blind.
Shit why did I hurt myself.

I have so many questions about the Garrison.

How much did they know about the presence of aliens? Why are they training kids to fight aliens?

What was Keith and Lance’s relationship like before Keith got kicked out?

Why did Keith get kicked out?

How much of Klance’s rivalry was a figment of Lance’s imagination and how much of it was real? Why didn’t Keith remember him at first? If Keith was drawn to the Blue Lion, was he drawn to Lance? Did something happen that made them not friends?

Was Keith drawn to Shiro? How did they come to know each other?

I need to know.

Okay someone pls explain to me what makes you a “pedo” for liking Otayuri or makes Otayuri a “pedo-ship?” Like how? Do you guys even know what pedophile means or do you just like throwing the word around the internet?

  • Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.
  • In popular usage, the word pedophilia is often applied to any sexual interest in children or the act of child sexual abuse

Which of these things apply for Otayuri? I knew I wear glasses but even I can see and fucking read a number that says that Yuri Plisetsky is 15. As far I can remember that makes him a fricking teenager or young adult - Not a child.
Also, Otabek Altin is 18 so only three years older. There are many and I mean maaaaaany ships outta there which have way larger age gaps where one of the pair is around Yuris age but that isn’t what matters right now.

What really is important that it is not a pedo-ship and no one how ships them is a pedophile either. There is no reason to go around and tell other people they can’t ship them and make them feel bad about liking a ship with telling them things like “fucking pedo” or “eww it’s a pedo-ship!”. You have no right to shame people for liking a perfectly fine ship just because you don’t like it yourself.

Another thing, why do a ship also always have to be sexual?

What I just want to say is: If you don’t like a ship than that’s fine.
But don’t make others feel bad.

Listen to My Hero Academia’s Dub


- it comes out the same time as the sub now, with Funimation’s Simulcast. 

- you can watch both (it’s what I do - not at the same time)

- Chris Sabat (you may remember him as a li’l dude named Vegeta in a li’l ol’ show called Dragonball Z) as All Might, and let me tell you, he’s perfect

- Clifford Chapin as Bakugo Katsuki (do you want to hear a man scream like he was born to scream? of course you do, go watch the dub)

- Monica Rial as Tsu. The ribbits. They’re… they’re so cute… 

- My bb boy Justin Cook as Kirishima. It’s like getting a little slice of Yusuke every time my spiky hard boy yells

- i mean i feel likeJustin Briner as Deku is…immaculate? On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, he’s 6 stars? when I read the manga now, I hear Deku in Briner’s voice. 

- Present Mic. Present Mic. Present Mic.

there are more but I don’t have as much time on my hands as writing this post may make you think 



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when did you even stop drawing jk with a nose? i remember drawings with him with a nose, but without it he looks cuter, bUT I BROWSED THE JK TAG FOR LIKE TEN MINUTES AND I COULDN'T FIND A SINGLE POST WITH JK WITH A NOSE HELP

Ahahahahahahha i drew him witha nose a long time ago! I dont do that anymore because I really want people to focus on the eyes so the nose takes a lot of space since his eyes are rlly big! And also because he looks funnier without a nose!

Y’know what I would love, in terms of “waking F(r*)itz up”…

He points the gun at Jemma - or at someone else, but she probably steps in the way, because if anyone can get to him, she can,

and he’s about to lose his shit because seriously who ARE you and WHY won’t anyone tell me what is going on and WHO THE HELL ARE YOU

and Jemma contemplates an impassioned plea for him to remember her because they love each other across time and the cosmos can suck it or whatever, but then she thinks about it…

because the others, May and Coulson and Mack if they get him by that point… they’re not remembering who they actually literally are, they haven’t really remembered their actual lives (although Coulson has a bit), it’s more like they’ve remembered their true natures and how they would really make decisions, and they’re using that nature to resist the confines in which they’ve been put

so when Fritz says “Who are you?”

Jemma says

“It doesn’t matter. Forget about me, forget about what I said before, forget what anyone has told you that you are. What do you think? What do you feel?”

and he has always been told ‘don’t think that’ ‘don’t feel that’ so this is probably a weird sensation for him but he can’t help but wonder

and he looks down the barrel of the gun at this woman, pleading for his soul, pleading for the lives of her friends, showing loyalty and compassion and selflessness that he’s always been raised to believe are weak. he could shoot her. he could kill her. yet she is standing there. is that weakness? is it foolishness? or is it strength?

and he hears that voice, not his father’s voice, not Ophelia’s, but his own. ‘what if I didn’t have to do that?’ and all the other questions he’s ever asked, especially those he asked last time he was in this situation, last time he took the killing path

because he already knows this is wrong

and maybe it takes Jemma to highlight that

it’s not about her and it’s not about them

but she gives him space to act out his true nature in a world of people who have been trying to control him and even though our Fitz, real-world Fitz, doesn’t come through (because that’s not what’s been happening) his soul does and his heart does

and Fritz lowers the gun

Imagine Nico getting traumatic flashbacks to Tartarus. And when he feels the fear coming on, he plays Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” as his comfort song. It soothes him just through the tune, but also the lyrics help him remember that the darkness and the silence are on his side outside of the pit.

Imagine him standing outside his cabin alone with headphones in, staring out into the night and silently reminding himself that the son of Hades has nothing to fear from the dark.

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i dreamt about murdoc the other night. he saif hello to me, i flipped him off in response and he just went "cool". that's all i remember

u @ murdoc: blockd
him: cool beans 👉🏼😎👉🏼

The Essence of Power

by Saṃsāran  

The essence of power is having a line of people willing to do what you say. With that, you are a leader. Just the second these people decide they are not going to do what you say, you are just a frail human being. 

Take Gaddafi, remember him? He was the “President for Life” of Libya. The people of Libya, the army, and his own palace guard just decided not to do his will any longer. In an instant, Gaddafi went from a billionaire dictator with everything to a frail human creature hiding in a storm culvert with nothing.

Individual human beings are not powerful much beyond the power of their arms and legs. Institutions are powerful. Trump, the human being, is an overweight elderly man. Trump the president is powerful because he has the power of the United States Federal Government, a long long line of people whose job it is to do his bidding.

Organizations are organisms. They are a kind of meta-being with each individual as a part of a greater whole.

The return of the birb! Anyone remember him?

So now there is a witness! What are Gaz and Robbie gonna do next? Find out next week. :V

Last weeks issue was the most popular one I’ve done so far, so I want to thank everyone who reblogged, liked and read the comic, your support encourages me to keep this comic going.
If you wanna be in a future comic reblog and send me a reference and it’ll go into my magical background extra reference folder.


Sisters: when you stop talking to a non-mahram (whatever reason: you realise it’s impermissible or dad said you can’t marry him) please remember that you DO NOT have to be polite or kind. Be firm and tell him to get lost!! If he keeps popping up inform your parents or even the police. 

Too many of us feel “guilty” and think we may hurt his feelings. Do NOT allow yourselves to be emotionally manipulated by these crooked fools.