remember he's chuck bass and he loves you

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Can you please do a imagine with Chuck Bass from gossip girl? Something like, y/n is Nates sister and Chuck ends up falling in love with her, after he has a huge argument with Blair.

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A/N: My first Gossip Girl imagine! I hope you enjoy it!



“You really are a pig Chuck Bass, do you know that. I can’t believed you’d sit here and tell me you fell for that Archibald, hm.. I guess we both have bad taste.” Blair said moving around her room “There’s just something different about her Blair, and you know I’m not a man of feelings.” Chuck said fixing his scarf as he watched her with amused eyes, he felt her pain, saw it in the way she walked yet his heart didn’t pang in a sharp pain like it usually did as he watched her he felt nothing. “Get out Chuck. If you’re not going to listen to me then there’s no point in you being here.” She said opening her door exaggerating the pull she had on the know as she scoffed “Regular Blair Waldorf.” Chuck said as he exited her room taking the elevator down to the street level.

“Upper East Siders, it seems like our little lovely Ms. (Y/N) Archibald hammered the wedge between Queen B and Chuck Bass. Only a matter of time before someone cracks under the weight.” The Gossip Girl post read causing Chuck to laugh harshly as he called (Y/N). He walked into his limo waiting for her to pick up before he made a brash decision as he usually would, she wasn’t like the other girls he’d met, she wasn’t outrageously bold; she was sweet and kind, a gentle heart.

Anyone who knew Chuck never understood how he captured the heart of young (Y/N) Archibald, but all those people didn’t know Chuck the way she did. She knew the real Chuck, the kind, soft Chuck the one who held her when she cried, made her laugh when she was upset, the one who stood on the phone with her for hours when she had a nightmare. None of them knew Chuck like her. “Chuck Bass, are you alright?” Her soft voice snapping him into focus “Im fine. What is my favorite Archibald doing?” He asked smiling as he held the phone tightly to his ear “Studying, but I could use a study buddy.” She said her voice drifting as he chuckled “I would be honored if you allowed me to be your study buddy.” He mimicked her causing her to laugh, the pure sound of it making Chuck’s heart jump slightly.

“Then I shall see you when you get here.” She said with the natural sweetness in her voice “You shall, I love you (Y/N) Archibald.” He said softly not wanting his chauffeur to hear him “And I love you Chuck Bass.” She said softly before hanging up.

As Chuck told the chauffeur where they would be heading he put up the privacy screen thinking back to the first time he spoke to (Y/N). He had just gotten out of another argument with Blair about something so minor and unimportant that he couldn’t remember it in the moment all he remembered is when he bumped into sweet (Y/N) Archibald who had apologized to him even though he’d bumped into her.

“I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” She asked holding a hand to his arm softly as her big (Y/E/C) eyes stared into his dark brown ones, he shook his head in disbelief “Yes, I don’t apologize much but shouldn’t I be the one saying sorry if I bumped into you?” He asked causing her to smile “Yeah, I guess.. nervous tick of mine.. anyway I’m (Y/N).” She said smiling at him as she gripped her books tightly “Charles, most people call me Chuck though.” He said smiling “Charles, I like that. Chucks cute too.” She said as his name fell off her lips in such a melodically tone and from then on the rest was history.

“We have arrived Mr. Bass.” Chucks chauffeur said snapping him out of his memory “Very well. Don’t wait for me.” He said getting out of the limo to see her sitting on the steps waiting for him “Charles, how did it go?” She asked walking towards him nervously “It went the way I’d expect it, but I don’t give a single damn.” He said smiling as he grabbed her waist to kiss her softly. He was happy, truly happy with just one woman.