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Flags of prefectures of Japan

Japan is divided into 47 prefectures, and naturally every prefecture has it’s own flag! And oh boy they are pretty ones! They look like Japanese Game of thrones house flags! Today I’m not getting into the history of the flags, only the designing, and I’m not going to show all of them, only few of my favorites. All the flags can be found from wikipedia or other information sites, if you are interested.

Flag of Fukui

Here is The flag of Fukui. Most of the flag symbols are stylized Katakanas (Japanese syllabary). Fukuis flag has The katakana:  “フクイ”, which emblems for harmony and cooperation of people. Most of the flags resembles some logo, more than flags, but it does suit them. I could imagine these symbols carved in to palace walls or making their way into jewelry.

Flag of Ibaraki

The flag of Ibaraki has stylized rose on it, and the blue backround represents  the Pacific Ocean and Mount Tsukuba. The rose is nice, and the same arguments applies here, the symbol is distincitve and good looking.

Flag of Tokio

The flag of Tokio looks like it’s ripped straight froms some japanese fantasy/RPG game, AND I LOVE IT. Purple is really rare colour in flag, and the stylized sun, represents the growth of the captial. Tokio also has one other flag, but this is the official metropolitan flag, and it’s twin flag, is awful compared to this beauty!

Flag of Fukushima

The flag of Fukushima, isn’t in my top 5 of Japanese flags, only because the Hiragana, IS. NOT. CENTERED! It is one out of five flags, where the symbol is not centered, but in the other four, they are atleast centered on one axel! Only reason why I’m including this flag, is the Hiragana (Stylized “ふ“ (Fu)). It is incredible weird looking symbol, and they managed to make it easy to identify, and remember. But please Fukushima, centerize it!

Flag of Nagano

This is another one, of the five uncenterized flags, but here it is done right! The Symbol is once again stylized Katakana “ナ”. The symbol also represents the mountains mirroring on a lake. AND also… Smash ball!

Japan has really taken the “no lettering” rule, and broken it in every way, but if you really, really want to put lettering on your flag, this is how you do it!