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I mean, before Magnus realized Alec wasn't out, he hit on him pretty hard and obvious for everyone around. But (speaking from personal experience) being closeted, doesn't necessarily equal having no experience at all, so I'm not surprised Magnus didn't assume, Alec never had a relationship. I think a lot of us dated or were intimate with ppl in secret before coming out, it's not uncommon at all. Like Magnus said, Shadowhunters are a don't ask/don't tell culture, and even offered to date secretly

Yeah, many of us date on the down-low, etc., so I don’t see it as an odd assumption for Magnus to have made. Though the more I look at the scene, the more I do think the writers went a little out of their way to make it really clear. And I don’t know if it’s because of the amount of people up to even last week who kept looking for reasons as to why Alec should’ve had more experience in the past, and by reasons I mean they all basically amounted to “Alec doesn’t look/act like a virgin” which was frankly terrible. Like, what does one look or act like first of all, and that’s not even getting into the fact that it’s a social construct, anyway. We all have different levels of intimacy that ultimately counts as a sexual experience for us; this isn’t something other people should decide for you.

But regardless, the underlining of Alec as a man with little relationship experience combined with his being treated without the shy blushing trope or whatever was really, really needed, especially because it’s exactly this trope that caused people to accuse Magnus of being “predatory” in turn, as if Alec isn’t a perfectly grown ass adult who can take some sexual innuendo or blatant flirting. Or to write Magnus as a passive submissive boyfriend because, you know, Alec is delicate apparently or whatever. The trope is harmful all around and it really needed to be stopped and after what this episode established I hope I never encounter it again.

So I remember playing Breath of the Wild the first time and how I did all the house stuff just before going to rescue Zelda and post memory retrieving… and I remember getting REALLY emotional at like 3am when it was all done because like?? In my mind, I wasn’t getting the house for Link, I was getting it for Zelda (or well, for both of them really). A beautiful house in Hateno that Link helped put heart and soul into. I don’t even think he would realize it was all for her until she was actually in the house post rescue, asleep in the bed. Seeing that, it would just be an irrefutable truth: he did it all for her, for her comfort, for her ease, so she could rest and be at home. A real home that wouldn’t make he feel trapped. A home she could be herself in.

And like… thinking about that? I get emotional. I GET EMOTIONAL THINKING ABOUT HOW I WAS EMOTIONAL.

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SONG-FIC: Nicotine’- Panic! At The Disco

Fandom: Avengers
Warning/s: TRIGGER WARNINGS for quitters (even the song got me craving so I wrote this whole thing while binging on five packets of smokey bacon Wheat Crunchies)
Rating: Mature
Pairing/s: Pietro x Reader

Summary: SONG-FIC- Pietro’s crush on you has mounted and mounted and he can’t bear it sometimes. It’s been a while since he last smoked, but recently there have been trails of cigarettes all down the Avengers Tower’s corridors and everyone’s getting suspicious of the Sokovian speedster.
Can he give it up? If you’re the reward?

A/N: Reader has telekinetic powers (its not mentioned much but there you go)

Words: 4,246

Pietro was crushing.

Every time you smiled, it was as though the room was enveloped by the sun, beams of light thrown everywhere.

The twinkle of your laugh made his heart thump and an involuntary smile to spread across his lips.

He could imagine- while gazing into your eyes as you chatted to him passionately- that the stars themselves envied the beauty and grace in your eyes.

Just the way you’d brush his hand minutely, when accepting something (often a carton of milk in the kitchen at breakfast) from him, would leave him breathless and tingling.

When he spent time with you in the lab as you worked on your experiments, he couldn’t take his eyes off the way your hands moved and created intricacy in its barest form.

Whenever you snuggled into him of a night, whilst the two of you were watching a film or TV show, his breath would hitch and his throat would run dry and the overwhelming urge to just stroke his hands through your hair would overtake him.

Pietro was in love.

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