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By your comments, I know you're fat. My question is, and I know is something I shouldn’t ask, but, have you tried going on a diet or exercising? I know that's the typical question fat people are asked, and I know they hate it. I used to be fat, the first 18 years of my life I was fat, I maxed out at 98 kilograms and my self-esteem was practically inexistent. I was bullied, my own family criticized my weight and I reached a point where I just didn’t want to go out at all because ... 1/5

I just hated my body. I remember I boy called me deformed, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I started dieting and exercising, I lost like 10 kilos, but then I got stuck. That’s when I began to stop eating. I survived with one apple and one yogurt a day. It worked, I lost 28 kilos, and I had been able to keep my weight balanced for more than 9 years. My point is, now you could say I’m thin, I weigh what I’m supposed to weigh, the problem now is, I never have peace in my mind. 2/5 

I gain weight easily, if I start eating junk food more that I should and if I stop going to the gym, I’ll easily gain 2 kilos a week. Once I went to USA (I’m not from there) and in just one week I gain 5 kilos, WTH? I’m stressed all the time because of the food. And the moment my clothes feel tight, I get depressed and I don’t want to go out. I’m sick of this situation, but I just wouldn’t like to be fat again, I feel uncomfortable. My question is, what do you think?  3/5 

I mean, everybody says you have to learn to love your body the way it is, but, can you truly do that when everything tells you you’re supposed to be thin? Would you like to be thin? Or have you learned to truly love yourself the way you are? I don’t want to be fat because I saw the benefits of being thin. You feel more energetic, you find clothes that fit you, people don’t criticize you that much, your healthier in a way. What do you think? 4/5

I’m really sorry if I offended you with this. really, I didn’t mean to. Ignore this if I did. 5/5        

This is quite a long ask, but I’ll do my best to answer all the questions you asked.

My question is, and I know is something I shouldn’t ask, but, have you tried going on a diet or exercising?

You’re right. You should not be asking this question. As someone who struggles with weight, I’m assuming you know exactly what it’s like. I’m trying to say this in a way that’s not really bitchy, but I’m not sure I can so I’ll just say it: asking if fat people have tried diet and exercise comes across as implying you think fat people are stupid. We’re not stupid. We hear the “DIET AND EXERCISE” message multiple times a week. Trust me. We know.

And yes, I have done dieting and exercise in the past. I was pretty successful, losing 100+ pounds, but then I went to work for a toxic place that stressed me out. I stopped exercising and paid less attention to what I ate. Unemployment after that job didn’t help. I haven’t managed to get back to the point where I felt capable of doing that again.

My question is, what do you think? I mean, everybody says you have to learn to love your body the way it is, but, can you truly do that when everything tells you you’re supposed to be thin? Would you like to be thin? Or have you learned to truly love yourself the way you are?

I don’t know the answer to your first question. I envy people who have found that peace within themselves; I suspect it’s an every day, on-going battle because you are constantly bombarded with those messages. And yes, I would definitely love to be thin. I have never gone a day in my life where I haven’t felt uncomfortable in my skin. I’ve never thought of myself as pretty or even slightly attractive. I have to wonder what that’s like.

What do you think? 

I think some people are prone to gaining weight more easily than others. I think others gain weight because of (possibly undiagnosed) health problems or specific medications they have to take for their health problems. I think some people, like me, have problems with food - I know I don’t see food the way other people do. I think I’m probably addicted to food, in all honesty.

I think I don’t have a good answer for you, anon. I’m sorry.


Genyatta week day 04: AU

An AU in which robots disguise themselves as humans. A little bit like in Animatrix (?)

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Chat Noir #143 please

Decided to make one more before going to bed. That was actually not as easy as it might look? Idk.

He’s trapped, and he’s alone


i love the third years

what they don’t always tell you about T within informed consent sheets, a better post

since the one going around is filled with blatant misinformation and exaggerated tales of horror to the point that i question whether its intent was good.

the first thing to expect, is that your experience will be unique. there are hundreds of factors to how hormones change your body, and while you will find people with experiences like yours, you will have a different experience. so while this is a general guideline, your experience may be that you don’t experience these things, or that you experience them with intensity. it’s so, so varied. 99% of the stuff they put on informed consent forms is prefaced with ‘YOU MIGHT -’. 

  1. regarding the smells, yes! you will smell different! that is a fact. the hormones are different in your body now, you will start to smell more like what you’d expect from people who have similar amounts of testosterone in their bodies. it can be a little weird, but it’s nothing that deodorant (and sometimes cologne, if you want!) won’t cover up and it’s nothing that’s abnormal and it’s nothing that every other human being doesn’t experience. everyone smells! you just happen to smell different than you used to.
  2. when facial hair grows, when hair everywhere else grows, you can get itchy. my face gets itchy, my head gets itchy, especially when it’s hot it can get frustrating, but it’s no cause for panic. some people might get itchier than others, but it’s just something you’ll deal with and it’s not all that bad. you’ll get used to it and think about it less and less as your body situates.
  3. binding, as with any thing you put on your chest, can cause acne! i’ve seen no difference in wearing sport bras and binders in regards to acne, i’m a DD chest, it’s just what happens when you sweat and compress your chest. having some acne between your boobs is normal, having some on your back is normal, just try to leave it alone and take showers (you can take showers without washing your hair every day if that’s an option!), it’ll be okay.
  4. as with, well, puberty, you’re going to have ups and downs of hunger. sometimes i can just never stop eating! sometimes i don’t feel hungry at all. it’s good to keep track of how much you eat generally and try not to overeat, but you might get cravings for more carb-heavy foods because puberty 2 takes a lot of energy for your body! eating more than normal is, well, normal. drinking a lot of water and things like orange juice can help even this out and it will benefit you in a lot of ways (like keeping your immune system healthy).
  5. your clit will probably grow. it can be kind of jarring, but it’s something you get used to, and everyone experiences this one with a WIDE range of difference. some people only get an inch or so in growth (mine is huge now and it’s still so weird but also so cool), some people can have their clit grow to much bigger! some people can feel their boners, some people get morning wood, and you might feel it in your pants and wearing tight underwear might not be the best in that case, try wearing boxers and loose clothes around the house as much as you can, as well as not wearing your binder too much.
  6. voice drops happen so suddenly you won’t even see them coming, but once the first one happens, you can get a feel for it. usually your voice cracks for a couple weeks/months, SUDDENLY gets deeper, levels off, then cracks again, repeat. it can be sudden, and it also creeps up on you. try keeping logs of your voice, you’ll be so shocked at the difference that only a few months can make! also, people around you will notice your voice changes before you do unless you’re constantly going back on old videos. 
  7. acne is inevitable. to what degree? totally dependent on the person. genetics and health play a big role. you’ll get acne in places you haven’t before, but eventually it will level out. it’s not going to be forever, you have to keep in mind this is second puberty and puberty means random and weird shit! like unfortunate acne! it will pass. try to ignore it as much as you can. 
  8. my period stopped at 4 months in. occasionally, i still get phantom cramps. not for very long usually, but you have to remember that your body has a rhythm, and you’re interrupting that. it’s going to take a while for it to switch gears! talk to your endo/doctor if your pains are excruciating to the point of hospitalization/etc because that can be a sign that something is wrong. also, you usually do blood tests every few months to make sure the hormones are working fine. my periods when i started T ranged from no pain at all and debilitating pain, and i’m someone who previously had extremely painful periods. this gets less common over time! 
  9. try not to do any drugs/alcohol before getting your blood tests done. my endocrinologist knows that i do have weed occasionally and so far that hasn’t been a problem but i think drinking is something you should avoid with blood tests coming up for your safety so they don’t report problems that aren’t there. you’re not going to get in trouble for any of this, you just need to tell them.
  10. every person has a different T dose. i take 100 every other week because of various things: my size, my weight, how the hormones already are in my body. i know some people who are on 200, some who are on 50 weekly, it depends on what your PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR thinks is safe for you, and they WILL adjust accordingly if the need arises between both of you. taking more T than you’re prescribed with the intention of getting quicker effects will actually slow the process and make your body produce more estrogen and can hurt you. you don’t want that! 
  11. it’s not shameful to set up appointments for your shots or not be able to do them yourself, and if you do them yourself it’s okay to mess it up. believe me, i have. every injection is different, but you get a feel for it and mess up less. they would not let you do it at home if it wasn’t safe enough. just watch videos, know what you’re getting into. getting blood drawn hurts more for me than my T shots. it’s okay that sometimes it takes you forever, or no time at all. T shots are your thing and your experience and your choice on how is the most comfortable for you. most doctors prescribe different injection sites based on what they think is best, all of them work. one person doing it in their leg doesn’t negate that it also works in the ass but if you’re told to do it one way, stick to that or talk it out with your doctor to come up with an alternative! the amount of blood that comes out of the injection site is different with each one, the angle is different, and i would HEAVILY SUGGEST sitting down for a while after a shot. one of my shots, i stood up right after and after about 5 minutes of walking i noticed oil just, coming out of the site and down my leg. it was horrible. gravity is your friend and also your enemy, use it wisely. the level of pain with each shot is different too, and remember that needles are supposed to only be put in something once. if you fuck up an injection and pull out too fast or anything, switch out the needle because if you don’t, the tip is more blunt (you probably won’t be able to tell with your plain eyes) and will hurt much more than the first time. shots are weird, each one is an entirely different beast but you’ll get it down. 
  12. T can make you more emotional. REMEMBER - puberty 2! it’s not going to turn you into a raging frothing beast, but if you’re already prone to anger, already prone to frustration, it’s going to happen! i’m prone to getting claustrophobic and stressed out, and T has made that worse, but over time i’ve come to manage it and over time it evens out and i experience it less and less. with hormones comes mood shifts. it’s perfectly reasonable and it’s easier than puberty 1, since you can see it coming and can calm yourself down easier and you know what’s causing it. i get frustrated more easily sometimes, but i sit down, breathe, and know that it’s the hormones, and it makes it SO MUCH easier to deal with.
  13. your genitals in general might get drier. might be the opposite. mine is the latter. my libido is NUTS, it can be weird, but for some people it’s not like that. again, completely dependent on the person. either direction or no change at all, you can expect anything. 
  14. your immune system is weaker and your body is putting a lot of energy into these changes. be aware of that, please for the love of all that’s good wash your hands, stay clear of sick people as much as you can, and try to eat and drink healthy, generally. you might catch colds and the colds can turn worse than most, but being hygienic is the best way to prevent any of that. 
  15. if you stop T, your periods will come back. some medications can’t work with T like some birth control, and before starting any medication please check in with your doctor before to make sure that it’s safe. use your best judgment and be conscious of your health.
  16. T is not an overnight experience. changes take a long time, some longer than others, and being patient is incredibly important. don’t get frustrated at your body, it’s doing it’s best. you’ll get there, some slower and some faster than others. it’s different for everyone. but you WILL get there if you want to get there. 

Lord Zash: Here is my old lightsaber, a gift for you for your success.

Darth Baras: You want a lightsaber, apprentice? Go rip it off a corpse cause you’re not getting anything from me.

All of these Gym Seb videos are making me feel (after I stop fainting and needing to fan myself at the attractive person doing strong things) super bad about myself by comparison, because here I am, a hideous fat blob sat at a desk for 8 hours a day only to go home and be too exhausted to do anything other than cook a lazy dinner and sit on a sofa until sleepy time, so I’m going to put this here for myself and anyone else who needs it:

Getting this fit is literally these people’s jobs.

When actors like Seb or Hemsworth or whoever are gearing up to go be a superhero for a few weeks or months or however long it takes to film this shit, they’re not squeezing in a visit to the gym after a day of systems analysis or teaching basic literacy skills to small children or bagging people’s groceries, they’re… working out for a living.  They don’t have a full day’s worth of admin to plough through before rocking up to the gym and doing a day’s training like you might do.  They don’t have exams they should be revising for.  They’re literally getting up and going to the gym several days a week because it’s their job.  It’s not your job.  So it’s not a fair point of comparison to look at them and feel bad about yourself if you work a desk job, or if your thyroid is fucked, or you’ve got arthritis in your knees, and so you’re too tired or haven’t got enough time to put that much more work in on top of the amount you’re already able to do in order to look like the super people in the movies we enjoy.

We’re all doing our best, and we’re all beautiful.

Life is so short. It’s just astounding. We all too easily allow ourselves to get caught up in negative energies, and time after time again, it begins to add up. And with life being so short lasting when compared to the grand scheme of things, negativity should take up the least amount of energy as possible. It not only affects our mindset and feelings, but our physical health as well. Our immunity decreases. Our brain synapses weaken. Negativity will always be present to threaten our inner peace and wellbeing, but we have the power to overcome any form of darkness!

the way Bellamy said “Clarke…” all soft and gentle reblog if you agree