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“33 1/3 and his dad”: George Harrison and his father, Harold, Friar Park, 1976, photographed by Bob Cato for Thirty-Three & 1/3. Please pardon the dodgy quality cell phone image, snapped from my vinyl copy of the album!

“Once when I was eight or nine years old, Mr. Lyons… a teacher, caned me and got me on the wrist. It was swollen and when I got home, I tried to hide it but my father saw it and the next day he came down to the school and Mr. Lyons was called out of the class and my dad ‘stuck one’ on him.” - George Harrison, I Me Mine [x]

“George has got a lot to thank his parents for, for the way he is today. Even up to last year [1978] they were very protective of him, because they knew he was vulnerable, a trusting soft-natured person. They worried a great deal about him and I don’t think he knows how much. I know it’s true from things they said. They worried constantly, I’m sure he was never aware of it. If he had known how much they worried about him, he’d have been amazed.” - Irene Harrison, I Me Mine [x; xx]

“[In terms of support through the incredible fame and pressure of Beatlemania] George always had his father in the background, and his mother, they were both really sweet people.” - Klaus Voormann, SR2 German radio interview, 19 January 2004 [x]

14 years of Band Of Brothers → Currahee [9/9 2001]

“We stand alone together.”

‘I was surprised, actually, to discover that George was so attractive in person. I’d always thought of Paul as the cute one, but up close George was ruggedly handsome, even striking, with his long hair curling up just above the shoulders, his face smooth and clear, and those dark, intense eyes. But it was definitely his smile that hooked me-this incredibly sexy, crooked grin, almost a friendly sneer (like Elvis, I thought) that etched little lines in his cheeks, bringing your attention simultaneously to his heart-shaped face and his slightly crooked teeth.‘ - Chris O’Dell, ‘Miss O'Dell: My Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and the Women They Loved”

Remembering George ♥ 1943-2001

Bill Briggs (of The Remains), George Harrison and Neil Aspinall on the tarmac at Boone County Airport, Kentucky, prior to boarding their flight to St. Louis, Missouri, 21 August 1966.

Photo: Bob Bonis

“I remember smoking pot with George on the tarmac outside the plane. A big circle would form and someone would take out pre-rolled African pot with a cardboard filter inserted in the end. Good s***.” - Bill Briggs, Ticket To Ride: The Extraordinary Diary of The Beatles’ Last Tour by Barry Tashian

“He delivered and that, really, I think, you know, it really made the show  By having Ravi and myself,was one thing. But Bob just gave it that extra bit of class  - George Harrison, VH1 Yin/Yang interview with John Fugelsang, 14 May 1997

‘There’s a tribute going on I guess it’s next week over in England for George Harrison  There’s all kinds of people in it  I’m not sure who, but we can’t make it Just wanted to do this song in remembrance of George because we were such good buddies..’ - Bob Dylan 2002

“I really like George.” - Bob Dylan to Chris O’Dell. “Miss O’Dell: Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, and Eric Clapton”

Remembering George ♥ 1943-2001