in honor of the month of Halloween starting tomorrow I present an ah au mashup of spooky scary au and fake ah crew:

Geoff as some demon summoned by some idiots who thought he could help their crew grow only for Geoff to destroy them all. But hey their lifestyle seems kinda fun maybe he should give it a try. He gets bored in his immortal life so why not spend it causing some chaos for humans.

Jack, the swamp creature who’s home was destroy and she vowed revenge but then grew a liking to the speed of a car and the cold metal of a gun. 

Ryan, the ex-scientist who lost his degree due to his rather, well, interesting excuse for morals in his experiments. Who decided to go into crew life at first as an extended study of crime, only to find he loves it. 

Michael, the child of a mob boss in the 1920’s who died an early death. That his parents didn’t want him to have so they hired a necromancer to bring him back and make him the… thing.. he is now. Unkillable and terrifying. The life of a thief and mercenary is all he’s ever known and all he can ever get.

Gavin, the ‘close friend’ of Ryan’s who got hurt when Ryan and him worked together in the start of their life of crime. Who Ryan wasn’t ready to loose and brought back as the abomination he is. (as mad as Gavin was at the time (he left Ryan after that only to meet him several years later when the demon Ramsey hires him) Gavin is a little grateful he isn’t dead).

Ray, made werewolf by an old crew that hired him. That he ended up killing with his new teeth and long claws. Who was forced into a life of uncontrolled violence. Trying to make use of his new form and deadly moons. Who learns to fight because now he has the strength to. And lives the life of crime because who else would hire a werewolf.

And Jeremy. The only human in this entire mess. Most people would be absolutely terrified of being anywhere near the crew let alone part of it. But Jeremy isn’t as phased by the crews supernaturalness. (Plus everyone is rather protective over their squishy human).

its honestly incredible almost 6 months later and still homestuck is like, my biggest main obsession which is INSANE considering most things that i like i lose interest in within like, a month TOPS. like how long did me posting abt undertale last. see?? i still like undertale on a fundamental level but im literally going to die thinking abt fuckign. homestuck.

Don’t Remember...Don’t Forget (Part 2/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Hi Bonnie! I was wondering if you could do one where the reader was a former avenger missing in action, but turns up without any memory in a normal life. I’ll leave how they got into that situation to you, but If its cool and works with the story Steve fluff would be awesome! I love your work!  I forgot to say that I’m cool with any angst/drama I don’t want to limit you if you think it’s better for the story

Oh, yes, I think this works nicely to make a little series…

Part 1

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polkadotsdesign  asked:


LMAOOOO ummmm i think i can remember most of the cc… good luck me 8D


  • Suit/Mask: 1 - 2 [also has links to some ears, tail, bell etc but not sure it’s all the same stuff i got, cos i scavenged everything else up over time lol]
  • Claws 
  • Hair [i don’t think it’s the best hair for him but i am too lazy to look for anything better (it’s the same hair i use for kou lol)]
  • Boots [there’s a texture conflict on these with the suit but i kinda like it lol.]
  • he’s wearing a turtleneck undershirt but i can’t remember where i got it ;0;
  • wait i am a liar, here’s the turtleneck thing
  • [i also put some default bracelets on him]


  • Basically everything is from this video … you want to grab the original and the recolour from both “Diario 2″ [which will be her suit] and “Máscara” [which will be her mask]. I just put her in red socks and gloves from the default game, since the suit doesn’t cover those.
  • Earrings from this post [i didn’t have them yet in those screenshots but they are really nice xD i just pulled them out of the zip and deleted the rest tbh. the earring mesh is a default EA thing.]
  • Hair

Ummm i think i covered everything… 

As for Mari and Adrien, the only non-default things they have on are makeup and Marinette’s top, but I don’t remember where I got that top. [it’s just a retexture of a default jacket tho] most of the makeup i have is natural colour sets i collected, but i know i have some stuff from praline and kijiko if that helps 8D;


When it’s the 1st of Halloween
Ellie and Clementine — Autonomy in the Apocalypse
In a gaming landscape dominated by adult male protagonists, The Last Of Us and The Walking Dead offer a rare and nuanced depiction of girls' autonomy in a hostile world.

I wrote a very long essay about the similarities and differences between Ellie and Clementine and what it might tell us about the autonomy of fictional women. Check it out!