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HOw do you give a HAnDJoB. (probably a stupid question) but like hOW?? Without stating the obvious pls.

um idk

  • communicate- ask the boy “do u like that” but you can do it sexily or whatever so it doesnt ruin the mood
  • also listen to him, if he is moaning alot when youre doing something, keep doing it
  • dont neglect the balls
  • be confident, even if youre not, pretend that you are
  • dont be too aggressive, be aware of your grip
  • if youre sitting next to him kiss his neck or something

when you don’t eat: you are calm, okay, able to enjoy things, happy, getting smaller, don’t cry, don’t fight with your bf

when you do eat: you are depressed, fight with everyone, can’t enjoy life, want to leave this earth, getting bigger