The Vanguard sit to tell stories of fallen Guardians.

This is my tale. 

There are stories of love conquering all, success in the face of danger and overcoming insurmountable odds.

This is not one of those tales.

This is about a Guardian.
This Guardian. They were, special. 

To me this Guardian held promise. Hope.
I have not felt that in a long time. I respected this Guardian and they never failed me. In fact they visited me in the tower from time to time. They brought me things they found out in the world. I was afraid to leave the tower, I will be honest. That may be the most vulnerable thing I have told you all at this table. 

I am afraid.

I am afraid that if I leave these walls I will be sucked into the mental abyss that the hive has left me fighting all these years. I live not only in the material plane, but also within the confines of hive sorcery. I live a multi tiered existence. It is difficult to put into words.

I also, experience unreasonable fear, I fear that if I leave these walls, I will be on the moon again. As if I was transported there. That is not actually what would happen, not at all. That has no basis in reality, but is shell shock. 

This Guardian brought me things from the outside world. 

A vial of sand from mars, rocks and shrubbery from Venus, and helium fragments from the moon. They knew that the thing from the moon that I did long to see was those fragments, the helium. I always found it calming. When I was stuck on the moon, it somehow eased the pain.

They brought me a mask from pre golden age earth temple ruins. Their ghost played me recordings of them traveling through the temple and the treasure that they found buried that has gone untouched for centuries.

At some point the Guardian ceased to visit me. I, was afraid to check the rosters. I was too, I was, too guarded, my walls high to keep out connections. 

I never got their name. I regret that. I truly, truly do. With every fiber of my being I regret that.

I think, 
I think I cared for that Guardian. A friend. 

I have not had a friend in some time.
They all die. 

But I am glad to have you here with me today.
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 I am thankful for your continued existence, even if I don’t always show it.

How the Stydia scene should have happened

“Remember I love you”

She nods, she will remember. She will, of course she will. This is Stiles. The boy that saved her, the boy that cared, still cares. The boy that unconditionally loves her, even after all the trials and tribulations.
He leaned in, wanting to feel her lips on his for one more time. One last time. She leans in too, wanting to remember his scent, the smell of his hair, the product he uses to wash his flannels, wanting to memerise the colour of his eyes, even in the dark car.
Just as his lips graze hers, his warm breathe condensating on her mouth, a gush of wind knocks the door on his side open. Lydia gasps, eyes wide and full of terror as she sees the boy - the boy she loves, be taken by something invisible. The door slams shut. Silence, deadly silence follows. Not even his car makes an odd sound, like it ususally does. 
Her cold fingers rub against her lips, tears dripping on them. 

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So I was making an OC reference sheet and I had my character’s height and body shape in mind but then the concept of weight came into consideration and I wasn’t sure how much she would weigh so I found this big handy chart!

It’s a photographic chart full of clickable photographs of different people with different heights and weights (up to 6′8″ and 380 lb.) and it was really helpful for me. Maybe you have your character’s exact body shape in mind but aren’t sure what their height or weight should be. Maybe you have either their height or their weight but aren’t sure which other would fit what you already have.

If your character is an adult (I’m not sure how accurate this would be for children) I believe this would be very helpful for anyone who just so happens to be designing that character’s physical attributes!


I’m tired of reading posts on this site talking about how diverse a movie is by naming how many poc are in it. Like okay they got three or four brown/black folk in the mix. Great. Do they have any screen time? Are they treated with respect? Do they get killed off? Do they even speak?

Appearances are deceiving. Looks will fade. Material things can be taken away. No one can ever take away the combination and essence of you. No one can ever replace the you that you are as a whole — your quirks, your sense of humor, your intelligence, your kind heart, your talents, your strengths and weaknesses, your mindset, your hopes and dreams, your smile, and the memories and experiences you created and/or left behind with your presence. You are unique. Be you and be irreplaceable.