Too much of me is caught in the past, and that’s not say that a lot of me is caught in the past. It’s just to say that any of me being caught in the past is too much.
My thoughts wander to memories and hands clench to fists, but what good is future defense against a flashback?
What good is a late reaction?
It does nothing for the past, but do not discount the future benefits.
I am who I am because of who I was.

Letting someone go can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you’re friends with someone, it should be a mutual thing. If someone is physically draining you and constantly using you, they are not your friend. They can apologize and explain themselves multiple times but if that’s all they’re doing it doesn’t mean shit. Actions speak louder than words. Don’t put up with shitty people because they claim they’re your friend. If they’re using you and taking advantage of you, they aren’t your friend. Don’t feel obligated to put up with it. 

Look at my art. I actually spent about six hours on this if not more O_O @markiplier pls notice this

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I’m tired of reading posts on this site talking about how diverse a movie is by naming how many poc are in it. Like okay they got three or four brown/black folk in the mix. Great. Do they have any screen time? Are they treated with respect? Do they get killed off? Do they even speak?


So I was making an OC reference sheet and I had my character’s height and body shape in mind but then the concept of weight came into consideration and I wasn’t sure how much she would weigh so I found this big handy chart!

It’s a photographic chart full of clickable photographs of different people with different heights and weights (up to 6′8″ and 380 lb.) and it was really helpful for me. Maybe you have your character’s exact body shape in mind but aren’t sure what their height or weight should be. Maybe you have either their height or their weight but aren’t sure which other would fit what you already have.

If your character is an adult (I’m not sure how accurate this would be for children) I believe this would be very helpful for anyone who just so happens to be designing that character’s physical attributes!


Appearances are deceiving. Looks will fade. Material things can be taken away. No one can ever take away the combination and essence of you. No one can ever replace the you that you are as a whole — your quirks, your sense of humor, your intelligence, your kind heart, your talents, your strengths and weaknesses, your mindset, your hopes and dreams, your smile, and the memories and experiences you created and/or left behind with your presence. You are unique. Be you and be irreplaceable.

You thought that being young would be many things. Skipping school and running through fields, sitting in the sun with friends, going to parties, coming home late and not remembering it the next day, taking buses and trains, not caring where you go, as long as you were with those few special people, kissing cute boys, and dressing up to go on first dates, sitting in coffee shops, talking about everything and nothing. You expected adventures, stories that you could tell your grandchildren one day.

You didn’t expect to be stuck in the same monotonous routine, going to school, having to face people you strongly dislike on a daily basis, feeling worthless, and so used to being tired that it’s now a part of you and you can’t remember the last time you felt awake. You feel pressured, trapped, like there will never be a way out, and most of all, you feel alone.

—  Unknown