Me anytime I actually think about any of my abusers and what they did to me: but did all that actually happen because that all sounds like one big fake sob story

“I’ve got you.” Ulaz’s voice was soft and comforting as his large hands held Shiro close. He had fallen in battle trying to protect Ulaz, and ended up taking a poisoned dagger to the side.

Shiro didn’t remembee much if what happened after he was stabbed, but he assumed Ulaz took care of the enemies and was now carrying him back to the little cruiser they had taken to get out to this planet. He placed him on the floor, then took position in the pilot’s seat. Once they were off the planet, he pulled up the screen to send a message to the others.

“Princess, Shiro has been wounded. We are on our way back. Please send us a wormhole so that he has a chance to survive.”

Ulaz returned to Shiro’s side, inspecting the wound. “My friend, I need to get a better look.”

Shiro’s eyes became saucers, understanding what Ulaz meant. But he wasn’t ready to show that part of himself to anyone. He didn’t want them to think less of him because of this. But he sighed, nodding slightly. If anyone were to he trusted with this secret, it was Ulaz, who had seen him fight in the arena.

With Ulaz’s help, they were able to free Shiro of his paladin armor from the waist up. There were only two scars that he had been the ones in charge of, and they were beneath his breasts. The other scars were long, some were jagged. It was impossible to tell what exactly he had been tortured with. But that wasn’t the worst part. Alongside these scars, were little symbols in the Galran language. They were names; names of those Shiro had killed in the gladiator arena. He didn’t remember much from his time in space, but this detail had stuck with him.

Shiro looked up at Ulaz, to gauge his reaction, but Ulaz’s eyes were locked on the wound at his side. It hadn’t been deep, but the poison was what made it hurt so bad. One of Ulaz’s large hands held Shiro’s shoulders, while the other was resting on his hip. Yellow eyes looked into Shiro’s grey ones.

“I need to get the poison out. Do you trust me?” It was such an odd question to come from Ulaz. If it weren’t for him, Shiro wouldn’t be here. He’d still be on that slave ship, stuck fighting in the arena.

“I trust you with my life.”

Ulaz didn’t need more than that and lowered his head to Shiro’s side. “This may hurt a little, but it is necessary.” His breath was hot against Shiro’s exposed skin. This was the only warning he got before sharp teeth dug into his skin, making him cry out. He did his best not to move too much.

Ulaz’s tongue was lapping up the wound, blood and poison leaving Shiro’s body. He fluttered for a moment, then Ulaz started to suck on his side.

Shiro was glad Ulaz’s eyes were closed, and not able to see his face while Shiro did this. Ulaz was somehow able to hit his kinks and now Shiro was doing his best not yo get too turned on. This was not the time for that. Ulaz was helping to make sure he didn’t die.

Shiro took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. He closed his eyes so he didn’t have to see, though he did still make a few grunts and groans. After a few minutes, Ulaz removed himself and they made eye contact. Shiro probably looked like a mess, sweaty and his hair trying to decide whether it wanted to stick to his head or stand up in weird angles.

“I believe it is gone, but we will have to wait until we get back to the castle.”

Shiro nodded, then began to put his armor back on as best he could. Upon seeing him struggle slightly, Ulaz helped him. Once they were finished, he remained at his side. Shiro took this opportunity to curl into Ulaz.

“You’re a good friend. Thank you for saving my life. Again,” Shiro said softly, feeling sleep slowly pull at him.

“I would do anything to make sure you survive. You deserve to go home and be done with this mess.” Ulaz sounded so sincere and it tugged at Shiro’s heart.

“There’s no you back home.” He stated before he could stop himself. Fortunately, his eyes were closed and he was falling asleep, so he did not see the confused expression before it faded into a warm smile as Ulaz pulled Shiro more into his lap.

Take me baby, or leave me!

Les amis are spending time at the shopping centre. Coming out from a shop, Enjolras is stopped by a shop assistant. Grantaire notices them and comes back to take his boyfriend.

Grantaire: “What were you doing?” *he passes an arm around Enj’s shoulders

Enjolras: “We were just talking…”

Grantaire: “Were you talking the way you talked to that girl who tried to kiss you?”

Enjolras: *he stares at Grantaire for some seconds* “What’s wrong?”

Grantaire: “Nothing…”

Enjolras: “R…” *they stop walking* “You don’t need to be jealous!”

Grantaire: *he stares at Enj* “i’m just tired seeing people flirting with you!”

Enjolras: “There will always be people who flirt with me! Give me a break!”

Singing   “Eyery single day, I walk down the street,”

               “I hear people say “Baaaaaby so sweet!”

               “Eyer since puuberty eeeverybody staares at me”

               “Girl, BOYS, I can’t help it baaaaaby!”

               “So be kind, and don’t loseyour miiiind” *he takes R’s hand

               “Just remembeeer that I’m your baaaby!”  *he caresses his own cheek with R’s hand, but R goes away, so he follows him

               “Take me for what I aaaaam”

                “Who I was meant to beeeee!”

                “Aaaaand if youuu give a daaamn”

                “Take me, babyyyyy, or leeeeave meeeee!”

                “Take me, babyyyyy, or leeeeave meeeee!”

Grantaire:“A tiger in a cage can never see the sun!” *he pretends to be Enjolras and goes up on a table

              “This diva need her stage!* he points the finger on Enjolras, that gets angry and goes away.

              “Baaaby let’s have fun!” *he runs behind Enjolras and takes him by his arm.

Enjolras: “You are the one I choooose!”

Grantaire:“And folks would kill to fill my shoes!” *he looks at Enj’s body smiling

               “I love the limelight too, baaabyyyyy!”

               “But be wiiiise!?Cause this boy satisfiiiiide!” *he lifts Enjolras and puts him on a table and then he slowly lies down on him.

              “You’ve got the prize, but don’t comprimise!”

              “You’re one lucky babyyyyyyy!”

              “Take me foooor what I aaaaaaaam!”

Enjolras: “You try to control me!” *he pushes R away

Grantaire:“Whooo I was meant to beeeeee!”

Enjolras: “I can’t do it any single time!”

Grantaire:“And if you give a daaaaaaamn”

Enjolras: “You know that it can’t work in this way!”

Grantaire:“Take me, babyyyyy, or leeeeave meeeee!”

Enjolras: “No waaaay can I be what I’m not!”

              “But, hey! Don’t you want your boy hot?!” *he faces R with his eyes

Grantaire:“Don’t fiiiiight. Dooon’t loooose your heeeeaaad!” *he tryes to embraces Enj

Enjolras: “But every night who’s in yoooour beeeeeeeed?!” *he pushes R away again

Both:       “Take me for what I aaaaaaam!”

Grantaire:“Who IIIIIIIII was meant to beee!”

Enjolras: “Who I was meant to be!”

               “And if youuuuu give a daaaamn!”

Grantaire:“Take me babyyyyyy, or leave meeeee!”

Enjolras: “Take me! Take me ooooor leeeeave me!”

Both:      “Take me, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” *they come closer, so close that they are almost embraced

               “Or leeeeave meeeee!”

              “I guess I’m leaving!”

              “I’m gone!” *they go on their way, but first R hits Enj’s back twice

Bossuet: “Don’t look so nervous guys: I give them two hours to make peace!”