remembe r when


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My favorite thing about Boruto so far is the salt from certain Naruto fans over the fact that they DARED to have a minor female character (who was always known to be a heavy eater) gain weight as she aged. Like it’s seriously funny.


remember….. the “can i watch?” note roman passed to peter in class?? remember…. when olivia told peter that peter was good for roman?? remember…. the sharing of cigarettes?? remember…… the neck holding and the hugging?? remember….. when roman said peter’s werewolf transformation to and back was beau t i f ul?? remember….when roman caught peter and letha together and drove off in a jealous rage?? remember… when roman found out peter left and literally broke down on the floor? remember the “a gypsy is a gypsy, they’ll steal the rings from your fingers, and the love from your heart” olivia told roman?? remember…… when she asked what roman needed and he said “P E T E R”?????? remember… when peter returned and roman was essentially like “get out of my house you left me and broke me” like they were married?? remember when roman threatened anybody that tried to hurt peter?? remember……… the threesome?? and the kitchen scene afterward ?? remember peter’s wolf trust roman greatly?? remember them basically raising a baby together?? remember characters being not sublte at all and asking them what they were to each other???? remember pryce asking roman if he loved peter?? remember… roman being so scared peter would hate him for the things he’s done and crying??? remember him pleading to peter that they could get through this ????? r e m e m b e r roman crying and telling peter to just kill him already?? the finale??

executive dysfunction
  • what you say: go get a glass of water when you’re thirsty
  • what i hear: recognize your body’s signs of thirst before you’re extremely dehydrated, somehow get up in the middle of your current task before you forget that you’re thirsty, leave your room, walk down the hall, go into the kitchen, find the cupboard, choose a cup, put water in the cup, and go back down to your room. do all of this without forgetting what you’re doing in the middle of the process and without getting distracted, keeping everything in your working memory and not getting stalled between any of the steps. then, smoothly resume the task where you left off (which requires remembering what you were doing before), and sip from the glass periodically until it is gone or you are no longer thirsty (which requires remembering that the water is there and repeatedly interrupting yourself to get a sip, while monitoring your body’s signals). i expect you to do this multiple times every day, automatically, on a fixed schedule that aligns with your body’s needs

no offence but i often forget that not everyone has been through highly traumatic experiences and that what i went through and am still dealing with isn’t a normal part of life lol 

Drink With Me
Jon Robyns, Adam Linstead, and the Student Ensamble
Drink With Me

I feel like Adam Linstead gets crap for playing Grantaire. People say he’s takes the role too goofy, but have you heard to this version of Drink With Me? It’s the best version I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of different versions.

I feel like the chemistry between Jon and Adam as Enjolras and Grantaire is a bond that isn’t like any other character. For God’s Sake, do you hear the emotion in his voice? It’s literally heartbreaking. The first time I heard it, which was on Pandora, my heart sank like it never has before. Like the e/R feels really got to me and ugh I can’t even. 

can george blagden please sing this version omg


Back in 2012 when I was first getting into hs fandom, those big lyricstucks were starting to get super popular and I tried to make one too, for erifef. I never finished it, but I still really like some of the panels, so I thought i should at least upload for completion. 

Bibliophile pt 3

Pt 1   Pt 2

“Ryan is way better than Brown, just saying.” 

Namjoon X Reader Friendship AU


A/N- Okay so this took forever… I don’t know how long this fic will go for I’m just going to write whenever I have inspiration for it :) 

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Awaking from the human alarm clock next door, it wasn’t long before you were dressed and ready for work. Greeted with the smug grin on Namjoon’s lips, you waved a hearted goodbye his way before pulling the heavy metal door open. The sudden gush of wind made you regret not pulling on the warmer coat that you pictured sitting by the couch. There was a moment of hesitation before you looked down to the watch itching closer to your shift. Pulling the blazer closer to your skin, you took the first chilling step out of the building and headed to the train station.

The uncomfortable material itched through your jeans as you shuffled further over, allowing another to sit next to you. Glancing up from your phone, your eyes fond a young man around the same age making his way over to the space next to you. He sends a sunshine smile your way before sitting in the vacant seat. You force your attention away from his hazel brown eyes and colour streaked hair, to the surroundings outside the window. The sun reflected is profile onto the glass as you studied his features more closely. Smile crinkles traced themselves along the surface of his skin as his dimples appeared with each chew of his gum. The earphone cord trailed down along a navy-blue coat that reached to just below the knees. A striped black and white shirt sat tightly along his chest as a black scarf hung around his neck. The rips in his pale blue jeans exposed glimpses of his glowing skin as his puma sneakers finished off the carefully put together outfit. Shifting your attention to the surroundings, you hurried to your feet as the train pulled up to your stop. Sending an apologetic smile the man’s way, he lifted himself from the seat, offering his arm for support against the rusting breaks. A smile befell his lips as you said a small ‘Thank you’ in return before shuffling your way through the public. 

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“1000 episodes. Let’s talk about that.”

( 1000 )