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“1000 episodes. Let’s talk about that.”

( 1000 )


Xena & Gabrielle/Beowulf and Emma&Regina ft. fighting new personalities & memory loss
Xena: Warrior Princess 6x09 & Once Upon A Time 6x10 27/∞

X: It was like I was in a dream, too. I forgot everything. Even thought I didn’t remember you, I felt your presence. I knew that I would never be complete unless those shadows were brought into the light.

R: You remember?
E: When you couldn’t hurt Henry - he was about to actually kill and become everything I never wanted him to be. That’s when I knew. The person I was here just wasn’t me. The fighting and the pain it’s what makes me me. I’m good with that.


Back in 2012 when I was first getting into hs fandom, those big lyricstucks were starting to get super popular and I tried to make one too, for erifef. I never finished it, but I still really like some of the panels, so I thought i should at least upload for completion. 

remember….. the “can i watch?” note roman passed to peter in class?? remember…. when olivia told peter that peter was good for roman?? remember…. the sharing of cigarettes?? remember…… the neck holding and the hugging?? remember….. when roman said peter’s werewolf transformation to and back was beau t i f ul?? remember….when roman caught peter and letha together and drove off in a jealous rage?? remember… when roman found out peter left and literally broke down on the floor? remember the “a gypsy is a gypsy, they’ll steal the rings from your fingers, and the love from your heart” olivia told roman?? remember…… when she asked what roman needed and he said “P E T E R”?????? remember… when peter returned and roman was essentially like “get out of my house you left me and broke me” like they were married?? remember when roman threatened anybody that tried to hurt peter?? remember……… the threesome?? and the kitchen scene afterward ?? remember peter’s wolf trust roman greatly?? remember them basically raising a baby together?? remember characters being not sublte at all and asking them what they were to each other???? remember pryce asking roman if he loved peter?? remember… roman being so scared peter would hate him for the things he’s done and crying??? remember him pleading to peter that they could get through this ????? r e m e m b e r roman crying and telling peter to just kill him already?? the finale??