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how i balance academics and extra curricular

As a high school student, I have to join organizations and other extracurricular activities in our school, hence, makes me a busy student. Some extra curricular activities I participate in include:

·         The school paper

·         Student teaching

·         Remedial classes (I teach math)

·         Inter-school quiz bees

·         Mass organizers

And I have other stuff to do besides from that, those are just organizations that require students to participate regularly. That’s actually a lot, I participate in more or less 3 organizations a week, that’s why I don’t have time to focus on my studies most of the time (especially in year 8 which was last year). Another reason for us not to focus on our studies despite the extra curricular stuff, notes were our main priority. Some subjects require notebooks that look similar to a scrapbook, which was a hassle.   

Take note: I procrastinate a lot. I didn’t actually have a chance to do all of this last school year so this isn’t only a tip for you all, but also for me haha. So here are my tips for everyone, including myself: 

Start early. Sometimes we just have that project wherein the teacher gives us almost a month to research, or this long assignment that’ll be passed next week. As soon as the teacher gives you what to do, do it! Well, as long as you are free and you’ve got nothing important to do (we’ll talk about that later). We will never know if we’ll have another project or a lot of tasks to do in the near future! So, start as early as you can.    

Keep track of what you got to do. You can use a planner, a bullet journal, a post-it note, an extra notebook, or even a printable (i’ll do one soon). Use whatever works for you, it doesn’t have to be extra. I prefer using our manual (it’s a planner from our school), I list everything school related, I include every detail about the task, cause we only take notes when the teacher asks us to do so. Back in year 8, whenever I have a busy weekend (usually happens at finals) I just use a plain paper and write down everything I got to do. However, I learned about bullet journaling like 2 months ago, so I used that system for the last weeks of school, which was basically, completing requirements. I used to try planners back then, but I usually forget about it lmao but hopefully, bullet journal, together with the school manual, will work for me.   

Prioritize your tasks. Okay, so like what I’ve said earlier, when we’re assigned to do something, do it as soon as you can. And when it comes to prioritizing my tasks, I use a key. Here it is:

You could use whatever you want, find what’s best for you. This is really effective because I could start with the most important task down to the least important task.   

Use your free time. This actually works when you still have something to do. Whenever I’m at school for extracurricular purposes, most of the time, we really do nothing. There are times that we just have to sit down for almost 5 hours, that’s a good opportunity to complete our tasks. I got to be honest sometimes when I still have loads of work to do, instead of doing it, I’ll end up talking to the person I’m with, hah.   

Hope you guys find these tips a bit helpful!    

Love, idcstudies

anonymous asked:

i need a '20 reasons why you love aizawa' essay on my desk by MONDAY

(You never specificed which Monday so I could have given this 2 months from now on a Monday and no one would know…)

  1. He doesn’t give a shit about appearance. If he wants to wear a suit, pink sweatpants, and sneakers, he’s gonna do it and no one can stop him. I strive to have his confidence.
  2. He likes cats.
  3. He’s super strong and flexible and he flaunts it (i.e. him dangling from the electrical wires while wearing those weights).
  4. He’s tired all the time, but he still functions at 100%.
  5. He’s blunt and straight forward. He doesn’t play around with words (just like me lmao).
  6. He’s married to Mic.
  7. He cares so much about other people that he puts their well being over his own. (It worries me, but it’s very noble.)
  8. He’s very perceptive about emotion. By observing Bakugou, he knew that he needed to sort out his relationship with Izuku ASAP. When Izuku felt terrible for not saving Eri, he went straight to him to reassure him that his “mistake” still gave Eri hope for rescue.
  9. During the training camp, we get a small panel of him staying up late with Brad to discuss the kids training regiment. Since they finish teaching remedials at 2am, they stay up past that so Aizawa would have been functioning on 3-4 hours of sleep. His dedication as a teacher is ridiculous…
  10. He looks like a trash bag, but when he cleans up, he looks like a young prince. It does things to my heart…
  11. He won’t take shit from the media. They can call him scruffy all they like and he won’t care, but when they go after his students, Dadzawa awakens and goes into full attack mode.
  12. I really like his boots. I’ve mentioned it before, but I really like how the outline of his baggy sweatpants brings out his combat boots. I’m just…. I’m weak.
  13. He doesn’t care for fame or recognition. He just simply wants to be a hero.
  14. Aizawa’s character is still a fairly blank slate. We’ve been getting glimpses of his personality, but we don’t know his full back story yet. It’s kind of fun at this stage because it lets everyone speculate. This is a very important time for fanfiction writers. LMAO
  15. His totoro smiles are amazing.
  16. He’s such a dad… After that fight between Bakugou and Izuku, we see them in bandages. So that means that Aizawa tended to them while internally raging and after he was done, he just whips out his scarf to yell at them. Can you even imagine him grumbling with his little pout while applying alcohol onto their faces? (“Fucking kids… grumble grumble… at this LATE H O UR … much rage… I can’t beli e ve t h i s… wow.”)
  17. He sinks into his scarf a lot. It’s fucking adorable.
  18. His little pout…. enough said.
  19. He threatens the kids with his quirk. LMAO…. like that time when the kids got excited with getting hero names or when Ashido was talking while Aizawa was still lecturing. It’s so extra™ and I can really appreciate that.
  20. Me liking Aizawa made me create this blog and I’ve made some really good friends and have talked to some really fun people. I’m glad this trash bag became my favorite character. :)

alphaweeb  asked:

RFA + V and Saeran with a MC who has a lot of stress breakouts and has a skin picking ocd issue (WELCOME BTW)



• he tries so hard bless
• attempts to distract her w/ video games
• uses all the knowledge from various clubs to destress her
• tell her stories from the clubs to cheer her up
• gently reminds her to take of herself as much as she does him
• teaches her remedies Rika used
• “you are always beautiful! what are you talking about!”“


• helps her take care of her skin
• teaches her relaxing techniques he uses when he get nervous before a performance
• when she feels down about her skin he kisses all over her face till shes giggling
• at first he didnt understand the OCD, but he eventually learned so he could understand her better
• “but isnt my skin…ugly?” “you could never be ugly honey”


• a true angel
• cleans MCs wounds and takes care of them
• carries bandaids at all times in case MC starts to bleed
• helps her take care of herself better in hopes of making MC feel better
• is optimistic for MC like MC is for her
• “Well I…I think you are…” “??” “…….b-beautiful…….”


• hes got connections and isnt afraid to use them
• takes her to see a dermatologist to find a way to improve her condition
• helps her in any way he can, whether it be time or money or support
• when she gets v stressed he likes to hold her till she calms down a lil
• is so gentle
• he spoils her when she feels v down
• or tries to use Elizabeth to cheer her up


• google becomes his bff
• does a ton of research to try and understand her better
• he reads a ton of ways to help her
• “Okay so i read that-” “omg No”
• makes jokes about himself to make her feel better
• makes her a small toy and tells her that when she feels her OCD get worse to try and fiddle with the toy instead
• does anything to make her laugh and forget her stress


•may be blind but his intuition is nearly spooky
• “are you picking again” “….no….” “I can tell you are”
• before he went completely blind he took photographs of her so that when she feels self-conscious he can show them to her
• “is that…me?” “you are stunning”
• every time feels a scab he asks her what she was feeling when she did it


•such a bab
• hes not the funniest so he says a bunch of really cheesy things that never fail to make her blush
• tells MC about his own mental illness so she feels better about her OCD
• he just want to make her feel happy and beautiful
• he holds her hand to try and stop her from picking (at least thats what he says
• “ I really need to-” “but this is for…your own…safety”