remedial potions

Sore throat remedy

Warning: self-made remedies, potions, etc. NEVER replace a professional consultation and should in no way be used to replace proper medication. I am no doctor of any sort, and should not be considered as such. Please take care of yourselves.

This drink can be used even if you do not believe in magic and/or witchcraft, because I chose my ingredients according to their medical properties rather than their associations, even if they still work that way.

It can be used if you have a sore throat or just if you like the taste. However, I would strongly advise you not to drink it if you have any kind of mouth infection (bad teeth included) because it will hurt. 

You need, in order:

- Lemon juice (1-2 teaspoons) // I associate it with Apollo, Greek god of the Sun, poetry, divination and diseases, father of Aesculapius (the god who protects doctors). Lemon is known for its antiseptic properties and it has a good taste. 

- Honey (1 big teaspoon) // I associate it with Eir, Norse goddess of medicine. Also with Sif, Norse goddess of bakers and hard work (among other things). Honey too is a strong antiseptic, and soothes both your throat and the taste of the mixture.

- Boiling water (as much as you need to fill your mug) // To dilute everything. Warm water helps your throat to relax. Can be replaced by warm milk if you prefer.


- Rosewater // I associate it with Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and passion. I chose this association because she is one of the goddesses I work the most with. It also give the remedy a very good taste.

- Orange tree flower water // No association in particular, I just really like the taste and it has always helped me relax.

- Ginger root powder // in small quantity because the taste is strong. It is also a natural antiseptic (but I don’t like the taste so it’s up to you to put it in or not).

The witchy part:

For secular witches: call each of the ingredients while rising your mug and call their healing properties too. Stir counterclockwise to banish the sickness and germs, then stir clockwise to bring healing and calm to you.

For Pagan witches: do exactly the same, but also call the gods and goddesses you associate the ingredients with and while stirring clockwise call for their benediction and advice in your remedy-making activities.

Et voilà ~

pepperup potion tea ☕

a harry potter inspired potion for the common cold. not for serious problems.

Pepper-Up Potion can be used to cure colds and to warm the recipient up. Drinking it can cause steam to come out of the drinker’s ears. The potion was invented by Glover Hipworth.

☕  in a sterilized jar, combine honey, lemon, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. 

☕  keep the preserve sealed in the refrigerator. mix well before using.

☕  brew a cup of plain ginger or black tea, do not use milk. 

☕  take out preserve, mix well, and blend a couple spoonfuls into the tea. 

This is the rosemary potion I use for treating the dry scalp that occurs when the seasons change. I snip some rosemary and bring it to a simmer in about 2 or 3 cups of water on the stove for as long as it takes it to get the color which is a sort of a weak tea color. Once it cools I pour it over my scalp. It smells amazing and really helps the dry skin.

The Snape film scene I hate

…is Occlumency.

In fairness, I love everything about Occlumency in the books.  

I love the standoff between Snape and Sirius at Grimmauld Place.
I love the fact that Snape and Harry converse for an extended period of time.
I like the use of the pensieve.
I love Draco’s glee at Remedial Potions.
I love the mind reading jibe. 
I love that Harry doesn’t try, even though he’s encouraged by Hermione.
I love that Harry even suspects Snape of deliberately making it worse.
I love Harry seeing Voldemort’s visions.
I love that Snape gets increasingly annoyed at certain key moments - which perhaps don’t seem key on first read but you realise their importance later on…

I love Occlumency.

I love it so much, I’ve written a meta on it.

But the films?  Well, I love Snape pulling Harry down to the dungeons.  …and that’s about it.  

Because although I like the films, they fundamentally twist the lessons.  In the films, Snape rants about James, rifles through Harry’s memories…and when Harry fights back and sees some of Snape’s memories, Snape chucks him out.

Which is the exact opposite of the book.  I think it’s really quite important that Snape gives Harry credit when he breaks into Snape’s mind.  In fact, he only chucks Harry out when Harry explicitly invades his privacy by snooping in the pensieve.

And even then, although it’s a devastating memory that he comes across, Harry doesn’t realise its true importance - it’s all about Harry and how he perceives his father, and not about Snape and why Snape would’ve hidden that memory.

It’s really quite lucky that Harry doesn’t fall into an earlier memory, that gives away Snape’s friendship with Lily - or a later memory, which gives away Snape’s allegiance.

So yes, when Snape throws him out, it is out of pure frustration and anger and betrayal - but it’s also about Harry coming close to seeing the truth.  Not just because it’s Snape’s real feelings and motivation at stake - but because Harry is having Occlumency lessons because he has a connection to Voldemort.  Harry is apparently useless at Occlumency.

…and double agent Snape really cannot risk the Dark Lord having access to the truth about Snape.

Witch Herb of the Day:

Name: Chamomile

Latin name: Matricaria

Good for/against: eyes, mouth

Internal use: Helps against insomnia. Can reduce menstrual cramping. Helps combat digestive complaints and indigestion.

External use: Tea is good for rinsing out irritated eyes. Canker soars heal quicker by using an infusion. Also beneficial for gingivitis. Cool burns faster by placing a sterile cloth soaked in cooled tea on the burns.

In tea: Calming tea

In food: Use flowers for decorating salads

Extra use: Good for rinsing light color hair. Has a calming and cleansing effect when added to a bath.

When to use: Fresh or dried

there are so many things lily evans misses about the muggle world–actual english classes, living with her parents, practical writing utensils–but perhaps what she longs for most is science. chemistry classes spent carefully titrating a solution drop by drop, cheering as colors change; biology classes sketching out the human anatomy, from bones to muscles to glands; physics classes calculating velocity and acceleration and position. she misses the precision, the methodical procedures, the flushed feeling of victory after an experiment well done.

and so, as lily steps through the hallowed hogwarts halls, she turns to potions, this class so different and yet so similar to her beloved science studies. she learns the function of a bezoar and the outcome of chopped ashwood dropped into a cheering solution, spends long nights poring over thought experiments and dreaming up creative concoctions. she falls into this shadow of home wholeheartedly, greedily embracing its painful yet nostalgic quality, remembering maths with tuney and sketching with severus.

she becomes damn good at it too, whipping up the potions on slughorn’s board in record time, becoming horace’s favored star pupil and prized slug club member. marlene and molly receive weekly potions help, and james flunks his assignments many a time while watching lily’s efficiency and concentration in awe. for she is beautiful, beautiful in her passion and devotedness to her art, her innovation and ingenuity and knowledge.

by the time lily is a seventh year, she finds flyers for potions assistants, plans internships in germany and ingredient foraging trips in sweden. she tutors younger students in remedial potions, chairs the Advanced Potions club, and runs the society to help fellow muggleborns adjust to this fantastical magical life. she has made her home in this corner of this castle, a home filled with giggles and knowledge, awestruck firsties and doting professors. it is the home she never had, brimming with encouragement and collaboration, creativity and precision. 

there are so many things lily evans misses about the muggle world. she misses her family, and her friends, and her school. but perhaps, if from the muggle world she lost a science, in the wizarding world she found an art.


Remedy for a SORE THROAT… Ingredients: Orange peel (or lemon peel), Sage (or rosemary, tyme or ginger roots), Green or black tea, Honey, Your intentions, Step 1. Add your peel and herb/ginger to a mortar & pestle and crush them up as best as you can. Step 2. Boil your water and add your tea bag and crushed peel/herbs to a small jug. Add the water while stating your intentions. Step 3. Stir for 1-2 minutes then strain your water into a mug. (Don’t add the rest.) Step 4. Add some honey to make the tea sweet and stir thoroughly. Step 5. Enjoy & banish your sore throat!

anonymous asked:

It's been so long since I read the books or watched the movies, could you tell me why snape was a bully, etc? Or give me a link to read up on it? I honestly can't remember anything other than the fact that the patronus thing that helped harry in the woods was snape's

Hi, i’m not sure about links I can actually give you to read up on it because most of the “antisnape” thing stems from people who read the books and have reached that conclusion. I can kinda give you a run down though, but I think the best thing would be re-read the books especially when you’re older and more mature :)

  1. Snape grew up in an abusive household, which many people think gives him the right to be a dick to people because he was broken, but at the same time do not see that Harry and other characters have come from abusive households and did not feel the need to be so hateful
  2. Snape used to creep and watch Lily from the bushes as a child, and when he got caught, he tried to turn her against her muggle family and her sister.
  3. Snape leered after Lily for years, and hated James Potter for having a crush on her as well. I will agree that the marauders were special dicks to Snape and only Snape, which was wrong, but it was also school time and Snape wasn’t exactly the nicest guy either? James and Sirius were compared even by the teachers to Fred and George, and it seems their rivalry with Snape was similar to Harry’s rivalry with Draco. Anyways, the point was that he would tell her off for being friends with Potter and Black, with no regard to her wishes
  4. Snape actively tried to expose Remus as a werewolf and actually ended up doing that because he was resentful. In fact, his prejudice against him was so strong that he made a class of third years look it up just to out him?
  5. He hung around with the Youth Death Eaters Club or whatever and actually sympathized with them
  6. Lily was the only friend he had that wasn’t Slytherin Death Eater and he called her a “mudblood” in a very nasty way as well after he got bullied by the Marauders (who incidentally actually grew up and changed). People don’t just blurt out racial slurs against their friends unless they believed them to begin with
  7. He then grew up and actually actively became a Death Eater whereas the Marauders and Lily (with the exception of Peter of course) joined the Order of the Phoenix. The Death Eaters murdered and terrorized for years and Snape was a part of that.
  8. Snape was the one who heard the prophecy about a child bringing down the Dark Lord and was so loyal to Voldemort that he immediately went and informed him. He was happy to have a family and a baby die until he realized that family was Lily Evans’ family. He was also happy to let James and Harry die as long as Lily was safe, which is pretty disgusting.
  9. He may have then been recruited by Dumbledore, and yes, he may have had a part to play in appearing like a “large overgrown bat” but it doesn’t mistake the deep look of loathing he gave Harry, a 11-year old boy, the first time they made eye contact.
  10. Not only that, but Snape went out of his way to make sure Harry struggled in Potions, goading and taunting him from their very first lesson, and making life difficult for him. Harry was actually quite good at potions, he got an E in it without Snape breathing down his neck as he puts it. If a teacher cannot even develop their subject in all students, what are they good for? 
  11. Let’s also not forget that he was so loathed as being a massive bully that Neville’s greatest fear was Professor Snape, a category that was actually comprised creatures such as giant spiders, banshees and dementors by his classmates. Imagine being such a scary bully of a teacher (force-feeding poison to Trevor) that a 13-year old child’s greatest fear is you.
  12. I also understand that to keep up appearances, it was important for him favor Slytherins, but he didn’t have to be so cruel to Harry and his friends.
  13. He purposefully goaded Sirius Black in OOTP as being useless to the Order, even though he of all people should have known (being so close to Dumbledore) that Sirius had no choice. Old rivalries or not, that’s an remarkably cruel thing to do. 
  14. Speaking of OOTP, the Occlumency classes were particularly torturous for Harry, where Snape attacked him and fished out horrible experiences from Harry’s childhood for fun. He seemed to take pleasure in hurting Harry and didn’t teach him anything at all, and made sure to embarrass Harry whenever he could about “Remedial Potions”. Not only that, but he didn’t even stop to listen to Harry after he saw the memories in the Pensieve but just cancelled the classes without telling Dumbledore. Snape was so sure Harry was just like James that he was okay with Voldemort possessing Harry rather than accept any alternative.

Basically Snape was a man who hated a child for having survived an attack he made sure happened, who hated a child for having the same eyes as the woman he loved and the same face as the man he hated, and he was so bitter that Lily never loved him back that he bullied most children. Snape never admitted Voldemort was wrong, just that he loved Lily, and that’s the only reason he ever joined forces with Dumbledore. Being evil came naturally to Snape, if it weren’t for Lily dying, he would have happily ended up alongside Voldemort. I refuse to believe that a man with such horrible moral principles is a hero. To everyone who says Snape was faking it, he really, truly, was not. he was a Death Eater long before. And to everyone who says James and Sirius are the same, they really aren’t. They were the kind of boys like Fred and George, who played questionable practical jokes and pranks, and then outgrew them to fight the war. Besides, they supported Remus as a werewolf for years, and would have died for each other. Snape doesn’t even come close to them. 

Witch’s Brew: A potion for sour throats and colds

This is a hot beverage a previous (non-witchy) roommate of mine used to make whenever he was sick. He swore it worked, so my husband ended up trying it, and now he swears by it. So then I tried it, and, I’ll be damned, it works! We started jokingly calling it Witch’s Brew, and the name has stuck. I am currently fighting off the tail-end of a bad cold, so it came back to the forefront of my mind.

Please note that drinking this is not a substitute for seeing your doctor. If you have trouble breathing, chest pains, a fever that doesn’t doesn’t break, difficulty swallowing, or an inability to keep down food or drink, please see your health care provider.

Purpose: To soothe sour throats and ease cold/flu symptoms


  • Ginger root (about a thumbs length)
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Water
  • A cooking pot (probably about a 2 quart capacity) with cover


Cut your ginger root into medallions and put them in the pot. Add about a quart of water (or fill pot about half way full). Bring the water and ginger to a boil on high and then cover and reduce heat and let simmer until the water is golden brown (about 20 minutes, maybe a bit longer). Once water is ready, turn off heat and squeeze a lemon into the pot. Stir in honey (a generous dallop or as much as needed for taste). Now pour into mugs and it’s ready to serve.

(Makes 2 large mugs worth)

Harry Potter Fanfiction Idea

A unique time-travel story

Honestly, this is a situation that I both think would make a really interesting story, but would be really hard to find a good solution for.

Harry Potter traveled back in time after the Battle of Hogwarts for probably unexplained reasons. Up until now, he has been keeping events mostly the same while saving people here and there. In order to save Ron’s dad, Harry has to tell Dumbledore about his dreams. Unfortunately, this leads to remedial potions with Snape, and Harry was never got the chance to learn more about occlumency. Harry tries to stall, but Snape gets into his head. He sees memories of things that didn’t happen, as well as memories of the future. Most notably, he sees Harry being killed by Voldemort in the forbidden forest. 

The question is, now what?

100 Days of R/Hr: Day 7

Prompt: “Christmas Present” by The Rocket Summer

Prompted by: @remedial-potions

So, I actually wrote the first sentence of this fic while thinking it was gonna be a post-war fic, and then it almost immediately changed on its own. I wanted to do a second half, for the louder part of the first 4 minutes of the song, but I’m running low on time these next few days, so I think I’ll add an extension later when I post to FFN!

Writing to and/or being inspired by music is one of my favorite things to do, so thank you for this prompt, and I really hope you enjoy it! x

It took him way longer than it should have to figure out why his left arm was asleep. A warm weight was pressing down on him, the back of her body against the side of his, and it wasn’t yet dawn. He’d never imagined it could feel so amazing just to wake up with her like this, but now that he’d done it, forgetting the circumstances, he wasn’t sure how he’d ever go back. He would have to keep that bit of information to himself, he reckoned, as he was just going to have to figure out how to do it… and how to pull himself away from her to break into a fucking bank in a few hours.

He thought of how she’d appeared in the doorway several hours ago, nervously looking in on him where he was lying on top of his sleeping bag, on the floor. She hadn’t spoken for a few moments, thinking he might be asleep, before she caught his open eyes staring up at her. Maybe it was knowing what was to come, how difficult and dangerous what they had planned would be. But he imagined it was something else, too, some sign that all their past was simply past, and they were running out of excuses to avoid the truth. He could never be sure, without the words, but he would gladly take any measure of comfort they could share, any closeness she would offer him.

He felt her inhale with surprised force, and then she reached up and touched the inside of his arm, surely not realising he was already awake.

“Hey,” he whispered, knowing he would startle her but wanting, even more strongly, for her to look at him.

She jumped slightly and turned her head, but she still couldn’t see him properly. Either way, he could spot the movement of her lips as she tentatively smiled.

“My arm’s a bit asleep,” he said, smiling back.

“Oh!” She sat up, quickly, too quick for him to stop her.

“It’s fine,” he said, hopeful, as he flexed his fist and shook it. “Come back?”

She stared at him, over her shoulder, expression morphing from shy and nervous to determined. She shifted around and laid back down, resting her head on his shoulder, facing him this time. Her slightly bent knees pressed against the side of his thigh. If he bent up his elbow, he could play with her hair, so he did it, forgetting to second guess.

He could hear Harry lightly snoring from across the room, and it was reassuring that he’d managed to get some sleep. They needed it, even though Ron was hypocritically glad that he’d woken up to be with her, like this, before-

She was staring at him, though he was having a hard time catching her eyes from her position. But then she sniffed and shifted up until her head was resting on the flat pillow, next to his. And, as he turned onto his side, toward her, he was momentarily caught off guard by how close their faces were. His arm was trapped underneath her neck, a long curl of her hair was twisted around his index finger, and she was smiling, so softly he could have missed it if he wasn’t memorising every single detail of her face.

Not that he needed reminding. He’d burned the precise shape of her eyes, the curve of her jaw, the exact colour of pink of her lips into his mind, long ago.

She looked strangely peaceful, beneath that layer of nervous anticipation that he was sure she could see reflected right back at her. He’d wanted to kiss her approximately four thousand times before today, but, in that moment, he swore it was the strongest he’d felt it yet.

But then her expression changed completely, a gradual shift from present in the moment to apprehensive and uneasy. He knew it too well, that line that faded between distracted and drowning in reality.

“Do you really think we’re ready for this?” she whispered, so softly.

But he didn’t want to redraw the line, to remind them that happiness was only on the other side. He didn’t know what he thought, honestly, about what they had planned, but he was ready to do it, either way. He knew she was, as well. So, he nodded, staring back at her with every single feeling he could possibly convey.

Sod the war. Sod Gringotts. They could be happy, anyway.

He lifted his hand to her cheek and made the monumental choice to fight a different war, right there, between the person he had been for so long and the one who only existed in his fantasies of their future together.

He swiped his thumb across her cheek, watched too closely as she breathed through parted lips, and kissed the corner of her mouth. Her fist found the hem of his shirt and clenched it tight, nails briefly scraping his skin.

When he finally backed away, tears were silently streaming down her face, but she was smiling. She lifted her hand to his cheek to match his, tilting her head so their foreheads met as she closed her eyes.

“Well, I have to step up my game if I want to compete with everyone’s favourite teacher,” he said with a teasing grin.

There was a favourite teacher?


Potter blinked. “You, of course,” he replied in a tone that suggested this should be obvious.

“Me?” Draco echoed incredulously. “I’m certain you’re mistaken.”

There was no way he was the favourite anything. He was sharp and unyielding, he handed out the toughest assignments and he demanded perfection in every Potion.

Also, the cloak.

“My students are terrified of me,” Draco argued.

“That’s not what I hear,” Potter contested. “The younger ones adore you. Apparently, you’re the only teacher who gives points to students for asking questions.”

Draco frowned. Didn’t everyone do that? What was the point of teaching if it didn’t encourage curiosity?

“Well, that might have happened here and there. But I assure you…”

“And some of the Fifth Years told me you’re tutoring them one on one instead of lumping them all in Remedial Potions,” Potter went on, looking rather impressed. “That’s amazing, you really do go all out for the kids.”

Draco shuffled uncomfortably. The tutoring had seemed like a sound notion at the time— he’d hardly wanted any laggers in his class and if the little dullards failed their OWLs, he’d have to deal with them all over again next year. His motives had been unquestionably self serving. He certainly hadn’t anticipated that they would be mistaken for generosity. Draco clenched his jaw.

Couldn’t those idiot children get anything right?

12 Days of Shipmas

Because I LOVE Christmas! ☃️🎁🛍🎅🏼🎄

The concept is simple, 12 short fics leading up to Christmas Eve, each with a different prompt/theme. I thought this would be fun to make so I’m going to do it :) anyone who wants to join me is more than welcome!

2nd December - Christmas gifts🎁

4th December - Christmas tree decorating🎄

6th December - Baby’s first Christmas/snow👶🏼

8th December - Wrapping presents🛍

10th December - Christmas songs🎼

12th December - Did someone spike the eggnog?🍾

14th December - Snowman☃️

16th December - Christmas jumpers🌈

18th December - Ice skating⛸

20th December - A Christmas tradition✨

22nd December - School Christmas play/nativity🎤

24th December - It’s Christmas Eve and you’re not here?😢

No rules or anything, just an excuse to read/write lots of cute Christmas fluff :) I’m aiming for between 1-2k for each fic. Pick any ships you like for each theme! Mine will be predominantly Hinny💕

Please share with anybody you think may be interested in joining in :) it’ll still be fun if this is just me, but it’s nice to share!

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w i t c h e s  : modern healers (or white witch)

Young girls with strong magic and the will of the good thrumming through their veins. Healers, or white witches, use their powers with the best of intentions. Herbs, potions, and remedies litter their desks and clutter their shelves. They spend their days tending their herb gardens, crafting flower crowns imbued with kind thoughts, brewing love potions and pain stoppers, and piecing jewelry to bring luck. There is no room for darkness in their hearts, only love and happiness. 


Title: Ours
Author: @remedial-potions
Prompt: “They know”
Description: Hermione suspects that Harry has figured out her and Ron’s biggest secret yet.
Rating: K+
Warnings: Occasional swearing.


Hermione’s voice comes as a hiss across the sofa, her face bearing an expression of grave concern. He glances around, briefly, to try to discern the cause of her distress, but aside from the usual - the extensive wedding planning chart on the kitchen table, the sample flower arrangements cluttering the work surface - it’s just a typical Sunday night at the Burrow.

Relatively typical, anyway.


Hermione’s eyes dart furtively around the crowded sitting room - there is no such thing as privacy amongst the extended Weasley clan - as though she’s about to share classified Ministry information.

“Ron, they know.”

It probably annoys her further that he just looks at her, eyes brimming with fondness for her the way they have since they were both stubborn teenagers, but he can’t help it. She’s just being so impossibly, so wonderfully Hermione right now, and her hand is on his thigh as she leans in to talk to him, and he knows he needs to be appropriately put out about whatever it is she’s put out about, but he can’t quite get there yet.


“Harry!” she snaps. “And Ginny too, they know-”

“How could they possibly know?” Ron attempts to reason. “There’s no way, nobody knows but us.”

“They can tell!” insists Hermione. “Look at the way he’s looking at us, he knows.”

Ron observes his best friend across the room. Harry does seem to be half-watching them as he and Ginny listen to Charlie regale them with a tale of his glory days as Gryffindor Seeker, but maybe, Ron tells himself, it’s because of how suspicious Hermione is acting.

Except… the thing about Hermione is that she’s usually always right, and then Ron actually makes accidental eye contact with Harry, who furrows his brow at him, and oh shit, maybe he does know. Maybe he’s mastered Legilimency, or he’s got some sort of sixth sense as a result of evading death so many times, but it seems like something’s up. Ron’s bouts of paranoia in the past have always been blessedly unfounded, but this is easily the biggest secret he’s ever kept in his entire life and now he feels like the truth is scrawled on his forehead in red ink.

But it’s not like they planned it, really, even though he had the idea a thousand times before he finally voiced it aloud. Every time she looked at him, long-suffering, with the Muggle telephone pressed to her ear and her mum on the other end of the line, every time they had to pore over photos of centerpieces and tablecloths, every time Hermione begrudgingly added another set of names to the guest list, he thought about it. And two days ago, as they were inking names onto envelopes at their own kitchen table, he finally spoke up.

“This is stupid,” he remarks, consulting the scroll of parchment for the proper spelling of his dad’s second cousin’s name. “I’ve only met this bloke once, at Bill’s wedding, and he kept calling me Rupert.”

“But that’s the thing about big families,” says Hermione around a sip of red wine. “You can’t pick and choose who you actually like, you either have to invite everyone or invite no one.”

Ron looks at her, his fiancée, the woman he would die protecting, his best friend, the person he loves more than anything or anyone, and he observes the bags under her eyes, her hair piled in an untidy bun, the fact that she’s taken to drinking wine in the evenings, and he decides that enough is enough. He’s seen her stretch herself too thin before in her determination to be all things to all people and he knows that none of it is worth running herself into the ground.

“So let’s invite no one,” he suggests, forcing himself to keep a straight face even though this thought is enough to plaster the goofiest grin on his face.

Hermione gives him a weary smile. “Oh, very funny.”

“I’m not joking.” He shifts around on the wooden chair to face her. “Look, you want to be married, right? To me, I mean?”

“I wouldn’t be addressing two hundred wedding invitations if I thought we’d be better as friends,” she quips back. “Especially not one to Aunt Muriel.”

“So let’s just forget all of this,” he says desperately, gesturing to the parchment and inkwells littering the table, “and let’s just get married-”

“We can’t just forget it,” replies Hermione, befuddled, “I’ve bought a dress, your sister bought a dress, and your mum’s been working on the decorations for weeks already-”

“Then we’ll still do all of that, I mean we’ll still have the wedding like we’re planning, it’s just - it’s supposed to be our wedding, right, but it feels like everything we’re doing is for everyone else but us.”

Ron knows he has a point when she’s silent, studying him with her bottom lip between her teeth.

“We wouldn’t have to tell anyone,” she muses slowly. “They could all think they’re attending our real wedding. We’d be the only ones who knew better.”

Leaning toward her, Ron catches her lips softly with his. “Let’s do it tomorrow,” he whispers, his face still close to hers. “It’ll be just us. And that way it’ll actually be what we want - because I don’t need any of this other stuff, all I want is to be married to you.”

Her face relaxes into a smile - the first time anything about her has been relaxed for weeks.


“I just can’t see how he would have found out,” says Ron, his mind now racing through the millions of scenarios that may have led to this information leaking. Their marriage certificate is public record, so any Ministry official on duty could have shared the news, and the wizarding community is nothing if not inclined to gossip, not to mention that Harry is incredibly well-known…

Ron looks back over at Harry, who now seems to be studying him skeptically with narrowed eyes, as though sizing him up. He’s seen this look on Harry’s face before, interrogating suspects, and it makes his stomach flip.

“See?” Hermione whispers, triumphant. “He knows, somehow. We must seem married.”

Ron thinks of the wedding band around his finger, charmed to be invisible for the next two months, and how he hasn’t been able to take his eyes off her since that bloke at the Ministry declared them husband and wife, and how he’s newly enamored with her, how it’s taking all of his self-control not to pull her up the stairs to his old attic bedroom… so maybe he is acting different. He hasn’t expected marriage to change all that much for them, but maybe it’s more fundamental than he realized.

His mum still can’t find out, though, and if Harry knows, then Ginny knows, and Ginny… she’s skilled at a great many things, but keeping secrets is not one of them.

“Oi, Harry!” Ron calls across the room, firing a meaningful look at Hermione. “And Ginny, come here for a second.”

When everyone stares, even Percy, Ron just shrugs. “It’s just best man and maid of honor business, don’t worry about it.”

Harry dutifully clambers up from the floor and pulls Ginny to her feet, and the four of them trek up the creaking staircase to Ginny’s old bedroom. It’s exactly the same, right down to the Weird Sisters poster, and Ginny and Harry both sink down onto the old twin bed. Ron stands before them, Hermione at his side, and decides his height is absolutely giving him an advantage here.

“Look,” he says confidently. “We know you know.”

The reaction is anticlimactic: just two puzzled faces gawking up at him, then each other, then back at him.

“What do we know?” asks Harry, looking to Ginny for guidance.

“I don’t know how you figured it out,” Ron continues, “but it’s not that big of a deal-”

“Yes, it is-” Hermione interjects.

“But we really don’t want anyone else to find out until at least after the wedding,” Ron concludes, “so please don’t tell anyone. Especially you,” he adds to Ginny with an accusatory finger.

“I still don’t know what we don’t-” Ginny interrupts herself with a dramatic gasp of astonishment. “Are you pregnant?”

“No!” replies Hermione, indignant, “and we wouldn’t get married just because of that, we just wanted to-”

At the look on Harry’s face, she stops. There isn’t even a hint of the smug satisfaction Ron had expected, nor any of the genuine happiness he had displayed when the pair of them had gotten engaged. Instead, Ron watches as his face vacillates between confusion and shock.

“You don’t mean you actually got married, right?” he says softly. Of course. The one time Hermione is wrong. “Just that you’re going to get married?”

They can still salvage this, Ron thinks, and backpedal their words, but that would mean not just keeping a secret from Harry, but flat-out lying to him. And he just can’t do that. He’s never lied to Harry before and he’s not about to start now.

“We got married yesterday,” says Hermione, who is clearly of the same mind as Ron, making Ginny’s eyes widen into saucers.

“Wait, you actually got married?” Harry looks stunned, almost… offended. “You got married without me?!”

“Wasn’t aware three people could all marry each other, mate,” Ron can’t help but crack back, mostly to mask the guilt boiling in his stomach.

“We’re still going to have the wedding we’ve been planning,” Hermione chimes in frantically, “it’s going to be the same, except-”

“Except it won’t even really count?” Harry’s brows are raised in defiance. “I mean, what, you couldn’t send Pig with a note? We live five minutes from each other.”

“You’re not meant to take it personal,” says Ron. “There wasn’t anyone there, just the bloke from the Ministry-”

“Lucky him,” scoffs Harry, though Ron detects the vaguest hint of a smile behind his scowl. “It just sucks that I missed it, I feel like I’ve been there for everything else.”

“I know,” says Hermione gently, “and it’s not like we didn’t want you there or anything, but we really wanted it to be just us for once. We just wanted to have something that was ours and not anyone else’s, and it was, so…”

Harry’s green eyes pierce into them as the tension rises in the small bedroom and Hermione and Ron exchange nervous looks. They never intended to hurt anyone with this, which was the primary reason for keeping it under wraps.

“I won’t tell anyone,” Harry states finally. “I’ll spare you your mum’s wrath.”

“You lot are mental,” Ginny declares, still regarding her older brother with a sort of amazed disbelief. “I mean, I already knew that, but - wow.”

With that, she rises from the bed and saunters from the room, leaving Harry to gaze after her.

“We’d better go before people start to suspect something,” Hermione decided, her hand curling around Ron’s as she leads him toward the door. Her own invisible ring has twisted around her finger so that the gemstone is pressed into Ron’s palm, and he’s reminded, for the hundredth time that day, that this is real now. It’s not some hazy day in the future with a dance floor and champagne toasts, it’s just them solidifying what they already know: they are made for each other.

“What made you think that I suspected something, anyway?” asks Harry as the thee of them traipse down the stairs.

“You kept staring at me,” Hermione tells him.

“Because you kept staring at me, it was creeping me out,” Harry laughs. “God, Ginny’s right, you lot really are mental.”

They’re just about to step back into the sitting room when Mrs. Weasley appears before them in her apron.

“There you two are,” she says as Harry slinks away. “I’ve been looking for you, I’ve got an idea for the seating chart.”

Dutifully they follow her into the kitchen, hands still clasped, and listen while she explains her plan to keep Mr. and Mrs. Granger, “who already have enough to be getting on with”, as far from the appraising eye of Aunt Muriel as possible, but halfway through her spiel she stood and regards the couple before her suspiciously.

“You sent out the invitations over the weekend, didn’t you?” asks Mrs. Weasley, the question directed at Ron.

“Er-” Ron’s hand tightens around Hermione’s. “We almost finished addressing them the other night.”

It isn’t a lie: they did almost finish addressing them… but then they decided to get married instead.

“Well, you’ve got to send them soon, dear,” Mrs. Weasley admonishes him, “because some of those owls at the post office are just dreadfully slow, and you want to make sure everyone’s able to be there, right?”

Hermione has sucked her bottom lip almost entirely into her mouth to curb her laughter.

“Right,” Ron chuckles. “Of course.”

“You only get one wedding day,” Mrs. Weasley continues, “so you need to be sure that it’s perfect.”

“It will be,” Hermione says confidently, and when her eyes land on Ron, he knows she’s thinking the same thing he is: it already was.

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Headache remedy

You will need:
Hot chocolate powder
Anything else you want

Take a mug full of milk and pour it into a saucepan and heat it on full til it starts to froth and then pour 1 teaspoon of honey into the saucepan and add as much cinnamon as you want

(if you are a witch then you can whisper caring words into the potion, for example I chanted the words “Healing, Protection and Self worth”)

put three teaspoons of hot chocolate powder into the mug

put your liquid potion/mixture into the mug, stir and then drink

Cold remedy. 1 orange, 1 lemon, chunk of ginger, water, whiskey. Put water in a pot, half full, bring to a boil. Slice up orange, lemon, and ginger. Leave peels on! Put orange, lemon, and ginger in water and boil for 5-10 mins. Put a shot of whiskey in a mug, ladle out some of the water. Then drink!! Add honey if desired, but not sugar. Sugar will cause you to get sicker.