plusshippingandhandling said:at my school, we have a super helpful system of online grades, so your parents can be kept in a state of constant disappointment.

Like, the grades are always up? So, they can see them as they change? 

If you wonder where my anon hate is I rarely post it! No use scrolling :) I think the whole time I’ve been here i’ve posted about 5 of the hates I got :/ I usually delete so not to give negative ninnies the platform they want but occasionally I loose my rag ;)
They always seem to have a theme- feminism, depression, vegan and ed. Anon haters love those subjects. Remeber the other day I posted the one about me being ‘a whiny cunt’ - yeah that was one of 3. All because I said I wasn’t feeling great in my mind with my ed issues :/
Ok I’m rambling so I will shhhh now lol

Giving advice with "ever"

Hi Mery! It is a pleasure giving you some advices to survive in my country. Whenever you come to Mexico you have to visit the best places here in the town because I know that wherever you go you’ll love it, whatever you decided to do remeber to visit those places with whomever you want because everything is better in company. Also don´t forget that whoever strange you see run into a safety place. 

With love, Josa.

P.S: Whichever problem you have you can contact me.


Dear artists on tumblr!
I might require your help with one of my projects ^^”
I’ve kind of created a world and made up characters, but I’m having a bit hard time to remeber all those things when I write, so… I thought that amybe if somebody draws them for me it’ll be easier to proceed with writing.
If you’re interested please send me message and we will talk more about this :)

So can I count on you?