Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 250}
          .            — Mom! —

Bernadette stood in a ghostly light, wandering out from the circle of candles the witch summoned from the dead brightens the room with her greenish glow. Bernadette’s 1970s attire was very clear ans had a tear in her eye.
Bianca: “ MOM!! ” Bianca screamed in excitmenet at seeing her mother before her! Last time she saw her was when she time travelled to 1975. Beatrice and Bianca were so shocked to see their mother they remeained silent just gazing at her spirit form! Bernadatte died years ago but the distant memories of her great motherhood will always be remembered in the witch sisters hearts. She was a great mom and is dearly missed by her daughters as much as the late Belinda. So much death has reined on the Crumplebottom women.
Bernadette: “ MY GIRLS! ” Bernadette reaches out to hug her eldest daughter Beatrice and the she hugs Bianca. As she moves her ghostly hair has a mind of It’s own.
Beatrice: “ We can hug you mother? But your a ghost! I’ve never been able to touch one!? ”
Bernadette: “ Darling the power of love makes anything possible. ”
Bianca: “ Mommy! Oh I always miss you. I just can’t beleive your here right now. Why did you have to leave us soon. Can’t you just stick around? ”
Fear suddenley brewed on Bernadette’s face, like she was hiding something. She felt the absence of Belinda and glared down at Bianca’s baby bump like she was witnessing a stake burning.
Bernadette: “ — Dear, your very pregnant now. [concerned] I’ve been watching over you… Well more like…. Under you. I must say, this demon baby will ruin our family line If It’s born. You realise you cannot have a demon to join you three. ”
Bianca: “ Three? Mom… Belinda’s dead! It’s just the two of us now. [confused] You said you’ve been watching… Is It too soon to summon Belinda? — [pause] Why did you say three, you knew she was dead, right?  ” The silence has a witchy vibe now and Beatrice peirces her eyes at her mother.
Bernadette: “ [ignores her] Um… Uh… Why… Uh did you girls summon me? ”
Bianca: “ Why you acting weird? ”
Bernadette: “ I’m not acting weird… Who’s acting weird? Oh look a black cat! ”
Beatrice: “ Stop changing the subject [serious witch] and awnser the question!You are acting weird, mom. We summoned you because someone is out there trying to kill us and without the power of three we can’t handle It! I nearly bled to death the other day! If It wasn’t for Mama Voodoo and Deedee, we’d both be dead! Family line OVER! We need more power for defense, to keep us alive…We’re not charmed anymore. The power of two is a death sentence. Your are last hope, we don’t know what to do. ”
Bernadette: “ Not all hope is lost! [head down] You see, Belinda is trapped in the afterlife my dears because there’s something she’s trying to do before she can rest in peice…. [ashamed]… There’s something I’ve been hidning from you girls… Something I need to tell you. The power of three isn’t quite done yet… ”