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Eighties Toys: Anybody else remember the Universal Monster action figures from Remco Toys? These relics from 1981 offered us young'ns hours of play time. It was especially fun to pit the monsters against each other in bizarre alliances and combinations: Gill-man and the Mummy versus the Phantom of the Opera and the Wolf Man, while Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster chilled. The only thing missing were toy Abbott and Costello action figures!

Knocking Off the Universe! The Insane MotU-KOllection of Ben David Krete

“Knocking Off the Universe” isn’t just the title of a book that I’m dreaming of - a book focussing on the endless subject of MotU-KOs. These’re also the words that describe the feelings that I had in the best way, after my KOllecting friend Ben sent me recent pictures of his man cave. Ben’s been in the KO game for about 5 years. I got to know him through trades, and endless online chats concerning our hobby. Within a handful of years, he put together one of the most definite MotU-KOllections out there. It covers pieces of pretty much everything that has been exploiting the 5.5 muscle action figure genre in the 80s, 90s and probably early 00s. From “common” stuff like Galaxy Warriors and Combo, to uncommon specimen like Defenders of the Planets, End of Time and Turly Gang, to rarities like Speclatron, Space Patrol II, and Sun Man - it’s all there! Prepare to get blown away.

Quite an archive, huh?


More Twisted Shit from the 1970s: Check out this profoundly disturbing TV commercial, circa 1970.  If Chucky from the horror film Child’s Play got together with Talky Tina, the loquacious, homicidal doll from the Twilight Zone episode “Living Doll,” you’d get this Remco “toy” known as Baby Laugh-A-Lot. If this thing doesn’t scare the living shit out of you, I don’t know what will. To make matters worse, toward the end of the commercial, the narrator goes postal (!), which just goes to show that psychopathic behavior can be infectious. No wonder the poor little girl (below) looks so troubled. She just encountered Baby Laugh-A-Lot! Send all therapy bills to Remco Toys

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