rember when

Remember how Ron Weasley sat with Harry on the Hogwarts Express his first day of Hogwarts not only because it was the only place, but because he saw that Harry was sitting alone? 

Remember that time when Ron Weasley wrote home to his mother that Harry wasn’t expecting any Christmas presents so that she could send him something?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley told Neville Longbottom that he was worth 12 of Malfoy?

Remember when “Ron was the only one who stood by him”? 

Remember when 12 year old Ron Weasley sacrificed himself to a chess game so that Harry could move ahead to stop Snape (Quirrell) from getting the Philosopher’s Stone?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley fiercely defended Hermione when Malfoy called her a mudblood?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was terrified of spiders but went following them into the forest anyways for his friend?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley turned up at Harry’s house in the middle of the night to rescue him because he was worried that Harry wasn’t answering his letters?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley stayed at Hogwarts over Christmas because he didn’t want his best friend to be lonely?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley completely took over the studying for Buckbeak’s trial?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley stood on a broken leg in front of his best friend and told the man they thought was a mass murderer that if he wanted to kill Harry he would have to kill him as well?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was personally insulted and guilty about the fact that he had been keeping the man who had betrayed his best friend’s parents as a pet?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley told Harry that they were coming to get him whether or not his aunt and uncle liked it?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was the thing that Harry would miss most, even after he had fought with him just earlier that year?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley gave up time he could have been studying for his exams to help Harry prepare for the third task?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley used his powers as a prefect to defend Harry to the students who thought that Harry was lying about You-Know-Who?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley kept standing by his best friend all year even though it labelled him as a liar as well?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley fully supported the idea of Harry teaching them Defence Against the Dark Arts and stood up for him to Zacharias Smith who was being extremely rude to Harry?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was absolutely furious about what Umbridge was doing to Harry in his detentions?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley removed the junk from on top of the knitting that Hermione put out to free the house elves because he knew it would be insulting and rude for them to pick it up without realizing it?

Rember that time when Ron Weasley supported Harry’s decision to talk to Sirius telling Hermione that Harry could “make his own decisions”?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley immediately agreed to go and save Sirius from the ministry?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley stood by Harry even after hearing about the prophecy which said that his best friend would either be killed by Voldemort or kill Voldemort?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley helped Harry find out what horcruxes were and get the memory from Slughorn? 

Remember that time when Ron Weasley told Hermione to lay off on Harry about the Potions book and cursing Malfoy, because obviously Harry never wanted to hurt anybody?

Remember when Ron Weasley supported his best friend even though he was dating his little sister?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley stayed and defended Hogwarts when Death Eaters broke into the castle, even though he could have stayed safe by staying away?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley agreed to leave school to help his best friend destroy the horcruxes and told him that they would be there whatever happened?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley risked his life by taking the form of Harry to help him get safely away from Privet Drive?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was a source of comfort to Hermione when she was upset about the fact that her parents didn’t remember who she was?

Remember that time when Ron was the source of all of the important information on the ministry when Harry, Ron, and Hermione needed to break in to get the horcrux?

Remember how Ron kept wearing the horcrux even though it was affecting him in a way much stronger than it did Harry and Hermione? Remember how he did that without complaint, accepting that it was all of their jobs to wear it?

Remember how Ron Weasley regretted leaving the moment he did?

Remember how he came back and saved Harry’s life?

Remember how Ron Weasley knew there was no excuse for him, but came back anyways, not expecting his friends to forgive him, but because he had promised he would be there?

Remember how Ron became the driving force of the trio after he came back, keeping them moving and on track, trying to make up for his mistake, still not expecting to be forgiven or even feeling like he deserved it?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley flat out refused to hand over Harry to Xeno Lovegood in exchange for Luna?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley screamed for him to be tortured instead of Hermione at Malfoy Manor? Remember how he ran around screaming her name and sobbing, wishing it was him instead of her?

Remember when Ron Weasley discovered a way to destroy the cup and made sure to get it destroyed?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley defended the House Elves saying that they couldn’t order them all to die for them?

Remember how Ron Weasley screamed out in defiance against Voldemort after they believed Harry to be dead? Remember how he continued to fight even though he knew what would happen if they lost?

Remember when Ron was the very best friend that someone could ever even ask for and how he was so loyal, kind, brave, and just an all around great guy?

Remember how Ron Weasley was a teenage boy who made mistakes but always acknowledged them and apologized, and never tried to make it seem like he didn’t do anything wrong? Remember how when he messed up he always worked hard to make his relationships stronger afterwards?

Ron Weasley is a great friend. Anyone who disagrees can fight me.

So basically there was this MC with Minegishi, Sashihara, Yuki and I think Jurina too? And during this MC the girls had to share with everyone some memories they had with Kojima-san. The thing is that Yuki (as usual) said that she actually had very few memories with Kojima-san, that is because despite she has always been admiring, respecting and liking Kojima-san very very much throughout the years, they have never had many chances to talk. She said that she rembered that when they were announced as WCenters for Green Flash, both she and Kojima-san were like, “That’s good, isn’t it? Maybe we’ll be able to talk more from now on”, but that eventually that hope never concretized. So both Sashihara and Minegishi told her to go hugging Kojima-san during this song. She was supposed to hug her from behind, like in a sort of surprise (because if she was going straight in the front Kojima-san would have gotten scared, apparently XD), but then, where it looks that both Sashihara and Minegishi completely forgot about it, Kojima-san(!) herself remembered about this (she probably heard them talking about it while changing XD) so she started calling out to Yuki in order to hug her! 

hAH!!! Finished it! I’ve been dying to draw something for the INTL finale- but finals have made it a bit more difficult. But taadaaa!! I left all of my mushiest thoughts in the comments- but y’all. I love this story so much. Thank you @theninjamouse / @theninjawrites for everything. (AND for Oof + any other upcoming stories! ) <3 <3

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Hi sweetie ❤ I love your blog and can you bts and got7 reaction to their girlfriends hand always cold... Sorry for my English 😢

Hi there! I’m sorry but I only do Bts stuff on this blog I hope it doesn’t bother you :3

I hope you like the reaction :)

(your english is fine hun) 

Bts Reaction to you having cold hands


You would be taking a walk outside. It wasn’t very warm outside so your hands were even colder than usual. You tried to warm them by rubbing them together but it wasn’t making much difference. Namjoon saw you were struggling to warm them up.

“Jagi if your hands are cold just put them in my pockets.”

Which you did and it felt better right away, you walked around with a hand shuved in his pocket with his hand in yours feeling all nice and toasty.

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You were in a restaurant eating some of the nicest food you had eaten in a while. The only problem was that your hands were pale and cold and all you could focus on was warming them up. You didn’t mention it because you didn’t want to worry him just because of your hands. Jin saw they were pale but didn’t say anything since he knew it would bother you. Instead he just held your hands to keep them warm, for time to time he  would drop a few warm kisses on them. You were thankful Jin was so considerate of your feelings.

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You were watching a movie, and of course your hands were cold again. You had them stuck under the cover with you and Yoongi but they were still freezing. You had had enough and just stuck them under his tshirt, to which he squealed.


i feel like this gif expresses his reaction well :’) 

Once you had explained your hands were cold he would accept you warming them up against him.

“Just warn me before you freeze me to death.” he would say with a small smile, not wanting to admit he liked having you this close to him.


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You were at a friends house for the afternoon. You had been complaining about your cold hands for a while now. Hoseok wasn’t really paying attention because he was laughing so much with his friends. But once he saaw you pouting in a corner with your hands under your armpits trying to warm them up he would come up to you to apolagize.

“Y/N I’m so sorry I didn’t realise.”

gif is him apolagizing 

He would take you in a big hug and would hold your hands for the rest of the night so they could stay warm.


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You and him would be laying in bed trying to sleep. You could hear his heavy breathing behind your back and you knew he was asleep. No matter how hard you triend you just couldn’t go to sleep yourself because of your freezing hands. After a while you turned around to face Jimin and approached him slowly with your cold hands that you stuck against his bare chest.

He sighed softly but didn’t move because he knew that your hands were stopping you from sleeping.

“Goodnight jagi..”


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You were sat on the beach in the sun, but even if it was warm your hands were still cold. In this case you were happy they were always cold because you used them to cool your face off. Teahyung was all sweaty and couldn’t cool down so when he rembered that your hands were always cold he just grabbed them and put them on his face with a sigh of relief.

“Omg Jagi I love your cold hands!”


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You two would be at the movies, and yet again your hands were cold. It hadn’t been long since you two had started dating so you were afraid to hold his hand in case it might bother him. You had them on your lap but in the end he found your hands and took them in his. He didn’t say anything so you asked him if he minded your cold hands.

“Y/N don’t be silly if I’m holding them right now it means I don’t mind.” he would tell you, with a kiss on your cheek.

You spent the rest of the film hand in hand.

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Request: Can you do an imagine where liam has a crush on y/n and the pack come(s) by y/n’s house and find out that her family is abusive? ~Anon

Liam had had a crush on you forever. Everyone knew that.Ever since you patched him up when Hayden punched him was head over heels. Sadly, he hid this a little to well, leading you to believe that he just thought of you as a friend. You were okay with that, sure you liked he him too, but you just thought you were friends and you weren’t going to push anything. besides, you didn’t want to ruin your current relationship.

Being friends with Liam meant you got to learn about werewolves and all the other creatures around Beacon Hills as well. It was crazy and quit frankly, tiring. Every other day there was something wrong. A stray Chimera, a new werewolf, weird half dead past pack member, it was all happening.

It was after one of these events that you decided to go at the wrong time. Your parents were home. You didn’t notice until it was to late. You had stepped in and once they heard the door open, they were on you like vultures. First it was verbal, as always. Calling you names on the way to your room and grabbing your clothes before you could close the door. You looked at them with all the strength you could muster, trying to hold your ground. It had no effect on them as they dragged you out into the open Living room with only lawn chairs in it.

You fell to the ground when they let go, causing all fo the books in your bag to spread across the floor.

“Great Expectations?” Your mother laughed as she picked up the book you were currently reading. She looked you right in the eye as she tore out a few pages and threw them in the fire place. How am I going to explain that to the teacher? You thought. Oh how many things your parents broken for you. You couldn’t keep count anymore. You were getting sick of it and the only thing that kept you going was graduating and getting out of this town, finally.

“You know Y/N, we only do this for your own good. the world isn’t a ncie place” Your father explainged, sitting down in one of the two lawn chairs that sat against the wall. Next to it you saw the booze that they must have been drinking. When you got a wiff of your mother, you knew it was true. She did happen to smell like Tequila.

“I know” you whispered, trying not to glare over at them, starting to gulp the bottle away again.

“What was that?” Your father yelled, making your mother start to get up,

“Nothing, “ you stated, picking up the books still on the floor and not ripped up before heading to your room. Your were thankful that it didn’t go any farther today, like it usually did.

Once you got to your room you closed the door. You locked it with the small blue saftey lock you had bought. Nothing much, but still better than onne, you thought. It wasn’t long until you heard a knock at the front door and you hoped to good that it wasn’t the friends your parents were talking about a few days ago. That is, before you heard the familiar footsteps of Liam and Mason.

“Uh…Hello Mrs. and Mr Y/L/N” Mason greeted them, politly.

“Is Y/N here?” Liam asked, softly, looking around the room. you peeked out of your room hoping that Liam would catch your eye as your parents quickly were engulfed in conversation with Mason. Once you made eye contact with Liam he knew something was wrong. Why is she hiding?

You pointed to the window and then to your room, wanting him to talk to you through the window.

“Yea, and we just wanted to give her her jacket, she left it behind in the library” Mason explained kindly. Liam agreed, putting it down on the samll table in the kitchen and started towards the door. Pulling Mason along with him gently

“Wait, what about-”

“it’s fine, she’ll find it, we have to get going” Liam said, gruffly, almost commanding Mason to go with him, which he complied to do, but it still worried him.

“Well it was nice meeting you!” Mason called back as your parents rolled their eyes and started drinking once more. But when the door closed they got up and went to your door, and grabbing the jacket that the boys had brought.

“Oh Y/N” They hissed into the hall. it made your skin crawl and try to put on your lock faster, also trying not to make a ruckus. While you were doing that you heard a small pine cone hit your window. It made you glance back to see Liam in the tree, looking confused and worried. You held up a finger telling him to wait a minture which he did. It just gave you more time to worry. Your parents were coming towards the door and you could hear their footsteps echoing off your door.

“Your little friends came by” they sang, finally coming to the door and jiggiling the handle, finding that it wouldnt open.

“Oh, she’s gotten smart” you father said, impressed.

“Not smart enough” your mother chuckled as she went to go get a hammer. You felt your heart thump harder in your chest and yoru palms start to sweat. It wasn’t until Liam hit the window again that it brought you back to reality.

You looked back at him, wided eyed and frenzied, he looked just as scared as you and that’s when you rembered he could hear everything. You felt your heart sink into your stomach. Especially when the footsteps came back.

“I’m giving you a change baby” You mother said sweetly  before continuing, “Open this door” she offered,   “Or I’ll knock it down” she seethed. Your heart skipped a bit as you heard the thing she was holding hit the floor. It sounded heavy.

Liam hit the window again, motioning for you to open it, which you did, quickly running over to it. He grabbed your arm and tugged you out to the tree that he was on.

“Liam,” you pleaded, but he just shushed, probably looking for the fastest way to get out. When Mason came crashing round the corner of the block he jumped out of the tree, making you scream into his chest, holding on as tight as you could. You heard the smash of your door breaking and thanked god that you weren’t in your room anymore. Instead, you looked up to see Liam still holding you, running to the car. He looked like he wasn’t even trying to carry you, and you felt yourself melt into his arms when he set you down in the car and yelled at Mason to drive as fast as he could.

~ A/N Thanks for reading this guys! So Sorry I haven’t been on in forever! School I tell ya! Anyways, I’m aiming to have more time now to right so please expect some more imagines and stuff on the way!!

Dear Antist,
Please stop taking youre interpretation on Otabek’ and Yurio’s relationship out on Kubo-sensei.
Like the only thing confirmed about them is they are friends. Friends do weird shit togather. Fucking yesterday me and my friend where messing around ,she poked me in the boob, i poked her back, she poked me harder , i pushed her, she squeezed- like Otabek having to improv something to do to surprise the audience, honestly if someone shoves theyre hand right up to my mouth ,i can either kiss it ,which could mess with our friendship or just mess around and get the genral atmosphere and be like “ time to rip thehre glove off”.
Like if you ship Otayuri, good for you.
If you dont ship Otayuri good for you.
Half of you antist denyed Viktuuri to be cannon even when they kissed ,like im not comparing the two ,but untill it is clear that they are a thing keep youre opinions to tumblr.
Like how do you even know that theyre even interested in each others in that way? Maybe one day ,in like 3 years or so they will be togather , maybe Yurio dose have strong feelings towards Otabek , I dont think it would be good to have Yurio all of a sudden start liking him once hes of age. Maybe its a part of his charrecter development, they arnt togather now. And they wont be togather untill he is itleast 18. Otabek was littarly like “fuck no you cant come to the club ,youre 15” , he wouldnt do anything.
Rember Kubo made YOI, she made it beautiful, without flaw, just let Kubo do her thing and youll see where her story is going.
Rember when we all thought Viktor was evil, or Makka would die? Ya well the initial panic and anger faded shortly after more was revealed.
If you do interpret anything in a way you dislike ,well Tumblr is here for a reason. You could mean it one moment but not the next ,or not after giving it more thought.
My point is ,leave Kubo alone she worls her ass off ,she didnt have to improve the dvd and blueray quality, but she did, she didnt have to give us the YOI on Stage ,or WTTM ,or the manga. But she did. While also attending interviews and working with animators for the movie. She’s an angle so don’t yell at her or shit like that.

Hyakuzawa Yuudai, Hinata Shouyou + Chapter 217

yo okay, i’m feeling pretty emotional about hyakuzawa (and his interactions with hinata) right now so i couldn’t not say anything.

okay, any character who feels so obviously insecure like that, to the point of sitting alone on the ground looking sad, is going to have a hold on my heart. hyakuzawa is the most inexperienced player at the camp, and i’d bet he’s aware that some of the other boys there don’t really want to play with him. on top of this, he must be painfully aware that there are a lot of players at this camp who not only attend powerhouse schools, but are regulars - in short, he knows that he is surrounded by extreme talent, and it serves to make his insecurities about his playing even stronger, as he has some of the best players in his year to compare them to. the 2-on-2 matches have become a source of misery for him, he dreads them and wants them to end as quickly as possible, because these in particular really drive home how far behind he is in comparison to the others. 

now of course, this isn’t really his fault, he’s only just started playing and his teammates likely relied purely on his height, if their match with karasuno is anything to go by. it’s completely understandable that he isn’t on the same level as the others, but it’s also understandable (and heartbreaking) that he is so upset by this. no one wants to spend a week in intense training with people when you know your skills are far behind everyone else’s. 

so then what happens?

well, in comes hinata.

holy shit, i love hinata shouyou.

not only does he immediately validate hyakuzawa by making it clear that he thinks hyakuzawa belongs at the camp, he then proceeds to be the most vocal and enthusiastic supporter anyone could ask for. of course, this is hinata’s nature! he’s a lovely ray of sunshine who lights up everyone’s lives, but it’s important to remember that hyakuzawa doesn’t know this, so it probably makes hinata’s words even more important and special to him. hinata’s vocabulary choices aside, it’s clear how surprised and relatively moved hyakuzawa is by hinata’s praises. they aren’t overly complicated, hinata tells it like it is, but these earnest compliments reach hyakuzawa. i’d put money on it being the first time anyone has ever complimented him like that, especially considering he’s still at a low skill level.

so, imagine being at a training camp full of elite first-years, feeling like you’re still in middle school in comparison, and then having a virtual stranger go wild praising your abilities and potential, completely validating your presence when you felt like you didn’t deserve to be there? hinata did something truly fantastic this chapter and i love him for it. because he’s right! it’s not hyakuzawa’s fault he started volleyball so late, and his potential is phenomenal! with his height, and the right training, hyakuzawa could be an utterly formidable opponent, and he deserved to know that he belonged just as much as everyone else did. major shoutout to hinata for being so utterly sweet and telling hyakuzawa, else he could easily have wallowed in his insecurities for the rest of the camp.

and on the topic of hinata: i am so insanely proud of him. he has grown so much at this camp, even without playing all that much! he’s learning so many things from looking at the games and training from off the court, and it’s blatantly obvious in this chapter that it’s paying off. he’s thinking of game strategies and watching the other players closer than ever - things he didn’t really do all that much before. when hyakuzawa rembered hinata’s in depth explanation about a possible play and how it could affect the rhythm of a game, i could have cried. hinata has come so far, you guys. he’s improving so much and i just know he’ll be fantastic at nationals, even better than he already was. he took a situation that wasn’t really in his favour and made it work out insanely well for him. hinata is an inspiration, honestly, he makes friends so easily and helps others (just to simply “beat them at their best”?? such a simple, endearing motive. also he’s way too attractive in that panel), and he’s never once been bitter even when he had every right to be. like hyakuzawa said, no one knows better than hinata that he deserved to be at that camp. but he’s never been cold towards any of the other boys there. hinata is just such a wonderful, warm person, and i’m so proud of how far he’s come.

Concerned - Cedric Diggory Imagine

Written by @cedricsrosycheeks

Warnings: Insomnia/Seizure/Mention of parent death

I sighed as I stared at the ceiling of the Ravenclaw girls dormitories. This was the fifth night in a row that I’ve struggled with falling asleep. It was currently 4:15 a.m. I surveyed the room and my tired eyes drifted over the picture my parents had taken of Cedric and I at the beginning of the year. We were both laughing in the picture and his gray eyes twinkled as he looked at me. I was happy then. My brown skin glowing in the afternoon sun. I was blushing at something he said. I smiled at the picture and felt tears welling in my eyes.


It had been a lazy Saturday morning at Hogwarts. Very few students had gathered in the Great Hall for their usual breakfast. I sat at the Hufflepuff table with Cedric and his friends laughing about the time we played each other at Quidditch. It was an intense game already lasting five hours. Ravenclaw leading with 850 points and Hufflepuff falling slightly behind with 730 points. Cedric and I had been searching for the Snitch when a bludger came out of nowhere and knocked me in the back of my head. I never saw it coming. I let out a startled cry and fell forty feet to the ground with a cacophonous crash. I remembered waking up in the hospital wing two weeks later. Cedric sitting beside me. His brown hair tousled, eyes low and puffy. His perfect nose was pink as were his cheeks. He sat with his elbows on his knees hands covering his face. His school bag was placed by his feet. And a stack of books were placed neatly beside him. The curtains were drawn around my bed, shutting out the rest of the room. All around me were flowers and chocolates. What seemed like thousands of get well soon cards and balloons were placed beside the flowers. I gave a weak smile and turned my attention on Cedric. His eyes filled with tears and still low and he hadn’t noticed I was awake.  I slowly sat myself up in the comfortable twin bed. The movement startled Cedric. He looked up and grinned, tears gleaming in his kind eyes.

“Thank Merlin, Y/N! I thought I lost you.” His hands gently cupped my cheeks and I grinned at the contact.

“What happened Ced? How long was I out?” I inquired. He sat back down wiping tears from my eyes I hadn’t noticed had formed. He grasped my hand and looked me deep in the eyes. My Y/E/C eyes flicked to his and back to our intertwined hands. I squeezed his back and met his eyes again, locking contact.

“We were playing Quidditch. You and I were side by side reaching for the Snitch. And out of nowhere a bludger hit you in the head.” He stated.

I reached up feeling the shrinking lump on my skull.

He sighed. “You fell off your broom, and you hit the ground so hard you were knocked out for two weeks.”

I sat up fully straight now. My curly Y/H/C hair falling into my eyes. I looked at my lap and smiled. Cedric moved the stray strand of hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear.

“ How long have you been up here?” I asked, referring to the hospital wing. He blushed slightly and chuckled.

“Everyday after class and before dinner I stop by and wait. Today was my lucky day I guess. Praise Merlin you’re okay.” He smiled brightly and licked his plump lips.

My eyes flicked to his lips and I blushed. My brown skin turning light pink. I cleared my throat.

“Who brought all these gifts?” I asked looking around at all of the treats and flowers. Cedric laughed and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Well,” he began. His lips curving into a grin. “Potter and his friends stopped by immediately after the accident. Harry brought you a whole basket of chocolate frogs. You know he has a crush on you right?” He paused locking eyes with me once more. I blushed.

“Yes, I know. He’s sweet, that Potter. His heart is in the right place.” I spoke quietly trying to hide my grin.

Cedric continued, “All of the professors stopped by to bring flowers. Dumbledore brought Sugar Quills. And the Weasley Twins brought you something, I would be cautious opening it though. Never know what those two have up their sleeves.” He chuckled.

“And the flowers?” I questioned raising my eyebrows at the abundance of lillies and roses. Cedric smiled at his lap.

“Well, the lilies are from me. And the roses. Malfoy brought.”

 My eyesbrows raised higher. “Malfoy? He cares about me? Since when?” I was shell shocked. Sure Draco never spoke down at me but he always sneered when I walked into the room.

Cedric licked his lips. “ He’s actually an alright lad. He sat with me for awhile and talked. He truly was concerned about your health. You scared us all being out for so long.” He finished as Madame Pompfrey entered.

She gasped and clutched her hands together in excitement. “ Oh thanks Merlin Y/N! You have finally woken up. I was worried you’d slipped into a coma dear.” Her features morphed into a look of pure joy as she saw Cedric holding my hand.

“This boy is a keeper Mrs. Y/L/N. He’s been up here everyday. ” She smiled at the two of us.

“A few times he fell asleep waiting for you to wake up. It’s so nice to see a boy so in love.” She sighed.

Cedric and I laughed as we talked about the old days. The conversation about the accident died down as owls flew in, dropping off packages and letters to the few students left at breakfast. Cedric erupted into laughter as we heard a Howler tell off Neville Longbottom.  My owl, Zeus, dropped a letter off at my lap. I stared at it curiously. The letter was addressed from my cousin Peter.

Dearest Y/N,

I know I have not contacted you in a long time. I have been quite busy studying here in Egypt. Listen,  I want you to know that you are loved. I know that what you are about to read will be most difficult to believe but, alas, it is undeniably true.

In recent times, my work brought me to London. I stopped off at your house to visit your parents. When I arrived I found the house in clutter and the atmosphere was chillingly silent. Y/N, your parents were murdered. I found them dead in the  fireplace room. I don’t know what happened. An investigation will take place. My heart is with you. Please write back Y/N. I love you and I’m here for you.

With Love.


After that I felt my eyes well and over flow with tears. Cedric turned to me and put his arm around my shoulder pulling me into his chest. I passed him the letter and turned into his firm chest. I cried silently as he read the letter again. His face fell toward the end of the letter and his eyes welled with tears. He set the letter down and hugged me tighter.

“Hey, Y/N. I’m here for you. I understand what you are going through and I want to help you. I love you Y/N.” His soft fingers tipped my chin up and my watery eyes met his.

“I need you to let me help you, love. Will you let me in?” He spoke softly. I shook my head yes, not trusting my voice.

Cedric kept his word and stayed by my side ever since. Every morning he would wait outside the common room for me. We would walk to class together and he made sure I ate enough at meal times.

I had opened up to him about my parents and he had listened, holding me when I cried and smiling when I rembered something about them. Cedric made things easier. After a month I was back to normal. Smiling genuinely again and laughing whole heartedly. I still thought about my parents but I knew they would never want me to sit around and sulk. So I didn’t.

I properly thanked Malfoy for the flowers and he and I became friends. Harry and I had began to study Potions together in the library every Saturday morning. He was a kind boy. His eyes were gentle. We bonded after I told him about my parents. He blushed furiously when I had mentioned the chocolate frogs. Life was better with the new friends I made. But recently I’ve had trouble sleeping and I couldn’t stomach any more than a few bites of food. I was puzzled because I felt that I was normal again.

End Flashback

*Back to the earlier scene in the Ravenclaw dormitories.*

So here I lay, eyes burning as tears rolled down my cheeks at the memories. I smiled despite crying, looking away from the picture of me and Cedric I sighed.

I willed myself to stand up and I sleepily sauntered into the attached bathroom. My right hand felt around the corner for the light switch. I peered into the mirror and sighed at my appearance. My face was pale and my eyes were decorated with dark bags. My frame had shrunk since last week. I rubbed my groggy eyes and reached for my toothbrush.

My hand circled my teeth and lightly massaged my gums. I gazed into my eyes once more. They were eerily dim and the once vibrant Y/E/C was replaced with a darker shade of the previous color. I spit out the toothpaste and swished mouthwash around for a few seconds. I spat into the sink and washed my face with a peach scrub Cedric had bought me in Hogsmeade. Its aroma filled my nose and I sighed happily.

Once I had rinsed my face and patted it dry, I looked normal again. I smiled at my now beaming reflection as my brown skin glowed in the bathroom light. I heard my roommates stirring  so I hurried up and bewitched my hair to look neat. My Y/H/C curls were displayed neatly and looked perfect. Despite my recent sleep pattern. I looked healthy and happy.

I stepped out to see Luna stretching, her hair in disarray. I glanced at the muggle clock I had found last year. It read 6:15 a.m.

“Good morning Y/N.” Luna said sleepily. I smiled in her direction.

“Morning Luna! Did you sleep well.” I asked. Turning towards my bureau and searching for my Ravenclaw robes.

“Yes, actually. What about you?”  Her doe eyes looked me over and she smiled. I laughed and shook me head.

“Not very well but I feel great.” I laughed. Our conversation ended and I dressed in my normal school wearing. I put on my white button up shirt and slid my deep blue socks on. I pulled my black skirt up past my knees and fastened my shoelaces. I slipped the silky robes over my shoulders and fixed the Ravenclaw crest. I equipped my wand and grabbed my school bag. Glancing at the clock before leaving.

6:25 a.m.

I met Cedric outside the door of the Ravenclaw common room and smiled at his face. He was so handsome standing there with his hands in his pockets. His cheeks already colored slightly pink. Cedric’s hair was tamed and his eyes were gleaming.

His eyes traveled up my body and then met my face. He pulled me in for a hug and held out his arm.

“Good morning Y/N. You’re looking as lovely as ever.” He stated as we began walking towards the Great Hall for breakfast. I blushed and smiled at the ground.

“Ced, you are so kind. How have you been lately?” I asked peering into his grey orbs.

He smiled at the ground and sighed. “I’ve been really happy lately. I’m finally getting good marks in Potions!” He grinned.

Cedric reached over and ruffled my hair.

“Hey! Watch the hair Diggory!” I teased. He smiled in return and we walked through the doors of the Great Hall.

I sat at the Gryffindor table with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The trio smiled at me as I took my place next to Harry. He blushed when I set my hand beside his and pumpkin juice dropped down his chin. Ron laughed and Hermione giggled at Harry’s nervous state.

I grabbed a napkin and dappled his chin. He smiled at me with his kind blue eyes.

“Thanks Y/N, I’m sorry about that.” Harry said as I wiped his face.

“Oh it’s quite alright. Sorry for sneaking up on you.” I said piling food on my plate.

Breakfast was lovely and I could actually stomach my food. I walked to class with Harry and waved at Malfoy in the hall.  Harry seemed puzzled by this.

“Since when are you and Malfoy friends?” He questioned, eyebrows knitting together in confusion.  I turned to him and smiled.

“He brought me flowers when I was in the hospital wing. He’s not very cold toward me.” I replied simply turning into the Potions classroom.

Harry and I took our seats next to each other in the front of the classroom. We made small talk as we waited for class to begin. I couldn’t help the pang of hurt as I saw Cedric and Cho walk in. She’s been crushing on him lately and he hasn’t turned her down yet. I’ve always liked Cedric more than a friend but I never told him in fear of our friendship being ruined.

Harry noticed me staring and asked me what’s wrong.

“Y/N, are you okay dear? You zoned out for a minute.” Concern laced his voice.

I shook my head and blinked a few times. I shrugged and reached for my quill. “I’m alright, just a little tired. I guess I zoned a bit. ” I replied setting up my notes.

Harry shrugged and did the same. The class filled and Snape marched in, his robes flying behind him dramatically. He surveyed the room and turned towards the board. Cedric and Cho sat behind me. All through class I heard her giggling and felt my anger slowly rise with each laugh.

“Today, we will be brewing a calming potion. It should turn a shade of light blue or lilac. The more blue, the better.” Snape stated. Harry and I agreed to be partners for the day and we got to work after turning to the correct page.

“Could you pass me the Lavender and the Unicorn tears please?” I heard Harry ask. I looked up and met his eyes. I blanked for a moment until he placed his hand on my shoulder. I blinked a few times and shook my head.

“Sorry Harry, here.” I cautiously passed the ingredients to him and he poured them into our shared couldron.  I stirred clockwise until the potion turned a shade of electric blue. I smiled at our work as Snape made his round about the classroom.

He stopped at Harry and I’s desk and I could have sworn I saw him smile.

“Excellent job you too. This potion is perfect. Absolutely textbook example.” He said glancing between us two. He turned to leave but stopped. He glanced over his shoulder and spoke.

“Twenty points each to Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.”

Harry and I smiled widely. I hugged him. He was startled but wrapped his arms around me. I closed my eyes for a moment and wish it had been Cedric hugging me.

“Amazing job Y/N. I could never do this without you helping me study. I think we make a good team.” He smiled.

I looked at him and returned the gesture. “We make an outstanding team!” I corrected.

Harry and I walked to our next classes together and I found myself getting lost in thought. I kept think about Cedric and his perfect lips. I wanted to kiss him so bad my body craves it. I pushed the feelings I had for him away and tried to focus on Harry’s story. We sat silently through class and took  our notes. After classes came lunch.

I sat at my own house table but I didn’t touch my food. I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t want to upset my stomach. I felt weird all throughout dinner. My head burned and I felt slightly shaky. I shook it off and thought I just needed some rest.

After dinner I walked with Cedric to our last class. He kept glancing at me worry painted on his structured face.

“What is it Ced? You keep looking at me.” I asked as we walked the long halls of Hogwarts.

“I’m worried about you Y/N. You didn’t eat at lunch and your eyes are starting to wander. You look flushed. Are you feeling alright?” He rambled. I shook my head yes.

“Just a little warm. I need some rest. I haven’t slept in a few days.” I revealed. He gasped slightly.

“How long have you gone without sleep Y/N?” He inquired suspiciously.

“Five days.” I stated. Voice quiet as not wanting to be heard by passing students. His eyes widened.

“Five days! Y/N Y/L/N that’s not healthy! Have you talked to Madame Pompfry?” He asked. I shook my head no as we entered our last class of the day. Defense Against the Dark Arts. I took my seat in the far left back as usual and Cedric trailed behind me.

“I’m okay Ced. I know it’s not healthy. I’ve tried drinking tea and playing soft music. It’s not working. My minds been all over place and at night I think about my parents. I’ll talk to Pompfrey tonight if I can’t sleep. Deal?” I proposed setting my books aside and getting my quill and wand ready.

He smiled and looked at me, his eyes gleaming. His smile wasn’t happy and I knew he was still worried.  He shook his head yes and began to get ready for class. We arrived ten minutes early so I was talking with Cedric waiting for Professor Lupin to walk in.

Draco Malfoy took his seat behind me and tapped my right shoulder with his slender fingers. I turned to him and smiled. His smile faded when he noticed my face.

“Godric! Y/N. Are you alright dear? Your face is paler than mine.” He said. His eyebrows knitted together and he looked me up and down.

I reached for my forehead and felt a cold sweat starting to form. My head however was burning. I shrugged.

“Oh no, I’m okay. Starting to fever I suppose.” I shook it off and met his blue gray eyes.

“Alright. Take care of yourself Y/N I hate seeing you in the hospital wing.” Concern dripped from his voice as it has Cedric’s. I smiled at him and turned towards the class.

Lupin droned on for half an hour about the Unforgivable Curses. I had felt myself start to sweat harder as the lesson progressed. I got so warm I had taken off my robe and sat in my button up and skirt. Cedric noticed and kept asking me if I was alright. I assured him I was fine.

My body however was starting to act strange. I was shaking all over and my left leg would oddly jerk.  I had a killer headache and I felt detached from my own body.

I shook violently and I felt everyone’s eyes turn on me. Cedric grabbed my hand and his eyes searched mine.

“Y/N! Are okay love?” He asked.

I couldn’t respond and my hand flew to my temple. I was sweating hard. I shook my head yes and tried to focus on the lesson. I reached for my notes but I fell out of my chair. My whole body shook violently and my eyes went blank. I gasped for air and tried to look around but I couldn’t see passed the tears in my eyes. I panic as I heard screams fill the classroom. Lupin stopped teaching and his face appeared above mine. Draco grabbed my other hand and him and Cedric tried to hold me still. The whole class was staring at me now.

Harry had rushed towards me but couldn’t get passed the crowd.

“Make some space! Move everyone! She’s having a seizure! Move!” Lupin yelled at the students. Everyone’s shocked faces stayed on me as they backed up.

Cedric was crying and he tried to hold my hand. My body convulsed and I was no longer in control. The last thing I heard was Cedric and Draco yelling. I felt myself being lifted up. Then everything went black.

A few hours later I woke up in the hospital wing. Draco, Harry, Cedric, Hermione, Ron, and Luna stared back at me. All at once their faces flushed with relief. I smiled at them.

“Oh thank Merlin!” Malfoy said. He sat beside me and grabbed my hand.

“How are you feeling Y/N?” Cedric asked. I looked up to him and shrugged.

“Alright I guess. What happened?” I asked sitting up and smiling at Draco.

Everyone became silent. I gave Harry a quizzical look. His blue eyes were slightly watery but he was smiling at me. Draco stood and gave him the seat next to me. Harry sat and grabbed my hand that Draco had been holding.

“Y/N, you had a seizure. Your whole body was going into convolutions. You were totally unresponsive. Are you okay, Love?” Harry tipped my chin up to meet his eyes.

“I’m alright Harry. I just haven’t slept in a while. I need to be more careful.” I blushed embarrassed that I was gaining so much attention. He smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’ll let you speak with Cedric. Please take better care of yourself Love. We all care for you and I hate coming to see you like this.” Harry said. He squeezed my hand one last time before turning and leaving with Ron, Hermione, and Luna all behind him. They all said goodbye and left.

Draco sat next to Cedric, closest to me on the right side of the bed. I looked up at him.

“Here, drink this.” He passed me a glass of ice water and I gratefully took a sip. Draco grabbed my right hand and looked me in the eyes.

“Now I know we aren’t the best of friends but Potter’s right. We all care for you Y/N. I was so afraid when you fell that you would never wake up. I never cried as hard as I did today. You scared us all Y/N. Get well soon love. Please talk to me if you need help falling asleep. I’ll do whatever you need love. Take care. I must go now honey. We all love you Y/N Y/L/N. Never scare us again okay?” He smiled his eyes were watery and I felt myself tear up also.

“Thank you Draco. I love you and I will watch myself better. I’m sorry for this. I just wasn’t thinking straight. Take care, I’ll see you in a minute.” I smiled at him. Draco leaned down and kissed my cheek. His lips lingered a little longer and then he turned with a final wave.

I turned to Cedric. He smiled at me. Then he dropped his head and I saw tears fall. I heard him whimper and my heart shattered. I sat up and scooted to the end of the bed and faced him. My delicate fingers tipped up his chin. His eyes refused to meet mine tears spilling over every few seconds.

“Hey, don’t cry. I’m okay. I’ll eat more tonight and I’ll ask Pompfrey for some sleeping potion, okay? Ced. Ced please look at me Love.” I pleaded.

His grey orbs met mine. His face was flushed. I wiped his tears away gently and sighed.

“I love you Cedric.” I confessed.

“I love you too Y/N.” he replied softly.

“No Ced, you don’t understand. I’ve been in love with you since we were young. I’ve spent the last nights thinking about you and I just can’t fight it anymore. I know you love Cho. She loves you too. I knew I didn’t have a chance with you. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I’m sorry if this is weird. I understand if you don’t feel the same way. Just tell me so I can get over you.” I rambled. His eyes looked deep into mine.

“Y/N I-I don’t like Cho. Sure she’s pretty but I love you. All these years I kept quiet. I was going to say something tonight but I wasn’t brave enough.

I smiled. His tears were dried now and I could see the sincerity in his eyes. I laughed and pulled him into a hug.

"I’ve been so concerned lately Y/N I knew something was up I just couldn’t quite tell. I love you Y/N Y/L/N.” he confessed.

We stayed in each other’s arms for a while saying nothing. Until he lifted my chin. He leaned close to me and I could feel his breath against my face. I smiled and he pressed his lips on mine. It felt perfect. I melted into his body and my hands reached for his hair. The kiss lasted a few seconds then we broke away.

“Was that okay?” Cedric asked.

“It was perfect Ced.” I kissed him again and this time I didn’t want to separate.

After this I knew things would be different. If my parents could see me now I’m sure they would be smiling.