I wonder if there was ever a year in Hogwarts history where Every. Single. First year was sorted into one house. Like, maybe they didn’t even all belong there. But after like, the tenth kid was sorted into Hufflepuff (for example) The would-be Gryffindors are like, “hah, this’ll be a great joke let’s all ask the hat to be puffs. And the would would be Slytherins are laughing cos going into Hufflepuff would means no one suspects their pranks and plans and how very devious. And the would-be ravens go along because it would be an interesting experiment to see how this changes the school dynamic. And Snape is just like, FUCK they’re all Hufflepuffs help me and sprout is just BEAMING and also more than a little confused and McGonagal and Dumbles figure it out right away because they see those kids who are wearing remarkably Marauder-esque faces laughing over their brilliant seven year joke and Flitwick is confused because everyone keeps figuring out the riddle and all the lil puffs study in the ravenclaw common room when they want peace and quiet. And Hufflepuff always wins the house cup because there’s so many of them now. And over seven years all these kids that would be divided figure out that they even each other out and kids who would have been in four different houses are all best friends.

I don’t understand how people can think that Dennis holds the power over Dee in their relationship.  Yes, he manipulates and abuses her, and she is forever striving to gain his approval.  However, it’s made clear numerous times in the show that Dennis actually does not hold that much influence over her.  When she thinks she’s going to become famous, Dee all too eagerly rejects Dennis to board a flight to LA, appearing perfectly fine with separating from him.  Dennis, on the other hand, loses his shit at the prospect of her leaving him.  

If anything, Dee is the one person who can influence Dennis and get under his skin.  Just by remarking that his face looks fat, she can push him into starving himself.  He exhibits intense emotional reliance upon her, clinging to her when scared or upset and always running back to her when he experiences problems with one of his other friends. It’s telling that when Dennis “breaks up” with Mac in Mac and Dennis Break Up, he goes straight to Dee’s apartment to seek solace.  In the Gang’s book, Dee mentions him crying to her countless times over his high school girlfriend Maureen Ponderosa.  He’s confessed to loving her twice and shown distress at her rebuffing him.  While Dennis and Dee both need each other, it’s evident in my opinion that Dennis needs Dee far more than she needs him.    

This striking mural – some 80 feet long – covers the wall outside a Yemeni restaurant in Hamtramck, Mich. It represents Yemeni Muslim culture and history, and was painted by the Chilean artist Dasic Fernandez over the course of a winter month in 2013: “during the freezing cold and snow,” according to the civic group OneHamtramck.

I keep coming back to the intense gaze of the young girl veiled in turquoise (top photo). When the mural was unveiled, Fernandez remarked, “The child whose face is covered, look what she is wearing. She is wearing the sky, which represents freedom.“

Yemenis are one of the largest demographic groups in formerly-Polish Hamtramck; they now make up about 20% of the population. In Hamtramck streets, it’s common to see women fully veiled, with only their eyes exposed. The Muslim call to prayer rings out five times a day from more than a dozen mosques around the city.

By the way, Elissa and I highly recommend Sheeba Restaurant, which is on the other side of that mural. Above, you’ll see some of our Yemeni feast. We sampled maraq (lamb broth soup), creamy baba ghannouj, fassolia, fattoush salad, chicken stew with vegetables, and a fragrant lamb fahsa, which came to the table bubbling and steaming in that black casserole. Oh, and that delicious flatbread, which was the size of a hubcap before we tore into it. With admirable restraint, we abstained from dessert. 


Photos: Melissa Block/NPR
♫ Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop- Landon Pigg//Marauders Era: Remus x Reader

Request:  Can you write something for Remus x reader with the song ‘falling in love at a coffee shop’ by Landon pigg please?

The rays of the sun turn a faint red, soon after morphing into a hazy purple as the faint shape of a crescent moon appears in the clear, darkening sky. Gentle gusts of wind come and go, dried tree branches snap under rushing feet and drying leaves that have now turned the familiar hues of Autumn pirouette through the crisp October air, finding their way to the ground. 

The Three Broomsticks Inn is now lit only by torches that grace its walls. It’s almost completely emptied of the crowd that had spent the day sitting in its mismatched chairs and sliding goblets across the wooden counter for refills of burning alcohol and friendly remarks from the kind faced Madame that filled them to the brim each time. 

Y/N smiles to herself, satisfied with the silence that now fills the space. The sound of a page flipped by her nimble fingers seems much louder than she had expected it to, soon echoed from the other end of the inn. Her eyes glanced up at the sound, meeting the brown eyes of a boy who, to her, was only accidental touches in the hallways and apologetic smiles until the moment her glance lifted from the page. Their eyes exchange inaudible whispers, hushed “Hello"s fluttering through the warmed interior as the woman behind the counter smirks at the scene. 

The greetings remain unsaid, and infatuated eyes return to worn leafs of paper. The same smile spreads over both faces, undiscovered, yet still brightening the room, prompting a shaking head and a knowing smirk from Madame Rosmerta.

The sun shines brightly, the heat of its rays coated in the frosty air of the winter day. Cheeks are reddened, footprints left in the thin coat of snow that covers the ground, snowflakes sticking to the woolen fabric of hats. A bell rings as he enters, eyes wide open and roaming the room, looking for the girl who read and smiled, scanning the room for her y/e/c eyes, the scent of cinnamon reaching him only once he notices her in the very same place. 

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Until adolescence, I was very complexed by my size. I was often the smallest in my class, in other words almost always. I saw the other girls become women and I, keeping the body of a child.
I wanted to grow up, have nice curves, but Mother Nature wasn’t of the same opinion. So I abandoned, believing one day that the society shows us : a beautiful woman boils down to being tall and thin.
I don’t understand why this discrimination. It was as if women less than 1m70 could be lovely. Say I’m 1m55, it’s limit ridiculous.
And then one day I looked at my mother, who is smaller than me, she has faced many remarks about it. I saw her smile, happy and above all proud of her.
If was my click, for me, it was more radiant than all these models without expression. She exuded charm, happiness and femininity.
My mother is my opposite : coquette, with humor, gifted in many areas and without exception. Next, I felt even more tiny it.
Wonderful women of smaller sizes, it exists everywhere. We’re not talking Eva Longoria, Karrueche Tran, Hayden Panettiere and Lea Michele, we’re talking about people like you and me. ———By tit3.viet

Thanks tit3.viet for sharing her “Growing pains” .Be yourself Be confident Be strong Be postitive Be rosegal girl @rosegalfashion

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What type and form of humor does each sign have

This is a very difficult question to answer broadly because sense of humour in someone’s chart is determined by many things, especially the sign in and aspects to Mercury and Jupiter… Venus also possibly.
I think the mutable cross itself symbolizes humour; Gemini with witty, clever jokes… Sagittarius laughs at everything, witty or not… Virgo is harder to impress, may even be difficult to get her to laugh… And Pisces just does not get the joke or laughs at what is clearly not a joke…

I believe people with a strong presence of Gemini/Mercury and Capricorn/Saturn could easily be described as having ‘dry humour’; drops a sarcastic remark with a straight face. The dryness comes from Saturn… 

People with Sagittarius/Jupiter dominance will literally laugh at everything (unless of course, they are seriously afflicted), I am the living proof of this (Sag dom), I’ve had teachers that are quite like the Gemini/Capricorn type described above who would literally just be giving a lecture, but because they are quite animated (Gemini’s hand gestures and mimicry…), serious, and impressionable, I could not help but laugh the entire time they were teaching! And I’d be the only one laughing… (Maybe my classmates were all Virgos…)
Sagittarians are definitely the half glass full type folk, so jokes about unfortunate situations aids their optimism. Their jokes are usually inclusive and playful.

Although pessimistic, I feel Cancers can be similar to Sagittarius in the way that they will laugh at unfortunate situations. They are very sarcastic.

I feel like the air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, could easily be grouped together as the types of people that appreciate intelligent humour; well thought out jokes, puns, “smart jokes”…
Of course, each air sign does have its differences. An Aquarius might crack a joke that is highly inappropriate and although a Libra might laugh at it, a Libra wouldn’t make a inappropriate joke… The classy Venusian sign is “too good” for that.
Aquarius and Aries are definitely the types to make inappropriate and dirty jokes. I’ve made this observation through plenty of Aquarians and people with Aries dominance. Aries in Venus is known for playful teasing, so Aries dominance probably would enjoy humour involving teasing (of course, never to purposely hurt anyone unless they didn’t like the person they’re making fun off..). In one instance, I know a person who is a Pisces sun, but has Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries and he comes off innocent, but will then unexpectedly say something extremely dirty (but funny) 😂! Oh and he also has Mars in Scorpio… I feel like Scorpio in Mars folks also have a specialty for dirty jokes, but I can never tell if they’re actually joking 👀

And about Scorpio… I know people are probably gonna hate me for saying this, but THEY DO have a dark sense of humour… And before you attack me for saying this, obviously look at aspects to Mercury and Jupiter, make sure you look over the whole chart’s personality. 
People with Scorpio/Capricorn influences especially have a very strange sense of humour and as a Sagittarian that is renown to laugh at everything, they are the one type of people I have a hard time laughing at because sometimes they are just down right strange! 

^ me when a Capricorn/Scorpio dom makes a joke

And then there’s Pisces…
I’ve met so many Pisces and every single one has had multiple “haha, what?” moments! Sure they will laugh with you, but often times they don’t get the punchline. I feel like they also like humour that doesn’t make sense, jokes that are purposefully random and confusing.
One Pisces teacher I had would sometimes make jokes that no one would get and he would laugh at his own jokes. 

And Virgos, like I mentioned at the very top of this post seem to be hard to get to laugh, but I’ve done it before. It’s actually really funny to see them try and hide a laugh, but then they crack a smile a little bit and you know you’ve got them. I believe Virgos appreciate clever humour like the air signs. I also know they are the type of people you can give a side glance at when you see someone cringy in public and they will know EXACTLY what you’re thinking and probably laugh at your mutual judgement towards a person who is being embarrassing. 

I feel like Leo’s humour is somewhat similar to Sagittarius with a hint of Aries. Loves the build up of a great, hilarious story. 

I think Taurus is the only one I didn’t really go over yet and they seem to like suggestive humour. Lots of innuendos, but not necessarily as crude and vulgar as Aquarius or Aries. Basically, they might make a butt joke, but they is no sexual motive behind it. 
They probably enjoy a range of humour, but it doesn’t have to be as witty as Gemini’s for them to enjoy. People are quick to describe Taurus’ humour to be ‘boring’, when really it’s just more average; it just isn’t as extreme as an Aquarius or Scorpio. 

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She walked up to the dark man, seated in his grand chair and stoped about a foot away. "I've never been in the presence of a demon before", she muttered softly before clearing her throat. "U-um Darkiplier, sir, are you capable of falling in love with humans?"

There was an angry gurgling sound lying somewhere deep in the base of his throat, rumbling in his jugular, muffled by his own skin, as his face remained remarkably unchanged.

“Figment. Not demon.”

He was prompt, too prompt, to correct.

“And no, I am not. I am incapable of falling in love with anyone, you must understand. It is not apart of my code, my DNA, as you humans enjoy to describe. It is not who I am, nor is it something I desire to be. I would be useless with such a pointless emotion. I would have no boundaries, no formality, I would not be who I am now, I would not be what I am needed for. I do not feel love. I do not feel romance. I do not feel the need to be in a relationship with anyone in such nature. So those who romanticize me, those who desire something with me, those who place me in ways I do not even wish to comprehend at the moment, are foolish.”

TV With Claudia


  • Couldn’t stop laughing at Nu-MiniBagel, especially after his mud-face (and remarked, “isn’t it the most basic rule, you don’t fuck with the kid whose dad can kill you?”).
  • Was literally horrified by by DimBelle’s new wig
  • Though “Her Handsome Hero” was the dumbest sounding thing ever

Riverdale (107):

  • Loved the dream sequence opening
  • Got annoyed when I cheered for shirtless Juggie and called me a perv (I reminded her he’s 24)
  • Announced Kevin is now the hottest guy/best boy and she only ships him and Joaquin
  • Until she saw (of all people) Fred Andrews (who I was making fun of)—she announced, “No, Mom, he’s a DILF and I would totally tap that”. (she was “meh” on FP)

Considering Claudia also has a thing for George Clooney and John Stamos, I think I should be worried….

Cut & Run Meme ▬ Favourite Moments [02/05].

“Hey, give me my gun, would you?” Zane asked as he shifted, only to wince as the skin pulled.

“Why, you planning on shooting me in the ass when I turn around?”

Ty asked sarcastically as he reached for the holster.

“Tempting, but you’d probably get off on it,” Zane said, holding out his hand.

“Maybe so,” Ty drawled again, grinning widely as he placed the gun in Zane’s hand.

Zane’s palm covered the gun, and his fingers curled firmly around Ty’s hand. His eyes had gone serious when he looked up at the other agent.

“Why did you help me?”

Ty looked down at their hands and then up at Zane with open confusion. “Why wouldn’t I?” he asked.

That certainly wasn’t the answer Zane expected. He figured he’d get yet another smartass remark. His face softened slightly, and he nodded slowly, letting go of Ty’s hand. “Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me,” Ty responded with a smirk. “Just don’t get your prissy ass hurt again.”

“Better watch it, Grady, I might get to thinking you’re taking a liking to my prissy ass,” Zane said, sliding the gun under the pillow.

“I’m sure I’d like parts of it,” Ty shot back as he headed for the door.

“Be right back.”

Dorianders Headcanons

I’m actually doomed to go down with this ship, apostaterevolutionary spoke about it last night and I have been thinking about it all day. For the record this is vaguely set (in my mind) as Anders joining Skyhold/the Inquisition, not necessarily as Inquisitor but he could be.

• Anders feeling angry and desperately frustrated at some of the Inquisition members showing no interest in the mage’s cause or worse, deliberately trying to maintain neutrality. Worse yet, for being a Chantry apologist. Dorian cheers him up by making very snarky and bitchy comments about them all to Anders in private, then proceeds to use all his remarks to their face in conversation, subtly. Anders has to bite his lip to keep from barking with laughter in the middle of the Fallow Mire.

• Anders’ heart almost bursting with pride and love each time Dorian cleverly defends mages’ right to freedom in conversation, which happens several times a day.

• When they first meet, Anders isn’t sure what Dorian will make of him and Justice, but after witnessing Dorian’s kindness towards Cole, he is able to open up to him. Through explaining and talking it all through with Dorian, albeit with some heated discussion involved, he finds he finally has a little more clarity on who he and Justice are as a person, together.

• On their first night together, Anders suffers a horrible nightmare about his time in solitary confinement, as per usual. He wakes up with a sob but feels Dorian’s strong arm wrap around him and squeeze him tight, while the Tevinter mage leans over  to kiss his cheek and says, “You are not alone, Amatus”.

• Dorian actively encourages Anders to take some time for himself and not work himself to the point of exhaustion. They are comfortable taking time to sit in silence together: Anders likes to lie with his head in Dorian’s lap, sometimes napping, sometimes just content to lie there in peace while Dorian reads a book and softly runs his hands through Anders’ hair. 

Honestly I have loads more than this, and loads more cooking up but I’m too sleepy to type any more.

theirs is the snog of ice and fire

replied to your post

“i almost just tagged an axg post “a snog of ice and fire” welllllll”


I’d read a fic called that tbh.

well now you get to jeeno~

It’s cold, and dark, and whatever had served to keep him warm at nights before winter had come definitely didn’t serve now.  He huddled under his cloak–a cloak that had probably once been colorful like Lem’s, or Beric’s, or Thoros’, but which is now faded and muddy and far to thin for winter–much less Winter in the North with its six-foot snows.

He’s grown a beard.  It keeps the cold off his skin to some extent, but that doesn’t mean his lips aren’t freezing and chapped as his teeth chatter together and he tucks his hands into his armpits to keep his fingers from getting frostbite.

He’s heard them say the Stark words came in force this winter–that after nine years of summer, and a quick autumn, winter had not just come, it had come with a vengeance.  

He hopes that Arya’s pleased about that, wherever she is.  He hopes that she’s got a nice thick high-born fur-lined cloak and a fire and a castle and everything, and she’s not stuck here chattering and shivering with the low born warriors like him.

It’s so dark.  They never talk about how dark winter is when they talk about the North.  He remembers winter when he was just a boy in King’s Landing.  The night had fallen sooner, but never this soon, with only the briefest glimpse of daylight before the darkness hits you once again.  At least the snow reflects the moonlight…when there is moonlight.

He shivers and jumps up and down and hopes that they’ll move soon.  If they stay still they’ll all freeze to death.  But he’s not the one making the decisions.  That’s for the highborns to do.  

It’s so bloody cold and his cloak is too thin and–


He hears the call through the darkness, through the other men–a woman’s voice, or a girl’s maybe.  Lower than he remembers it, because a ten-year-old’s voice changes even if that ten-year-old’s a girl and…

“Gendry!” and she’s running towards him and it really is her, really and truly, he’d recognize that long face anywhere, even if her hair’s grown out a bit and is braided.  She’s running towards him and she’s got a thick, fur-lined cloak and even in the darkness he sees her in the light of the moon reflected up from the snow and she’s smiling–truly smiling to see him and–

He doesn’t mean to.  He really doesn’t.  It would never be proper, and she’s a lady, even if he is a knight now, but when she throws herself into his arms he kisses her and her lips are so warm against his, warm like fire and she makes a squeak of what he hopes is pleasure as she kisses him back.  And now he doesn’t care that his cloak’s too thin.  His blood is pumping hard through his body and Arya’s here, Arya’s alive and kissing him back in the middle of everything and everyone.

He smiles when she breaks the kiss, smiles down at her.  She’s taller now, and less scrawny and he wishes he didn’t notice the way her chest swelled out a bit.  She stamps on his foot.

“Ow!” he yelps.

“That’s for leaving me,” she snaps.  Then she stamps on it again.  “And that’s for being stupid.”  Then she reaches up and grabs his collar, and brings his lips to hers again.

Imagine little Hagakure Tooru being super self-conscious of her invisibility, always wondering what she looks like.

And then one night, she’s having a sleepover with some of the other girls in her class, and Ashido has the brilliant idea of breaking out the makeup.

First is a layer of foundation, a pale milky peach, and she watches with fascination as her face slowly becomes visible.

Then, a pretty light pink lip gloss and sweet, full lips pulling into a shy smile.

Some blush to add a bit of colour, and maybe a bit of contouring. Light blue eyeshadow.

And of course a pair of black contacts. Though it does have somewhat of a strange affect, as the whites of her eyes are still invisible.

Ashido breaks out a long brown wig she sometimes uses for cosplay to complete the look.

The girls are oohing and ahhing, studying Tooru’s face, remarking how pretty she is. And Tooru herself can’t tear her eyes away from the mirror, feeling something inside her settle, an answer to a question she’s been asking her whole life.

They decide to have a little fun then, dusting her neck with some foundation and giving her a shirt that will cover the rest of her invisible skin. They pose for a group selfie, having Tooru close her eyes so that they don’t give her away, pretending she just happened to blink as the picture was being taken.

They post the picture on facebook, and giggle as they wait for the boys’ confusion about the “stranger” in their midst.

Part Two of “The Holiday”

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you have a chance to read!

Summary: Two women, unlucky in love, decide to swap homes and lives for the holiday season. What happens next is nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Based on the movie of the same name, “The Holiday”.

Part One can be found here.

The Holiday

Part Two

When he was properly clothed, Finnick returned to the living room in a pair of nicely-fitted jeans and a hand-knitted burgundy cardigan. Annie sat on the couch, feet curled up and drinking a cup of hot chocolate—with some rum mixed in.

“Oh, good. Now I can focus on your face,” she remarked as he sat down on the opposite end of the couch.

“Are you always this snarky? Or, is this the façade that you like to put up for potential love interests?” Finnick retorted as he sat back. “It’s so not like Katniss to just up and leave like this. I know that I’ve been busy lately, but I really should’ve checked up on her. Some big brother I am.”

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I can imagine Kaneki gets tired of all the remarks calling him baby-face and people confusing him for being a younger kid than he actually is, and being shorter than most of the guys in TG. When this gets him down he goes to Touka and just hugs her.

Touka: “Eh? What’s this all of a sudden?”

Kaneki: “I love you Touka.”

Touka: “Me t..”

Kaneki: “When I’m around you I get to feel tall.”

And then she’d probably punch him in the stomach…