“Daddy, I’m hungry!” Zero glanced back at the little girl following behind him, deciding to let her call slide.

“Really? You already ate three helpings in the last place we stopped.” Ai made a face remarkably like her mother’s.

“I want dessert!”

“Dessert too?” Zero silently wondered how many more bottomless pits would be introduced into his life. He already had Aido and Yuuki, and now Ai too. He foresaw many a night slaving over a hot stove for his family. He smiled at the thought.

Recognising the part of town that he and Ai had found themselves in, he took hold of her hand and entered the same little café that Yuuki had so inconsiderately dragged him into so many years before.

Ai’s eyes lit up as she took in the colourful interior and the wide selection of parfaits behind the glass counter. Zero had to tug her away before she tried to melt through the glass to the sugary treats on the other side.

“Which one do you want?”

“That one!” Ai pointed at the largest, chocolatiest parfait there was. He wished he could say he was surprised, but she was her mother’s daughter. He placed his order before taking Ai over to the same table that he and Yuuki had sat at.

He placed his chin in his hand, glancing around the place. It had some subtle changes here and there, but overall, it was still the same. Much like his relationship with Yuuki, he mused.

“Auntie Ruka was telling me there was a yummy parfait place near the academy and your work! Is this the one?” Zero felt a surge of pride at Ai’s flawless pronunciation.

“Yes, this is the one. It’s your mother’s favourite.”

“Mother comes here?” Ai asked excitedly. “Will we all come here one day?”

“I’m sure we will.” Zero smiled affectionately at the little girl.

“Have you been here with mother before?” She asked curiously.

“As a matter of fact, she dragged me in here once before.”

“Was it a date?” The excitement had notched up in her voice. She was very astute for such a young girl.

“Unfortunately not. It was while we were still getting to know each other.” Ai looked puzzled, as though the idea of her mother and Zero not knowing each other was unimaginable. “We talked about some pretty serious things. I’m sure she’ll tell you when you’re older.”

He noticed a small splodge of parfait on Ai’s nose. It made her look so exactly like Yuuki. Yuuki had looked pretty cute herself with the sugar all over her face; though he hadn’t been in the position to wipe it off as he was with Ai. She beamed up at him as he cleaned her face. He noticed her glancing over to one of the tables past his shoulder.

“When we all come here together, will we have as much fun as those girls?” She pointed. Zero turned to the small table behind him currently occupied by four giggling girls. He observed that they kept sneaking glances at him, before he caught the eye of one. He smiled and waved, his suspicions of their activities confirmed when the girl turned a deep beetroot red and the other girls began congratulating her. He chuckled deep in his throat.

“We’ll have more fun.” He watched his charge take the final bite of her jumbo parfait. “Are you ready to go?”

She nodded happily, jumping up and grabbing her father-figure’s hand. Neither of them were paying enough attention to notice the small butterfly angrily buzzing in the girl’s faces.


“Lady Yuuki, is something wrong?” The vampires that she had been meeting with had noticed her eye twitch and her expression darken.

“Not here, there isn’t.” She had her familiar fly around irritatingly in their faces for a few seconds more before calling it back. They should know better than to set their sights on her man.

Have some father-daughter bonding. And some jealous Yuuki.

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Deeeamus "Are you really going to leave without asking me the question you've been dying to ask me?"

70. “Are you really going to leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?”

They were sitting in Dean’s appartment, watching 300 when Dean made the comment.

“I should grow a beard,” he said, looking at King Leonidas’ jealously. Seamus turned to look at him.

“Yeh’d look rubbish with a beard,” he remarked. Dean made a face.

“I don’t think so. I think it’d make me look distinguished.”

“Neville’s growing a beard,” Seamus commented. “Ran into him down at the pub. He definitely didn’t look distinguished.”

“Well, I’d rock it better then Neville.”

“That’s assuming yeh can even grow one. Yeh’re no Dumbledore.”

“Dumbledore,” said Dean fondly. “Now there was a man who could rock a beard. Maybe I should grow mine out like his.”

“Yeah, I’m sure Jean would love that,” Seamus said sarcastically. His friend fell silent and for a second Seamus thought that maybe he had overstepped by bringing up Dean’s boyfriend. But after a moment, Dean made the real reason for his silence clear.

“Actually, Jean and I broke up,” he said. Seamus could tell he was trying to sound casual but he didn’t quite manage it.

“Oh,” said Seamus, unsure what else he should say. “Sorry, mate.” That seemed like a safe bet, right?

Dean shrugged. “It was better for both of us.”


Seamus tried to refocus on the movie, but he didn’t quite manage.


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Remarkable Faces, Vol.I: Montgomery Clift in his various films (with bonus Marlon Brando)

It was really hard to pick a single film or even a single scene from his films, so I decided to transgress from the conventions of this photoseries and choose from my favourite films with him in it, with bonus Marlon Brando’s home movies. The problem is that he’s just too beautiful. I would make 8 volumes with just him in it, but I can’t. I think that he’s “the fairest of them all” out of all the people featured in this photoseries. I felt that his most subtle reactions (his secret smirks :)) were the most beautiful to me.  As Burt Lancaster once said, 
“The only time I was ever really afraid as an actor was that first scene with Clift. It was my scene, understand: I was the sergeant. I gave the orders, he was just a private under me. Well, when we started, I couldn’t stop my knees from shaking. I thought they might have to stop because my trembling would show. I was afraid he was going to blow me right off the screen. ”