Cameron Maynard/Courtesy of Rizzoli

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From baroque homage to monochrome minimalism, the interior designer Anouska Hempel displays a remarkable ability to change course. 

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I may be an idiot. But I’m your idiot. If you’ll have me?

How to train a thief, part 10.

(for Charlotte)


Remarkable Faces, Vol.I: Montgomery Clift in his various films (with bonus Marlon Brando)

It was really hard to pick a single film or even a single scene from his films, so I decided to transgress from the conventions of this photoseries and choose from my favourite films with him in it, with bonus Marlon Brando’s home movies. The problem is that he’s just too beautiful. I would make 8 volumes with just him in it, but I can’t. I think that he’s “the fairest of them all” out of all the people featured in this photoseries. I felt that his most subtle reactions (his secret smirks :)) were the most beautiful to me.  As Burt Lancaster once said, 
“The only time I was ever really afraid as an actor was that first scene with Clift. It was my scene, understand: I was the sergeant. I gave the orders, he was just a private under me. Well, when we started, I couldn’t stop my knees from shaking. I thought they might have to stop because my trembling would show. I was afraid he was going to blow me right off the screen. ”


1989: A SPECTACULAR year for hair

When I do my next massive update of the Peter Capaldi filmography, I’m half way tempted to list the various projects NOT by their (extremely boring) official release dates/airings dates – which is more or less how it is currently set up – but by the length, volume, and general exuberance of The Hair.