remarkable value

Now you fucking Johnlock shippers listen to me

I’m a Johnlock shipper too. It’s my actual one true pair, I love John and Sherlock so much it’s not even healthy.

But you all need to stop. Like, just stop.

You remind me of children who throw away their Christmas presents because they didn’t get exactly what they wanted. You’re shitting on an overall good season with a remarkable production value just because your ship isn’t canon.

You know what else isn’t canon? Sherlolly. Adlock. Fucking Sheriarty. Nobody got what they wanted. And you know what? The other shippers have it even worse than us, because at least we got John and Sherlock living together, solving crimes and being happy again, which is the whole point. We can even afford to have hopes for the next season if we want.

It’s a flawed show with plot holes and continuity errors and problematic things, just like every other show in existence. Let’s face it, we knew they were queer-baiting us since the very beggining. I know how much TJLC means to some of you, trust me, I know because I used to be onboard of it too. But a while ago I realized just how naive it was to actually believe that a same-sex pairing consisting of two incredibly well-known characters from classic literature would ever be canon.

So stop acting like you’ve been betrayed. “We always saw it coming. But it was fun.”