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shallureith- They go to the Space Mall for one reason, and one alone: sparkly things.

Thank you for the prompt! Honestly? She doesn’t deserve one single sparkly thing. She deserves multiple sparkly things.

In which Shiro goes along with Keith’s idea that a dagger was a proper sparkly gift and Coran most certainly brings another Kaltenecker home.

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This Just Became the World's Cheapest Form of Electricity Out of Nowhere
And there's one country that can claim a huge share of the credit.

And there’s one country that can claim a huge share of the credit for it.

Solar power is becoming the world’s cheapest form of new electricity generation, data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) suggests.

According to Bloomberg’s analysis, the cost of solar power in China, India, Brazil and 55 other emerging market economies has dropped to about one third of its price in 2010. This means solar now pips wind as the cheapest form of renewable energy—but is also outperforming coal and gas.

In a note to clients this week, BNEF chairman Michael Liebreich said that solar power had entered “the era of undercutting” fossil fuels.

Bloomberg reports that 2016 has seen remarkable falls in the price of electricity from solar sources, citing a $64 per megawatt-hour contract in India at the tart of the year, and a $29.10 per megawatt-hour deal struck in Chile in August—about 50% the price of electricity produced from coal.

Ethan Zindler, head of U.S. policy analysis at BNEF, attributed much of the downward pressure to China’s massive deployment of solar, and the assistance it had provided to other countries financing their own solar projects.

“Solar investment has gone from nothing—literally nothing—like five years ago to quite a lot,” Zindler said.

When the numbers come in at the end of 2016 the generating capacity of newly installed solar photovoltaics is expected to exceed that of wind for the first time: at 70 gigawatts and 59 gigawatts respectively, according to BNEF projections.


What if I told you the Jordan x Kaws collab won’t be his biggest release this year?  A year ago, Kaws debuted his partnership with Uniqlo releasing a collection of t-shirts with his classic Companion prints. For the fans, this was the easiest pick-up of all time. The collection was available to all, even relaunching weeks later for the late bloomers. As it came to a surpise the collection did not sell, leaving bundles sitting on shelves. Not to mention the t-shirts were at a remarkable price retailing at just $15.If you remember a release like Original Fake x Kaws collection of t-shirts years back, this came to a huge shock that such a sought after collection was not sought after this time around. With a name like Kaws and his creative director Nigo, it raised questions.

Fast forward to this year, the name Kaws has been luminating through sites with his recent collaboration with Jordan Brand. The day of the launch, the sneaker sold out in minutes via Nike dotcom and the resell of the sneaker has reached 5x the original price. It seems like Kaws gained his hype back. All awhile we presumed Kaws would bask in his success of this collab, the artist himself released new information of yet another collaboration. This time working on part two with Uniqlo and curator Nigo. It seemed he had his hands full working on yet another collection of t-shirts this time re-introducing his Kaws Peanuts. The collection will release about 12 t-shirts of his classic Snoopy and the Gang. The collection will also have a Snoopy plushie in two sizes. No word on the official release date but it has been confirmed for this month. Needless to say with the hype of the Jordan release, this collection will not sit around for long. So don’t expect such an easy cop this time around. 

Market Report: ABF looking smarter after Jefferies says it fits the bill

Investors were today urged to try Primark-owner Associated British Foods on for size, as Jefferies forecast a brighter future for the discount fashion behemoth.

ABF, which also makes Ryvita and Twinings tea, was catapulted to the top of the FTSE 100 as the broker elevated it to a Buy, eyeing improving margins at the high street retailer and a Brexit boost for its sugar business.

Jefferies lauded “remarkable price discipline” and warned rivals could be left in a sticky position amid rising costs. “Competitors will have to move up to defend profitability, especially given their greater exposure to trading down risks in the UK.”

Meanwhile, the pound’s post-referendum plunge has “severely dented” the appeal of French sugar imports into the UK market in a potential boon for the conglomerate.

The City liked the story and drove the shares 84p higher to 2699p, but the move wasn’t enough to keep the wider FTSE 100 positive. It fell 38.31 points to 7310.68 as traders reacted to US President Donald Trump’s comments that the dollar was becoming too strong. That lifted the pound, a drawback for the many FTSE firms that make much of their income overseas.

Hospitals operator Mediclinic bucked the trend, however, and rose 26p to 762.5p. It reported full-year revenue in its two largest businesses, Switzerland and Southern Africa, grew by 3.5% and 6.8%.

On the FTSE 250, down 63.83 points at 19,360.11, gold miners were in demand on Trump’s speech and increasing geopolitical tensions.

Acacia Mining was the top riser, up 26.9p at 496.3p, while Centamin added 8.8p to reach 190.1p. Investec’s efforts to relieve pressure on Aldermore helped the challenger bank climb 1.3p to 229.3p. Investec called out the “absurdity” of predictions for a spike in impairments and named it a top pick.

Esports firm Gfinity was among the success stories on AIM, surging 2.25p, or almost 12%, to 21.59p on the back of an exclusive deal with Microsoft.

The tech giant has recruited Gfinity as its official global tournament partner for its four-week Forza Racing Championship on Xbox.

The brute, ugly fact might also be that the poison was his elixir. It could be that Hoffman belonged to that small group of artists who have an arrangement with their demons. It is the stuff of myth and folklore: the Faustian bargain, Balzac’s ‘The Wild Ass’s Skin,’ ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray.’ In these half-allegories, the price of remarkable creative vitality is a wasting away of mortality.
—  Lee Siegel on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s beautiful helplessness:
❥ all money and masks

“Think that’s enough leather, prince charming?” Tara asked. 

“Like hell I’m wearing silks to the bawdiest party of the year,” Aidan answered. He was decked out in leather, from the dark jacket that fit from shoulders to waist before flaring out over his hips. They matched the boots that laced up his calves, and the entire ensemble was offset by the half-laced burgundy shirt that was tucked neatly into a simple pair of pants. He looked far more dangerous than he felt, which was exactly the way he wanted things. Marcus had made it clear earlier that he meant nothing of substance to a prince, so Aidan was going to do the only logical thing he could work out: own his victories and live up to the reputation he’d built for himself during the tourney. 

All in all, he was actually looking forward to the evening. There was a good chance that Marcus wouldn’t even show up, and if he did, Aidan would be too busy to run into him – even on accident. And if they got too close? Well, there were bound to be a few fights tonight, and Aidan couldn’t wait to throw a punch. 

“I know what you’re thinking,” Tara said, “and you need to stop. You’re always the one to start the first fight, and it’s just downhill from there. Keep your hands to yourself tonight, alright?” She stood on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. Beside them, an already-drunk Lord gave a hoot and holler. Tara rolled her eyes but yelped when Aidan wrapped an arm around her and drew her in. 

“I never start fights,” Aidan said, grinning. “I just finish them.” 

“Yeah, about that.” Tara ducked out of his grip and rose a brow. “If you ever want to talk–” 

“About what?” Aidan rose a brow and shrugged as he turned to face the crowd. Anyone with even a bit of vengeance to exact was standing close to the stage. Some of the lesser winners were already being paraded across and auctioned off at remarkably low prices – a cow, a pig, a week’s worth of grain during the harvest – but that would change. By the time the Lords bid on a winner, there would be gold and marriages offered. 

Beside him, Tara sighed. “Dam, seriously. I saw you last night, and I know you aren’t going to be able to keep this up all night. Just take care of yourself. I’m here to talk, but there are loads of doors if you just need fresh air, too. Don’t kill anyone tonight over what’s going on up here.” She knocked the side of his head. 

“Yeah, I’ll keep it in mind.” Aidan glanced out over the crowd and, deeming the tables near the fire pit safe enough for the time being, set out across the floor. Drunks bordered the walls, chefs busied themselves near the abundant trays of food, and prostitutes perched on the knees of men with just enough money to buy an evening’s worth of entertainment.