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The Last Jedi: A Beautiful and Exquisitely Emotional Film About the Lows and Highs of Failure

I didn’t feel prepared to review this film after my first viewing, since I felt too overwhelmed by what I had seen and I wasn’t able to properly articulate my feelings beyond the level of mostly incoherent squealing. I have just seen it for the second time and feel much more capable of writing about it now. This review will be chock-full of spoilers, so please don’t read it until you have seen the film for yourself (and I implore you to do so - it’s a brilliant ride).

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what's the best, most iconic johnlock quote?

Well I will approach this in two ways. ACD Canon quotes and BBC Sherlock quotes.

ACD Canon : 

  • “It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but that you are a conductor of light. Some people without possessing genius have a remarkable power of stimulating it.” 
  • “You have a grand gift for silence, Watson. It makes you quite invaluable as a companion.” 
  • “I know, my dear Watson, that you share my love of all that is bizarre and outside the conventions and humdrum routine of daily life.” 
  • “You’re not hurt, Watson? For God’s sake, say that you are not hurt!“ It was worth a wound – it was worth many wounds – to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. The clear, hard eyes were dimmed for a moment, and the firm lips were shaking. For the one and only time I caught a glimpse of a great heart as well as of a great brain. All my years of humble but single-minded service culminated in that moment of revelation.” 
  • “I have never loved, Watson, but if I did and if the woman I loved had met such an end, I might act even as our lawless lion-hunter has done. Who knows?” – The Devil’s Foot. “By the Lord, it is as well for you. If you had killed Watson, you would not have got out of this room alive. Now, sir, what have you to say for yourself?” – The Three Garridebs.
  • “The relations between us in those latter days were peculiar. He was a man of habits, narrow and concentrated habits, and I had become one of them…..I was a whetstone for his mind. I stimulated him. ”
  • “I am lost without my Boswell.”
  • “…If we could fly out of that window hand in hand, hover over this great city…. ”

BBC Sherlock:

  • “You’ve got a boyfriend then? Which is fine by the way.” “I know it’s fine.”
  • “I am happy to play the fool. For you.”
  • “You, it’s always you John Watson. You keep me right.”
  • “I don’t mind.” “Anytime.”
  • “I’m glad no one saw that.” “What?” “You, ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool. People might talk.”
  • “Take my hand.” “Now people will definitely talk.”
  • “You look sad, when you think he can’t see you.”
  • “I have a date” “that’s what I was suggesting”
  • “It(Sherlock Watson) could work.”
  • “Dinner?” “Starving.”
  • “You are a great boyfriend. Sherlock Holmes is a very lucky man…Don’t make me compete with Sherlock Holmes.”
  • “I’m his doctor.” “And only a fool argues with his doctor”
  • “The stuff you wanted to say but never did. Say it now” “No. I can't”
  • “There’s something I’ve always wanted to say but never have”
  • “You being all mysterious with your–cheekbones. And turning your coat collar up so you look cool.”
  • “I’d be lost without my blogger.”
  • “I was so alone. And I owe you so much.”
  • “But look how you care about John Watson. Your damsel in distress.”

There are many. But I have a tendency to forget quotes when someone asks for it. Feel free to add more.

Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swivelled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark
—  Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

10. ANOMALOCARIS (~ 525 Ma)
This one metre long invertebrate surely deserves to be included on the list, being one of the first complex oceanic predators to ever have existed. Anomalocaris stalked the Cambrian oceans, viewing the world with a deadly new evolutionary innovation - eyes. Complex eyes allowed this creature to storm its way to the top of the food chain, and with powerful appendages covered in spines it had no trouble devouring prey with tough carapaces. Whilst Anomalocaris is dwarfed by the other contenders on this list, it was still over 10 times larger than any other animal of its time.

9. KRONOSAURUS (125-99 Ma)
Kronosaurus, a Cretaceous mosasaur, is named after the Greek titan, Cronus. Its name is well deserved as this ancient beast was a remarkably powerful being. Kronosaurus could reach up to 10 metres long and had a mouth full of sharp, conical teeth. Unlike most other mosasaurs its tail was relatively short, however, evidence shows that Kronosaurus has immensely powerful fins and a pectoral girdle making it an impressive swimmer and hunter.

8. HELICOPRION (290-250 Ma)
Helicoprion has astounded scientists since its discovery over 100 years ago. It is iconic for its bizarre spiral of teeth, there are still debates on where exactly these teeth where on the shark with proposals stating they were inside the mouth, on the tip of the tail, the dorsal fin or hanging under the jaw. The most commonly accepted location of the teeth is inside the lower jaw enabling Helicoprion to cleanly slice its prey into pieces.

7. XIPHACTINUS (~110-70 Ma)
Xiphactinus was an extraordinary fish that lived during the Cretaceous. It was an esteemed predator that could reach an incredible 6 metres in length and specimens are renowned for their stunning preservation. One such example was 4 metres long and found with another exceptionally well preserved fish just short of 2 metres inside it implying that this particular Xiphactinus individual died shortly after its last feast. Xiphactinus had immensely sharp, slim teeth and an unmistakable underbite which was a possible aid when snaring creatures from below.

6. TYLOSAURUS (86-75 Ma)
Tylosaurus is considered a mosasaur and was a vivacious predator all be it smaller than its relative Mosasaurus. Tylosaurus could reach up to 15 metres in length and was one of the apex predators of its day. Fossilised stomach contents of Tylosaurus contain fish, sharks, turtles and other marine reptiles. Despite having an impressive set of teeth, the frontal areas of the jaws exhibit a large reduction in tooth size as well as a more heavily reinforced snout in comparison to other mosasaurs suggesting that Tylosaurus may have rammed into victims with immense force damaging prey internally.

5. MOSASAURUS (70-66 Ma)
The mosasaurs ruled the Cretaceous oceans and Mosasaurus was no exception. It could reach up to 17 metres long, longer than most other mosasaurs. Mosasaurus had a strong jaw packed with numerous conical teeth, bite marks of which have been found in huge prehistoric turtles and ammonites suggesting that Mosasaurus was a formidable hunter capable of catching large prey. Mosasaurus was a profound swimmer with strong paddle-like limbs and a huge tail capable of rapidly accelerating the animal when required.

4. DUNKLEOSTEUS (382-358 Ma)
Dunkleosteus terrorised the oceans around 370 million years ago and was part of a dynasty known as the placoderm fish (meaning armoured). Dunkleosteus could reach a whopping 6-10 metres in length and probably weighed over a ton. The skull was made up of huge, solid bony plates giving unrivalled protection allowing them to dominate the oceans. Placoderm fish were some of the first organisms to have a mobile jaw, as can be seen in Dunkleosteus’ impressive shearing plates which were used to slice cleanly through prey. Despite an revolutionary jaw, Dunkleosteus could not chew and several fossilised regurgitated remains of its meals have been found that the giant fish simply could not stomach.  

3. DAKOSAURUS (157-137 Ma)
Dakosaurus was the largest of a group of marine reptiles that were distant relatives of crocodiles. Dakosaurus could reach up to 5 metres long and had a streamlined body with large paddle-like fins and a long muscular tail implying that is was a very efficient swimmer. The diet of Dakosaurus consisted mostly of fish. The teeth of Dakosaurus are lateromedially compressed and serrated which is a similar morphology to modern killer whales indicating that Dakosaurus was an apex predator of the Jurassic oceans. Skull fenestrae provides evidence that Dakosaurus had very large adductor muscles (which are responsible for the jaw closing) and so it was certainly capable of a forceful bite.

2. LIOPLEURODON (160-155 Ma)
Liopleurodon stormed the Jurassic oceans, its huge 7 metre long frame effortlessly cruised through the water. The skull itself could reach a massive 1.5 metres long with a jaw that was packed with teeth up to 10cm long and was capable of an immense bone-crushing force. Liopleurodon was a remarkable hunter with the ability to swim with its nostrils open and so could use its powerful sense of smell to track prey from afar, much like sharks do. Liopleurodon most likely had good camouflage such as a lighter underside and a darker topside so it would blend in with the water to prey above and below.  

1. MEGALODON (~16-2.6 Ma)
Megalodon rightfully deserves the top position of the greatest prehistoric ocean predators, ruling the seas for an incredible 14 million years. Megalodon has been estimated to reach up to 18 metres in length and weighing over 40 tonnes. Megalodon is known for its huge 6 inch teeth which were serrated on both sides for an efficient slicing action. Fossils of Megalodon’s prey have also been found, the shark appeared to have adapted its hunting tactics for different sized prey; for smaller prey they would just use their bone crushing bite to pulverise internal organs, but for larger prey they would bite or rip flippers off of creatures to immobilise them and then go in for the kill.
The exact bite force of Megalodon has been estimated at around 110,000 N which was more than enough to shatter even the most robust bones. The hunting methods of Megalodon will unfortunately remain a mystery but it was been hypothesised that they swam at great depths and used short bursts of speed to swim up and tear into their preys vulnerable underbelly.
Sharks have existed for over 420 million years and still continue to be some of the most successful predators alive, Megalodon is a perfect example of how deadly they can be.

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I know Arya fans have issue with it but it doesn't seem so outlandish to think Grrm will have Arya die but live on in Nymeria. She has a very strong connection to her direwolf and her dreams of running with her pack seem to be when she's most free.

The issue for me is not that it seems outlandish (because I agree–I definitely can imagine a character in Martin’s world that would die and live on in a bonded animal.  He did that to Varamyr Sixskins, I could imagine him having done it for Robb if Grey Wind had lived, etc.)–it’s that I look at other major elements that he’s working with in Arya’s narrative and think that it ultimately would do the opposite of what you say.  

Yes, Arya has a remarkably powerful connection to Nymeria.  She thinks of her as being one of the few living creatures who loves her unconditionally.  Nymeria protects her without Arya being aware of it, and Arya is able to warg into her skin from thousands of miles away.  Theirs is absolutely a strong connection, and I also wholeheartedly agree that at this point, her wolf dreams are where she feels the most “herself” and is running free.  But I think that’s not the entire point of those wolf dreams.

Arya has been confronting since book one, both on a metaphorical and literal level.  You have it in book 1, where Septa Mordane is working very hard to train Arya to be a proper lady, at the expense of feeling comfortable in her own skin; this is compounded by her sister and Jeyne Poole who bully her and call her ugly and horrible and all other sorts of things in an effort to cow her into being more ladylike as well; it’s also compounded by her parents because even if they love her, they also are definitely trying to have her shape up and be a proper lady too.  She has to pretend to be everyone except Arya Stark for the sake of her own safety in the next book, and then she ends up at the House of Black and White which is literally trying to remove her face and have her become “no one,” and the whole point of this is that ultimately she will say “no, I’m Arya.”  (Her wolf dreams are building towards that, as is the fact that she kept Needle.)  And, when she ultimately makes her way back to Winterfell–where she’s been aiming for since the first book–she’s going to find one of the people who spent her childhood mocking her and making her feel worthless being forced to pretend to be her in order to survive, and so the question of what it means to be “Arya” might literally mean life or death for someone who spent Arya’s youth mocking just that.

Is Nymeria crucial to that?  I absolutely think so.  Nymeria, like Needle, is a major touchstone at the heart of Arya’s identity, keeping her grounded internally when her identity is being buffeted this way and that depending on where she is and who she is around.  

Arya dying and ending up in Nymeria is not a triumph of her identity–it’s a tragedy by simple virtue of this:

“They say you forget,” Haggon had told him, a few weeks before his own death. “When the man’s flesh dies, his spirit lives on inside the beast, but every day his memory fades, and the beast becomes a little less a warg, a little more a wolf, until nothing of the man is left and only the beast remains.” (ADWD, Prologue)

Arya dying and living on in Nymeria isn’t Arya dying and living on in Nymeria.  It’s Arya dying, and fading slowly until she is Nymeria, and while Nymeria is vital to Arya’s identity, she is not the only part of Arya’s identity–no more than Arya is hers.  Far from being an affirmation of Arya’s identity, an anchor-point that helped her navigate her way through every piece of danger she’s been in, it would turn Nymeria into the death of it.


″Silence has sometimes a remarkable power of showing itself as the disembodied soul of feeling wandering without its carcase, and it is then more impressive than speech. In the same way, to say a little is often to tell more than to say a great deal.“

— Thomas Hardy

Synonyms for 95 Commonly Used Words
  1. Amazing — incredible, unbelievable, improbable, fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, astonishing, astounding, extraordinary
  2. Anger — enrage, infuriate, arouse, nettle, exasperate, inflame, madden
  3. Angry — mad, furious, enraged, excited, wrathful, indignant, exasperated, aroused, inflamed
  4. Answer — reply, respond, retort, acknowledge
  5. Ask — question, inquire of, seek information from, put a question to, demand, request, expect, inquire, query, interrogate, examine, quiz
  6. Awful — dreadful, terrible, abominable, bad, poor, unpleasant
  7. Bad — evil, immoral, wicked, corrupt, sinful, depraved, rotten, contaminated, spoiled, tainted, harmful, injurious, unfavourable, defective, inferior, imperfect, substandard, faulty, improper, inappropriate, unsuitable, disagreeable, unpleasant, cross, nasty, unfriendly, irascible, horrible, atrocious, outrageous, scandalous, infamous, wrong, noxious, sinister, putrid, snide, deplorable, dismal, gross, heinous, nefarious, base, obnoxious, detestable, despicable, contemptible, foul, rank, ghastly, execrable
  8. Beautiful — pretty, lovely, handsome, attractive, gorgeous, dazzling, splendid, magnificent, comely, fair, ravishing, graceful, elegant, fine, exquisite, aesthetic, pleasing, shapely, delicate, stunning, glorious, heavenly, resplendent, radiant, glowing, blooming, sparkling
  9. Begin — start, open, launch, initiate, commence, inaugurate, originate
  10. Big — enormous, huge, immense, gigantic, vast, colossal, gargantuan, large, sizable, grand, great, tall, substantial, mammoth, astronomical, ample, broad, expansive, spacious, stout, tremendous, titanic, mountainous
  11. Brave — courageous, fearless, dauntless, intrepid, plucky, daring, heroic, valorous, audacious, bold, gallant, valiant, doughty, mettlesome
  12. Break — fracture, rupture, shatter, smash, wreck, crash, demolish, atomize
  13. Bright — shining, shiny, gleaming, brilliant, sparkling, shimmering, radiant, vivid, colourful, lustrous, luminous, incandescent, intelligent, knowing, quick-witted, smart, intellectual
  14. Calm — quiet, peaceful, still, tranquil, mild, serene, smooth, composed, collected, unruffled, level-headed, unexcited, detached, aloof
  15. Come — approach, advance, near, arrive, reach
  16. Cool — chilly, cold, frosty, wintry, icy, frigid
  17. Crooked — bent, twisted, curved, hooked, zigzag
  18. Cry — shout, yell, yowl, scream, roar, bellow, weep, wail, sob, bawl
  19. Cut — gash, slash, prick, nick, sever, slice, carve, cleave, slit, chop, crop, lop, reduce
  20. Dangerous — perilous, hazardous, risky, uncertain, unsafe
  21. Dark — shadowy, unlit, murky, gloomy, dim, dusky, shaded, sunless, black, dismal, sad
  22. Decide — determine, settle, choose, resolve
  23. Definite — certain, sure, positive, determined, clear, distinct, obvious
  24. Delicious — savoury, delectable, appetizing, luscious, scrumptious, palatable, delightful, enjoyable, toothsome, exquisite
  25. Describe — portray, characterize, picture, narrate, relate, recount, represent, report, record
  26. Destroy — ruin, demolish, raze, waste, kill, slay, end, extinguish
  27. Difference — disagreement, inequity, contrast, dissimilarity, incompatibility
  28. Do — execute, enact, carry out, finish, conclude, effect, accomplish, achieve, attain
  29. Dull — boring, tiring„ tiresome, uninteresting, slow, dumb, stupid, unimaginative, lifeless, dead, insensible, tedious, wearisome, listless, expressionless, plain, monotonous, humdrum, dreary
  30. Eager — keen, fervent, enthusiastic, involved, interested, alive to
  31. End — stop, finish, terminate, conclude, close, halt, cessation, discontinuance
  32. Enjoy — appreciate, delight in, be pleased, indulge in, luxuriate in, bask in, relish, devour, savour, like
  33. Explain — elaborate, clarify, define, interpret, justify, account for
  34. Fair — just, impartial, unbiased, objective, unprejudiced, honest
  35. Fall — drop, descend, plunge, topple, tumble
  36. False — fake, fraudulent, counterfeit, spurious, untrue, unfounded, erroneous, deceptive, groundless, fallacious
  37. Famous — well-known, renowned, celebrated, famed, eminent, illustrious, distinguished, noted, notorious
  38. Fast — quick, rapid, speedy, fleet, hasty, snappy, mercurial, swiftly, rapidly, quickly, snappily, speedily, lickety-split, post-haste, hastily, expeditiously, like a flash
  39. Fat — stout, corpulent, fleshy, beefy, paunchy, plump, full, rotund, tubby, pudgy, chubby, chunky, burly, bulky, elephantine
  40. Fear — fright, dread, terror, alarm, dismay, anxiety, scare, awe, horror, panic, apprehension
  41. Fly — soar, hover, flit, wing, flee, waft, glide, coast, skim, sail, cruise
  42. Funny — humorous, amusing, droll, comic, comical, laughable, silly
  43. Get — acquire, obtain, secure, procure, gain, fetch, find, score, accumulate, win, earn, rep, catch, net, bag, derive, collect, gather, glean, pick up, accept, come by, regain, salvage
  44. Go — recede, depart, fade, disappear, move, travel, proceed
  45. Good — excellent, fine, superior, wonderful, marvellous, qualified, suited, suitable, apt, proper, capable, generous, kindly, friendly, gracious, obliging, pleasant, agreeable, pleasurable, satisfactory, well-behaved, obedient, honourable, reliable, trustworthy, safe, favourable, profitable, advantageous, righteous, expedient, helpful, valid, genuine, ample, salubrious, estimable, beneficial, splendid, great, noble, worthy, first-rate, top-notch, grand, sterling, superb, respectable, edifying
  46. Great — noteworthy, worthy, distinguished, remarkable, grand, considerable, powerful, much, mighty
  47. Gross — improper, rude, coarse, indecent, crude, vulgar, outrageous, extreme, grievous, shameful, uncouth, obscene, low
  48. Happy — pleased, contented, satisfied, delighted, elated, joyful, cheerful, ecstatic, jubilant, gay, tickled, gratified, glad, blissful, overjoyed
  49. Hate — despise, loathe, detest, abhor, disfavour, dislike, disapprove, abominate
  50. Have — hold, possess, own, contain, acquire, gain, maintain, believe, bear, beget, occupy, absorb, fill, enjoy
  51. Help — aid, assist, support, encourage, back, wait on, attend, serve, relieve, succour, benefit, befriend, abet
  52. Hide — conceal, cover, mask, cloak, camouflage, screen, shroud, veil
  53. Hurry — rush, run, speed, race, hasten, urge, accelerate, bustle
  54. Hurt — damage, harm, injure, wound, distress, afflict, pain
  55. Idea — thought, concept, conception, notion, understanding, opinion, plan, view, belief
  56. Important — necessary, vital, critical, indispensable, valuable, essential, significant, primary, principal, considerable, famous, distinguished, notable, well-known
  57. Interesting — fascinating, engaging, sharp, keen, bright, intelligent, animated, spirited, attractive, inviting, intriguing, provocative, though-provoking, challenging, inspiring, involving, moving, titillating, tantalizing, exciting, entertaining, piquant, lively, racy, spicy, engrossing, absorbing, consuming, gripping, arresting, enthralling, spellbinding, curious, captivating, enchanting, bewitching, appealing
  58. Keep — hold, retain, withhold, preserve, maintain, sustain, support
  59. Kill — slay, execute, assassinate, murder, destroy, cancel, abolish
  60. Lazy — indolent, slothful, idle, inactive, sluggish
  61. Little — tiny, small, diminutive, shrimp, runt, miniature, puny, exiguous, dinky, cramped, limited, itsy-bitsy, microscopic, slight, petite, minute
  62. Look — gaze, see, glance, watch, survey, study, seek, search for, peek, peep, glimpse, stare, contemplate, examine, gape, ogle, scrutinize, inspect, leer, behold, observe, view, witness, perceive, spy, sight, discover, notice, recognize, peer, eye, gawk, peruse, explore
  63. Love — like, admire, esteem, fancy, care for, cherish, adore, treasure, worship, appreciate, savour
  64. Make — create, originate, invent, beget, form, construct, design, fabricate, manufacture, produce, build, develop, do, effect, execute, compose, perform, accomplish, earn, gain, obtain, acquire, get
  65. Mark — label, tag, price, ticket, impress, effect, trace, imprint, stamp, brand, sign, note, heed, notice, designate
  66. Mischievous — prankish, playful, naughty, roguish, waggish, impish, sportive
  67. Move — plod, go, creep, crawl, inch, poke, drag, toddle, shuffle, trot, dawdle, walk, traipse, mosey, jog, plug, trudge, slump, lumber, trail, lag, run, sprint, trip, bound, hotfoot, high-tail, streak, stride, tear, breeze, whisk, rush, dash, dart, bolt, fling, scamper, scurry, skedaddle, scoot, scuttle, scramble, race, chase, hasten, hurry, hump, gallop, lope, accelerate, stir, budge, travel, wander, roam, journey, trek, ride, spin, slip, glide, slide, slither, coast, flow, sail, saunter, hobble, amble, stagger, paddle, slouch, prance, straggle, meander, perambulate, waddle, wobble, pace, swagger, promenade, lunge
  68. Moody — temperamental, changeable, short-tempered, glum, morose, sullen, modish, irritable, testy, peevish, fretful, spiteful, sulky, touchy
  69. Neat — clean, orderly, tidy, trim, dapper, natty, smart, elegant, well-organized, super, desirable, spruce, shipshape, well-kept, shapely
  70. New — fresh, unique, original, unusual, novel, modern, current, recent
  71. Old — feeble, frail, ancient, weak, aged, used, worn, dilapidated, ragged, faded, broken-down, former, old-fashioned, outmoded, passé, veteran, mature, venerable, primitive, traditional, archaic, conventional, customary, stale, musty, obsolete, extinct
  72. Part — portion, share, piece, allotment, section, fraction, fragment
  73. Place — space, area, spot, plot, region, location, situation, position, residence, dwelling, set, site, station, status, state
  74. Plan — plot, scheme, design, draw, map, diagram, procedure, arrangement, intention, device, contrivance, method, way, blueprint
  75. Popular — well-liked, approved, accepted, favourite, celebrated, common, current
  76. Predicament — quandary, dilemma, pickle, problem, plight, spot, scrape, jam
  77. Put — place, set, attach, establish, assign, keep, save, set aside, effect, achieve, do, build
  78. Quiet — silent, still, soundless, mute, tranquil, peaceful, calm, restful
  79. Right — correct, accurate, factual, true, good, just, honest, upright, lawful, moral, proper, suitable, apt, legal, fair
  80. Run — race, speed, hurry, hasten, sprint, dash, rush, escape, elope, flee
  81. Scared — afraid, frightened, alarmed, terrified, panicked, fearful, unnerved, insecure, timid, shy, skittish, jumpy, disquieted, worried, vexed, troubled, disturbed, horrified, terrorized, shocked, petrified, haunted, timorous, shrinking, tremulous, stupefied, paralyzed, stunned, apprehensive
  82. Show — display, exhibit, present, note, point to, indicate, explain, reveal, prove, demonstrate, expose
  83. Slow — unhurried, gradual, leisurely, late, behind, tedious, slack
  84. Stop — cease, halt, stay, pause, discontinue, conclude, end, finish, quit
  85. Story — tale, myth, legend, fable, yarn, account, narrative, chronicle, epic, sage, anecdote, record, memoir
  86. Strange — odd, peculiar, unusual, unfamiliar, uncommon, queer, weird, outlandish, curious, unique, exclusive, irregular
  87. Take — hold, catch, seize, grasp, win, capture, acquire, pick, choose, select, prefer, remove, steal, lift, rob, engage, bewitch, purchase, buy, retract, recall, assume, occupy, consume
  88. Tell — disclose, reveal, show, expose, uncover, relate, narrate, inform, advise, explain, divulge, declare, command, order, bid, recount, repeat
  89. Think — judge, deem, assume, believe, consider, contemplate, reflect, mediate
  90. Trouble — distress, anguish, anxiety, worry, wretchedness, pain, danger, peril, disaster, grief, misfortune, difficulty, concern, pains, inconvenience, exertion, effort
  91. True — accurate, right, proper, precise, exact, valid, genuine, real, actual, trusty, steady, loyal, dependable, sincere, staunch
  92. Ugly — hideous, frightful, frightening, shocking, horrible, unpleasant, monstrous, terrifying, gross, grisly, ghastly, horrid, unsightly, plain, homely, evil, repulsive, repugnant, gruesome
  93. Unhappy — miserable, uncomfortable, wretched, heart-broken, unfortunate, poor, downhearted, sorrowful, depressed, dejected, melancholy, glum, gloomy, dismal, discouraged, sad
  94. Use — employ, utilize, exhaust, spend, expend, consume, exercise
  95. Wrong — incorrect, inaccurate, mistaken, erroneous, improper, unsuitable

If you still think that you are not able to transfer some of your emotions and thoughts to your friends or family in a perfect way and feel very uncomfortable about that feelings you may take a look:

Highway (Part 10: Finale)

Originally posted by lightbox

Summary: There’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you baby doll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 1,667

A/N: And this is it! We’ve followed the road and now we’re at the end. I’ve had a blast writing this series and the comments and reviews that I’ve received have been so inspirational and have kept me motivated! I appreciate that y’all have enjoyed this series so much and I hope y’all will hang around for my upcoming series!

Part 1  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 (FINALE)


“You like that, doll?”

If you could talk, you would. But you found yourself temporarily incapable of speaking a single word as the deep-fried Oreo left your fingers covered in oils and left your throat coated in a warm mixture of butter and chocolate creme. After you downed the last bite of the fatty treat, you had to take a deep breath to compose yourself before looking at Bucky, “God, that should not exist but I’m so glad it does.”

“Ya liked it, huh? I can get ya another one?”

“Nah,” You shook your head at his offer, “You’ve gotten me more than enough food tonight, Bucky. I feel like I’m about ready to explode. You’ll have to hose my guts off the cement.”

At your comment, Bucky couldn’t help the playful grimace that crawled onto his face.

You leaned back further into the small bench that he’d found for the both of you to take a break and relax on. It was questionably small and dirty. The wood was sticky at some parts, and you were more than sure that there were piles of gum stuck to the bottom of the bench. But the soles of your feet were starting to ache and your tummy was starting to feel uncomfortably full. After recalling everything that Bucky had encouraged you to eat, you suddenly remembered watching him devour nearly every food option in the carnival.

“How are you not full?” You asked before looking up at him as he slung his arm over the back of the bench, “You easily ate half your weight in hot dogs and cotton candy tonight.”

“I’m a bottomless pit, I guess,” He shrugged nonchalantly with a crooked smile. He watched you for a few seconds longer before he craned his neck a bit and he looked forward at the rest of the carnival. While he watched with nostalgia as kids ran around with balloons, as rings were tossed over bottles, as the brightly lit carousel turned soothingly, you watched the lines of his neck tattoo shift with his flesh. “Think I used to eat much more when I was younger, believe it or not.”

Now that was new. “Really?”

“Really,” Bucky nodded with a small smile, “I was a, uh, a chubby kid growin’ up.”

“That…to be honest, I can’t really picture that,” You chuckled, giving him a short once-over. “You’re kinda,” You waved at his physique awkwardly.

“I know. Lots ‘o…discipline, doll.” He smiled and you could see the devilish twinkle coming to life in his blue eyes as he leaned in an inch closer. And you had no capacity to doubt his remark, his powerful and strong physique more than enough proof. Hell, if you looked hard enough, you would be more than able to find the exact slopes of his biceps through the fabric of his Henley.

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HRC presented actor Evan Rachel Wood with the HRC Visibility Award at the 2017 HRC North Carolina Gala. She spoke of the importance of being seen and heard and shared powerful remarks about bisexual visibility.


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Pairing: Lay x Reader

Type: horror/thriller

Plot: Don’t get in a strangers car.

My heart was pounding throughout my nervous system, wrecking my nerves with its onslaught of remarkably powerful beats, all due to the evident fear that chilled down my body and pierced my heart. I couldn’t turn to face him, I didn’t have it in me. Rather than contemplating a smart reply, I was imagining every way this brutal man would defile and ruin me, killing every last drop of life in the bottom of my soul.

I sucked in a harsh breath when I felt his large hand on my stomach, ushering me away from the door. His other hand gripped my shoulder roughly, making my eyes squint in pain. He forcefully spun me around, his eyes aflame, burning a hellish fire into my core.

“You need to understand something,” He started, a smirk gracing his handsome features, “no one is gonna save you.” His hot breath tickled my ear to which he whispered upon, his hands gripping my waist before slamming me against the wall.

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15-year-old actress and UN Women’s HeForShe Advocate Fátima Ptacek delivers powerful remarks at the United Nations to celebrate International Women’s Day. Watch the full video here.

//Not requested. prompt: Kol Mikaelson is your boyfriend and you guys are having a lot of NOLA fun until he meets Davina and everything changes//

//warnings: first person POV. swearing. lil bit of violence. angst (i think?).//

Part Two 

“Come on now, Darling.” He laughs, grabbing my hand and tugging me down the street. “Just one more. Don’t quit on me now.”

“Kol, come on!” I laugh, following behind him. “This is the fifth bar we’ve been to! Are you still hungry?”

“Relax, Darling!” He says, stopping and pulling me close. He places a soft kiss on my shoulder. “You and I will have our own adventures when we get home.” He says smugly in my ear.


This was the last normal date night with Kol. After that night of raiding and draining local bars and tourists, he was different. He wasn’t my Kol anymore. He was hers and everybody knew it. Everyone except for me for a while.

Let me introduce Kol Mikaelson. The youngest of the Original Vampires, and the light of my life. We had met over four centuries ago and we have been dating for almost just as long.

He turned me a few weeks after we met, and that’s when we became inseparable. I had given him the love and appreciation he didn’t get from his family, but I was also willing to wreak a little havoc with him. He taught me to control who I became but how to revel in it as well.

We were a force to be reckoned with and no one ever successfully stood against us. We protected each other, fought for and occasionally against each other, loved each other, and hated each other at times. We were a typical, long term relationship, other than the immortal blood sucker thing.

At least, we were unstoppable. We were inseparable. We used to fight for each other and protect each other, sometimes we still do but it seems to be against each other more often. We used to love each other but now it seems like a one sided deal… Ever since she came along and everything changed.

Her name was Davina Claire, a pretty little NOLA witch and a harvest girl. She was remarkably powerful since the ritual wasn’t complete and she held the power of three additional dead witches. She had a beautiful smile, a caring personality, but also a flair of the dramatics and violence. Exactly Kol’s type.

He met her when he was out and about one day, the day I decided to hang back with Rebekah and catch up. He said he was going to bring back coffee and it would be a quick errand. Maybe I should’ve gone with him.

When he came back he was quiet, distant and distracted. I thought nothing of it at the time, but maybe I should’ve.

Now, a few months after he met Davina, I met her officially. Of course, I already knew of her since she was causing trouble with Klaus, but I had yet to meet her.

She lit up when Kol entered the room, as did he. A light shined in his eyes that I hadn’t seen in months. He hadn’t lit up for me since that night when we hit the bars, months ago. That’s when I knew for sure that my Kol was gone. He now belonged solely to Davina Claire, and there was nothing I could do about it.

I couldn’t change the fact that I lost Kol, but I could change my relationship with Kol. As much as I hated it, I had to end it today. I loved Kol with my whole heart, but I would not follow him around like a lost puppy waiting for him to give me a second look.

I kept to myself until we got home. I had nothing to say and so much to say at the same time. I was close to exploding, I felt it. I replayed different possible conversations in my head as we headed back to the compound. Luckily, the rest of the family was dealing with something more pressing than my relationship drama.

“You haven’t said much. Everything alright, Darling?” He asked as we stepped through the front door. His voice had a hint of concern, and if this had been a few months ago, he would’ve carried me off bridal-style and smothered me in kisses until I was happy again.

“Like you give a shit?” I laughed and walked away. “Do both of us a favor and don’t act like I matter to you anymore.” I commented as I left.

I heard a whoosh of air and he stood in front of me, a few inches between us. My hands clenched into fists, my nails digging into my palms, and I desperately wanted to hit something. Not necessarily him, but if he didn’t move I was going to.

“What’s wrong?” He asked softly, placing a hand on my hip.

“Fuck off.” I said in a silky voice and shoved him away, leaving a bloody handprint on his shirt. I hadn’t bothered putting any vampire strength into it because I didn’t want a fist fight with him.

“Y/N.. What the hell did I do?” He asked after he regained his composure. His voice was full of confusion, not concern. He didn’t care what happened, he just didn’t understand.

“What did you do? Or who?” I challenged. “You have a lot of fucking nerve, dragging me along like this. Why don’t you just cut your loses and get with your pocket witch? Everyone can tell that you want to. Or have you already screwed around with her? Is that why you’re always out so fucking late half the time?”

“Davina?” He asked. The way he said her name was the way he said mine before we started dating. Low and sultry, as if she was only his and others weren’t allowed to know her. “What does she have to do with anything? She’s just a friend… Oh Darling, are you jealous of her?”

“Goddammit, Kol!” I yelled, finally losing my head. “How fucking blind are you!? Do you not see how obvious you are? Your eyes don’t leave the little bitch when she’s around! This isn’t about me being jealous, you headass! This is about you  falling in love with her!”

“Watch it, Y/N.” He said through clenched teeth. “Don’t push it.”

“Or what?” I teased and pushed him by his shoulders. “You haven’t stopped pushing me away since you met the little witch bitch.” I went to push him again and he grabbed my wrists.

“You need to stop.” He said sternly. The veins under his eyes darkened, his fangs coming out. I challenged him in the same way, and he looked slightly surprised. “Now isn’t the time.”

I yanked my wrists away and stabbed a finger into his chest, hard. Both of us returning to our regular features as we continued.

“You-” I gripped his shirtfront. “-don’t get to tell me shit anymore.” I pushed him away with all the strength in my body and he stumbled over the coffee table, crashing to the floor. “You’ve been fucking around with me long enough. For months you have been ditching me and going off by yourself and when I want to do something with you, you can’t be bothered! But let someone even whisper her name and you’re right there in less than a second!”

“What the fuck are you talking about!?” He shouted back, jumping to his feet. “What the hell is your problem?”

“Jesus fuck, Kol. Have you even been listening to me? Oh wait.” I groaned, running my hands through my hair. “I’m not Davina so you don’t care about me at all. Let me spell it out for you. You are my problem. You and that fucking Davina! You haven’t looked at me the same since you met her and I’ve seen the way you look at her, Kol. Don’t fucking argue that you don’t have feelings for her either.”

“Y/N,” He sighed, putting on hand on his hip and the other to his forehead in exhaustion. “I don’t know what you think is going on with Davina and I, but I promise you it’s nothing. You’re looking into this too much. I promise that she means nothing. You’re being silly.”

My temper snapped and I brought my hand across his face hard. Hot tears burned in my eyes and one fell down my cheek, but I refused to acknowledge them. He looked at me with wide eyes. One of his hands touched where I hit him before he slammed me against the nearest wall by my throat.

“Don’t ever.” He growled. “Do that again.”

“Go fuck yourself!” I spat and kicked out at his chest.

The impact threw him to the floor but he hadn’t let me go so I was thrown with him. He flipped us so he landed on top of me, his hand still firmly around my throat.

I gripped his wrist and yanked down hard, snapping the bone and he dropped his hold on me. He yelled out, rolling off of me to take a few steps back, setting the bone back into place and glaring at me.

“Don’t ever.” I growled back, pushing myself to my feet and dusting off my clothes. “Tell me what to think or belittle me again because I will make you regret it.”

“Don’t threaten me.” He said in a raspy tone. It was similar to the tone he used in the bedroom, when he was in charg, but it had more of an edge to it.

My hands balled into fists and I connected with a left hook against his face. His head jerked to the side, but he didn’t move. My right hook connected and he stepped back.

“I thought we had something better than this!” I shouted, breaking inside due to the way everything changed. “Fight back!” My voice cracked.

“You want me to fight you!?” He screamed at me, wiping the blood from his nose.

“I want you to do something!” I cried out. “Fight me! Leave me! Do something that shows me you fucking care!”

I aimed a jab at his face but he caught my wrist. He flipped me over his shoulder and I crashed into the coffee table. I kicked his legs out from under him and he fell backwards. I quickly pinned his hands above his head with one hand and his hips to the floor by straddling him. This was a common and hot position for us to be in, just not with this context.

Another hit and another. Punch after punch landed, causing a gash on his cheekbone. But he refused to hit me back. He finally pushed himself up, slamming me against a wall again. His forearm braced against my chest, pinning me to the wall.

I stared at him for a minute before acting. Blood streamed slowly from his nose and the newest gash on his cheek, close to his eye. A small bruise was under the cut, quickly fading. His eyes were lit with anger but he refused to phyically take it out on me.

He pulled himself off of me and connected his fist with the wall a foot away from me. His hand went through it effortlessly and he screamed in frustration.

I sighed and put my hands on my hips. “Just tell me the fucking truth, Kol. This run-around and evading is fucking ridiculous.”

“You want the truth?” He asked as he turned to face me and laughed. “I fucking told you the truth!” He stepped closer, yelling in my face.

“Then why is everyone asking how we stayed so close when you’re dating Davina!?” I snapped, throwing the rumors in his face and pushing him away. “Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah. Even Hayley! They all can see the shit you’re pulling with me and Davina. I didn’t realize you and I were just friends now, if that.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He laughed and turned to walk away. “I’m not gonna stand here and take this shit, especially from you.”

“Don’t you fucking walk away from me, Kol Mikaelson!” I yelled firmly and he froze. My voice had cracked when I yelled his name and he slowly turned around. “If you walk out that door, I won’t be here when you get back. That’s a promise.”

“Are you threatening to leave me?” He asked lowly, hurt lacing his voice.

I nodded quietly.

He walked closer to me and took my hands in his. His wrist had healed already. His thumbs ran softly over the back of my hands and he stared deep into my eyes.

“Dear God, Y/N. What have we become?” He said, a hint of regret on his face. “We were so good together. We never screamed at each other like this. We never tried to hurt each other like this.”

“You need to choose, Kol.” I said finally in a broken voice, not acknowledging the true words he spoke. Our fights never got this bad. I never screamed for him to actually fight back or tried to force him to get physical. In those moments, I wanted to see him care about everything that was happening in one way or another. Whether it was the fact that I was able to piss him off because he cared so much and I was so stuck on this Davina thing or that he cared about Davina so much, I meant nothing anymore and he could easily hurt me.

“Me or her. I won’t stick around if you don’t want me to. But I’ll stay if you ask me to.” As much as it hurt me to say, I had to.

“I still love you, Y/N.” He finally said in reply and my heart soared. “So fucking much but…” My heart quickly stopped.

“But you’re not in love with me anymore. I get it. I’m not her..” I finished his sentence for him. He nodded slightly and I slowly pulled my hands away. His own hands dropped and he took a step closer to me, keeping my eyes locked in his, showing a familiar expression. An expression that I saw countless times through our four centuries. An expression that I never thought he’d turn on me. An expression showing he wanted to compel me.

“I don’t want to do this, Y/N.” He started and I stepped back, attempting to turn away. He gripped my wrist firmly and my eyes dropped to the floor while I kept my back to him. “But it’s for your own good.”

I turned on my heels and came face to face with him. “You don’t get to make that decision for me!” I said firmly and yanked my hand away. “You chose Davina, fine. But you do not have any right to choose what happens to me from now on. Not what I remember, not what I feel, and most definitely not what I do from here.”

His eyes stared deep into mine, ignoring everything I just said. He was going to do it anyway.

I pushed him away and attempted to leave the room and hide in my own, but with him being older than me, he was faster. He was in front of me before I could get out of the room.

“Kol, I swear to God…” I threatened as he held both of my arms at my sides. “I will never forgive you if you do this. You’ll never see me again…”

He hesitated slightly but swallowed hard and spoke anyways.

“You’re dead to me, Kol Mikaelson.” I whispered just before he started speaking.

“You are not hurt.” He said softly, as if he regretted doing this. I felt a tear slide down my face, betrayal and hatred bubbling in my stomach. Kol had attempted to do the one thing he swore never to do, compel me. I hated him in that moment and I knew that I would not be able to feel the same way about him. Not after this. Never again.

“You understand why we broke up. It was mutual. You will find love again and he will be better for you than I ever was. This wasn’t your fault. You hold this against no one and you can easily move on with your life. You will not turn off your humanity because of this. You will live on, loving and caring as you’ve always been. You know I still care about you, and will be there whenever you call. Always and forever…” He whispered the last line.

He placed a soft kiss to my cheek before he sprinted off at vamp speed and I was left alone in the middle of the room.

My hand touched the pendant that hung low on my chest. I released a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding and felt my heart shatter. He betrayed me, lied to me, and broke me. He did not choose me, so he will never see me again.

“Dumbass doesn’t know I wear vervain.” I said to myself and turned to pack my things.

I was leaving New Orleans. I would never come back for more than a visit. This was the city my greatest relationship crumbled in. I would not crumble in it as well.

I rushed notes to the family. A special note for everyone and placed them on each bed before I grabbed my bags and headed out.

‘Rebekah, my dearest friend. I hate to leave you without a proper goodbye, but there is too much heartbreak in this city for me to stay. You of all people should understand the pain New Orleans can bring. I hope we can continue to be friends because I cannot imagine m life without you. I love you, Rebekah. Take care of yourself. I hope we’ll see each other again. -Y/N’

‘Noble Elijah. You were one of the few people who saw something good in me. I hope that in my new adventures, I can continue to be that person you believe me to be. I will miss your constant leadership and big brother attitude. Take care of yourself and don’t lose touch. I do hope we’ll cross paths again. -Y/N’

‘The Infamous Klaus. You always had something stupid to say about my relationship with Kol, but I will miss your humor. Continue to protect your family, no matter what. Always and forever, Klaus. Never lose sight of what’s important. Tell Hope good things about me. Take care of yourself and keep me updated. See you around, Nik. -Y/N’

'Hayley, the unofficial Mikaelson. You’re a part of my time in New Orleans that I will miss dearly. You did whatever you had to do to make a safe world for your baby girl. Tell Hope good things, and make sure Klaus does too. Take care of yourself and your family. Send me updates on everyone occasionally. May we meet again. -Y/N’

I hoped Mystic Falls would be a better home. As the years went on, it proved itself to be much better than New Orleans. Less heartbreak. Less memories. New friends. New opportunities. With just as much chaos and battles to save the city.

I would not hear from Kol for several years. I kept in contact with the other Mikaelsons the whole time. Hope was doing well at the school Caroline Salvatore built with Alaric and the family was doing well on their own paths after defeating the spirit of a witch much older than even them.

I ran into Kol in Las Vegas, many many years later and when I did, we almost didn’t recognize each other. But that, is a long story for some other day.

//AN: I left this sort of open ended for a part two//