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A ‘hands-on’ approach could help babies develop spatial awareness

A study from the Department of Psychology published today found:

  • Changes in the way the brain processes touch in the first year of life
  • Babies start keeping track of their hands are when their arms move around from 8 months
  • Crossing the hands confuses the mind in young babies
  • The way we perceive touch in the outside world develops in the first year of life

The research, from Goldsmiths’ InfantLab, suggested that babies’ tactile experiences could be important for developing their sense of place in the world around them.

The InfantLab research team carried out their study on 66 babies aged from six to ten months old.

Babies felt harmless ‘buzzes’ on their arms

In the study, babies felt little tactile ‘buzzes’ on their hands first with their arms in an uncrossed position and then in a crossed position, while their brain activity was recorded through an EEG (electroencephalography) sensor net.

This is one of the first pieces of research to focus on the development of 'touch perception’, which is crucial for investigating how babies learn to perceive how their own bodies fit into the world around them.

Dr Andy Bremner, InfantLab Director, explained: “We discovered that it takes time for babies to build up good mechanisms for perceiving how they fit into the outside world. Specifically, early on they do not appear to perceive the ways in which the body changes when their limbs, in this case their arms, move around." 

Dr Silvia Rigato, researcher on the project, commented: "The vast majority of previous studies on infant perception has focussed on what babies perceive of a visual environment on a screen and out of reach, giving us a picture of what babies can do and understand when in couch potato mode.”

“Our research has taken this a step further. As adults we need good maps of where our bodies and limbs are in order to be able to act and move around competently. It seems these take time to develop in the first year, and we didn’t know that before.”

The full research paper 'The neural basis of somatosensory remapping develops in human infancy’ was published in the journal Current Biology.
New Details on Dark Souls III!
  • Dark Souls II-esque fast travel will return
  • Skill respec will return, but may not work exactly the same as Dark Souls II
  • DS3 will utilize an MP system like Demon’s Souls, instead of spells each having limited casts
  • Magic spells will be designed to be more distinct from one other in order to emphasize build diversity
  • Unlimited invasion items will return
  • New Game+ will feature new enemies, remapped enemy locations, and new gear
  • Hidden walls are found by attacking
  • Weapon durability will be somewhere between Dark Souls 1 and 2
  • Bonfire Ascetics will not return (v_v)

Also, the release date may have been spilled a bit early! One site has listed it for February 2nd.

Who really wants a job, anyway? We may want money and security, but is that the same thing as a job? It hasn’t always been.

[…] The time-is-money ethic became so embedded in our culture that few today question the importance, even the integrity, of getting a job. But we should. Not only are jobs an artifact of a very particular moment in history, and not only were they invented by an elite who had only their own best interests at heart, but they are obsolete in an era when machines can do so much more, and so much faster, than people can. It’s time we accept the dark truth that we don’t really need everyone to work 40 hours a week anymore. We have to wind down the clock, and remap our time and labor in a way that’s appropriate for a post-industrial society.

Those who want to live in luxury can work for a living. They can start by solving the real problems of our society: topsoil depletion, global warming, renewable energy, and so on. Some of these problems will be mitigated simply by taking our emphasis off the relentless quest to employ even more people the old way; others, like global distribution of resources or the lifting of stultifying trade agreements and debt on developing nations, will become more clear once we’re no longer worried about growing the economy to create more jobs. To begin with, we have to look at employment for what it is, remember where it came from, and treat it less like a goal than a relic.

10 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 125)

1. In Norfolk, Virginia(u.s), two thieves stole a car and found an 8-year-old in the back seat, so they decided to drop the boy off at school before making off with the vehicle.

2. a man lost about 50%-75% of his brain due to hydrocephalus (water on the brain) but still led a normal life. Doctors believe that the fluid filled so slowly over his life that the brain remapped itself to function despite the loss of mass.

3. Most people dream in color, but those who grew up watching black and white television often dream in black and white.

4. there’s a school that allows students to do whatever…

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알고 보니
  • 알고 보니
  • Epik High Feat. Jinbo
  • Remapping The Human Soul: The Brain [Disc 1]

알고 보니(Come to find out) | Epik High feat. Jinbo

I’m on my way and I’m so lonely
Can’t stand this no more
Give me a hand so I can stand by myself
Be the shelter cause it’s raining outside
Lonely traveller, yes
Sometimes I cry
Holla, if you have my sanity
I need somebody
Who’s gonna stay with me

2t4 conversion of ofb and k&b towels

I used anna’s recolors (only 21 colors) and added a white and black recolor to the “towel cady plus”. The wooden rods and rings come in brown wood (I used the one that came with the sims 2), black (by anna) , and a white color that I made! (cause I’m dumb and didn’t notice she made a white one too lol). 

They are all compatible with the design tool.

You will find all of these under: Objects by Room > Bathroom > Accents.

NOTE: I didn’t convert the “Towel Hanger Plus Plus” because I never really used it on the sims 2 but if you want it just let me know and I’ll convert it asap :D

NOTE 2: They are all remapped but they are still easy to recolor. I didn’t touch the meshes though, and didn’t change the sizes either. 

You can recolor, retexture do whatever you want with them, just give credit, please? also, don’t claim them as your own, and don’t upload them to pay sites!

DOWNLOAD : DROPBOX | BOX  -  swatch is included and under the cut.

credits: anna for her recolors.

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She tied her shawl, saffron red,
tasseled at the ends, to the
bumper of a rickshaw and
watched it go, like blood through
wind’s veins.

Pakistan sky bending over,
as if in prayer, as if to cup its hands
and whisper into them, “Love my
people, kiss my children.”

Mama smells like alleyway shisha smoke
and equator summer and paprika.
I am three. Learning to walk.
Learning the cobblestone braille
of these streets. Skinning my knees,
learning again.

Peshawar is province frozen
in goodbye. I remember it as the place
I wanted to go home to, remap the
valleys of. Walk along the path
Mama used to take to school.

A hundred and fourty kids.
Bent beneath desks. Air tastes
like metal, like iron. Saffron runs
through cracks in the floor.

Pakistan sky clenches its teeth.
Pakistan sky bites its tongue.
The rickshaws seem to cut their
engines all at once.

Pakistan sky lead heavy, like whistle
lost between lips, like shawl loosening
from bumper, trampled and beaten,
like a nation shedding its shards
after a day of target practice.

—  Saffron | Ramna Safeer

Interstellar Tarantula in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Author’s description: The Tarantula Nebula is an incredibly bright emission nebula located in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) in the southern constellation of Dorado with an apparent magnitude of +8 at a distance of 160,000 light years.

It is huge, being nearly 640 light years across.  It is also known as 30 Doradus, Caldwell 103 and NGC 2070.  It is the most active region of star formation in our local group of galaxies.  This image is a bit larger than ½ degree square.  North is to the lower left.  Supernova 1987A occurred at the edge of the Tarantula.

This image shows the incredibly intricate and varied structure from the use of narrowband filters that significantly increase structural contrast.  Similar to the Hubble Space Telescope’s (HST)  "Pillars of Creation", this is a false color image, where hydrogen (H-a), oxygen (OIII) and sulfur (SII) emissions are color-mapped to green, blue and red, respectively.

For comparison, I’ve remapped the color to represent “natural” color in the image below which has been cropped and rotated to the conventional north being up.  This version would be closer to what would be obtained with RGB filters, except the detail is much greater using narrowband filters. - Don Goldman

North Korea has always served as a “devil function,” an enormously useful enemy for the United States.

The Korean War, coming as it did on the heels of World War II, sparked an economic boom domestically and legitimated the unprecedented worldwide garrisoning of large numbers of American troops in a network of bases around the world. In essence, it furnished the occasion for a remilitarized remapping of the globe that in turn enabled the reconstruction of the world market under American auspices.

It began in 1945 when the occupation line was drawn at the 38th parallel. Two junior US Army officers, Charles Bonasteel and Dean Rusk, armed with nothing more than a National Geographic map, split Korea in two within half an hour. This separated one in three families and prompted a war of national reunification.

During a three-year window, 3.5 million North Koreans, the majority of them civilians, were killed. At the hands of the United States, North Koreans suffered one of the most appalling, unrestrained bombing campaigns in our genocidal 20th century, and ever since they have been shouting themselves hoarse at a nation of amnesiacs [the United States] who aren’t listening.

For Americans, the Korean War may have slipped into the ash heap of history and is, at best, a vague footnote. For the North Koreans, the so-called “Forgotten War” has had indelible consequences.

Never in the mainstream US media do you hear that North Korea has asked the United States for a peace treaty more than 100 times. The image of North Korea as a country that actively seeks peace is not consonant with the jingoistic caricature that we’re typically confronted with in mainstream media policy discourse.

PS4 Introducing Button Remapping - What This Might Mean for Kingdom Hearts 3

Playstation revealed today that the Playstation 4 Update 2.50 (Codenamed “Yukimura”) will include a feature where you can remap the Dualshock 4 buttons.

Accessibility Options: “Yukimura” introduces a wide variety of options to make their PS4 entertainment experience even more accessible. Options include text to speech, enlarged text, bolder fonts, higher contrast UI, zoom for displayed pictures, invert colors on screen and more. Users will also be able to reassign buttons for DualShock 4, making it easier for users with limited manual dexterity or limited reach and strength to play.

What this essentially means is gamers who are accustomed to using O as attack and X as jump (as it is in the Japanese or A and B in the 3/DS games respectively) could be able to manually swap the controls around for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Another mesh edit and artwork style for you today. This one is based on that child portrait mesh. I prefer thinner frames though, so I tweaked the style, remapped to make the picture quality better and added some cool motivational prints (even though you can’t read the print) to the frames. I only make black and white frames because they work well with any design, and I am very happy with how these came out.

The Build/Buy item feature:

  • basegame compatibility
  • custom mesh
  • non-default
  • 10 print styles in both black and white frames
  • All 20 styles found under one item in the catalog
  • custom object thumbnails so you can easily find trhe item in the catelogue
  • Costs $350 each
  • Credit to Tina Crespo @Society6 for the images

The archive contains the  package file and cover image. Extract the archive and place the package file in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. I hope you enjoy.

Download: Mediafire | Onedrive


This is how Adobe and NASA photoshop the stars

Robert Hurt, an astronomer and Photoshop expert who works at Caltech’s Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, says that when processing images of galaxies and nebulas, his job is to turn data into something visible. 

“I basically take raw grayscale data from different parts of the infrared spectrum, and then remap them into visible colors — typically with red, green, and blue Photoshop layers — to create images that are accurately representative of the infrared colors that human eyes cannot see,” says Hurt. “I think of it as a visual translation process."