I'm from the North.

I wear wranglers.
I wear Ariats. And not the pointy toed with heals.
I’m an avid hunter.
I love to fish. I ride horses.
In my town, we hold one of the biggest rodeos known.
I’ve ridden three bulls.
I can drive in the snow AND the mud.
I’ve carried my first 215 pound bear 2 1/2 miles up and down hills back to the truck.
I’ve been kicked many times by a horse. And bitten and stepped on.
I’ve got 14 gymkhana belt buckles. Starting from when I was 7.
I’ve won 2 saddles.
I live in a house with a barn and 39 acres.
I chase my mare and gelding around the pasture trying to put their halters on. They take no shit.
I can operate a tractor.
I can load, clean, and shoot my own guns. No questions asked.
I own a 1997 f250 7.3L turbo diesel. She’s my baby.
I’ve got my first buck’s antlers mounted hanging in my bed room.
Before my daddy passed away, he gave me his Remington 1100 12 gauge.
I’ve won the towns biggest large mouth bass contest 2 years in a row.
I’ve got pictures of it posted at the local Sportsman’s Wear house, where they know me by name.
I teach hunters safety on the field to beginner hunters.
We hold bonfires at our house at least every month for my friends to come over and spend time together listening to music.
I have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest grocery store.
I don’t wear camo out and about for fashion cause its stupid.
The only camo I’ll wear is my mossy oak purse which was a gift and its very cute, and my favorite camo ford hat.
I have every one of Hank Williams and Merl Haggards records. Not CDs. Nots tapes. But records.
I go to church on Sunday and I love my God as much as you.
I blog on my front porch swing when it’s sunny and deer come in my yard and eat my moms flowers.
I’m proud of where I’m from. And I hope you are too. But you don’t need to look down upon someone else, another human being, for being proud of the place you’re not from. If it bothers you so much, just let it go. Ignore it. I’m not claiming to be anything but myself on tumblr. That gives you NO right to tell me who I am and who I’m not. I’m an proud of my Northern California lifestyle.