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Its been one year since I made my first vine! S to celebrate I did a remake!


Yoonkook week - Day 4: free day

i miss hyyh and yes i know that kookie is from begin


This is my masterlist for all of my Dylan O’Brien related writings. As this blog (brylan) is not a writing blog anymore, all of my future writings will be posted here where you can read them. I will still update this masterlist with the writings but none of the new writings will be posted on this blog.

** = smut

Dylan O’Brien

Friends with Benefits **

Stress Relief **


Him **

   ○Part One
   ○Part Two **
   ○Part Three **
   ○Part Four **

Normal **

Acting **

No Name **

Nosey **

Take Care Of Me **

Stiles Stilinski

Stop Ignoring Me **

Kitchen Counter
Part One **
   ○Part Two **

   ○Part One
   ○Part Two
   ○Part Three **


White Blood

Taunting (Rough Alternative) **
Taunting (Gentle Alternative) **

Secrets **

Just Friends **

Void Stiles

Equals **

Thomas (TMR)


Updated on Sep 1st, 2016


‘How Old are You?’ (2014) is important because it’s a successful (Malayalam) Indian movie that sheds light on the sexist ageism that is still rampant in Indian society

  • rhps remake haters: The remake was bad Laverne didn't do well as frank, it was all over the top and horrible-
  • me, and intellectual: I love her, let's watch it again