remake was much better


Earlier in my career, I used to look at other actors and maybe steal a move here or there, but as I have gotten older, I prefer releasing the idiosyncratic quality that every single person has. That is truly interesting. In the pursuit of pretending and making things seem real, what is really interesting is watching somebody on camera or on stage releasing things that only they could. That is really beautiful.

I just saw Beauty and the Beast remake and boy am I glad I did. It was so much better than I was expecting.

- the entire scene where LeFou professed his love for Gaston
- Beast just being savage about Belle liking Romeo and Juliet (I have never agreed with a character more)
- also Beast just nailing Belle in the face that snowball. Yes.
- when the wardrobe redressed those three guys and the one dude was like ‘yes. I’m the best dressed bitch in town now’ and left like the queen he was
- LeFou having great character development
- ‘Would you consider growing a beard?’

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Is Little one Canon from this point on?

(( OOC: Yes. Little one leads into my “Dark Times” series… which I’ve already done twice…. and I think I’m going to remake…. again….. because guess what…. I COULD MAKE IT SO MUCH BETTER NOW!!! )) 

‘why the mixtape, moony? you hate my music taste that much?’
‘well, just thought that you could use a little variety!’

the wolfstar mixtapes, pt. 1: remus → listen on 8tracks // listen on spotify

Hey here is my Anime North cosplay schedule! Very busy this weekend finishing up all these costumes! If you see me, feel free to come say hi :)

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13 Reasons Why tw: I'm kinda upset about Dan planning to watch 13 Reasons Why. He didn't go into detail about his opinions, so I guess I shouldn't jump to conclusions, but I'm worried he'll like it and give a bunch of other people more reason to watch it. It's such a toxic show and I absolutely hate everything about it. I don't really know how I'd feel if he ended up really liking it, but I do know that that would cause hundreds of not thousands more people to watch it if they haven't already :(

yeah same to be honest. i really wouldn’t recommend people to watch it :/

edit: i mean i’ve heard different arguments regarding the show that I find myself both agreeing with…. but overall, it’s not a good show imo :/// it deals with some stuff well?? maybe??? but…. the real serious stuff wasn’t very good… idk ahhh it’s a tough cookie.


A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Epenthesis in Academic Convergence by @uziregar

A phonological phenomenon in which two disparate sounds meet, creating a third sound between them which wasn’t there before.

There were a lot of jobs worse than being partnered with world-renowned Absent-Minded Professor Kim Namjoon, but Professor Kim Seokjin couldn’t think of what any of them were at the moment.