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Earlier in my career, I used to look at other actors and maybe steal a move here or there, but as I have gotten older, I prefer releasing the idiosyncratic quality that every single person has. That is truly interesting. In the pursuit of pretending and making things seem real, what is really interesting is watching somebody on camera or on stage releasing things that only they could. That is really beautiful.

M a s t e r l i s t

Bit small as of now, but hopefully that starts changing soon. All my work, tags, etc can be found here. I’ll update it periodically! Enjoy, thank you, and happy reading! x 

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The Divide Series ( a collaboration with @roseonhissleeve)

Mini Blurbs (Harry Musings):

Asks/ concepts you guys send me! You can find them all here. 


** indicates smutty content 

^ indicates Daddy!Harry 

My own creations:

  • Something About Alarms: in which there’s a cuddle or two 
  • Genuine: in which Harrys girl is exactly what we all hope she would be
  • Almost Christmas: in which Harry provides well meaning drunken cuddles
  • Little Love: in which Harry , you, and Lux have a moment or two
  • Power Naps: in which you have a night in with Harry after a long week
  • A Play On Words: in which Harry acquires a new meaning to the word ‘daddy’ 
  • One More*: in which you’re sore and Harry is sweet
  • Sniffles: in which Harry is sick and stubborn 
  • Something About Valentines: in which you surprise both H and yourself with a valentine’s declaration. 
  • Shorter: in which you’re nervous about your new haircut and Harry is as lovely as ever
  • Award Anticipation: in which you and Harry watch the Oscars, at home for now. 
  • Seal of Approval: in which your best friend Harry meets your boyfriend
  • Magical^: in which Harry dresses up your daughter in an interesting hat 
  • Caught: in which you tease Harry in an alleyway, but there’s someone else there too…
  • Wake Up Call: in which Harry and your puppy wake you up 


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