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Garo Sheikah Clan.
A desert faction of Sheikah, banished from the mainland for forbidden use of magitech and thaumaturgic media. Covered in dark brown cloaks, it’s often said you can only see the red of their eyes when you encounter one. It’s also said that should you see one, it will be the last thing you do if you turn your back. 

Legends and rumors say the Garo Clan dabbled a little too closely in trying to normalize monsters and Hylian cohabitation. As a result they let their souls be corrupted, to the point where they had to hide themselves from the sight of the goddess by carving masks that could change their form or give them special powers and abilities.

There are supposed remnants of this clan found in desert ruins, strange writings and markings. Nests of monsters over top village ruins. Ominous mask fragments that seem to bring the finders bad luck– small things that hint at a people who were once present. 

There is some speculation that the Yiga and Garo clans were in alliance and cooperation with one another, and that is where the Yiga gained the ability to hide from the goddess with white masks of inverted truth; but there is little to no evidence supporting such claims, despite many scholars efforts to decipher ancient texts of the desert.

Its feels good when u remake a old OC in to some killer of kids (okno)

so if u dont know. Spring Cat is back to the au ;w; if u followed me on g+ in 2013 u will no her :’D 

but she’s back as

Dr.spring cat ;D

tbh i might just take. my kickass peaches ocs and remake them in a fantasy setting cause our of all my ‘’’developed’’’ oc verses there’s is the one that im least confident with even if its the most realistic one