remake oc


A SHITTON OF SKETCHBOOK STUFF I JUST SCANNED… more incoming but its stuff im gonna color

includes: random beasties, a unicorn, some babbies, some of my jurassic park remake turkey utahraptors, a random wolf, my dinosaur furries (featheries?? scalies??) and a frog with wings.


“Hawke, how did you avoid the Chantry’s forces for so long?”
“Well, it was easy because they were looking for the wrong things.”

I fully believe Hawke escaped the Chantry’s forces simply by swapping her armor and dyeing her hair.


“In the last 6 hours we lost contact with one of our units, hopefully they are ok….or atleast one of them”

And with this! I wanted make a full remake of ( if my memory don’t fail ) my first picture on Tumblr! that picture was maded as part of a art trade with @bravo44 , and damm, the difference is unreal haha, and with the new Krone look is…just beautiful