remake center

The Hunger Games Timeline

Week 1

Tuesday: Reaping
Wednesday: Arrive at Capitol, Remake Center, Tribute Parade
Thursday-Saturday: Training ending in private sessions
Sunday: Train separately, private sessions with Haymitch and Effie
Monday: Interviews

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An Exclusive Interview with Kimberly Kreines, Ari Levitch, and Mel Li of the Magic Creative Team!

For my final interview, I sit down with creative designers and worldbuilders Kimberly Kreines, Ari Levitch, and Mel Li ( @etheriumsculptor ) to talk about the world of Kaladesh, its inhabitants, and creating people and stories to that make the Multiverse as spectacular as it is. Beneath the cut, we touch on everything from gremlins to story stakes, fan reactions, and panharmonicons!

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