Album Review: Bowhunter - To Love Again EP

Published on on May 5th 2015.

In the music world, bands come and go and occasionally some leave a hole to be filled by someone else. With the likes of Kids In Glass Houses calling it a day over the past 12 months, there has been a power-pop rock void left in the UK scene. Thankfully Kent’s Bowhunter look like they’re ready to fill it, as their debut effort, ‘To Love Again’ EP is four slices of catchy guitar-driven power-pop arriving in time for the summer months.

Whilst vocalists Jack Saunders’ former band, The JCQ, took a more hardcore rock approach. Saunders’ new venture from the outset delivers a bright, feelgood sound as 'It’s Not Over’ contains plucky, light guitars and handclaps which giveway to a soaring, hook-y chorus. It provides a lively start that remains intact for the remainder of the EP.

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