remain a comforting presence to him

Zen X MC: Stay

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 3546

Author’s note: This one shot was inspired by @myetie and I was given permission to use the similar plot as her comic’s strip. This one shot is definitely different from how her comic will turn out..just saying. A really big thanks to myetie  for giving me permission.

The last thing you remembered was laughing, enjoying the breeze that blew against your hair, your arms tightly around Zen’s waist. The engine of the motorcycle making rumbling noises.

How did something so enjoyable turned into something so horrible? Bright lights shone into your eyes, the screeching of tires could be heard and all you could feel was pain when the impact hit.

You felt your body being thrown off the motorcycle, your head hitting the road, blurry images filled your vision until it became completely dark. A few minutes later, when the police had arrived because of the accident, Zen awoke from his unconscious state, it was the sound of the sirens and the blinking of the red and blue lights that brought him back into consciousness.

“Mc ?” He murmured, trying to sit up but the pain in his shoulder held him down as he clutched it in pain. His mind started to registered what had happen and his only concern was for you. “Mc ? MC!” He yelled when he sees a figure lying on the ground.

Zen sees your injured body lying unconscious on the ground, your hair lying on messily around you, but what made his heart clenched the most was seeing your legs twisted in such a horrific angle.

“No,no,no,no! MC?!” Blood was visible on your body and all he wanted was to turn back the time.


A week had past while you still remained in the hospital. Jaehee,Jumin, Saeyoung, Yoosung, V, had all been visiting you, talking to, trying to comfort you, entertain you, whatever the reason they visited for, you always welcomed their presence.

Their visits comforted the fact that you were paralyzed and could no longer walk, or run, or used you legs in general.

“Could you imagine it? I mean, that hacker was so stupid to not put up a firewall to protect his location, so I easily traced him through his IP address and I found him!” Saeyoung burst out into laughter and you chuckled.

There was a knock on the door and both your attention was diverted to the hospital door.

“I brought food.” Jumin entered and you greeted with a smile.

“Hello, Jumin.” “Food and wine! Food and wine! Food and wine!” Saeyoung started chanting.

“The wine is mine.” Saeyoung’s face fell at Jumin’s comment.

“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you this, but you don’t need to worry about Zen that much, He’s going to come around soon, let’s just give him a little time.” Saeyoung turned to you, sending you a reassuring wink.

“Oh,um..about that person…” You began, seeming a bit nervous.

“I,uh, never asked because I thought you were just talking about a friend or something….but you guys seemed to keep mentioning him a lot.” Your fingers clutched the blanket.

“Who is Zen?” That question made Saeyoung and Zen froze. Over the time you had been in the hospital, all of them had been constantly bringing up Zen, but who was Zen?

You couldn’t remembered and just assumed he was friend. Breaking the silence, Jumin’s phone rang and he excused himself from the room to take the call.

“Well, um, I think that is for you to find out later, just…” Saeyoung paused awkwardly. “Just try to remember.” He smiled but there was pity held in his eyes.

You didn’t push the matter, seeing how uncomfortable it made him. Meanwhile, Jumin answers his phone, the caller ID letting him know who was the one calling him.


“Jumin, I need to ask a favor.” Out of all the time Jumin and known Zen,he had never heard Zen so broken.

“Where are you? The hospital said you refused further treatment and just left? I’ve been trying to contact you for the past week.” Jumin bombarded him with questions.

“Please, Jumin, hear me out.” Zen pleaded.

“Zen, MC needs you, are you really not going to visit her? What you’re doing is absurd.”

“She doesn’t need me! She doesn’t! I…I…I’m too dangerous, Jumin? I..I ruined her life, I don’t deserve her.” He was shouting at the beginning but at the end, it sounded like a chocked whisper, and Jumin knew that he was crying.

“Zen, calm down first, you’re too emotional, do not make such rash decisions.” Jumin ran his fingers through his hair in slight frustration.

“It’s because of me she got into this accident, it’s because of me she can no longer use her legs. It’s because of me! Please Jumin, please take care of her, I beg you.” And that was when Zen hung up, his arm sliding down and hung at the side of the chair he was sitting on, the phone sliding off his hand, landing with a thump onto the floor.

“Mc, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry!” Zen clutched his hair, his head tilted towards the floor and he broke down.

Tears wetting the floor as it fell from his eyes. His body shook, whimpers of pain, emotional pain escapes his lips, he’s trying his hardest to keep it together but every time he pulls a piece of himself up, another falls.

He tried, he tried so hard to get to you but he could because of his arm, his damn arm, he just wanted to hold you and protected you then but now there’s nothing to hold or protect.

“Why?” His voice shaking.

“WHY?!WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!” He stood up and punched a wall repeatedly,sliding down against it, his knuckles now bloody as he rested his forehead against his knees.

“Why?” He whispered, his heart crumbling inside.


“What will happen when Zen finds out?” Saeyoung asked, leaning on the wall while Jumin sat on one of the hospital beds. Jumin sighed, closing his eyes.

“He already knows.” Shock became evident on Saeyoung’s face, absorbing the new information.



“I’m sorry, this is all my fault.” Zen muttered, his heart breaking just by looking at the state you were in.

“Um, you must’ve mistaken me for someone else.” You were in a state between consciousness and unconsciousness. Everything felt like a dream to you.

“You’re so handsome, are you an angel? Have you come to take me?” Tears watered his eyes when he became aware that you had forgotten him.

“I’m your angel, but I’m not here to take you, I’m just here to say goodbye.” He forced a smile onto his face, his tears wetting his cheeks.

“Goodbye? Can’t you stay a little longer?” “I’m afraid not.” He closed his eyes, his lips kissing your forehead.

“Goodbye MC.”

*flashback end*

Your encounter with Zen at the hospital, you couldn’t remember. Two weeks after your stay in the hospital, you were finally released.

A few days had past, your life went on as usual, the difference being that you were now using a wheelchair, despite everything seeming to be normal, you couldn’t help but feel like you’re missing something.

There was an empty void in your heart, and what frustrated you greatly was how you couldn’t quite figure out what it was. From trying new things to going through old things, you still couldn’t figure out.

There were things you couldn’t do due to being bound to the wheelchair so you couldn’t help but think that it might be something related to you walking or using your legs but yet, a quiet voice inside told you that wasn’t it.

Of course, being handicapped forever wasn’t easy, you felt helpless, useless, almost everything you did was a challenge and you felt like a burden to those helping you.

It was a struggle, it was extremely frustrating that you couldn’t use your legs, adding the frustration of that emptiness in your heart, you were struggling a lot, night was a time spent crying because of that frustration.

The perfect cover was put on every time, no one could see past that cover, to someone, you looked happy, so positive as if nothing could bring you down, smiles constantly on your face but the truth was that you were struggling every day.

Pushing your wheelchair down the streets, you stopped at a shop to get a bottle of water. You were prepared to pay for the bottle when you stopped at the magazine stand, seeing a few copies with the same face. Ignoring the words on the magazine, you picked it up, looking at the man shown in the cover.

Just then, you were pulled from reality as images flashed into your mind.


“Look MC, I’m on the cover of this magazine? You have to admit that I am good looking in this picture.” His red eyes shining brightly as he spoke to you.

“In that picture? Hmm, Zen, babe, I think you look better now than in that picture.” Laughter escapes your lips, your hands intertwined with his.

“Really? Mmmm, jagiya, you know just what to say.” He gives you an Eskimo kiss before kissing you on your lips.

“Hey! Get out of here! I’m trying to run a business!” The shop owner chased the two of you out and you both ran out laughing.


“Miss? Are you going to buy that?” You were pulled back into reality when the shop owner tapped you on your shoulder.

“Oh, no, just this water.” You paid the money and left. You were more than confused, what happened back there, was it a memory? Was that the Zen your friends had been mentioning previously? Why did you referred to each other as lovers? Was that just a fantasy? The questions swirled in your mind, your heart strings were being tugged at that thought.

Lately, you had been seeing that man in your dreams, small images flashing through your mind, but this was the first time you had called him Zen.

Was he something that was part of your life previously? You pushed that idea away, you felt that you were just an ordinary girl, why would you be associated with a rising star?

‘Maybe I was a fan of him? That’s why I’m having these fantasy?’ You thought, it was a possibility.

Meanwhile Zen was at a bar, downing the bitter alcohol down his throat, another hand holding a cigarette between his two fingers. He had been in this bar for two days in a row, drinking and smoking, he no longer logged into the RFA Chatroom and was hard to reach, Jumin, not only worried about you, but him too, forced Seven to find the location of where Zen is.

Climbing out of his limo, saying a quick thanks to Driver Kim, Jumin closed the door, his hands tucked in his pockets while he walked into the bar. He took a quick glance of the bar and immediately spotted Zen sitting at the counter, emptying the bottle of beer.

He took quick strides towards Zen and sat at the stool beside him. Zen, noticing the presence beside him, turned to the his side and saw Jumin. “What do you want?” Zen huffed, gulping down the rest of the alcohol.

“We’re going to talk. Outside.” Jumin gave Zen a look that meant he was all serious and not in the mood to be argued with.

“What do you want?” His breath reeked of alcohol and by the way he was standing, he was quite drunk.

“I made a promise to MC.” Jumin began.

~Jumin’s Flashback~

You had just been given a shot to reduce the pain, it also caused you to be unaware of whatever you were saying or doing, almost like you were drunk, including the part where you couldn’t remember the things you did or said.

“Jumin?” His attention was immediately directed towards you the moment you spoke. He hummed in response to show that he was listening.

“Do you think I’m becoming a deadweight?…..I’m useless like this, all of you are better off without me. I…I can’t remember a lot of things. I don’t even remember who I was before the accident.” You took a deep breath, trying to hold in the tears that were trying their hardest to escape.

“Zen…..maybe I was just pulling him down, m..maybe that’s why he left me. I’m…” Jumin was surprised, did you actually remember Zen after all? Your fingers clutched the hospital blankets tightly, you couldn’t help it as tears streamed down your face, waves of pain rolling deep into your heart.

“No. Don’t ever say that. Never say that. You are so precious to all of us, you are more than we deserve. I’ll bring Zen back, if it will set things right.” Jumin pulled you into a hug. “I promise you, MC.”

~Flashback End~

“You promised her that?” Zen says in disbelief.

“She remembers you, deep down she does. Right now, she may not remember you, but she still does, somewhere in her heart. You know what is the right thing to do, so do it.”

“The right thing to do? It doesn’t matter if she remembers me.” Zen’s anger was rising as he spoke, he grabbed Jumin’s suit, he was no longer leaning against the brick wall.


“PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! You think that leaving her is the best option?! That you no longer would be a danger to her?! That you would no longer hurt her?! She thinks you left because she did something wrong, she thinks she’s a deadweight and she is suffering emotionally! Stop running away from your problems and start facing them! She needs you!” Zen remained on the floor, not saying anything as he listened to Jumin scold him.


Shaky breaths escapes your lips as you looked through your phone. You had been so focused on recovering that you had not have the chance to go through everything in your phone.

Pictures of you and Zen kissing, hugging, doing things that couples would do were in the favorites of your photo album.

By now, you had connected the pieces and figured that he is your boyfriend, or was. Scrolling through the texts between you and him, your lips trembled, tears wetting your cheeks.

“Did I do something wrong? Why didn’t he visit me?” You spoke to yourself while memories attacked your mind, memories of you and him. While the memories were returning to you, your head was hurting a lot.

You knew that only half your memories had returned due to the missing pieces when you tried to piece them together.

From: Zen To: MC Remember to take care of yourself, and eat a balanced meal okay? I’ll be at your house around 7 to pick you up. I love you and I can’t wait to see you!

That was the last text he had sent, all of his texts were filled with so much love, but where did all that love go? What happened to it?


Night had arrived by the time you had half your memories returned and gone through your phone.

Out of all the memories, the one that stood out the most was when Zen first asked you to be his girlfriend under a cherry tree, he had a picnic laid out, lights hanging from the tree, it was romantic.

Thinking that going there might help you to remember more of the memories which you had lost, you made your way there.

You almost reached the tree when you felt your heart stopped, his back facing towards you was Zen, you immediately recognized him from his hair. He was touching the tree saying something that you couldn’t quite hear, you made you way closer to him but not too close.

“Zen.” He froze, slowly turning around to face you.

It was obvious that both of you had been crying.

“MC.” There was a moment of silence between the two of you before you spoke again.

“Why didn’t you visit me?” You remembered every detail of the accident, and you needed to know the truth, if you were the reason or if something else was the reason.

“You need to stay away from me MC, I can’t cause you harm again. I’m a danger to you.” He starts to back away but his facial expression showed that all he wanted to do is stay, but fear kept him from moving forward but backwards instead. Fear that he might harm you again.

“You don’t get to decide that for me. You don’t get to decide if you might cause me harm again, it was an accident, one caused by a drunk driver. You do realized that it isn’t your fault right?” You say as gently as possible, trying to keep your voice steady.

“It is my fault that you got into this accident. I knew that you didn’t like to ride on the motorcycle and I still made you ride it! It’s my fault that you no longer can walk! IT’S MY FAULT THAT YOUR LIFE IS RUINED! It’s best if you stay away MC.” He yells, his tears starts falling down and he turns around and starts to walk away.

“I NEED YOU!” You were desperate for him to stay, which explained why you yelled.

“Please don’t leave me! Hyun!” He stopped walking but he didn’t turn to face you.

“Who said my life is ruined? It’s only ruined without you in it. Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry! Is it because I’m handicapped? I promise to be better, I won’t be a burden to you! Just please, stay!” Were you not getting the point? Zen clenched his fists, he didn’t want you to think that it was your fault because it wasn’t.

His lips trembled as he heard the words escapes your lips.

“I’m sorry! Please don’t leave me again.” Your voice grew weaker as you no longer could hold back your tears as they came flooding down.

“I need you! Ever since I couldn’t walk, all I’ve been feeling is pain, frustration, emptiness. I…I’ve been searching for what was missing from my life the past few weeks and I know it’s you. P…please don’t leave me when I just found you.”

“You’re better off without me,MC.” He starts to walk again and you immediately try to stand up and go after him but your legs fails you and you hit the ground, a cry of pain leaving your lips. Zen turns around and his eyes widens when he sees you on the ground and runs towards you to help you up.

“I’M NOT! I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU! These past few weeks without you has been torture for me. Do you know what it’s like to constantly feel like you’re a burden to everyone around you? Do you know the frustrations of not being able to walk and constantly needing help? I needed someone to be there for me, someone to comfort me and encourage me. I NEEDED YOU HYUN! AND I STILL DO! I still need you!” He tries to help you back into your wheelchair but you clutched onto him, remaining on the ground, hugging him tightly.

Zen didn’t know what to do at that moment, he felt so conflicted.

“I’m dying emotionally, I can’t do this without you. Please don’t leave me.” You were shaking, though still not letting go of him. Zen looks at you and he feels another wave of tears coming but he does nothing to stop it.

He lets out a cry of pain as he broke down, letting every emotional pain that he had felt, out. He was sobbing hard, he had missed you so much, and being away from you was as good as death for him.

The two of you remained there in each other’s arms, letting every emotional pain out.

He pulled you closer to him, hugging you back, his chin resting on your head. Zen started to calm down, and he used his hands to wipe away his tears. “I’m sorry MC, I..I didn’t know. I thought it was better if you weren’t around me. I’m sorry.” He presses a kiss to your head.

“It’’s not your fault, you know that right? P…Please tell me you do, because I…I don’t blame you, and I will never blame you.” Zen nods his head, his eyes squeezed shut,holding you tighter.

“I promise that I’ll never leave you again. I’ll be here if you ever need me.” He pulls away and one hand cups your face, his thumb wipes away your tears. He leans in closer until his lips touches yours, and at that very moment, every memory of him and you returns to you, but this time, there is no pain, only healing.

Sure, you were handicapped, you could not walk, but maybe now, it would not be as hard as it was back then, since Zen would be there with you each step of the way.

“Thank you.” You said to Zen and he begin pushing the wheelchair with you in it.

“Let’s go home MC.”

Three’s a Crowd (Part 13)

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Member: Taehyung x Reader x Yoongi

Type: Poly Au, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9.Part 10. Part 11. Part 12. Part 13.

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ive never written anything w this relationship so i am pleased as punch and kinda wanna live in this world for a little while so i might post more

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words: 2k

warnings: parent death ment

feat: everybody except scott and thor. i’ll probably find some way to work them in though.

a/n: bucky’s gonna b a bit of an ass

You were practically jumping up and down in the elevator because of how excited you were as the doors slid open. It’d been almost 6 months since you’d last seen Tony which was without a doubt the longest period of time you’d gone without seeing him in your life. Things had become chaotic in your life and his but the two of you still talked on a regular basis. You were his one sense of stability at this point in his life and he had proven time and time again that he would do anything to keep you safe.

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got7 in a scary movie

bambam: the one who will die first
- trips over oxygen
- dabs before he dies
- tries hiding behind one of his friends
- requests to split up which is never a good idea
- it all happens at a house party in his giant mansion
- “I’m too young to die!”
- hides in a room upstairs instead of running out the house
- is killed by being too loud

yugyeom: the dumb blonde
- gives out his social security number, entire birthday, house address, and full name on the phone with the killer
- “I’ve called the cops and they’re on their way!”
- walks around with a knife he doesn’t know how to use
- sobs almost too loud
- answers the strange knocks on the door with “who is it?”
- runs out the house but leaves the door open
- dies from crashing his sports car into a tree since its dark

jackson: the jokester
- tries to keep everyone calm and happy though they are probably gonna be slaughtered
- screams out for the killer to come get them deep in the night
- “I ain’t scared of nobody!” (Is scared for dear life)
- it all happens at a sleepover of his
- suspects one of his many friends is the killer
- takes off his shirt and checks to make sure nobody is in the house with a gun
- doesn’t actually know how to use a gun
- ends up actually shooting himself by pulling the trigger to his face

jaebum: the friend that everyone thinks is the killer
- somehow always gone whenever someone dies
- knows the rules of survival in a horror movie
- can be found at some random graveyard listening to music with his earphones in
- intimidates everyone
- is not actually the killer
- protects everyone but mainly his cats in the room upstairs
- “If you’d shut your country ass up, maybe we will have a chance of survival.”
- actually makes it toward the end of the movie
- dies after getting the succ behind a dumpster from behind slaughtered to death

jinyoung: the killer nobody suspected
- manipulated people into thinking it was others who is doing the murdering instead of himself
- pretends to cry and be shocked when he hears the news about the people being murdered
- “I will kill Yugyeom.”
- would always use the ‘college’ excuse as to why he has to leave when he’s actually about to go on a killing spree
- always to himself
- in the cafe drinking coffee while sketching out his next attack
- doesn’t actually die, just gets caught months later and gets life in prison

youngjae: the afraid marshmallow
- constantly crying but gets comfort from jaebum out of all people
- “This is a no no!”
- remains hidden in a closet after dialing 911
- still makes everyone positive with just his presence
- the worst anyone has ever seen him
- even though people thought he was weak and too fragile, he actually knew how to survive
- knew it was jinyoung all along
- lived throughout the whole movie

mark: the shy partner in crime with jinyoung
- was there most of the time with the others
- used the rest of his time to help his partner, jinyoung with the killing
- nobody ever knew it was mark
- pretended to be scared the whole time
- occasionally left here and there to smoke weed
- murdered his snake LA friends
- never had the guts to hurt youngjae

- dies mysteriously in his sleep (dundundun)
nct reaction | realizing they’re crushing on their close friend

You had been friends for a long time, maybe not best friends, but you were very close. When he was young he didn’t really notice it, in fact, he never really thought about it either. But recently, he couldn’t stop himself from picking out all the little features he loved about you. Every time you were near, even if it wasn’t for him in particular, his eyes seemed to trace all your features and his ears listen to all your words. In what moment did he realize things weren’t the same as they used to be?


It wouldn’t take long for him to notice the change, ultimately trying to blame you for changing when, in the end, it was him. He’d become much more distant, not daring to tangle himself up into a mess with his feelings. Just the brush of your shoulder would be enough to send him to the opposite side of the room in order to calm his racing heart beat. Taking careful steps, as not to ruin your friendship, he’d certainly act a lot different after admitting to himself he felt more for you than a simple friendship. The further he was from you, the easier it was for him to calm himself, yet the harder it was to forget you.

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Unlike Taeil, it would probably take a while for Taeyong to admit he liked you, but the flustered actions and heated face said otherwise. He’d want to be closer to you, the little jolts that ran through his body when your fingers brushed were electrifying, and he loved it. It was like a rush, and he’d certainly take advantage of it. Your simple friendship would bloom and you’d practically become inseparable, but he would never admit anything. In fact, he’d be frustrated with himself for cowardly hiding his feelings, but loosing you was not worth the slim chance of having anything more.

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Playful. This giant would literally become a child, taking you out on friendly dates, keeping a close eye on your feelings and health. One of those people that would literally leave the house at 2am to give you a hug, playing of his actions as just “being a good friend.” Though he would be pretty obvious about his crush, he wouldn’t say anything too soon, waiting to see if you’d come out an confess first. His reaction would be a way of fulfilling the idea of a romantic relationship, without actually having to give up the friendship that was built around it. Unfortunately, he’d be worried that he already screwed his chances over with his childish choices.

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Another playful man, but not as obvious as Johnny. He’d definitely treat you much more kindly, but he’d also tease you like there was no tomorrow. He’d play the sweet and romantic moves slyly, while using the teasing as a form to cover up his intentions. He’d refuse to admit his feelings at first, but after seeing that his distancing had a negative effect on you, he’d accept his fate. He probably won’t be ready to give up the friendship if your reactions to him are oblivious and naive, but he’d be the type to take his chances if he saw the opportunity. 

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Frustrated that his heart would betray him in such a way, he’d probably become a bit colder towards you. Not mean, but not distant like Taeil either. The personality change may come as a shock, but it would be his way of trying to cope with the fact that he had fallen into a cliche romance scene. He’s the kind of person who recognizes the reality of situations, so playing his chances with you was not something he was willing to do. Unfortunately, he knew trying to pry you off of him was not benefiting himself in anyway, and will probably make his situation worse. He’d try to forget his feelings, even if in the end his plans don’t work.

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Ten would admit his feelings to himself on the spot, it would be something he cherished. Knowing that he felt such an attraction to someone he already trusted with a whole heart would be rather enticing. He wouldn’t look at you the same way, eyes full of love and care, touches gentle an soft. It would be as if he was taking in a fragile sculpture, a priceless piece of art he felt responsible for keeping safe. He’d treat you with so much more care and offer so much more attention that you’d probably realize his feelings before he even said anything. Willing to drop everything you guys had together, he’d be the most likely to tell you how he feels in the end, trusting, whether you accepted or not, you’d still be around.

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Jaehyun would find it amusing as he came to realize his feelings, taking in the idea that everything you did and were seemed like a dream to him now. He’s one of those people that would laugh at every joke you made, even if it wasn’t funny, and compliment anything and everything about you. “You hair smells really nice today.” He’d definitely come off as a bit stranger than he used to be, giddy and weird, but not something that you really minded. His ears would probably always be red around you, something that was rather cute yet confusing to others. He’d want to tell you about his feelings, but afraid he may embarrass himself, he’d avoid it more often than not. 

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Of all the members, WinWin would probably be the most flustered. Not in a cute and embarrassed way, but a hesitant and fearful way. As one of the few people he had probably felt such a way for, he’d definitely feel awkward around you. You might think that he didn’t like you, or was intimidated (which wasn’t false), but he was rather very fond of you, he just didn’t know how to go about it. Not having even thought about confessing his feelings, this boy would go about his days trying to sort them out and how he can approach you about it. He wouldn’t be distant or cold, nor happy and cute, he’d just be kinda awkward and disoriented, maybe confused. 

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Honestly, whether this boy realizes it or not, I think he’d be quite similar to his regular self. Already being quite a flustered person, liking you was no exception to his cute ways. He’d get embarrassed more often, and probably stumble on his words a little more during conversations, but the changes wouldn’t seem like much in your eyes. When he’s not getting embarrassed and making a fool of himself, he’d probably think fondly of you, eyes tracing all the features loved and mind replaying simple memories he had of you, only to write sappy lines on the pages of his journal when he had the spare time. Admitting his feelings to himself wasn’t so bad, but admitting them to you would have to wait for a later time.

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Like Ten, this boy would be more than happy to admit his feelings for you. He’d be gentle and caring, taking you out more often and nurturing your friendship until its ready to become more. But unlike Ten’s open affection, Renjun is a shy bean, so he would easily embarrass himself if he caught his antics being a little too obvious, nervously trying to cover up their meanings. His cheeks would easily flush at anything you did, but his stature remained unaffected, as he was able to control his nerve to some extent when you were around. Being young though, he’d most likely accidentally reveal his feelings before he was willing to reveal it himself. 

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Jeno is a pretty calm person, as far as seen, so realizing this sort of situation wouldn’t affect him much. He’d probably play off your regular friendship and not really do much that made it obvious he liked you. As you guys were already close friends, he was comfortable in your presence before, so he’d probably be comfortable after realizing his feelings. Perhaps laughing along with you a bit longer, and trying to get out more a bit harder, his personality and relationship with you would not alter much, but inside his head, he’d probably be setting fires trying to control his feelings. As far as telling you goes, you may never know how he feels at the end of the day.

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honestly, of all the members, I love this boy’s personality the most. Haechan would not want to admit to himself that he liked you, even though you gave him so many butterflies he thought he was going to throw-up. Being around you would make his head hot, so to keep himself from getting too embarrassed, he would tease you, occasionally taking it too far, to which he get really upset with himself and probably avoid you for a few days. He wouldn’t want to hurt you, but he wouldn’t want to hurt himself either. Your sweet words left him in a sputtering mess, and your touches left his ears burning for the rest of the day. He was a mess, and you could tell, but he was not going to cave in, especially with the haunting fear of rejection lingering in his mind all the time.

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Another pretty obvious boy, Jaemin wouldn’t really care about knowing his feelings towards you, he’d just let it happen. He’d treat you differently than he treats the rest of his friends, like a noticeable difference, whether you noticed it or not. It would be one of those things that everyone can see through. The soft gazes, the carefully chosen words, the little dates and gifts he’d have prepared for you, and only you. Like Ten, he’d be willing to drop everything and tell you his feelings, it was that simple. Unsure of how strong he felt towards you, as he is still young, he’d know well enough that if he stayed looping in your friendship, he would never have the slightest chance to be more.

Originally posted by haechannie


Chenle probably wouldn’t admit his feelings, but he’d definitely recognize a difference. The strange feeling in his stomach when you were around, and the way your voice sounded different, even though it hasn’t changed. It’s one of those things that unintentionally happen, where he’d find himself laughing at your puns and supporting your every choice, even if he thought it was stupid. He would follow you to the end of the earth just to see your smile, and buy you an entire mountain to prove his love; and yet, he just couldn’t pull himself to actually say these things because he was unsure if your felt the same way. He’d probably say something as a hint, and leave it lingering in the air for your own mind to figure out.

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He’d definitely notice the changes, much like Chenle, but more oblivious. Jisung wasn’t sure when it happened, but he noticed one day that your voice sounded more melodious than it did before, and your smile was prettier than it was just a day earlier. Your presence began to make him feel nervous. He’d still treat you as he did, but the ever-growing forest of butterflies at the pit of his stomach would never leave, and the rapid beating of his heart against his rib-cage had him asking others if he was okay. Because he probably wouldn’t realize his feelings, telling you about them as a confession was off the list, but asking you if he was okay may lead you to realize his feelings before he did himself.

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the second time isak enters even’s room, they’re coming back from school and even is throwing his backpack on the floor and taking his socks off and he holds one of them and pretends he’s about to throw it isak’s way and isak gives him a stern look and warns “don’t you dare. and even smiles a cheeky smile, says “you know i wouldn’t” and isak breathes out a laughter and shakes his head, replies “no, even, i don’t”. and then even is going through his drawers, a pensive look on his face and grabs black jogging pants and a pastel pink shirt with a teddy bear at the front, hands them to isak. isak unfolds the shirt and raises an eyebrow at even, but he doesn’t protest, decides to play along, takes his shirt off and asks even “where did you get that shirt?” and now even has also changed into something more comfortable and he walks over to isak, hugs him from behind and he sways with him a little and says “flea market last summer, only 20 kroner, total steal for such an iconic fashion piece”. and isak chuckles, turns around and kisses him, quick pecks on his lips

and then even walks over to his loft bed, climbs up the ladder and he’s sitting on the mattress and waiting for isak to join him but isak kind of just. stays there. and even looks down at him and asks “hey, you coming?” and isak walks over to the ladder and holds on to each side and places a foot on the first rung but once again he goes still. and then even is up on his knees and looking down at him and isak is starring at the floor, loose grip on the ladder and even frowns at the sight, asks “hey you, what’s up?” and he gets down as he says the words, isak moving out of the way. isak glances up and chews on his bottom lip and he looks slightly confused and nervous. “it’s just -” he sighs, and even waits, gently presses his forehead against his. “you’re going to think i’m ridiculous but, hm, you see when i was eight, i had this friend and his name was, hm…mattias but, hm, that’s not important. hm, so yeah i went to sleep over to his house once because we had this, hm, football competition over the weekend and so i was supposed to sleep at his place and he had this…bunk bed and i remember when i climbed the ladder, my foot kind of slipped and i, hm, fell” 

he lets out another long sigh and even wraps him in a hug, kisses his temple and says “you know, when i was six, i fell from my bicycle and i didn’t want to ride one for the longest time. do you think that was ridiculous of me?” isak is resting chin on even’s shoulder and he whispers “no” and for a second even holds him tighter and he softly says “then why would i think you’re ridiculous?” isak gives a small shrug. “i just haven’t tried to since that one time, you know?” and even replies “well, we can try tonight, if you’re wiling. but we’ve got these extra mattresses too, so it’s really up to you” even lets go of isak and gives him a comforting smile, one that says i see you, it’s alright. and isak can’t help it, runs a hand through even’s hair and smiles back, and a few seconds later he nods towards the bed and says “let’s go” 

and so isak goes first and even is right there behind him, a reassuring presence as isak climbs up the ladder, step by step. and when isak is up on the bed, even immediately joins him, tells him “i’m really proud of you” and he kisses isak, slow and affectionate. they remain like this for a while, exchanging words and kisses and delicate touches. and then even runs a finger across isak’s lips and down his neck and then on his shoulder, over the shirt he gave him earlier. even lets out a little laugh and asks “that’s a really cool shirt, where’d you get it?” and isak rolls his eyes, a small smile spread across his face and he says “well, this pretty great guy gave it to me, said he got it for sale or something” and even rubs his nose against his, playfully asks “a pretty great guy, hm?” and isak places a hand on even’s cheek, replies “yeah, he’s incredible actually, and he’s got this really comfortable bed and” isak is looking into even’s eyes and his are filled with appreciation, for what he’s just done and for the person he is, and he adds “i think you’d love him” 

Dance With The Devil.

I haven’t seen the end to myself either

But if there’s such a thing, wouldn’t it be you?

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[song inspiration: BTS - Dimple]

info: angel!park jimin x demon!oc 
genre: angst, smut, supernatural!au
word count: 4k

“What is with you and always showing up just when I’m about to do something fun?” 

“You being a demon now doesn’t eliminate my job as your guardian angel, Demitrius.” the angel said calmly as I watched my victim run away down the alley, making me let out a groan of annoyance.

“You’d think it would.”

“Well, it does not. I’m your guardian angel until it’s utterly impossible for me not to be.” he pointed out, shoving his hands into the pockets of his black slacks casually.

“Some guardian angel you are, considering I’m a goddamn demon now.” I spat, shoving his shoulder as I stormed past him. He caught my wrist, spinning me around to face him, a serious look on his angelic face.

“You’re a demon because you sold your soul to save your sister’s, Demitrius. Though idiotic, a selfless act on your part. Making you into a servant of Hell was the only way they could stop me from regaining your soul back. Which, I still intend to do, somehow.” I snatched my hand away from him, anger I normally wouldn’t have felt coursing through my veins.

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         This was quickly written after the bullshit that was s12 e13, I apologize for any mistakes I just wanted to get it written because fuck this shit (I also apologize if this is crappy like I said I just wanted it out of my system). Warnings for talk of non-con and typical show violence :/ Also, I might have gotten some things during his torture in the wrong chronological order, my bad orz

        “I was raped.”

        He didn’t want to ever admit the truth aloud. Didn’t want to make it real to himself that it had happened, never wanted to revisit the memories of shame and embarrassment again, but if his mother was going to work with the people that hurt him she was going to do it knowing exactly what they did to him. He could, and would, shove aside his own discomfort long enough to make her realize how important her next choices were going to be- the biggest downside was that Dean was right there to hear every awful detail.

        “I refused to give them information, not even names,” he wanted to stand tall and look his mother in the eye, wanted her to see the pain and disappointment in his gaze, but it was draining. His hands framed his forehead, gaze remained fixed on the table as he spoke, he didn’t dare glance away for even a moment in fear his unsteady ‘confidence’ would leave him and he wouldn’t be able to speak of it any further.

        “You saw what they did, physically at least. Mental torture doesn’t often leave a physical mark.” He felt a hand rest on his shoulder, a presence beside him and he closed his eyes while he soaked in the comfort his brother was offering. “They drugged me. I saw my failures; I saw my loved ones die again while reminding me why it was my fault, every single mistake I’ve made, thrown back in my face.”

        “I faked slitting my throat, can’t talk if I’m dead right? Couldn’t even get that right, I should have killed her when I had the chance but I fucking let her live.” With his eyes closed it was easier to fall into the memories, easier to recall in vivid detail the chill that never left his bones; the ache of his injuries, the hopelessness of the situation. “Big mistake there.”


        “I’m not finished yet.” It was the sound of her voice that drew him back to reality. That made him finally look at her, teary red-rimmed eyes meeting equally teary ones, but he didn’t stop revealing the truth about what happened to him. “I woke up safe. Warm, no more freezing showers because they knew Lucifer burned cold and it would remind me of him; no more blow torches, no more hallucinations. I was happy and she was there, she-”

        Sam drew in a deep breath in an attempt to steady himself, his hands were beginning to shake with emotion and anxiety- he had to continue, had to keep telling the truth even if it triggered a panic attack or worse. “We fucked. I thought I chose her, that we were together. Only, it was just another hallucination; she was just trying to get information from me and when she realized I wasn’t under her spell anymore? She fucking asked me if it was good for me.” 

        Anger gave him the strength to stand, the action sudden and forceful enough to shove his chair away from himself before he slammed his hands down on the table. “They don’t care about us, they probably don’t care about the lives you’ve been saving. They wanted names from me and you’ve been out gathering hunting friends- what’s going to stop those pieces of shit from hurting your friends? Will you finally decide they’ve crossed a line then?” Tears had finally fallen down his face but he wasn’t done yet, wouldn’t allow himself to truly cry until he was alone in his room and could fall apart in private.

        “I get it. Saving people, hunting things, the family business- saving lives is important, it’s what we do, only it’s the family business. Me and Dean may not be the little kids you knew in Heaven, but we’re your sons and they hurt us. If that isn’t enough for you to stop trusting them and stand with your children then, then…” Shoulders sagging, anger fading leaving a bone-deep exhaustion in its wake, Sam huffed out a sad sigh before turning his back to his mother and scrubbing a hand over his face. 

        “You’re my mother and I love you, but I’m not going to let them hurt me anymore- especially if they’re using you to do it.” He was cold, a headache was beginning to throb and fatigue was setting in. He knew he should stick around to finish the conversation, listen to what she and Dean had to say, but… It could wait until tomorrow. With that thought he brushed off any advances to speak with him, gave a half-hearted wave, then ambled off towards his bedroom with the intention of burrowing under a heap of blankets and sleeping until nothing hurt anymore (or at least until it hurt less). 

Mr Mysterious || Jimin


Summary: You’ve heard your fair share of rumours about Park Jimin. And while being roommates was not an ideal circumstance, maybe it would clear the air between what you knew and did not know.

Word Count: 2,040

A/N: Returning to your scheduled updates - I’ll try and throw out a couple of To Do List scenarios today just to speed things along. And of course the first update is a combination of Roommate!AU and Mafia!AU - because what else do I actually write on this blog? dont mind the slightly rushed ending plz kthnx

“Are you sure you haven’t noticed anything suspicious about him? Because don’t be afraid to tell me if you have; what is said between the two of us is completely confidential.”

You refrained from rolling your eyes and instead opted to smile kindly at the older RA. “Nothing besides the fact he doesn’t wash his plates.” You answered, attempting to diffuse the tension with your humour.

Bora huffed and folded her arms. “Well if you do-”

“I’ll be sure to tell you if Jimin does something out of the ordinary, don’t worry.”

She pulled her lips into a tight line and sighed. “You’re a good kid [Y/N]… Enjoy your day.”

With a wave, you shut your dorm room door behind you and sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose as you looked to the figure passed out on the couch.

“You owe me, Park Jimin…” You grumbled, more so to yourself than to him, before you stalked away to your respective bedroom to get ready for your lecture.

You weren’t too sure with what your roommate did with his spare time. You admit you were concerned, a bit too invested if you were completely honest, and that alone somehow compelled you to keep lying to your dorm’s RA.

Bora meant well, you knew that, but for some reason you didn’t want to rat Jimin out.

If you did, he would never forgive you.

And despite the lying and the secrecy, you were perfectly fine with the dynamic you had going with him.

Your friends? Not so much.

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I Believe You (Loki/Thor)

So, uh, this is what I call my extended post-hug fic (AO3 link) with a bit of plot thrown in for good measure. Rating: Explicit

hope you enjoy

Thor’s gaze burns when Loki catches the glass thrown at him.

“I’m here.” And I couldn’t be happier, Loki finishes in his head.

Thor approaches Loki, a faint ghost of a smile playing on his lips, and locks his brother in a tight embrace, as if intending to never let go.

“Thank you, brother,” Thor whispers, his gratitude almost tangible, an overwhelming feeling of warmth and safety. I’ve missed this, Loki thinks, I’ve missed you, yet he can’t quite bring himself to simply say these things. “Stay?”

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anonymous asked:

can I get Nct U's reaction to y/n's habit of petting their bf's hair 😇❤️


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Initially, he thought it was a bit odd of a habit. 
In response he began doing it to you, chuckling as you fret, asking him to not mess up your hair. It’s now become a habit of his own and he quite enjoys smoothing his hand over your tresses as a way of showing his adoration.


Originally posted by neotechs

He’s a bit protective of himself and it’d startle him initially.
However, I think he’d relax in your presence. He’d enjoy the momentary contact and crave the comforting nature of it when he missed you or needed a comforting touch.
You’d probably know when not to touch him; when he distances himself and remains quiet.


Originally posted by jonqins

If you were tall enough to reach him-
It’d be one of your quirky habits, but he’d like it. He knows it’s a means in which you show your affection; it’d make him soft.
He can also be a bit moody and brush your hand away, telling you not to mess up his hair.


Originally posted by neotechs

It’d definitely be something he’d notice, but I feel he’d keep quiet about it. Each time he’d just smile, continuing the task at hand.


Originally posted by jyofanclub

He’d absolutely adore it.
He loves the sensation of you raking your fingers thru his hair, or playing with his hair, even simply petting him.
As a result, he’d most likely strive to get more of your attention; ie: laying his head in your lap, etc…


Originally posted by mayfifolle

…Mark would probably embarrass you. He’d laugh and point out the oddity of it.
He’d come to find it very comforting and relaxing tho, unsure if it was your presence that comforted him, or the small act of affection.

Till the Darkness Dies [ Nessian ]

Prompt: Nesta’s battle against her inner demons. Inspired by this post. Was supposed to be humorous and ended up with lots of feels instead.

Pairing: Nesta x Cassian (Nessian)
Genre: Angst and fluff
Rating: SFW
Recommended Listen: OneRepublic’s Let’s Hurt Tonight & Something I Need

Author’s note: I identify with Nesta in many ways and I just love reading about her coming to terms with the way she feels about things so here’s my spin on it. SO much longer than I thought it would be haha. 

 Previous ACOTAR works - Bouquet Full of Loathing || Do the Do || Banned by the Boss || The Sun ||  Feedback is always welcome :))) 

Nesta clenched and unclenched her fists several times as she stood in the archway before the dining room of the House of Wind. A while had gone by since the end of the war and yet…she was still having a difficult time adjusting.

She had planned to ask Feyre for a place today but everyone else was there. Everyone was constantly there after the war; the panic of them at the brink of death had them always together. But she hated the way she still didn’t feel like she fit in with them.

More significantly, she hated that he would be there and they had yet to discuss that moment in the battle and all the aftermath of it.

She didn’t want to deal with it today.  She just wanted some peace.

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We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 26

<<Chapter 19 / Chapter 20 / Chapter 21 / Chapter 22 / Chapter 23 / Chapter 24 / Chapter 25 / Chapter 27 / Chapter 28/ Chapter 29

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story (soon soon!)

In this chapter: Training, lying, helping, loving and failing.

Word count: 5169

A/N: I’M NOT LATE THIS WEEK!! Be proud of me please this is so rare omg. Thanks again to @maddie110201 who proofreaded it and keeps giving me motivation. I love you. I hope y’all love this chapter also longer than the usual 3K words! (Ps: if you’re on the tag list or if you really enjoy this series it would be super kind to leave a feedback! It makes the author wanna continue! And especially with this story, it takes a lot of time for me to write it but only a couple of seconds are needed for a feedback!) (I don’t own the gifs nor the pictures! Credit to owners)

“Fists higher, Y / N. ”

“ I’m trying!” I gasped while wiping my forehead before receiving another kick at the waist, making me growl as I hopped up to place myself back, my face clenched with pain as the blow was hard and painful. My whole body was hurting.

"Always watch your defense,” my sensei, as I liked to call Allison, reminded me by continuing to turn around me on the small blue carpet thick enough to cushion the shock but not to prevent the bruises from appearing on my body the next day.

“Yes …” I mumbled, jaw and teeth clenched before taking another blow, this time behind the knee, which made me fall to the mattress on my knees. By reflex, I placed my hands in front of me to cushion my weight.

It was only the second day. The second training session since the hypnosis. Allison had kept her word, she was going to teach me everything she knew. And it was with a destructive smile that she told me that at the end, if I survived her teaching, I would know how to fight. Know how to use a bow or crossbow. I was going to be strong and finally useful.

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Gheleon sits beneath the tree and leans against its gnarled trunk, enjoying the summer warmth while it lasts. It is old, its boughs blackened by the passing of time and he does not know what else. Perhaps it is older even than he is, older even than them all. Timur would find some wild portent here, would make some reference to the old books and legends he collects, but Gheleon respects it because it has survived. Even this far north, where the winters are cold and long.

Once, he put Quietus into the trunk to test its hardness, but that was long ago and now he cannot find the scar.

It is Efrideet who finds him, as she always does - he is not surprised that it takes one Hunter to catch another. She comes up over the hill, singing to herself, not bothering to hide her approach.

“Gheleon!” she yells, waving an arm over her head. He doesn’t respond. Her cloak shifts in the bright sun, sparkling white and green, and although they are all accustomed to the weight of their armor, today she is helm-less.

She sits next to him with a sigh. “You’re not thinking of cutting it down, are you? Whittling yourself a pair of greaves?”

He shakes his head. “Soft, flammable - hard to think of something worse.”

Efrideet laughs. “Less morbid than bone, though.”

“Less effective, too.”

“As you say. Besides, I can’t picture you hurting the old thing. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone to be so fond of a tree.”

They share the silence for a few long moments. Hunters are better than the others at keeping their mouths shut and their eyes open, but only Efrideet knows what it means to be really, truly still. Even Perun, cat-like and predatory as she is, is full of restless, twitching energy.

“So?” he says at last, eyes closed to the sun.

“The Fallen are moving east, towards the old Cosmodrome. Radegast is worried.”

“Better them than another upstart warlord.”

“Perhaps. We’ll move tomorrow. Bring your knives.”

“You came all this way just to tell me not to be late?”

“Someone had to find you. And maybe I’m fond of the tree, too.”

She stands, stretches, then pats the trunk. Her hair flashes in the dappled sunlight that filters between the leaves. “Always nice to catch up.”

“Likewise,” mutters Gheleon.

“Wasn’t talking to you,” Efrideet says over her shoulder, but there is a smile on her lips and Gheleon cannot help but return it. She disappears the same way as she came, and only by straining his ears can he hear the crackle of her jumpship.

He looks down at the grass that splits around a thick root that rises, serpent-like, before diving back beneath the ground. He imagines how deep it goes, pictures it circling the world, pictures the deep roots and the reaching trunk above supporting all the cosmos in the gentle grasp of leafy branches.

He has been spending too much time with Timur.

Perhaps Efrideet is right. Perhaps he is morbid. But when he speaks of finger-bone gauntlets and skull-helmets made from the remains of his friends, it is because it is a kind of comfort to imagine their presence wrapped around him. He pulls Swiftling from its sheath, and the metal sparkles almost as brightly as her smile.

He wonders if she understands it as well as he has come to: even the strongest plate can be shattered. This is his armor, now; the summer sun and a moment of quiet, the wolves and their boundless hope, the promise of growing earth beneath his tired feet.


Guess you could say this is Mother’s Day-ish floof >w>


Arian was rocking lazily in the chair by the mantle when Cullen entered the main room of their home, quietly singing a tune that he’d heard more and more frequently as of late.

“It’s a Dalish lullaby,” she told him one night as they lay curled up in one another, his fingers drawing random shapes over the swell of her abdomen. “My mother used to sing it to me when I was little.”

“It’s beautiful,” Cullen replied, kissing her cheek. “Are you singing it for the baby?”

Arian laughed, offering a little shrug. “May as well get a head-start, right?” she said. “Maybe they’ll recognize it once they’re here.”

He was anticipating what the prospect of parenthood would bring, of that there wasn’t a doubt. Arian, however, had embraced the title of mother as soon as she had announced they were expecting. It made his heart full seeing how happy she became whenever the subject of their baby came up, the way her eyes would brighten and her cheeks would flush.

Tonight, she was focused on knitting, a skill she had picked up with the help of Mia and Rosalie. Though having only one arm made things difficult in the beginning, Arian didn’t falter. Instead, she embraced the challenge, figuring out a solution in the matter of days and going from there. Now, she would knit or sew every evening, arguing that she didn’t want Mia to feel like she had to make all of their baby’s clothes.

As Cullen approached her, he found that she was working on a pair of booties, a project she had taken up just the day before. Their mabari shot up from his spot near the fireplace the moment he heard Cullen’s footsteps, shoving his snout into the man’s hand and wagging his stub of a tail.

“Been glued to your side all day, and he still wants attention,” Arian snickered without looking up. 

“I think he feels like he’s going to be replaced, with how much I dote on you,” Cullen replied, rubbing the mabari’s head. “Alright, boy. Give me a few minutes and we’ll play fetch outside for a while.” he told the dog, who yipped happily before plopping down in front of the fireplace once more.

Cullen knelt at Arian’s side then, examining the works in progress which rested on the curve of her belly. 

“What do you think?” she asked him softly, holding up a completed bootie. The tiny article of clothing was lovely in every sense, as it evidenced just how much love and care had gone into its craft - but that’s not what caused Cullen’s chest to tighten.

“Are… will the baby really be that small?” he asked, his voice quiet. Arian let out a gentle laugh, her smile rosy and affectionate.

“Yes, my love. They really will,” she confirmed, setting her knitting aside so she could cup his cheek. “Does that frighten you?”

Cullen shook his head, then shrugged. “It doesn’t, but…”

“Cullen,” Arian said, coaxing him to look at her. “It’s okay if it frightens you. It frightens me, too. To bear something so little and precious, to protect it, you would be afraid.”

He appreciated that his wife had a means of explaining what he always could not. He was frightened, but he was also ecstatic. He didn’t know what being a father would bring, or how he would adjust to the title. What he did know, however, was that he would spend every waking moment ensuring their child was safe, happy, and loved beyond belief. 

“I am afraid,” he admitted to her, turning his head to press his lips to her palm. “But with every passing day, it becomes overshadowed by the joy I feel. I…” he swallowed, looking into his wife’s eyes tenderly, “I cannot wait to meet them.”

Arian, touched by his words, smiled at him, her eyes squinting. “I can’t either,” she murmured, leaning over to kiss his brow. “I hope they have your eyes.”

“I hope they have your smile,” he countered, smirking at her. “That was one of the first things I noticed about you.”

“Really?” she inquired, tilting her head. “I’ll have to have Varric write that in his novel about us. ‘He became enamored by her infectious smile…’

“You haven’t been encouraging him again, have you?” Cullen deadpanned, though his lips twitched upward.

Arian feigned offense, her eyes widening as her hand flew to her chest. “Perish the thought, good sir!” she exclaimed, then smiled. “In all seriousness, I think I like the idea of our story remaining ours.” She leaned over, nuzzling her forehead into his. “What do you think?”

Cullen sighed as the tiniest of smiles rose on his cheeks, his eyes closing as he basked in the forever-comforting presence of his lover and wife.

“I wholeheartedly agree.”

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Broken Dreams || Peter Parker x Reader ((drabble))

I need something like this right now.


warnings: none


You were so upset that you couldn’t even speak properly because of how much you were crying.

To make a long story short, you didn’t get into the university of your dreams, which was what started this whole situation. Receiving the email from the admissions office explaining in crucial detail about how you were unfit to spend your undergrad years with them made all of the stress and heartache come crashing down on you.

You honestly felt like you were trash; that you were too dumb to attend any university. Despite the many times your parents told you it was okay, and that you could always go somewhere else, you were too upset to see the alternatives.

Which was what prompted your parents to take drastic measures when they called your boyfriend to come and see you.

Too weak to even protest the thought of Peter stopping by, you bury yourself deep within the covers of your bed and allow your blankets to soak in your tears. Your nose was running with a copious amount of mucus and your eyes felt sore from how much you had been crying. You knew that you were a mess, yet you couldn’t stop.

After waiting alone in silence for a total of fifteen minutes, you heard your bedroom door open as footsteps came closer to your bed. Not bothered by your red face or how damp it was, you felt Peter lean down to press a kiss against your cheek.

He remains silent when he brushes back your damp hair and joins you in your bed. You feel him lift up the blankets before enveloping you in his arms. His chest was pressed closely against your back while his arms were wrapped tightly around your front.

Peter doesn’t say a word, just continues to silently comfort you with his gentle kisses and warmth. Unlike your parents, he knew how much this meant to you and decided that it was best to say nothing at all in this situation.

You allow him to draw shapes against the front of your chest, comforting you with his presence as you started to feel better while in his embrace. Shutting your eyes, you carefully lift Peter’s hand before placing a kiss against his knuckles. “I love you, thank you for coming.”

You felt Peter lean down to press a kiss against your hair, “I love you too, sweetheart. I’ll always be here for you, never forget that.”

It was true that one of your dreams had been broken, but you suppose you could always build a new one with Peter by your side.

And that thought alone was enough to cease your tears once and for all.


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Wildest Dreams 5/?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Summary: (USUK) Arthur is about to make his debut into English society, but his father fears he has become too rowdy to contain. Desperate to avoid a scandal before the debut of his only Omega son he arranges for him to travel to America. Arthur is to live at a newly wealthy house where removed from society he can’t possibly get into trouble.

Song Inspiration(Arthur POV): Wildest Dreams

Warnings: Fic is rated R ; traditional omegaverse with strict rules that are dub-con but never for USUK

A/N: WELL the slow turtle wins the race right?? I guess see you in another 6 months?…why am I like this

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Talking comes in Handy

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He knows he rambles when he’s hurt, he knows it’s annoying just till he knows his team is ok then he can ask for a hand.

He comes to with a gasp and a pained groan. Something was wrong, something was very very wrong.  “Whoo boy that was a rough landing am I right? But guess who stuck the landing, your ace pilot Lance” His heart is thudding in his chest, face sticky with what he knows isn’t sweat. And his arm… “Hold your applause, I know how good I am” He’s rambling but if he stops talking…

 “Hunk, hey buddy you good? C’mon let me hear your voice babe” 

“-ance.” Hunk’s voice crackles in his ear and he lets out a sigh of relief only to be cut short by a sharp pain. 

“There he is, Looks like i’m not the only Ace Pilot Pidge over here is probably on our heels isn’t that right Pidge.” There’s silence  and a cold fear cuts through him. 

“-hut up Lance.” His body goes boneless with relief “There she is, And Keith my main man how are you holding up?” “Shut the fuck up Lance”

 “Nice to hear your voice buddy. Now I know that you’re all ok, I really need help-” “Shiro’s hurt!”

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