remain a comforting presence to him

like you

                                              something i wrote in between requests. there’s something about pregnant sakura and hesitant dad sasuke that i love writing about, so here’s some more late night talks if i haven’t written enough already

“i hope she looks like you” Sakura whispers in a hush, rolling under the covers to face Sasuke, quietly, almost like a secret. 

it’s compulsive, how he straightens his back, presses his lips in a hard line, a facade so cool and collected he almost forgets he’s in bed, with his wife, not delegating orders, or preparing for a mission. he relaxes into her warmth, remaining hand running smooth strokes along her forearm, comforted by her presence. their legs intertwine lazily, and he doesn’t mind the heavy heat under the sheets, hidden under the cloak of a cold night, watching his wife watching him and relaxing to the steady cadence of her light breathing, cheeks flush against her pillow.


he nudges closer, as close as their bodies allow with Sakura’s belly heavy with child between the two. his fingers move to brush against her navel gently, protectively, tracing the stretching lines like rivers along her belly, remarking how she practically glowed these days, how motherhood treated her so well.

“hmm” Sakura sighed “yeah, I found out today. we’re having a girl Sasuke-kun, our little princess.”

the night gets a little warmer. even the wind blowing restlessly against the window pane slows to a gentle breeze as Sakura smiles, small, but bright, so heavenly bright, and he can’t help twining their fingers together. her nails are painted vibrant green, a poor match to the stunning colour of her eyes, shining even now in the dark of night.

“we’re having a little girl Sasuke-kun” Sakura repeats like a prayer, still disbelieving and on the brink of tears.

her mood swings were not the least bit tolerable; for a kunoichi who could snap him in half he’s glad to say he survived. but times like these, where she’s so overwhelmingly happy, like her belly’s filled with sunshine and rainbows instead of their growing daughter, that he enjoys the most. he wipes away the stray tear with his thumb, smiling, despite the fact she can’t see it, at his silly, silly, wife. his silly, wonderfully, truly amazing wife; he’s so undeserving of her, of everything she gives him, but the words are stuck in his throat, the cold fingers of anxiety gripping him tight.

“Sasuke-kun” her fingers brush against his cheek soothingly, brushing stray locks from his face, away from his eyes now peering distantly across the room.

his eyes stay locked, fixed on some imaginary point over her shoulder, 

“Sakura, is this-”

he searches for the words, because he loves her, he truly does, but he keeps thinking back, back, and back further, to the misfortunes of the Uchiha, their cursed clan, a heavy cross to bear for a child. 

his child, not even born yet.

“our little girl. what happened to my family, she’s gonna have to live with that. that’s the legacy i’m passing onto her, from the moment she’s born, I’ve already fucked up her life Sakura.” his tone implies anger, at himself most of all, laced with poisons she has no cure for; self-loathing, worry, and most of all, fear.

his foot taps incessantly at the edge of the bed, and his hands are warm, his fingers stretching and winding around hers, a nervous habit that betrays the still mask of his face.

“Sasuke-kun, remember when we were young and I was head over heels for you?”

she receives silence, so she continues.

“i would waste all my time worrying about what i looked like, about ways to make you like me, and gosh, when i was put on your team, that was the best moment of my life.”

“but you know what? it made me realise how weak i was. and when you left, that just about broke me. i would have gone with you, to the ends of the earth and back, i would follow you anywhere Sasuke-kun.” 

“but then Tsunade-sama took me as her apprentice, and for once in my life, i felt strong.” her demeanour changes, embarrassed to headstrong, a hint of a prideful smile gracing her cheeks.

he calms, soothed by her words, intrigued by her, wondering which fork in the road they’d venture down.

“i held onto the idea that the next time i saw you, i was gonna punch you in the face Sasuke-kun.” again, another smile, but her eyes dart away from his, from watching him watching her, and down across the sheets, the nostalgia hitting like a flood.

“Tsunade-sama taught me how to break mountains, and stitch and mend bones. i could kill you without spilling a drop of blood, poison you, or sever your tendons. but when i saw you, when i first saw you again after all those years, after we chased you down, and you were looking down on us from way way up high.”

“all i could do was stare, Sasuke-kun. all i could do was look at you, look at how you’d grown. and i felt weak again, weak in the knees, like i was gonna fall at any second.”

“and then, during the war, when we fought side by side again, you made me feel so strong, so invincible. it was a rush. you made me a better person, Sasuke-kun.” 

“you make me weak, you make me powerful. you made me a mother, and a wife, and you made me proud, so proud.”

“I make you destructive, Sakura” he disagrees, but not harshly.

“I don’t need you to make me destructive.”

she’s right, like she normally is.

so he closes the small space between them, cradling her in his arm, head resting against her short crop of hair, an ear to the night’s ambience.

he spies the crib, filled with mountains of plush toys, books, blankets, and pillows sitting in the corner of the room. he couldn’t believe he, or anyone else could have ever been that tiny, so insignificantly small and vulnerable. and now, even now he sits in disbelief, when he feels a slight kick from her belly.

“looks like she’s ready to come out” he says, Sakura humming in agreement.

‘i hope she’s brave, and smart like you’, he thinks to tell her. 

‘i hope she can love like you, and fight like you.’

“i hope she’s destructive like you” he whispers to the night air as Sakura lays cradled against his chest, asleep.

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cat nap

jimin waits anxiously by the window, nose pressed flat against the glass leaving a pale, round smudge as his breath fans out over the cool, clear surface in frosty waves.

inhale, exhale. inhale, exhale.

he peers along the infinitely empty streets outside, kneeled against the sill with his tail wagging with an extra oomph when a car whizzes past, only to fall back limp between his thighs when it fails to stop.

it’s only been two hours since yoongi had left for work, and jimin is already missing his master’s presence terribly.

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The ray of light that seemed to be ever present against his eyelids pulled him out of his amazingly deep and comforting sleep. What was the time? His phone was out of reach for the moment and the lack of his fiancé’s presence was a bit startling. After a little bit of freshening himself up - he didn’t want to appear like a slob in front of Lovino’s family - he went ahead in search of him, asking around for his whereabouts until he was directed to the garden.

“Lovi?” He called out, though his voice remained a bit inaudible a weak seeing he was partially still sleepy. Though was soon ripped out of that once he laid eyes on who he had been searching for but.. why was he on his knees? Oh no, were they giving him problems again?! He ran over to him, quickly falling down to his knees as well as both his hands reached for his shoulders. His worried filled eyes fixated on his form.

“Are you hurt? Did your knees cause you pain again?”

for those who need a lil smile

imagine iDroid noticing you’re down, and taking you out to his favorite places… maybe treating you to some good food, maybe he’ll take you to his favorite store, or maybe he’ll find a really relaxing place to breathe just for you, so you can feel just a bit lighter than before

Sandman taking time to sit beside you, a warm presence, and ask if you want to talk. if you do, he listens intently and lets you cry it all out, a soothing voice reminding you its okay. if you dont, he’ll just remain beside you, hoping his presence is comforting. it really is.

Kennedy smiling softly and showing you a bunch of their favorite movies, asking you to pick whatever you want. as you watch it, he remains close by, smiling happily whenever you look at him as if to say “im right here with you, its okay.” you feel just as happy as his smile.

Century makes a joke right away, right off the bat, and you chuckle at it. she makes a couple more, each funnier than the last, and before you know it youre laughing so hard and you feel so light. she reminds you that youre a tough firebird just like her, and that if anything, she’s here to always make you laugh.

Fieldmouse makes amazing, hilarious faces, and just like with century, you find yourself laughing harder and harder with each one. xe proceed to compliment every feature you have, every trait, and all xe want to do is make sure you know tht you’re just as amazing as xe are. and thats pretty amazing, y'know?

Palette asking if you want to check out his equipment, or maybe if you want some coffee, trying to help get your mind off whatever’s bugging you just got a moment. eventually though, he asks if you want to talk, and when you do, he holds your hand the entire time, watches you with kind eyes, and when you finish, he pulls you in for a tight hug. he’s so happy you’re here, so proud of you for making it here. you cant help but hug him back tightly.

D.C. beings out a couple of drinks, nothing too strong or too light, its just right. she says that you can take your time, that she’s all ears. eventually, when you do tell her everything, she truly is all ears, listening and giving you her full attention. when you’ve let it all out, she smiles and says you’re very strong, very brave, and that she’s proud of you. it helps, more than she knows

Daddy/Dee is very clingy. he sees you sad, he’s gonna make sure you’re not alone. when you’re on the couch, he just plops down beside you and hugs you tightly. no words are exchanged, but everything is already said in that one hug. if you’re just walking down the hall, well, you’re not gonna be walking anymore. he gently pulls you into a hug and holds you, and its so comforting you cant help but tear up. if youre in bed, he’s cuddles up to you, and you feel less empty. daddy/dee doesnt say much, but he doesnt have to. he’s always there for you.

Tinman is a man of little words. When you feel down, he’d drape a blanket over you, and hand you a warm warm cup of honestly whatever you enjoy drinking. He’d stay beside you, probably sit you down so you can relax, and he’d probably wrap an arm around you, keep you close. He doesn’t want to force you to talk, but he wants you to know he’s there for you. Occasionally he’ll quietly ask if you need anything, but he never pushes you to talk more than you want. He knows how hard it is to say what bothers you. But when you do talk? He listens, intently, never breaking eye contact, and when you’ve gotten everything you wanted to say out, he keeps you a bit closer, and says it’s going to be okay. That you’re doing good. And that you’ll make it. He’s there for you, and he believes in you.

i wrote this because i’ve been pretty broken the past few months, and because im pretty confident in my storytelling skills, i decided to make this little post to try and cheer someone up. i know it helped me in some pretty rough spots. i only hope it helps you somewhat too ❤︎

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