remade. in tag on blog

i finally remade a new blog for shipping stuff so reblog/follow me if you post any of the following and i’ll follow you!!

- cegan (carl x negan)
- grimecest (carl x rick)
- regan (rick x negan)
- degan (daryl x negan)
- caryl (carol x daryl)
- daryl x carl
- merle x daryl
- merle x negan
- desus (daryl x jesus)
- ezekiel x carol
- carol x rick
- ezekiel x negan
- ezekiel x ben
- ezekiel x rick
- simon x negan
- simon x merle
- simon x rick
- simon x carl
- basically carl x anyone


i got tagged by @gintama2 ty !!!! ^^

Name: orion

Nickname(s): shiliew, asian, dummy, faggot

Gender: cis male

Star Sign: what

Height: 5′4

Sexuality: mlm

Hogwarts House: im scared i dont know what this is it sounds nasty

Dream Trip: canada

Average Hours of Sleep: 7-8 hours yey

Why I Made A Tumblr: I wanted to be a roleplay blog to jack my meat but i found kin tumblr by a weird dumb way

Dog or Cat Person: neither i got allergies

Blanket You Sleep With: H 

When I made My Blog: i started in september 2016 but i deleted and remade so idk when for this blog

Followers: idk a lot

i tag tive, my bf, joseph and anyone that wanna do this


hi hi! so for a few weeks months now I’ve been trying to get everything on this blog organized, and a couple weeks ago I came to a conclusion: I can’t. I’ve had this blog for four and a half years; it chronicles everything from my senior year of high school to the post I reblogged this morning. I love my tumblr, and I am certainly not thinking of leaving completely. But now it’s time for a fresh start. 

@snowcaitiln is where you can find me from now on. so far I’ve only posted my stuff (and a fandom secret santa like ten minutes ago), but tonight and tomorrow I’m going to go on a following spree and fill up my queue so it will be active asap! 

I am wicked disappointed (to say the least) that tumblr has turned off tracked tags literally the day before I posted this, but whatevs. I hope everyone finds this. I hope you all follow my new account. 

but kait, what do I get if I follow your new account? well, everyone asking this question, you get a bunch of cool stuff, including:

  • a follow forever when I reach 100 followers
  • tumblr awards when I reach 400 followers
  • psd packs when I reach 500 followers
  • even more super fun and exciting surprises after that!!!

in conclusion, I moved. this account will still be here, but I won’t be active at all. this post will be queued on repeat for a few weeks, so if you want to unfollow this account, please do. 

follow me over at @snowcaitiln for lots of fun stuff. 

and for my wonderful people I’ve talked to on here, here’s something so you’ll (hopefully) see this.

@brayvenlarke | @westhallen@stilesbansheequeen | @argentchris | @rilehmatthews@stydixa | @thearcherballet | @brandibees | @1gurgi1 | @haylieyatwell@peggycarthr@madgesgoldpin@lisathevampireslayer@sulietsexual | @sbcpsychmajor | @stephbanana 

and all of girl meets group chat, ofc. 

I remade.

Ok, finally, i remade my blog. Here’s a new link ► I would like to see you again as my followers, if you want this. Recreation of the blog took me two days (especially reblogging my edits, holy shit, i didn’t notice i have that much of my shitty creations), tbh. This blog i’ll keep as my archive at least for a month. After that, i think, i’ll delete it.

↳ Why do you remade?
First of all, i don’t like the tagging system here.  Second, this blog has almost 70 000 posts, so i’m kinda tired of that amount of posts.

↳ Why not start using new tagging system here?
Because i’m a perfectionist in some way. Using new tagging system here means, i must re-tag all 70 000. I think it will take me almost a two or three months to do this.

↳ We’ve been mutuals for a long time, what about now?
I will refollow almost all of the blogs i follow. So, if you still want to be mutuals with me, don’t worry about that,

↳ What about all of your followers?
If they still want to se me on their dashes, they can refollow. If they don’t - then, good bye, guys.