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The only reason you have the most followers is cause you have had this blog for like 5 years

First of all, what do you even mean by “the most followers”? Out of who/what? Secondly, you have absolutely no idea how many followers I have considering my follower count is not something I have ever mentioned. I could have 20 followers for all you know. And finally, I have not even had this blog for one year let alone five. I first made a true crime blog six years ago but it was terminated, as were the 23 that followed. Each time I was terminated and remade, I had to start back at zero followers. Oh, and here’s a friendly reminder that followers on a blogging website is not validation for everybody.

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I feel like I’ve heard a lot of backlash against people who don’t want a powerpuff girls reboot without the involvement of series creator craig mccracken or the original voice cast

and that kind of makes me hesitant to share my opinion, which is that I don’t think there should be a powerpuff girls reboot at all. the original series, I think, is too iconic to be remade with any sort of quality (for example, To Kill a Mockingbird is a great movie that never needs to be remade because there isn’t really room for improvement), and has stood the test of time (there aren’t any dated special effects or story elements that have been made obsolete by technology developed since then, i.e. would there be any reason to remake Kim Possible and not just show the originals to today’s kids?) 

also, I feel like Cartoon Network should know better than to try to reboot their old franchises (Teen Titans Go is really bad), plus there’s a whole bunch of new young creatives whose time I think would be better utilized being allowed to bring their own vision to the screen than trying in vain to create a cheap approximation of someone else’s because somebody at Cartoon Network hopes lighting will strike twice


Did You Know Gaming? is a fairly popular group of people that cover interesting and often unheard of facts for various video games. They sometimes release these facts individually through an image, or they cover as many as they can dig up for a game in video form. The latter form is what they released today for Majora’s Mask, the game that recently got remade into Majora’s Mask 3D. (Are you stuck? Check out our 100% Majora’s Mask 3D Walkthrough!)

It goes over many different facts, such as the origins of some side quests, origins of the name Majora, and so much more.

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One very important question, in my opinion, is what do people mean when they say they say they want a DP remake? What are you asking for? Do you want it to exactly follow the original storyline, just a different animation and art style? Do you want the show remade to take place in modern times, with more modern values and concepts? Do you want more character development, more world building, more of everything in general expanded upon? Do you want a storyline that loosely matches the original but carves its own path, or something that takes an entirely different spin on it? What are we looking for? What are we asking for? What do we, individually, collectively, want?

Everyone keeps shouting for a Danny Phantom remake but I have yet to see what exactly it is we’re looking for.

Hey IM peyton and i recently remade and have very few mutuals. I feel weird asking for promos and stuff so do me a favor if u would wanna follow me and u post

  • Cartoons (mostly Steven Universe but i love most of them)
  • Your ocs or art 
  • mushrooms and bugs
  • witchcraft or astrology stuff 
  • animals 

Reblog this and say which ones in the tags so i can check u out…Bonus points if yr autistic, genderless, or have bpd UH yeah thats it 

hey could i like. get a promo or something.
i’ve been doubting myself and my art because i’ve wanted attention and i feel bad for wanting attention and it’s really just a mess and i just want to draw and be noticed as an artist. i remade this blog and gave my old sideblog to my lover that had all my followers so idk. i just want this account to have more followers so i can be noticed as an artist.

i hope this isn’t horribly selfish to ask for. sorry if it is.

Basically I remade Turquoise the Hedgehog into well, her. Her background is still the same (though I’ve made a few changes). Her background is that she is from another world where her father Polaris is the hero of her planet Terrania. I removed her aerobatics shoes and instead kept her ability to sense vibrations, and I also kept her colour scheme. She’s supposedly half Mobian, her mother Maya Lily transported to Terrania due to an accident and ended up staying.

Yeah. That. Okay. I mean I tried :v

Honestly I just felt like remaking her.

okay listen

i have been on this website for over 5 years now and even though i’ve deleted and remade i’ve never made my blog about myself which is just a testament to how strongly i dislike myself but seeing as how i’m about to be evicted from one of the only constant places in my life it’s time i start keeping better track of who i am, how i feel, what i’m doing, and there’s no point in hiding any of that on a password protected blog

it’s august 2015 my name is brianna marie and i’m still a fucking kid regardless of how much i’d like to convince myself i’m not. its been 11 months since my mother died. i’m still not okay about it. i’m afraid of time and life because the definition of both has completely fucking changed in my mind. i’m terrified of moving on because i can’t let go of anything or anyone. i’m leaving my father behind and moving to manhattan with my aunt. i’m terrified of moving because i’m self centered as all hell and the thought of hundreds of people looking at me by every day makes me nauseated. i rarely leave my house because i can’t stand other people looking at me without control of what they see. as of right now i’ve tried to kill myself twice and i’ll probably try to kill myself again in the future knowing myself. i like being hospitalized but there’s nothing more i hate than visiting people in hospitals. i get split in half very easily. bipolar, biracial, bisexual. i never make decisions because i’m terrified of being wrong. i think i’m a much better person than i am, and i may come off as a much better person than i am. i lie a lot, i lie a lot a lot a lot a lot and it’s the easiest thing. right now i’m conflicted because part of me wants to get a bubble and float into the sky and watch life pass (which is essentially what i’ve done for the past year just from my room) and part of me knows that death is inevitable but so are memories. it’s stupid but i’d like to leave an impact of some sort. speaking of which i live entirely inside of my head. i have the craziest fucking ideas about these things i want to achieve but it’s impossible for me to ever put in any effort because i don’t take care of my depression and i’ve let it grow into a huge mass inside of my body. i know that i’m capable of doing a lot of things, but i’ve only liked things when they’re easy. i want to be someone special and i need to stop equating special with famous. i hope that someday i like myself enough to let people hear me sing, because it’s not nearly as bad as i tell myself it is. i don’t like people but i go out of my way to make sure they like me. i constantly need to be reassured that i’m liked and cared for, god knows why i’m so fucking needy. i could be a lot better at everything if i wanted to, and i think i have to force myself to start doing so. i won’t bother getting into the things i don’t like about myself because then i’ll go on forever. there’s some quote on here that’s like “there are girls who read lolita and find religion” which was unfortunately me. i can’t help myself a lot of the time. there’s no point in resisting the things you enjoy. i mean unless you’re hurting other people. i hate hurting other people more than anything. i lied earlier, i’m not as bad of a person as i think i am. i need to cheer myself on as much as i cheer everyone else on. i’ve been dragged through a lot of things no 17 year old girl should have to but it’s something i appreciate. that’s a lie. i don’t appreciate it. but if i tell myself that it’s made me “stronger” maybe i will be stronger. i am so scared of living the rest of my life but i think that i will be alright. 

that’s all. it’s a lot, but if you don’t want to know anything about me then don’t bother following me anymore. i’m still going to reblog the things i like to see, but i’m going to start posting more of myself because i’m tired of losing all of my memories. i’ve never had a massive following anyways, so like what’s the point? i’m bri and i don’t need to put on any faces for anyone. i have a personality. fuck you. love y’all. 


choices. i really dont need another damn character but shit… i kinda want another asura. so remade vennti, and kinda want her to just be a simple asura who enjoys making coffee and drinks. like a traveling barista. or drink connoisseur.