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I was SO SURPRISED to see Meta Ridley! It's so good to see him again! The fact that he's still a cyborg speaks volumes to Sakamoto's and/or MercurySteam's respect for Prime continuity because was part machine when he "died" in Prime 3 (speaking of which, I think it would have been better for him to just fly off and not come back rather than literally explode into Phazon particles) and I'm wondering, if Super Metroid is remade, will Ridley also be Meta there?

I’m glad that it seems like the Prime games are being recognised by the 2D titles now, especially since I think Sakamoto didn’t really regard them much beforehand- but there’s no way most fans are splitting them off from the canon. If Super Metroid were remade I feel like they might keep to canon and have him all purple, no metal, because parts of the Samus Returns ending implied he’d kicked all or most of his metal parts off. But I’m not sure, maybe they’d decide the steel is too cool to lose (or have him naked in the intro at Ceres and decked out in cyborg parts by the time Samus gets to lower Norfair?)


Let’s talk about PROGRESS.
In 2012 I took on my first sewing project ever, Daenerys’ Dothraki gear from season 1. I had never really touched a sewing machine before, it scared the crap out of me, but I did it anyway and created my first home made cosplay. I didn’t really like how it looked on me, it was illfitting, the wig was thin and way too bright, and the frabics were all off, but I still loved it anyway! Because it was the first cosplay I made completely myself, and that made me really proud of myself.

Forward two years later to my latest update on my Dothraki Dany. I remade nearly everything (except for the white sash thingy which I weathered), and I’m sooo so happy with how it looks now. Also notice how much difference posing properly makes!! And MAKEUP, WIGS. AND BETTER EDITING. YAY.
Daenerys and this costume will always have a special place in my heart, because it was the one that finally pushed me into cosplaying for real ♥

So if you ever feel like you can’t actually make anything or you’re just to scared to start, YOU CAN DO IT.
(and Dothraki Dany is an EXCELLENT first project, it’s easy, and because it’s supposed to look ugly-ish and weathered, and those are the funnest cosplays to do!)

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Two kids, very messed up from saving two very different fantasy worlds and then returning home where it's like it never happened, take comfort in each other.

This was a fascinating prompt. I maybe got a little carried away.

Homestuck, AU, Jane & Dirk
from Curlicue:


You spot him right off.

He’s a grade above you—skipped up a year, he’s supposed to be smart. Smart and talented and weird in that way where even the alienation by most of his older classmates is tinted with a kind of appalled admiration. So you knew of him in that distant way you know about minor characters in TV shows you don’t watch, a general knowledge with no bearing on your life.

Except today he’s different, and when you see him across the schoolyard you spot it immediately. He’s in the middle of milling group of departing schoolmates, the crowd flowing around him as they make for buses and car rides, and—he’s not just apart, he’s separate. He stands out from the world like he’s a piece from a completely different puzzle, like his edges are formed in ways not shaped to connect to the people around him. He watches the other students go by and there’s a brittle, shell-shocked quality to his stillness that you recognize intimately.

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I think about life a lot - probably too much actually - but lately I’ve been thinking about how fast we change. Like the phases we go through, like I’ll go through a hat phase, or like a curly hair phase and a different phase. But I think there’s so many personal phases we go through too. How we feel and what we believe and how we feel about ourselves and the world and it’s just a rabbit hole. But considering how fast we change I kinda find comfort in knowing that we’re never the same person for too long. We’re always learning and growing because that way making mistakes doesn’t seem so scary. Like making mistakes can be an incredibly good thing because it will teach you something, and hopefully you won’t make the same mistake again, and one mistake I have made in the past is thinking I knew everything and I now know that I don’t and I think I’m going to know that for the rest of my life because we never know as much as we are going to know someday.