Rule 34 no not THAT one of the Death Note

Do you know what this means?

Spoiler Alert

It means because Light is possessed by a Shinigami he is protected from being killed by any other God of Death.

It means Rem couldn’t make good on her threat to kill Light.

It means that (at least up until the point Light switched the notebooks around) only Ryuk can kill Light.

It means Light could’ve killed Misa anyway and told Rem to go fuck herself.


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This world is 
                                                                                     The rotten should die


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Written by Lianne Sentar (@tokyodemons), art by rem (tsulala), additional illustrations by Romy-chan (romy-chan)

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He was done with this. Jo dug his fingers into the earth.

He was fucking done with this.

The not-vampire grabbed him by the back of the jacket and hauled him to his feet. He forgot the gun as he dug one shoe into the ground and spun around in her grip.

His fist rammed into her mouth.

He barely registered the piercing pain in his knuckles as he pivoted on the opposite foot and drove his knee into her gut. She doubled over with a gargle of pain, but her skeletal hand still caught his next fist. She staggered back and kicked out with one giant boot.

It jammed into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Jo stumbled back, gasping for air, his fists whipping up in defense.

His refocusing gaze caught on something white—a point of fiery pain digging between two of his knuckles. He quickly pushed it out, causing a new prick of pain and a dribble of blood from where it had been lodged.

It was a fang. It plopped onto the grass, blood and gum still clinging to the root.

When the not-vampire whipped her head up again, her free hand was clapped over her jaw. She snarled like a beast.

“I need a hostage,” she hissed, spraying blood from her mouth. “But not you, skinsack. You’re gonna die.”

-Tokyo Demons Book 3, chapter 2 part 1 (available now)