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I guess... Alright onto important questions, top 5 characters :3???


as for characters:

1. Kyoya Ootori from OHSHC
2. Sesshomaru and Koga from Inuyasha are both tied for second
3. Ron Weasley (book ver. specifically) from HP
5. Yamato from Digimon tbh ngl

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Acts of Affection

► Unzipping their clothes free and kissing their neck.

Whatever parts about himself that Caius hated, or despised about himself–Rem seemed to love those parts about him the most that he could not stand, or he was not comfortable with seeing, he disliked knowing it was there. His mentality was broken and even more so bruised and scared. Those who were broken and damaged were oft dangerous, because those people oft lived the longest. No matter whose eyes there was a violent beauty in the way that they were damaged. But still, he’s never found anything about himself that affixes itself as beautiful how could he? It was an comfortable uncomfortable sort, he’s no choice to live with. Mostly due to ugliness that his hands had done, would continue to do. What they were capable of doing.

“You may not love those parts about you, but I do. I’ll love those parts for you, Cai.”
Were the words he remembers she had spoken. They were sweet and they gentle, they were kind and they meant happiness. It was meant for him.

The way that her hands fiddles around with his zipper made his eyes and his head, his brain interested in what she was doing. Unsurprisingly, he trusts her with his body. It was all in the way that she continued to lower the zipper at his neck, which instantly becomes a remedy. Her voice seeps in and soaked in his mind, and they intoxicated and they drown him–he’s hooked, and he’s addicted.Thought it’s not directly said, her actions comes as a promise and she’s kind about it. He captured in her trap of affection, and he wanted to stayed there because it helped him to forget, to mend even if temporary

Being coaxed into a smile, and laughter which was rare to anyone, eyes that had seen so much which causes him grief was filled with something else other than anger, guilt and and whatever else that seemed to rhyme well with his pain shame were now so soft. Her touches that were layered onto his skin made amethyst view soften, his head lolling to the side while her lips kissed over his neck which makes the rest of his body obey, and surrendered. His eyes closed, relaxation was fully entranced, and he melted.


He could not speak, he was caught under the trap and spell over her lips non-verbally serenading him.



~chapter 9~

As the gem stood, goldstone realized, she was no longer the tallest, this mildly upset her, but she didn’t show it, or any other emotion for that matter. Painite also noticed this, and immediately acted upon it, “what’s your problem, shortie”, Everyone but goldstone gasps, “not the most stealthy informant ever” goldstone says as she rubs a lock of the gems coarse hair between her fingers. The two glare at each other with hatred, “oh, you want to talk about hair, well let’s talk about hair then. Miss bright blue”, “…”, “What’s under there, Rem”, “…”, “you look like a friggin waterfall”, “why thank you” goldstone says, “i’m going to go think in my tree, if you don’t mind”.
She walks off and painite turns to the others who all have a dubious expression upon their faces, “what?” painite asks, “No one. Has EVER. Done that. And lived.” Blue Aragonite answers.

Charoite looked at Painite. “That was uncalled for. You have no right to treat anyone like that.” Charoite said,monotone. Painite rolled her eyes. “No right? The reason I joined the rebellion was for rights.” Charoite drew her weapon again, this time pinning her down. “You will not talk to me like that; you understand? You may be bigger; but I am stronger, smarter, and can do things you’ll never be able to. One more mean word or phrase out of your mouth and I hurt you.”

This conversation shocked everyone, because Charoite never liked violence. And in the silence, Painite laughed. “Oh, you’re funny.” and with that word, Charoite poofed her. This time, everyone yelled in shock, a loud sound of shock spreading the clearing.

Black Onyx reached over and grabbed Charoite, who was now shaking, and held her. Blue aragonite grabbed her. “Knowing a thing or two like I do; she won’t be back for a week.” and then a loud thud happened, and Blue Goldstone spoke. “Put her down, Aragonite.” Scared, he dropped her. “What an idiot” she thought.
Charoite looked up from Black Onyx’s arms. “Goldstone… I couldn’t stand for the…” Blue Goldstone put her finger to her lips and shushed, with no hint of sympathy. “I know. I was only up in the tree.” Black Onyx squeezed Charoite. “It’s okay Char. We’re not mad. Everyone is just surprised.”

Charoite held Onyx back, and they stayed like that for a while, until the darkness came, in which they helped start a fire. For some reason, Charoite decided to dance. She had spent a lot of time with Chris and Beth when she could, and at one point in time, Beth taught her to dance. She had her own ways, as she did everything with her own twist. She prefered to show off her emotions rather than her physical attributes, so she danced to show that. At the time, she had a lot of emotions; but this dance focused on love. Aragonite and Onyx saw her, but only Onyx really knew what it was. He then started to do a more physical dance, one to impress. He spun, for flipped, and danced as if in a street dance group from hundreds of years forward.

Suddenly, Charoite spun, and Black Onyx flipped, landing on Charoite. But instead of a brutal collision, out resulted a burst of light, with two gems, and then suddenly; a much larger gem appeared. Blue Goldstone and Aragonite stood in awe; but the gem sat, looking at their hands.Suddenly, Blue Aragonite yelled. “I WAS WRONG!” Painite had appeared, looking mad. She then looked at the large gem, and her face looked confused. “Uh… Who fused?” Blue Aragonite looked at her. “Onyx and Charoite.” Painite’s eyes widened. “Dude, how long was I out?” Blue Goldstone glared. “A beautiful, short period of five minutes.” Painite looked at them. “They look so… different than they did, if I was paying attention.” Blue Aragonite nodded. “Oh, yeah, they look different. But the same at the same time, it’s really weird.” Finally, the unresponsive gems looked up. “Hello. My name is… Hackmanite. Wonderful to see you all.” Their voice was of a happy, yet indecisive voice. It seemed as if both gems were talking simultaneously, and they smiled as they spoke, a trait that neither Charoite, nor Black Onyx had before. “Huuuuuuuuuuuuh?” Blue goldstone suddenly said, startling everyone, “Oh, My, Diamonds, you guys” Painite said in response, “she is speaking”
“ It’s just that… what’s going on, what just happened?” Blue goldstone says “Goldstone”, Blue aragonite says, “Do you… not know what fusion is.” Blue goldstone looked at him and shook her head “Oh, Well… When a mommy gem and a daddy gem love each other very much-”, ”shut up!”, Painite shouts, “you don’t need to be in love.” Blue Goldstone rolled her eyes as well. “And, gems don’t work that way. You dimwitted being.” Blue Aragonite glared. “You guys can never take a joke!!!! And he stormed off, probably to go blow things up, because he was a very destructive soul. Hackmanite looked around, and stood up. They were around 9 feet tall, an astonishing height Change for the crew. Blue Goldstone, already confused, was now also enraged. They were four feet taller than her at least, and she hated being the smaller of the group. She then stormed off, mad at the gems for their astonishing height. Painite looked around. “You my friend, are quite the cause of commotion this evening.” Hackmanite nodded, and then looked up, seeing the stars. “The humans have such an amazing view. I wish I wasn’t so far away from the stars.” They then jumped, and Charoite’s most favorable ability was put into the fusion. Hackmanite landed on their feet, and they looked around. “I… Didn’t know I could do that.” Painite looked up at Hackmanite, shocked. “If you can do that, I can’t imagine your weapon.” Hackmanite stared down at her. “Weapon?” and then out the blue, an axe appeared. “Hmm…” Said Hackmanite, apparently now curious. A guitar then appeared in Hackmanite’s hands, and they shoved the two items together. Painite looked now, at a large drum set. “Uhh, what?” Hackmanite started to play the drums, and then stopped, because every bang shook the ground beneath them. “T.. That was crazy.” Hackmanite knew this, so they let the drum set proof from existence. Finally, Blue Aragonite and Blue Goldstone returned. “Not to be rude, but I could feel you doing.. Well whatever you we’re doing from more than three miles away.” Hackmanite looked shocked. “Really? I’m sorry!” Hackmanite started to cry, emotional as they were. And then, with a flash of light, Onyx and Charoite were lying on the ground, hand in hand.Shocked, everyone stood still. The gems on the ground however; laid as if sleeping, a trait for humans, not gems. “Way to go Aragonite! That was the happiest I’ve seen those two and you…. Ruined it.” Said Painite. Aragonite looked at her. “Says the one who made Char cry three minutes before the fusion happened.” Painite looked at him, seeing a reflection of her rage. “Whatever. You keep telling yourself it was my fault. Enjoy being right.” Blue Goldstone walked up to the pair, genuinely worried. They seemed to not even notice their state; as if they had poofed in pain as Hackmanite, but really, they were right there. “Get up.” She said. As if the two gems heard her, they looked up.

With profuse thanks and apologies to @harry-shum (because I fail at doing Tumblr right), I kidnaped (st) this one screencap from her because as I was watching the clip for the first time, I noticed how Even’s jaw tightened.

It’s a moment where Isak has kissed both sides of Even’s face but he hasn’t kissed Even yet. I wondered if Even thought this was a goodbye, if he clenched his jaw against the emotional raw wound of an Isak-shaped hole he thought he was used to until he saw Isak again.

Did Even curl in for one last breath of Isak’s soap, not feeling Isak’s hands slide up his shoulders? Did he hope this was the cousin of death that he wouldn’t try to escape from? Did his eyelashes flutter over REM-seeking eyes, hoping never to wake up from this impossible dream?

And then… then, Isak isn’t reaching to push him away. It’s to pull him closer, to whisper a truth that resounds over any parallel universe, that he hopes each Isak and Even can feel everywhere.

Du er ikke alene.

Or may be my brain is fried on final assignments and exams and I’d just like it to stop for a little while.