What’s hiding in the dark? 

Clip from The Grimoire Chapters: Rem | Episode 2 “The Hand That Feeds You”

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rem’s ability: NINE LIVES.

Like that silly myth of cats having nine lives, Rem has exactly that. As his body expired from a fatal wound, about five minutes later, he will be brought back to life as if anything happened with his wound heal and all.

Though there is a consequence to this; the most times he dies, the longer it takes for him be brought back and the less his wound would heal, bringing him closer and closer to death each time.

He has only died once so far.

What type of books the boys read…

Rem-He will read literally anything, he believes that knowledge is indeed power so he wants to learn as much as he can about everything. And he may or may not like the feeling of feeling superior to everyone due to his knowledge.

Urie-The novels he truly enjoys, are both romance and fantasy. Romance is who he is. He was literally made to romance people. Though there novels do tend to get him depressed, he is reminded of how awesome he is. Adventure is something he always wanted to do so it inspires him.

Mqge-To maintain his tough guy image, he pretends he doesn’t read. Though topics he’s interested in cause him to be an extremely fast reader. Literally, if something interests him he can read a book in a few hours.

Shiki-You guessed it. Horror. But also books that are reeaally messed up but reeaally well written. Steven King books are very interesting to him, he loves how creepy they can be. He also prefers to read with someone else to see their reaction.

Lindo-Old fairy tales for sure. He is in love with folklore. It also reminds him of his mother, she always read these classic stories to him before she died. He hopes to read them to his own children one day.

Roen-He’ll read whatever he needs to. Surprisingly, he’s not a big fan of reading. When he needs to find out about something however, he reads every book available to make sure he’s sufficiently knowledgeable on the subject.

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Myself having gotten 30mins of sleep last night looking at the clock rn: “7pm isn’t too early to sleep right??”

Me putting on pajamas and washing my face at 7pm on a Friday night: “Well it doesn’t hurt to be prepared right??”

You’re lying in bed falling asleep when you hear a noise. There is a sudden sense of primal fear and the terrible feeling that someone is standing next to your bed…watching you. Open your eyes…

What do you see when you dream? 🛏 

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