Devil Queen

To be listened to in the style of “I’m the Bad Guy” from Wonder over Yonder.

Ritsuka. “~I’m not the damsel in distress. I’m not your girlfriend or the frightened princess. I’m not a little butterfly who needs your help to fly… Nope. 

I’m the Devil Queen.~”

Ritsuka, in the aftermath of Roen’s bad(?) devil end at some point.


A glimpse into the mind of Natsuki Subaru


(Also if you haven’t figured out by the thumbnail it’s a teensy bit nsfw)

whenever someone sends me something weird via inbox, they will be met with the famous Nee-sama and Rem pic of them whispering on each other’s ear :3


Hij die leefde van een schaterlach
Hij die elke emotie zag
Zij die hem troostte met haar stem
Zij die een trein was zonder rem
Samen waren zij alles en helemaal
Samen waren zij het geluid van een nachtegaal
Zonder elkaar waren zij de hemel zonder sterren
Zonder elkaar waren zij balken die de weg versperren
Dus gingen zij samen weg, samen voor altijd.
Samen leven, samen sterven, geen gekweldheid, maar vasthoudendheid.

i’m on ep21 of Re:Zero- i’m dying laughing oh my god Rem’s boobs saved Subaru’s life and she’s like ‘thanks for the treat <3′ jesus Rem keep it in your pants

i really like the White Whale’s design and would totally buy a plushie of it…

I finished Timeless. Holy book hang over. Reading the #soulless manga by @gailcarriger and REM. I don’t wanna leave the world yet. OH AND GUESS WHAT I DONT HAVE TO BECAUSE GAIL CARRIGER IS KWEENNNNN. Definitely rearranging my book reading schedule to continue reading in the world. And it also reminds me that I need the #custardprotocol books. #romance #steampunk #books #bookstagram #bookcommunity #gailcarriger #bookhangovers

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“i told you it was going to rain!” mary nearly shrieked, placing her bag above her head, in a failed attempt to shield her hair. though they had only been in the rain for a few moments, mary felt as if she was already soaked. “i’m never going to listen to you again, rem. you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.“ she complained, hazel hues focusing on the other. mary had always been good at telling when it would rain, and despite her protests at going outside, remus had insisted. water began to seep inside of the brunette’s shows, and everytime she took a step, it felt as if she were stepping in puddles. “next time, we’re listening to me.“ she insisted, pulling him towards the castle, seeking shelter from the rain.