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Hello hello again everyone! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Over the weekend I managed to finish chapter 03, which means it’s time for another summary/ reactions post! ( ᐛ )و

And WHOO BOY…do I have some thoughts to share because let me just say, chapter 03 can basically be summarized as follows:


As always, this post assumes you know what happens in the game “Dance With Devils” up until Chapter 03 of the Left Door common route. If this is your first time stopping by, then please consider heading on over to the translation master list or checking out my last let’s play reactions here.

Massive Spoilers, some crude language, screenshots, and CGs for the vita game “Dance With Devils” beneath the read more cut. If you do not wish to be spoiled then please do not click the read more link! <3 Enjoy!

Todays highlights: Not a single damn one of these boys wears swim trunks properly, Urie tries to drown everyone in the name of Rem getting laid, and DwD becomes an episode of LOST.

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Remember that moment in City of Heavenly Fire when

Alec: *stares at shattered pieces of phone in disbelief*
Alec: You BROKE my PHONE.
Jace: *shrugs*
Jace: Guys don’t let other guys keep calling other guys.
Jace: Okay, that came out wrong.
Jace: Friends don’t let friends keep calling their exes and hanging up.
Jace: Seriously. You have to stop.

Remember that moment in City of Ashes when

Alec: Just because you said dragon demons were extinct —

Jace: I said mostly extinct.

Alec: *jabs a finger towards Jace*

Alec: Mostly extinct is NOT EXTINCT ENOUGH.

Jace: I see. I’ll just have them change the entry in the demonology textbook from ‘almost extinct’ to 'not extinct enough for Alec. He prefers his monsters really, really extinct.’ Will that make you happy?