rem shinigami

The best thing about death note is probably the fact that it took like the three smartest people on earth, an entire police task force, the mafia, the FBI and a team literally designed to take down kira (and maybe even a couple of shinigamis dependant how you look at it) years to take down a kid with a notebook, a slightly unstable lawyer, a news reporter and a girl that’s just in it for the hell of it and yet Naomi practically figured it out before the second book had even finished

November 5, 2004 [2007 in anime]:

  • L is killed by Rem.
  • Watari is killed by Rem.
  • Rem is punished with death for breaking an important Shinigami law.
  • Misa Amane’s lifespan is extended.
  • Rem and her Death Note are discreetly acquired by Light Yagami.