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Vash, Knives & Rem        TRI LOG1 by SUKE

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Can we take a moment to appreciate Rem, not as a source of inspiration or philosophy, not as a self-sacrificing hero, but as a mom?  I mean, think about this: she raised twin boys.  Twin boys.  And in the manga she did it ALL. BY. HERSELF.  She didn’t have a mom to call for advice.  She didn’t even have another crew member to pass them off to when she got tired.

And on top of that, these kids grow like crazy.  She probably had to find new clothes for them every other week because they already outgrew what they had.  And just when she’s getting into a routine with her little babies, suddenly they need a whole different kind of food, or they’re potty training.

I imagine the average day for Rem probably went something like this:
  Knives is crying.  He’s crying because his juice is in the orange cup, and he wants it in the blue cup.  Try and decide whether to switch cups to shut him up, or just let him cry about it.  Hear paper crumpling.  That report you printed out a minute ago?  Vash just pulled it out of the printer tray.  He’s eating it.  Pull the paper away from Vash and scold him.  Now Vash is crying, because he’s hungry, and he WANTS to eat the paper.  Realize Knives is suddenly not crying anymore.  Look around; Knives is gone.  Pick up Vash, and go looking for Knives.  As you near the kitchen, you hear the heart stopping sound of glass shattering and Knives’ little voice saying, “Uh oh."  Panic.  Look in the kitchen.  Oh look, Knives is smart enough now to push a chair to the kitchen counter, climb onto the counter, and reach into the upper cabinet to get his blue cup himself.  He’s knocked a glass onto the floor.  He sees he’s been caught and starts crying again.  Tiptoe around the glass, and grab Knives in your free arm.  Take them to their play room and fence them in.  Find a broom and sweep up the glass.  Remember that Vash is hungry.  Find a snack for them.  Take it to the play room.  Thankfully, they both stop crying and start eating.  Flop onto the floor and wonder if anyone has ever died of exhaustion from being a mother.  Notice that the boys come over and start snuggling up against you while they eat.  Vash offers you one of his animal cookies.  Remember that, despite all the trouble, you love them with all your heart.

Do the same thing tomorrow.


“It’s a good thing she died. Their emigration is out of the question; that would be like spreading pathogenic organisms across our healthy Universe. … But don’t worry, you and I will be fine. I made sure the Plant Ship would survive. After all, we’ll need that to create our new home, now won’t we, dear brother? Only ships carrying the humans will crash.”

[Episode 17: Rem Saverem]

Try not to ‘kawaii’ challenge (dedicated to Rem)

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