rem losing my religion

i tried to listen to songs that don’t remind me of him - here

boston - augustana

johnny and mary - placebo

love me like im not made of stone - lykke li

dance with me - nouvelle vague

ooh la - the koooks

losing my religion - R.E.M.

californication - rhcp

racing like a pro - the national

trying your luck - the strokes

feels like we only go backwards - tame impala

bathwater - no doubt

go slowly - radiohead

disorder - joy divison

through the roof and underground - gogol bordello

apartment - young the giant

deaths song - city and colour

fleetwood mac - dream

in the city - murray james

bad moon rising (cover) - the killers

A 90′s Music Education


I’ve taken it upon myself to compile a list of MUST LISTEN 90s tunes to further your education. Consider these non-negotiable.

  • “Don’t Turn Around” - Ace of Base
  • “Walking on Broken Glass” - Annie Lennox
  • “Loser” - Beck
  • “Baby I Love Your Way” - Big Mountain
  • “No Rain” - Blind Melon
  • “Motownphilly” - Boyz II Men
  • “Anytime” - Brian McKnight
  • “How To Love A Woman” - Brian Adams
  • “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” - Busta Rhymes
  • “Wicked Games” - Chris Isaak
  • “The World I Know” - Collective Soul
  • “Gangsta’s Paradise” - Coolio
  • “Mr. Jones” - Counting Crows
  • “Crash” - Dave Matthews Band
  • “Babylon” - David Grey
  • “Groove is in the Heart” - Dee-Lite
  • “Roll to Me” Del Amitri
  • “You Gotta Be” - Des’ree
  • “I Love You Always Forever” - Donna Lewis
  • “I’ll Be” - Edwin McCain
  • “Don’t Let Go” - En Vogue
  • “Missing” - Everything But The Girl
  • “Criminal” - Fiona Apple
  • “Freedom” - George Michael
  • “Now That We Found Love” - Heavy D & The Boys
  • “Let Her Cry” - Hootie and the Blowfish
  • “Virtual Insanity” - Jamiroquai
  • “If” - Janet Jackson
  • “Foolish Games” - Jewel
  • “One of Us” - Joan Osborne
  • “Be My Lover” - La Bouche
  • “Stay (I Missed You)” - Lisa Loeb
  • “Sex and Candy” - Marcy’s Playground
  • “I’m A Bitch” - Meredith Brooks
  • “Bring Sally Up” - Moby
  • “Heart Shaped Box” - Nirvana
  • “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone” - Paula Cole
  • “Losing My Religion” - REM
  • “Show Me Love” - Robyn
  • “Two Princes” - Spin Doctors
  • “Give Me One Reason” - Tracey Chapman
  • “Lucky Man” - The Verve
  • “The Freshman” - The Verve Pipe
  • “Blister in the Sun” - Violent Femmes
  • “Buddy Holly” - Weezer
  • “What’s Up” - 4 Non Blondes



“Losing My Religion” by R.E.M.

Out of Time (1991)

AS IF!: a 90s nostalgia playlist - it’s freakin’

01. everybody , backstreet boys 02. creep , radiohead 03. i’ll make love to you , boyz II men 04. i saw the sign , ace of base 05. …baby, one more time , britney spears 06. barbie girl , aqua 07. bills, bills, bills , destiny’s child 08. candle in the wind , elton john 09. genie in a bottle , christina aguilera 10. iris , goo goo dolls 11. no diggity , blackstree 12. mmmbop , hanson 13. everybody hurts , rem 14. loser , beck 15. vogue , madonna 16. tubthumping , chumbawamba 17. good vibrations , marky mark and the funky bunch 18. friday, i’m in love , the cure 19. bitch , meredith brooks 20. smells like teen spirit , nirvana 21. don’t speak , no doubt 22. no scrubs , tlc 23. get down , backstreet boys 24. losing my religion , rem 25. i’m too sexy , right said fred 26. wannabe , spice girls 27. waterfalls , tlc 28. truly, madly, deeply , savage garden 29. ice ice baby , vanilla ice 30. wonderwall , oasis


that’s me in the corner

for @georgiagirlagain

Part 1 is [here], prompted by @amores-supremos

Pairing: Bruce Banner/Darcy Lewis
Length: 466 words
Prompt: [Losing My Religion- REM]
Tags: Awkwardness, BAMF Darcy, Science Flirting
Warnings: None

Darcy walked into the lab much earlier than he’d been expecting, given her gratuitous alcohol consumption the night before.  

And she was…really chipper.

Bruce was guessing she just handled her hangovers really well.  But he must have been giving her a look, so she answered the unasked question anyway. 

“Bacon and eggs.  Greasy breakfast food.  And coffee.”  She tapped her nose and winked at him like it was some huge conspiracy as she dropped her bag on the desk.   

He turned back to his computer and was all ready to just begin the day like the previous one hadn’t happened.  But she cleared her throat.  

So he looked back at her.  

“About last night…” she began.  

“Darcy…it’s really…” he shook his head.  “You don’t…”  

“You are not too old for me,” she stated bluntly.  “And more importantly, you don’t get to tell me you are too old for me. If I’m too young for you, that’s another matter.  But don’t put this on me, dude.”  

He frowned, opening his mouth to voice a rebuttal, but she wasn’t done, so he closed it again.  

“And I’m not your lab assistant.  I’m Jane’s.  I help you out of the goodness of my too-large-always-bleeding heart.”  

He couldn’t help but smile at that.  She did have a too-large-always-bleeding heart.  It was one of his favorite things about her.  

“And I was drunk last night.  That was the only thing that was inappropriate about our interaction. So, if you don’t want to try anything because I’m too young for you, or if you have some weird issue with dating someone who brings you tea and makes you go to sleep and otherwise adult…well, that’s on you, Banner.  Not me.”  

His mouth fell open again, but he couldn’t think of anything to say.  “I…I don’t have a problem.”  

She smiled and sat down at her desk.  “Good.”  

Darcy didn’t say anything for a few minutes.  The only reason he knew it was a few minutes was because he kept glancing at the clock to make sure that time was indeed moving and not standing still.  

“Bruce.  The ball is in your court.  It’s been there for a couple minutes now.  I keep nudging it against your foot.  Make a play.”  

“You know…sports references aren’t making this any easier,” he said with a short laugh.  

“Fine.  I guess, to put it in your terms…I have written out the equations and passed the chalk to you.  Now I’m just waiting for you to couple them.”  She smirked triumphantly and he was pretty sure he fell in love with her right then. 

If he wasn’t already before.  

“Do you eat dinner?”  he asked, chastising himself for the most awkward turn of phrase in the entire world.  

“Usually alone, but for you, I’ll make an exception.”  

i tell you not to love me but i still kiss you when i want to
 ❤ listen ❤

// 001 bathtub [ waxahatchee ] // 002 my best friend’s hot! [ the dollyriots ] // 003 when my boy walks down the street [ the magnetic fields ] // 004 closer [ the tiny ] // 005  i’m not in love [ 10cc ] // 006 roll to me [ del amitri ] // 007 strawbear [ keaton henson ] // 008 watsky [ sloppy seconds ] // 009 accidentally in love [ counting crows ] // 010 from eden [ hozier ] // 011 tongue tied [ grouplove ] // 012 twin sized mattress [ the front bottoms ] // 013 serial killer [ lana del rey ] // 014 basic space [ the xx’s ] // 015 boom clap [ charli xcx ] // 016 cold is the night [ the oh hello’s ] // 017 one week [ barenaked ladies ] // 018 losing my religion  [ rem ] // 019 a world alone [ lorde ] // 020 fuckabout [ drenge ] // 021 love lust [ king charles ] // 022 who’d have known [ lily allen ] // 023 pretty little head [ eliza rickman ] // 024 daylight [ matt and kim ] // 025 stubborn love [ the lumineers  // 026 charmer [ tiger’s jaw ] // 027 you won’t [ television ] // 028 i think i love you [ waxahatchee ] 


Have you ever wondered why they chose Anthony Rapp to be Mark in RENT? This is the song he auditioned with. And just proves how wonderful this man is. 

Venus as a boy  | The Vampire Armand fanmix

1. Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine | 2. The Noise - Austra | 3. Stand By Me (N.B. Haunt) - Mona | 4. Losing My Religion - REM | 5. Venus As A Boy - Bjork | 6. Child I Will Hurt You - Crystal Castles | 7. Papi Pacify - FKA Twigs | 8. Gods And Monsters - Lana Del Rey | 9. Never Let Me Go - Florence + The Machine | 10. Waiting Game - BANKS | 11. Crazy In Love - Kadebostany | 12. Burning Desire - Lana Del Rey | 13. Feral Love - Chelsea Wolfe | 14. Take Me Down - Paradise Lost

Losing My Religion

This is another one that isn’t rainbows and roses…let me work my angst out and I’ll write yall some smut and happy endings ;)

Quick Info - Dean loves girl….girl loves Dean. What happens when I’ve had red wine and have been talking to someone who loves to write Angst as much as I do…

A/N - VERY good chance that I may rewrite them or edit it later..

Word Count - 1468
Pairing - DeanxReader
Warnings - Language, fluff, angst, character death, implied smut

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My Master List

Losing my Religion

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A fanmix for two lifetime lovers who endured and prevailed over everything and everyone, including themselves and their demons. The ups and downs. The constant love and the unhealthy obsession. Songs for Elizabeth Tudor and Robert Dudley’s rough fairy tale love affair. [LISTEN]

Side A: We Didn’t Break, We Didn’t Burn.

The Consort - Rufus Wainwright. Heroes - David Bowie. Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings. Butterfly - Jason Mraz. I Knew You That Way - Luke Bryan. Sleeping with a friend - Neon Trees. Marry You - Bruno Mars. Angeles - Marwan. My Same - Adele. Starlight - Muse. I won’t give up - Jason Mraz

Side B: Breathe me in, I’m yours to keep.

Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys. Human - Christina Perri.  Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade. Lo que más - Shakira. i wanna be yours - Arctic Monkeys. I Don’t Care - Fallout Boy. Pull me down - Mikky Ekko. If You Say So - Lea Michele. Losing My Religion - REM. Titanium - David Guetta feat Sia. Some Nights - Fun. Antebellum - Vienna Teng

(A collaboration between video-et-taceo and imjustasmith)