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Meeting the Parents ~ Remus Lupin

Requested by @little-hufflepuff-badger , who has been so sweet to me so I hope you love this! 

You and Remus had been dating for two months when Christmas came along. 

  “Babe?” He asked on the train home for break.

“Yes, love." 

"Will you come meet my parents? They want to make sure, you’re not, you know…" 

"Oh.” You understood. 

You were from a pureblood family. All magic people, no muggles or halfbloods littered the blood of your family. When you started dating Remus, your parents hated it. They thought ha blood status was all that mattered and so on. But you weren’t going to let that stop you from love. You argued for hours on end with them. They met Remus one day and your mother started warming up to him. But they were still a little wary. You knew your father hoped that you two would break up and you would keep the line pure. 

Remus’ parents were wary of you too.

They thought you would end up exposing him. Or your parents would find out about his problem and expose him and so on. They had never met you and Remus was sure that when they did, they would fall in love just like he did. 

But you and Remus loved each other. It was time both of your parents learned that. You two were not planning on separating and in fact, it was the exact opposite you planed. You wanted to stay together forever. 

“Let me ask my mom, I’ll owl you to plan a date and time.” You were already nervous. 

“They’re going to adore you. Trust me. They just have to meet you. They have to see you like I do. Beautiful on the inside and out.” He kissed you quickly to avoid teasing from your friends in the same compartments as you.

Two weeks later, you were dressing for your dinner with Remus’ family. You wore a long sleeved sweater and a black skirt with leggings to keep your legs warm. You took the floo network to their home. 

It smelled like gingerbread and flowers. The house was full of books. They were everywhere. The house was entirely neat, save the books stacked on every flat surface.

“Mum! (Y/N)’s here.” Remus was sitting on the couch in the living room where you came out. He got up and kissed you quickly and took your clammy hand in his.

His mother came out of the kitchen.

“Hello Mrs. (Y/L/N). Welcome to our home, Remus has told us so much about you.”

“Oh he has?” You smiled, raising your eyebrows.

“All good things of course.” He laughed nervously. You both were terrified.

You shook Remus’ father’s hand and sat down next to your boyfriend at the dinner table.

“So, (Y/N),” His father asked as you took a bite of the salad, “Remus says you like to read.”

You looked at Remus for help. He nodded and squeezed your knee under the table.

“I love to read. I was young hen I learned,” You said politely, not gushing like you usually did for fear of being labeled insane.

“I have to practically tear her way from her books when she reads. She never puts them down.” Laughed Remus, “MY father taught me the importance of reading. He helped me start my personal library.

“Really?” You asked, hoping that talking about the parents would keep eyes off of you and make you seem less scared.

“He did.” Remus smiled wide.

“Who taught you the importance of books?” You asked Mr. Lupin.

You continued talking over dinner and it gradually got easier for you, but they still were a bit stand offish. You learned that Remus was taught to be empathic and sensitive by his mother and calculating and intelligent from his father.

“Should Rem and I do the dishes?” You asked after the meal was done and you had thanked your hosts.

“Yeah, let’s do that.” Remus agreed before his mother could decline. You both needed a break from the tension and you thought showing them you were helpful might make them like you.

You and Remus brought the dishes to the kitchen. His parents watched you two bustle around. You had filled the sink with soapy water and were staring to wash the dishes when Remus came up behind you and hugged you tightly around the waist.

It felt comforting to have him there.

“You gotta let me do some work, babe. It’s my house.” He said.

“I know, but your mother made the wonderful meal and I want to help clean up. Your parents have been so kind to have me over.” You said, knowing that while they weren’t engaged, Mr. and Mrs. Lupin were listening and watching.

“You can dry, let me wash.” Remus compromised.

Soon enough, you and Remus were giggling as you put soap bubbles on his nose and he pushed you slightly with his body and you pushed back. You were humming songs and being very careful with the dishes you were drying.

There was music on in the living room. Frank Sinatra, Remus’ Mother’s favorite. Remus ended up taking your hand and dancing around the kitchen with you, both of your laughs ringing through the kitchen. You had both completely forgotten about his parents, who were watching with smiles.

They had finally warmed up to the way you wanted to help and how you made their son laugh. You were genuine and they were no longer afraid you would hurt him or manipulate him using his secret.

They saw it plain as day, you loved him and he loved you. Aft all, you were kind to them and interested in them when they were cold to you. You were kind to those who were uninterested and a tad mean.

They finally approved of you as you and Remus danced around the clean kitchen laughing.

Dance with Devils -EverSweet- Vol.1 Rem (English Translation)

Dance with Devils -EverSweet- Vol.1 Rem

Kaginuki Rem (CV: Soma Saito)

Commissioned by: @candies-and-sweets​ (So send her some love!)

Spicy’s Notes (aka) Things you might like to know before you get started:
(1) Get out your toothbrush because this is a fluff fest.
(2) No, seriously, when did Rem get so smooth? Where did the “handcuffs of love” go?
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