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Hi, I love your blog :) And also I know it was a while ago that you messaged me about not committing suicide (months ago really), but thanks, I appreciated it And you really do have a really nice blog.

I pray that you’re okay now. Always rely on God for strength, and always fix your eyes on Jesus and not on your circumstances.

God bless you! 🙏

Our Way or God’s Way

Exodus 2:11-25

Whenever challenges come into our life, there are two ways we can respond: God’s way or our way. Moses is an example of a man who, on separate occasions, tried out both options. In today’s passage, we see him taking matters into his own hands. Although his motives were pure—namely, the relief of one Hebrew man’s suffering—his method was wrong. Moses made three mistakes.

1. He focused on the difficulty. How often have you and I done the same thing? The unfairness or pain of a situation grabs our attention and in our desire for a solution, we forget our all-powerful God.

2. He relied on his own strength and understanding. When a problem arises, the most natural response is to do what we can to make it right. However, God wants us to rely on Him, not on ourselves.

3. He acted impulsively. If a situation seems urgent, fixing the problem as fast as possible becomes our top priority. In our hastiness, we forgo waiting on the Lord.

Our way can look logical at the time, but let’s consider how effective Moses was in achieving his goal. An Egyptian man was killed, and the Hebrew people didn’t react favorably. Pharaoh, learning of the event, tried to kill him, and Moses had to flee Egypt.

We’ve all followed Moses’ example at some point and suffered the consequences of self-reliance. But God didn’t reject Moses or cancel His plans for him. Instead, He refined the future leader’s character through trials and gave him another chance. The Lord will do the same for us.

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Satan really likes to bring us down and then kick us while we're down. That's his business. Luckily, even when we fail, it's God who prevails! We don't have to be strong, we just have to rely on God's strength. He will get your through it. Remember, light shines brightest through that which is most broken. Many blessings, and never give up because you have so much value and worth! :)

This is so encouraging!! Thanks so much, completely made my night!


“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” -Matt. 11:28
I feel like this is one of those cliché verses that’s always quoted, but it holds so much truth. Last month was one of the most stressful periods of time in my life, and there were days where I had no choice but to rely completely on God for strength to get out of bed and do what I had to do. He proved himself to be so faithful and trustworthy during that season. I was able to get my album out on time, while also handling various music production jobs and church Christmas events that I was a part of, as well as a whole bunch of other responsibilities on top of that. And now, in the aftermath of all that, he has been providing for my every need: emotionally, financially, even relationally. I can hear him saying, “See? You had nothing to worry about. I’m taking good care of you.”
Even though my anxiety still flares up sometimes, I know I have nothing to fear anymore. He holds me in his hand and is looking out for me at all times, and I find great comfort and rest in that when things get crazy.
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No matter how talented, skillful and expert you are to your field, if you’re going to rely merely on your own strength and forget God along the way, you’re not going to succeed in you endeavors…

Thank You, LORD, for enlightening me today. It’s the first time that i attended a mass on my own and I feel like I achieved a feat I longed for.


I didn’t really feel like working out tonight. But I’m glad I did.

It was one of the most productive sessions I’ve had in a long time. Physically I really pushed myself beyond my limits and relied on God’s strength to pull me through.

Mentally, my spirits are lifted because I’ve made a commitment to fitness and improved health, – and honoring that commitment..

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