Bonkai Fic & Lyrics: |OnesHOTuesday| 26th of April

It’s that time again,OnesHOTuesday & no it’s not a typo! This little fanfic deserves that HOT cus it definitely has that sizzle.

This week’s feature is one of the Bonkamly’s fave authors who keeps popping out lush&intricate fics that not only include our favorite couple; Bonkai! but Bamon and even Stelena. She has a true love for our BonBon;)

I’m sure you all have heard of @zalrb


cover art by super sweet & talented @bonxkai-forever 

*it is only CHAPTER ONE (not the prologue; on ff: title of chapter is “Killing Me”) Link:

Listen on YouTube:

You can also listen directly on our Tumblr page!:

We hope you all are enjoying the Guest Playlists & we have some other idears for you all and will be announcing them!

Bonkainky|Bonjainky will be starting up in May so be ready;) 

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With Great Regret

Bonkai Fic and Lyrics will be ending. We are very sad and are heartbroken to be letting our authors and fans down but our work, family, and personal obligations are leaving no time for us to work on the project anymore.

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We have spent almost a year making playlists for our amazingly talented Bonkaimily writers who have brought our favorite pair to life. They have righted the wrongs that TVD did to Bonnie and Kai’s arc. They also gave us so many more wonderful untold stories and Bonkai adventure. YOU have made this project the joy that it is, you the authors.

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And finally, to our dedicated followers and fans who have made every playlist worth it…you guys gave us the energy and dedication when we were tired and struggling. Every note, comment, reblog, and like made it all worth it. Your enthusiasm and excitement made us proud to have acomplished what we did and we will always be grateful to you!


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BonKai Royalty — HEY GUYS! Lets try to get Christopher to win...

Hiya Chris Wood/Kai Parker Fans,

I tried to tag as many people as I could because we ALL need to UNITE in order for Chris to WIN this award. Chris constantly fluctuates between FIRST and SECOND place with this Black Jack fellow. The only way he will REMAIN in first place is if we all vote for him at the SAME time repeatedly. You can vote as many times as you like so vote over and over again. Click the link ABOVE for more information and how we plan for Chris Wood to win this award. Reblog the link to spread the word.

We all love Chris Wood because he is a sweetheart and a brilliant actor.Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could show our appreciation for him by helping him win this award? He deserve it as well as all the accolades that are sure to come his way in the future.

To all the fans who have been voting and set asides time to spread the word on social media, Thank you! ❤️ It will be a group effort if we want him to win! Chris Wood has tweeted about this award on Twitter so retweet it if you have not and KEEP VOTING! Get everyone involved lol! Tell your friends! We need all the help we can get. We have until the 25th of JUN to keep him in first place so get those fingers moving!

Sorry if you hate being tagged. I would not have tagged this many people unless it was urgent.

Thanks lovelies for reading this. bonkai-kingdom vanekaufman
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