Gecko Brothers S3 Speculation

So I’ve been seeing a lot of Dusk 3 posts of RK and SK but have yet to see anyone discuss the tragic events that are unfolding before the most important relationship in the series…Seth and Richie Gecko. Decided its that time we talk about their painful journey now that we’re halfway into the season because this is an incredible relationship that continues to be tested in various ways. 

Right out of the gate in the first episode despite the show’s humor we knew this was going to be the darkest season of Dusk yet, not just for Kate and the other supporting characters but for the two leading protagonists especially. Seth and Richie’s relationship has been rocky ever since the events of the first two seasons of Dusk and this year that relationship seems to be deteriorating as they reluctantly fight the forces of evil. Though they are together as partners they’ve never been more apart compared to now emotionally, mentally and even morally and that wedge between them is only increasing due to their unresolved issues as the episodes go on.

I instantly felt that dark cloud waver over the brothers the moment Seth reminded Richie in 3x01 of the sins they’d committed in the past and that they deserved whatever horrific punishment was coming for them. The fdtd writers would not have written that cryptic dialogue the way they did if it wasn’t foreshadowing something sinister and heartbreaking down the road for these two. Because since then the noose has been getting tighter.

In terms of saving the world and rescuing a person they both really care about the brothers are on the same page but the way they’re prioritizing these goals couldn’t be more different.

An it isn’t just how they’re handling the situation with the war against Xibalba but also how they’ve both been taking Richie’s immortality for granted. For Richie its the thrill of being powerful, nearly invincible and avoiding death, he’s throwing himself into the shark infested waters without fear and a gleam in his eye. For Seth it gives him the excuse to do drastic things like shoot his brother point blank without it remaining permanent because he knows his brother can’t die from mortal wounds. He doesn’t think anything can touch Richie which makes that line of thinking all the more dangerous. And that’s what’s scary, neither one of them thinks death can hurt them…at least currently.

The irony is that in the first 5 episodes of Dusk 3 Seth and Richie have had a few close calls with death or just their lives being in danger. In 3x01 right when one of the Skullkeeper’s puppets revealed itself it set off a bomb and Richie jumped Seth out of the way using his own body to shield his mortal brother from the blast that would’ve otherwise killed him instantly.

Then later in the same episode the Skullkeeper nearly ripped out Richie’s skull before Seth intervened.

In 3x02 a large Xibalban monster attacked Santanico/Kisa’s fight club and Richie’s first instinct was to fight it without realizing what it would do to him. But Seth grabbed him instantly and rushed him out of danger.

And later in the episode when Kate was revealed to be resurrected by a demon queen from hell she violently attacked Richie while he tried to protect an innocent woman and Seth found him unconscious on the ground.

In 3x03 the Gecko brothers underestimated a powerful ancient warrior [who could’ve easily killed both of them] and not only got their asses handed to them but had an instant epiphany that this war they were now involved in was bigger than either of them imagined.

In 3x04 when Amaru sent her Jaguar demons to attack the Gecko brothers’s team, the first battle ended with Richie being impaled to a crate by a large sword which with only an inch would’ve instantly ended his life.

Later Seth also has a violent encounter with Amaru who would’ve killed him on the spot if Scott hadn’t been there to prevent that fatal outcome.

And finally in 3x05 when the brothers and their team head to a quiet suburban town to protect and help the innocent civilians from Xibalban locust attacks that turn them into crazy cannibals. Seth ends up succumbing to the infection but is later saved when his team slays the demon responsible.

In the same episode though Richie has a another dangerous encounter with Amaru threatening to kill a mother and her child. And without thinking Richie throws himself at her to protect them, putting his own life in jeopardy as the confrontation ended up with Richie being abducted by Amaru.

The eerie gut-renching thing about each of these events is that they seem to foretell a tragedy that’s in store for the brothers. Something neither of them is going to see coming. As the episodes go on the murky waters of Richie’s fate this year seem to become that much more clear. Even with his immortality and super culebra powers he is not invincible. He can die and that death has been foreshadowed since the beginning of the series.  

Richie spent so much of the first two seasons giving up pieces of himself including after being turned into a vampire without his consent; his sanity, his brother, his soul, and his humanity. All of which he did out of love for Seth. Its always been about protecting Seth for Richie from the time they were kids. No one has paid a more higher price for Seth than Richie has even though Seth spent majority of S1 trying to save Richie to even the score. And this is something that Seth still hasn’t taken into account yet.

In S2 Malvado told Richie once: “remember if a man is willing to sacrifice, tells us all we need to know about what he truly desires” while certain Dusk fans overlooked this moment as Richie just desiring power they missed the point completely given the first 5 episodes of S3 where Richie’s desire stems more from his heart than his ambition. He’s recklessly jumping into the fire for total strangers as well as the people he loves without any thought to the consequences of these actions.

Richie’s love and desire to protect Seth however has now stretched out to Kate. During S3 since realizing she was alive Richie has made it his personal mission to save her no matter the risk even if it creates more friction between him and his brother. Much as he wants to keep Seth safe and save the world his other #1 priority is rescuing Kate. There is no saving the world if he can’t save her too. 

Last year it was said that Richie would pay the price for losing Kate and that debt has yet to be paid. And with Kate’s dying words “I hope you burn in Hell” I can only imagine the fate the writers have in store for Richie.

While in the bar in 3x04 Richie vented to a total stranger about the toll his demons where taking on him. “maybe the trick is to get to know your own soul first” but then Richie confessed being attracted to dark souls was going to get him into trouble. We’ve seen what feeding on human predators is doing to Richie’s sanity, how much pain its causing him yet he refuses to ever hurt another innocent person. A vow he made the moment he was turned.

And those demons came back to torture him at the worst time imaginable in the form of Dakota McGraw; the daughter of the man he murdered in the pilot episode. With all the demons Richie has been avoiding like; killing his father to save his brother, killing that teller woman, leaving Seth for Santanico, and Eddie, Kate and Manola’s deaths this is just one demon he never wanted to face. Richie knows the pain he caused Dakota but he also knows he can’t ever erase it no matter how much good he does now and that notion torments him.

The theme of Richie’s arc this year is about redemption into heroism but in order to achieve that he has to reluctantly face the darkness within his own soul that he’s been running from his whole life. And sometimes facing the monsters within yourself means making specific sacrifices. What’s interesting about this storyline is that we’re not only seeing Richie’s vulnerability and how much he actually suffers inside but the lengths he’ll actually go for the people he cares about. Close as the Gecko brothers are there is still so much they don’t know about each other. Painful secrets they keep from one another.

 For instance Richie refuses to let Seth into his personal problems. He’s deliberately shutting him out and keeping something incredibly serious from his brother. Immediately deflecting the problem when Seth gets suspicious because Richie feels he can’t talk to him. Seth has given him no emotional support, compassion or made him feel secure the way he always use to and Richie has been really missing that. He knows Seth isn’t over what happened back at the Twister. Fears that his brother hates him for all the pain he’s caused him especially after he found out Seth took drugs to numb himself from that pain; making the situation that much worse. 

With all the grudges Seth has been holding onto its made his affection for Richie dwindle. Made him colder. He doesn’t call Richie “brother” anymore, he doesn’t hug him, laugh with him, or touch him affectionately like they use to or treat him like the person he grew up with. Everything between them since Richie’s transformation into a culebra has been met with disgust, fear or sarcasm. Which is heartbreaking for Richie because without Kate and Eddie, Seth is the only simple human connection he has left. 

And that’s where the Geckos currently stand in their relationship. They’ve been at odds with each other since the back half of S1 and its going to carry serious repercussions for them.They refuse to really talk to each other, let each other in. Be each’s other’s moral support when the other is failing. The only time Seth opened up to Richie was in 3x04 when he told that painful secret about Peaches but it was obviously because of how scared Seth was of hearing Richie willing to put his life in danger to save Kate. 

The brothers are taking the time they have together for granted because whether they realize it or not one day Richie’s vampire condition will be the thing that ultimately divides them. Richie’s immortality and Seth’s mortality are already at a crossroads and neither of them is aware of this.This is why I believe its not going to end well for the brothers this season. One of them is going to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world including Kate and that person is going to be Richie. The first 5 episodes of Dusk 3 have hinted at it through elements of endless tragedy lingering around Richie.

My fears of this speculation solidified the moment Richie threw himself at Amaru in 3x05 to save that mother and her child. He knows Amaru is powerful enough to kill him but it didn’t matter. He didn’t hesitate. He didn’t even take into account of what his death would do to Seth or if Seth was even okay after being infected by that Xibalban parasite. Richie acted on impulse without logic or reason which is unlike him. He knew he had to protect that family no matter what. But he wasn’t just trying to save them he was trying to protect Kate as well; sparing her the pain of Amaru’s wrath and being forced to murder those people the same way he’d once been manipulated to murder that teller woman who had a family.

And that’s the thing if Richie is willing to sacrifice himself to save complete strangers whom he has no emotional attachment to, how far will he go for those he loves most in the world like Seth and Kate? 

If Richie giving up his life is the price to pay for losing Kate back in S2 then what’s Seth’s price in S3?. Dakota told Seth that he and his brother would one day pay for the murder of her father. I think his price is going to be losing Richie. Why do I think this? only the fact that the writers have had Seth lose all the new friends he’s been making in S3 foreshadowing that he’s about to experience an even greater more painful loss by this seasons end. 

So by account of this if Richie’s punishment is in fact sacrificing himself to save his brother, Kate and the world and being sent to hell as its prisoner then Seth’s punishment would be experiencing the excruciating pain of having the one person he loves more than anything taken from him.  

That’s when I realized this season isn’t just about the brothers finding redemption or saving the world. Its about consequences. The Geckos have made some very bad choices over the course of their career as criminals, hurt a lot of people including someone they never wanted to hurt [Kate] and now they’re about to suffer the consequences of their actions for the first two seasons of Dusk. 

Seth’s greatest fear even now is losing Richie again. That’s the one thing he can’t bear to live with. Despite all their issues coming between them Seth really loves Richie as much as Richie loves him. We saw how self-destructive Seth became in S2 when Richie split from him. Imagine what it will do to him if Richie makes that sacrifice in S3, how much he would hate himself. It would absolutely destroy Seth in more ways than one. But also imagine the lengths Seth will go to get Richie back, how much he’s going to fight for him!

Honestly though taking into consideration how dark this season of Dusk is shaping up to be I won’t be surprised if this is the outcome of the Gecko brothers S3 arc. If this is where the writers are going it’ll set up the most exciting S4 chapter in the Gecko brothers saga; the quest of one brother risking everything to save the other for that sacred bond they share. Seth’s love for Richie will once and for all be put through the ultimate test unimaginable and in doing so earn his own shot at redemption

It’s kinda sad seeing all the negative stuff in the tag (don’t get me wrong, I understand everyone has the right to their opinion, it’s just the negativity bums me out) so I wanted to make a list of everything good about that episode.

- The sdr2 kids are alive and okay!!!

- Komaeda has a cool ass robot hand 

- Seeing the sdr2 kids animated in their Jabberwock Island clothes

- Kazuichi making more mini robot nekomarus!!!

- Souda’s face when he finally gets some praise from Sonia

- Mikan helping Hiyoko when things were about to get rough

- And Hiyoko saying thank you…albeit reluctantly 

- Gundam’s hair (I know I already commented on their animation but this deserves another mention because it’s great) 

- The fact Ibuki’s music has the power to knock down all the guards like that lmao

- Just seeing the sdr2 kids work together 

- Getting to see the ultimate imposter in 3 disguises 

- Hearing all the sdr2 music 

- The Hajime/Izuru eye theory being correct

- The sdr2 kids looking out for Ryota and wanting to help him

- Ryota not brainwashing the world with his hope anime 

- Nagito shoving Mikan out the way so he can meet Makoto 

- Hajime thinking of Chiaki and Chiaki holding Usami

- Just everyone being friends

- Kyoko is still alive (thanks to Seiko and Mikan!!!) 

- Makoto is a headmaster!!

- I suppose things aren’t as glorious for Munakata but he’s got a cool new coat. 

I’m gonna stop bc this post is getting long, but these are some of my favourite moments from the episodes. I know it wasn’t to everyone’s tastes, but it made me really happy. 

Scribble-Doodle: No Longer Young (and Beautiful)

I listened to the song Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey and this ficlet was the result. Warning: homophobia, slurs.

An AU story: what if Magnus left with his people to protect them from Valentine, just like he did at the beginning of the show - but never returned?

Since the appointment ceremony of Clarissa Herondale as the new Consul is to take place at the New York Institute, what with Alicante still in ruins after the brutal and decades long war with Valentine Morgenstern, Magnus Bane, still being the High Warlock of Brooklyn, is invited to attend. Drats.

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An SPN reader insert fic.

Summary: After reluctantly rejoining the boys, Y/N finds herself in a position to make a choice on a hunt that goes wrong. What she chooses will affect them all.

Words: 2958

Warnings: Swearing. POV switches will be marked.

Tags: @superapplepies @wevegotworktodo @jerkbitchidjitassbutt @redlittlefox @lilyleely @lakama15 @dancingalone21 @perpetualabsurdity @mguz25 @mamapeterson @manawhaat @vintagevalentinexx @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @chrisatplay @aprofoundbondwithdean @kittenofdoomage @torn-and-frayed @ilostmyshoe-79 @mrs-squirrel-chester @ravenesque @xtina2191 @profkmoriarty13 @danceswithjensen @mysteriouslyme81 @winchesterprincessbride @jensensjaredsandmishaslover @jj-trickster @fangirl-faye @rattyretro-blog-blog @bakabozza @ashleychinrock @nerdysandwichqueen @mrsjohnsmith @m00sesquirre1 @tiffanycaruso @boredoutofmymindstuff @gothamsmermaid @nakedshowerdean @ezauraemmaline @anokhi07

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Hear me out: Kylux Hair Salon AU

-Hux is a hairstylist, and a damn good one.

-Kylo has a regular salon he’s gone to his whole life but, after one too many disagreements with the staff there, he goes in search of a new place.

-On a recommendation, he ends up at the salon where Hux and Phasma work.

-Hux is the only stylist free and so even though they dislike each other almost immediately, Kylo has no choice but to let Hux cut his hair.

-They bicker the entire time.

-It’s the best haircut Kylo’s ever had in his life.

-Reluctantly, he returns next month. And the month after that. And the month after that. Hux washes and cuts his hair every time. They fight every time. It turns out beautifully every time.

-Kylo develops a crush on Hux, because of course he does. He may be an asshole but he’s also intelligent and poised and gives incredible scalp massages.

-Hux starts by just liking Kylo’s hair, then his face, and over time, finally, the rest of him. Yes, even his personality. Kylo may be childish but he’s also sweet and funny and has amazing hair.

-To see Hux more, Kylo starts getting other services at the salon: facials, deep conditioning treatments, he even gets his brows waxed, once. (Never again.)

-Hux notices how often he’s there and confronts him about it.
“If you hate me so much, why do you keep booking me?”
“Because maybe I like you!”
“Well maybe I like you, too!”


Toni is so entertained by Anitra and Clif’s role play that she hates to interrupt, but it’s time for them to go home.

Zeton:  Okay, you two…this space mission will have to be continued another time.  *to Anitra* You look tired, it’s time for you to have a nap.

Anitra:  Aw, mommy!  We were having fun and I’m not tired. *sways a little on her feet as she says it*

Clifton:  Are you sure about that?

Anitra:  *to Clif* Yes. *to her mom* Just five more minutes?

Zeton:  *firm tone* No more minutes.

Anitra:  Aw man!

Anitra reluctantly marches away from the playground and Clif follows.

I’ll Dance ft. Michael Gray

Hi! Could I request a little peaky blinders imagine? One where like Michael gray x reader are kinda dating but aren’t exactly in a relationship but the reader convinces him to go dancing but he ends up just sitting the whole time. When another guy asks for a dance the reader goes with him and Michael gets jealous and realizes he actually loves the reader.

Sure, here you go!

Originally posted by plutoandpersephone

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the stillness of it was stagnant water–
a slow suffocation of life.
memories spilled from months before
still stick to her sweat.
she lives in a simulated reality
sinking imperceptibly into the subjunctive.
Time reluctantly grows, eventually comfortable
between the syllables of her slow speech.
through slurred words and swallowed commas,
she shrieks:
“it only exists sometimes!”


Finally downloaded FFRK.

My Nana’s gambling luck is with me; there’s a Gullwings event on right now, so I picked up Paine (who is respectably kickass) almost immediately, and for my first rare relic draw, I picked up Lulu’s Moogle, which is….niiice. Adds the “Icy Smile” overdrive, or whatever they’re calling Limit Breaks this time. I’ve decided to have Lulu be the chaperone for everybody else, so she’s babysitting all the characters from the different games, when I reluctantly let go of my Gullwings & Big Blue Kitty team.

It’s funny that you could wind up replaying a boss battle against a party member after recruiting them. Kimahri, what are you doing?!

Shockingly, I added Braska before Auron, as I figure he’ll show up sooner or later anyway. We shall see.

ETA: For what it’s worth, my friend code is SuCW, and I’ve put Lulu in there with her Icy Smile Soul Break which thwacks all enemies with massive ice damage and boosts the user’s ice magic damage for any ability they’ve got equipped.

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[YT/VID] 151023 Z. Tao’s “Reluctantly” MV

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