reluctant haircut

One-shot Prompt: Wayhaught

Pairing: Wayhaught

Word Count: 238 words

Rating: G-T

Prompt: By @rayofsunshinexx (short version) When Waverly is reluctant to get a haircut but Nicole finds a way to persuade her.

Sorry it took forever to write this but I hope you enjoy it! 

“Nooooo! Nooo no no no nooo please stop I hate this!” Waverly pleaded.

“It’s going to be okay Waves honestly.”

“No I don’t wanna.” Waverly pouted. Nicole put her hands on her hips and stared at the Earp on the reflection of the mirror, scissors in hand.

“You know you’d think someone who’s lived through revenant attacks and demon possession would be able to get a haircut without throwing a tantrum.”

“I’m not throwing a tantrum. Tantrums are for children. I’m not a child.” She pouted again, this time Nicole chuckled.

“You’re really cute you know that right.”

“Psh maybe.” Nicole took hold of the edge of the spinning stool and looked at Waverly.

“What’s up Waves? You’re the one that wanted me to do this in the first place.”

“I just. Now that we’re here and there’s scissors… I JUST… I’m scared.” She squeaked.

“Of what baby?” Nicole ran her thumb lightly along her cheek.

“I just. It’s who I am. It’s a part of me. I don’t know how I’d feel without my long hair.”

“Waverly… I’m cutting off an inch… 2 tops.”

“What if you accidently cut off more?!” Nicole couldn’t help herself she loved this woman. This crazy, sexy, brave and neurotic woman. She tilted her chin and kissed her lightly. It got Waverly every time leaving her warm and fuzzy when Nicole pulled away.

“Do you trust me?”


“Then trust that I won’t cut more than 2 inches at the most. Besides if you behave you get to pick your reward.” She spun Waverly back around to face the mirror, though she still noticed the smirk Nicole wore. It was the smirk. She was suddenly eager to get the hair cut over with but her pride wouldn’t let her show that.

“Finnnnnneeeee.” She pretended to sigh in defeat.